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Description: Ruth family, back left to right: Ernest Paul Ruth (1885-1953), Paul Ernest Ruth (1885-1962), Arthur David Ruth (1881-1967), Daniel Edward Ruth (1879-1963); front left to right: Barbara Selma Ruth (1875-1928), Stella Clara Ruth (1887-1975), Clara A. Eymann Ruth (1847-1937), John A. Ruth (1847-1919), Emma Mary Ruth (1891-1965), August Herman Ruth (1877-1934), Rudolph Henry Ruth (1883-1961); identifications provided by Ruth Dettweiler Kope, 1990
Date: ca. 1910
Location: Newton, Kansas
MLA filing: Personal - Ruth
Original size: 33 x 20.5 cm
Source: Emma M. Ruth, 1986
Photographer: Murphy Studio, Newton, Kansas
Note: Digitized by Weldon Schloneger, Dec. 2018, original at SA.III.465, elecrec/acc1269

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