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Personal - Schrag


Description: Johann J. Schrag family on west porch of family home near Alta Mills; back row, left to right, Peter J. P. Schrag (b. 1897), Andrew J. Schrag (1899-1983), Joseph B. Schrag (1895-1977), Jacob J. Schrag (1903-1982), John H. Schrag (1891-1978), Adam J. Schrag (b. 1900), Reinhold J. Schrag (1892-1968); front row, left to right, Daniel J. Schrag (b. 1905), Elisabeth Stucky Schrag (1868-1932), (in carriage) Marie Schrag (1911-1954), Johann J. Schrag (1861-1953), Herman J. Schrag (b. 1908). Used in John Sharp, Gathering at the Hearth; Stories Mennonites Tell (Scottdale, Pa.; Herald Press, 2001), p. 78. See also James C. Juhnke, "John Schrag Espionage Case," Mennonite Life, July 1967, pp. 121-122.
Date: ca. 1912
Location: Alta Township, Harvey County, Kansas
MLA filing: Personal - Schrag
Original size: 23 x 16.5 cm
Photographer: Loris Habegger, 1986


Description: Menno Schrag (1904-1987), editor of Mennonite Weekly Review
MLA filing: Personal - Schrag
Original size: 7.5 x 10 cm
Source: Cornelius Krahn collection, Mennonite Weekly Review folder, 1983

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