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Radical Reformation and Mennonite Bibliography, 1991

Compiled by Barbara A. Thiesen, Mennonite Library & Archives, Bethel College (MLA)

(Originally published in the June 1992 issue, vol. 47, no. 2. pp. 21-31)

Assisted by Harold E. Huber, Menno Simons Historical Library/Archives, Eastern Mennonite College(EMC); Kevin Enns-Rempel, Center for Mennonite Brethren Studies (FRESNO); E. Morris Sider, Archives of the Brethren in Christ Church and Messiah College (MES); Lawrence Klippenstein, Mennonite Heritage Centre (MHC); Ina Ruth Breckbill, Mennonite Historical Library, Goshen College (MHL); and Angela Goering Miller, Mennonite Library and Archives, Bethel College (MLA).


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