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Description: Taiwan Missionary Fellowship (included more than just Mennonites), Sun Moon Lake conference grounds, summer 1956; center back: Han van den Berg, Martha Boschman, at Han's left Harold Becker; center middle (down from peak of house roof): Hugh and Janet Sprunger, left of Sprungers William C. Voth and Matilda Voth; middle back left (7th from W. C. Voth): Dr. P. J. Pankratz and just behind him Mrs. Theo Pankratz; at far right (2nd from from back, 9th from right): Marie J. Regier and Lena Peters (?)
Date: 1956
Location: Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan
MLA filing: Taiwan - Missions - Conferences
Original size: 23 x 6 inches
Photographer: Lin's Art Studio, Taichung, Taiwan
Note: Digitized by Weldon Schloneger, Dec. 2018, original at SA.III.444, elecrec/acc1245

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