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Swiss Volhynian church book number three

It is unknown why this book came to be known by this "number three" title. It is not clear where the original is now. It probably is at the Heritage Hall archives in Freeman, South Dakota.

Description by James W. Krehbiel in 1994: The pages in this book are unnumbered. It is likely that this book originated in the United States in the Dakota Territory. Material was seemingly gathered shortly after the arrival in America, probably from family Bibles and other materials. The inside front cover and page 1 contain a story of the trip to America. Page 2 is blank. Page 3 is a title page "Selen Register" and the family registers begin on page 4. It can be seen that the initial entry on the first 13 pages (pages 4 through 16) are all Schrag families. It looks like the scribe entered one family on each page at first. The initial entry on pages 17 through 34 are all Gering families. On page 35 begin Graber families. It appears then that the scribe came back and entered other families on these pages. Pages 44 through 56 are blank. Page 57 contains a very fascinated list of the early Gräber family even predating (with dates as early as 1766) the emigration east to Austria, Poland, and Russia. Page 58 is blank. Pages 59 through 67 contain more family registers. Pages 68 through 72 are blank. Page 37 contains two baptism "classes" from 1890 and 1893. This gives the appearance that this book was at that point used as a church book in the same manner as the Michelsdorf-Horodyszcze (CONG.16) and Eduardsdorf-Kutusufka-Hoffnungsfeld books. The last page with material on it is the inside back cover.

One set of scans here is from a microfilm in the MLA (MF CHR 21) made in December 1955. At that time the original was in the possession of A. P. Waltner, Marion, South Dakota.

The other set of scans is from photocopies given to the MLA by James W. Krehbiel in June 1994.

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