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Description: reunion of former boarding school students and their families in back of P. A. Penner bungalow; left to right in lower center: Mathilde Ensz Penner, Martha Richert Penner, Peter A. Penner, Peter W. Penner, Samson Walters (to the right of P. W. Penner); identifications by Vernelle Schroeder Waltner 1982; photo 2018-0456 is the same photo but has a different identification printed on it
Date: ca. 1941
Location: India
MLA filing: India - Missions - Education - Miscellaneous
Original size: 29 x 24.5 cm
Photographer: S. B. Lal and Sons, Bilaspur
Note: Digitized by Weldon Schloneger, Dec. 2018, original at SA.III.466, elecrec/acc1270

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