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Personal - Goerz


Description: David Goerz (1849-1914).
Date: ca. 1874
Location: Lebanon, Illinois
MLA filing: Personal - Goerz
Original size: 6 x 9 cm
Photographer: J. Lupton, Lebanon, Illinois


Description: David Goerz (1849-1914) and Helene von Riesen Goerz (1851-1928); used in Bethel College Bulletin, April 1987; used in Newton Kansan, Oct. 6, 1987, p. 8B
Date: 1900
Location: Newton, Kansas
MLA filing: Personal - Goerz
Original size: 10 x 14 cm
Source: Jacob E. Ruth
Photographer: Murphy, Newton, Kansas
Note: 2 oversize copy prints and 1 of Helene cropped out of this photo in SA.III.609


Description: David Goerz (1849-1914)
Date: 1873?
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
MLA filing: Personal - Goerz
Original size: 10 x 11 cm
Source: Mrs. Paul B. (Elizabeth) Loewen, 1985
Photographer: DeMorat Studio, H. B. Hansbury, Philadelphia
Note: oversize copy print at SA.III.610

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