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Personal - Goering


Description: Rev. Jacob D. Goering (1830-1915) and Anna Strausz Goering and descendants; Thanksgiving Day 1913
Third row seated L to R, Rev. Christian J. and Anna Graber Goering; John J. and Elizabeth Zerger Goering; Anna Schrag Goering (Mrs. Jacob J.); REV. JACOB D. and ANNA STRAUSZ GOERING; Peter A. and Maria Goering Schrag Flickner; Benjamin R. and Magdalena Goering Stucky; Daniel and Katharina Goering Kaufman; Peter J. and Anna Goering Kaufman.
Fourth and fifth rows, Christian B. and Adina Goering; Jonathan B. and Alvina Stucky; Peter S. and Anna Krehbiel; Peter P. and Maria Kaufman; David J. and Fanny Goering; Jonathan P. and Amalia Flickner; Andrew C. and Katharina Goering; Joseph J. and Anna Wedel; John A. and Anna Waltner; Elias B. and Fanny Stucky; Peter A. and Lydia Waltner; Joseph P. and Maria Kaufman.
Sixth row, Benjamin D. and Mathilda Kaufman; Gerhard and Anna Zerger; Lydia Flickner Kaufman; Marie Stucky Goering; Anna Goering Krehbiel; Anna Kaufman Vogt; Ida Kaufman Krehbiel; Emma Stucky Flickner; Lydia Kaufman Schrag; Emma Goering McWilliams; Martha Goering Kaufman Smith; Henry J. and Marie Goering; Henry A. and Lydia Goering; John D. G. and Sophia Stucky.
Top row, Dan D. Kaufman; Christian S. Goering; Jonathan J. Goering; Peter S. Wedel; David Kaufman; Benjamin B. J. Goering; Edmund E. Flickner; David B. Stucky; Edmund B. Wedel; Christian D. Kaufman; Edmund W. Goering; Jacob J. Goering.
Date: November 1913
Location: Moundridge, Kansas
MLA filing: Personal - Goering
Original size: 21 x 16 cm
Photographer: Albertson


Description: Christian J. Goering (1869-1954), later elder of Eden Mennonite Church, Moundridge
Location: Moundridge, Kansas
MLA filing: Personal - Goering
Original size: 9.5 x 14 cm
Photographer: G. G. Isaac, Moundridge, Kansas
Note: re-scanned from a better copy sent to the MLA by Heritage Hall Museum, Freeman, South Dakota, August 2022; donated there by Yvonne Saner Mast


Description: Christian J. Goering (1869-1954) family; back left to right, Anna (Graber) Goering, Christian J. Goering; middle left to right, Linda L. Goering, Ella A. Goering, David C. Goering; front left to right, Esther Goering, Helen V. Goering, Daniel R. Goering
Date: ca. 1930
Location: Moundridge, Kansas
MLA filing: Personal - Goering
Original size: 12 x 17 cm

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