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Description: Bethel College all-school picture 1919-1920; graduates in cap and gown left to right: T. Alvin van der Smissen, Leon Tiahrt, John D. Epp, Alice Martin, John J. Voth, Otto Pankratz, Laura E. Dester, Edmund E. Flickner, George H. Penner, Inyl Barker, Peter K. Regier, Lucas J. Horsch; don't know why it says "1919-20 Sophomore" in the lower right corner since that is not accurate
Date: 1920
Location: North Newton, Kansas
MLA filing: Bethel College - All-School Picture 1920-1949
Original size: 18 x 10 inches
Source: Edmund G. Kaufman
Note: 2 copies, one from Edmund G. Kaufman, the other copy does not have the Sophomore not written on; Digitized by Weldon Schloneger, Dec. 2018, original at III.1.A.35.b #277, elecrec/acc1340

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