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Description: 25th anniversary of Janjgir bible school, October 1955; back row 7th from left: secretary of Helen Nickel; 2nd row from back: 2nd from left Samuel Geer, 7th from left Kripadan Ghore, 13th from left Malachi Chaubey; 2nd row from front left to right: ?, Samuel T. Moyer, Metta Habegger Moyer, Puran Banwar, Lilu Banwar, J. Walters, Joel K. Asna, Philip Lader, wife of Philip Lader, ?, ?; identifications by Mariam Penner Schmidt 1982
Date: October 1955
Location: Janjgir, Chhattisgarh, India
MLA filing: India - Missions - Education - Bible School/Classes
Original size: 29 x 24.5 cm
Note: Digitized by Weldon Schloneger, Dec. 2018, original at SA.III.464, elecrec/acc1268

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