Mennonite Library and Archives
Bethel College, North Newton, KS

This page is a set of shortcuts to resources available at or provided by the MLA. It is not our main home page. It will probably grow organically over time.

Bethel College reference items

Karolswalde church book notes
Scanned newspapers (Evening Kansan-Republican 1917-1921 (contains Bethel Breeze); ) (Note: This doesn't work with Chrome. Use Firefox or Internet Explorer.)

Other titles included are:

Help with old German handwriting and print
index to print issues of Mennonite Life 1946-1999 in pdf
World War 1 scanned materials
Photos of General Conference sessions

Miscellaneous scanned photos by subject

Here's a test of a Google custom search that only searches the metadata folder on the mla web server. In theory, this should allow a search of photo descriptions and a few other textual descriptions of scanned documents.