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Description: Bethel College class of 1917, top row left to right: Helene Riesen, Fayette E. Niles, Karl Friesen, Walter E. Niles, Hazel McAllister, Oswald C. Krehbiel, Ernest W. Penner; bottom row left to right: William A. Schroeder, Henry A. Fast, Edward B. Wedel, Henry T. Unruh, Roma Lillian Greene
Date: 1917
Location: North Newton, Kansas
MLA filing: Bethel College - Classes, 1916-1919
Original size: 21 x 11 inches
Source: Arnold M. Wedel, April 2014
Note: Digitized by Weldon Schloneger, Dec. 2018, original at III.1.A.35.b #306, elecrec/acc1407

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