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2015, vol. 69

Mennonite Bibliography, 2014

by Barbara A. Thiesen

Barbara A. Thiesen is co-director of libraries at Bethel College.

Assisted by Mary Jean Johnson, Musselman Library and the Mennonite Historical Collections, Bluffton University (BLU), Audrey Shenk, Menno Simons Historical Library/Archives, Eastern Mennonite University (EMU); Kevin Enns-Rempel, Mennonite Library and Archives, Fresno Pacific University (FRE); Vic Froese, Mennonite Historical Library, Canadian Mennonite University (CMU); Joe Springer, Mennonite Historical Library, Goshen College (MHL); Richard D. Thiessen, Columbia Bible College Library (CBC).

The Mennonite Bibliography, 2014 consists of titles published in 2014 that were acquired by the contributing libraries in 2014. Also included are titles acquired in 2014, published prior to that year, but not included in previous Mennonite Life bibliographies. The three-letter symbols after each entry indicate which libraries owned copies of the titles at the time the bibliography was compiled.


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