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Schmidt, Gregory Scott (1960-1969)

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Mennonite Weekly Review obituary: 1970 Jan 29 p. 11

Birth date: 1960 May 26

text of obituary:


Gregory Scott Schmidt was born on May 26, 1960, the first-born in a family of three children.

He went through the usual cycle of childhood diseases and struggles of growth and development. Only one time was he hospitalized briefly for a throat infection. Thus, his final trip to Grace Hospital on Nov. 21, 1969 was the only other time in his short nine years when hospitalization became critically necessary. But Gregory’s real life was already continuing with Jesus.

Within a year after Gregory’s birth, on May 14, 1961, Clifford and Shirley presented him and themselves for dedication. In 1965 he began kindergarten, but because of slower, more sensitive maturation, he remained in kindergarten for a second year. Thus Gregory was now in third grade.

He was not aggressive, but became a willing participant in various activities. He developed thoughtfulness and consideration for others, and was a willing helper in the home and on the farm. Last year he was given his own tool chest which he kept with care. Already he was able to drive the tractor with great skill, and last summer he spent several half-days working in the field. He enjoyed helping with silo filling at a neighbor’s farm.

Simple and uncomplicated are the joys of childhood. A highlight this past summer was the birthday gift of a tent. To spend a night out with buddies was great. Attending Cub Scouts was another important weekly event.

He had a sensitive love for Jesus. His eyes showed compassion and love when his favorite Bible story was read. It concerned the story of the crucifixion in children’s language.

Another great love in his life was his Uncle Gary Schmidt. They were already good friends when Gary left for service in Chicago. Thus his delight was great last summer when Gary and Becky moved close by. It was in Uncle Gary’s company that he had his final moments of earthly life.

In the afternoon of Nov. 21, 1969 Clifford and Shirley had permitted him to ride in the back of the pickup to be dropped off at Gary's driveway. He had experienced a joyful Friday at school. Thus, when mom and dad shouted their goodbyes and be carefuls, Gregory smiled and waved back as he hurried down the driveway with enough candy for Uncle Gary and himself in one pocket. They drove to Buhler for supper. They stopped at another place for chewing gum and then headed out of town. Then occurred the car accident that claimed the lives of both.

Jesus’ words concerning children have become especially meaningful to us, “Unless you become like one of these, you cannot inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.’’

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