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Category:Christlicher Bundesbote obituaries

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The Christlicher Bundesbote was the official German newspaper of the General Conference Mennonite Church from 1882 to 1947. It was formed by the merger of Das Christliche Volksblatt, Zur Heimath, and Nachrichten aus der Heidenwelt in 1882. In 1947 it merged with Der Bote.

Death notices that appeared in community correspondence have not been indexed. We are still working on finding obituaries that were reported as feature articles rather than as part of the regular obituaries (Gestorben) column. Our intention is to include these. (So far we have done all of them through the end of 1906, and also all of 1922.) Obituaries published in the regular obituaries column have been transcribed and posted from 1882 through 20 Feb 1913.

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