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2016, vol. 70

I’ve Got the Power! Naming and Reclaiming Power as a Force for Good

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Power – yes, you’ve got it!

Let’s recognize it honor it, share it, celebrate it and transform the way we use it!
Mennonite women and women interested in Anabaptism, come. Pastors, academics, activists, students and members of the church, come. Women interested in doing theology — reflecting on God in relation to our lives — come.

Come to listen to the stories of your sisters from all across the country and come to share your own. Come to build relationships. Come to nurture your soul, challenge your mind and find rest for your body.  It’s important to recognize that doing theology is something that happens daily, as our personal experiences inform our faith and personal views of God. Everyone has something to offer, and this conference will provide participants with opportunities to be challenged and to grow together.

We all play a part in our shared theology. We all have experience, wisdom and insight to offer.

There is a place at the table for you!

We’ll be focusing our conversations and presentations on the topic of power. As Christians and peacemakers, it is extremely important that we be aware of the power we possess. People don’t always recognize the power they hold, and sometimes it can feel scary to exercise that power. We hope to not only recognize it, but also embrace it — acknowledging that the Spirit of God can and will work in and through us as we do.

Cost: $400, which includes a private room, all
meals and snacks.

Registration opens Aug. 1; early registration deadline is Aug. 31.