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Bethel College - Organizations - International Relations Club


Description: International Relations Club at Bethel College; used in 1954 Graymaroon, p. 51; standing, James Chang, Tariho Fukuda, Timothy Kao, Miguel Solivan, Helen Zitzlaff, Hildegard Scheffler, Esther Wiebe, Aida Reyes, Miguel Cardenas P., Janny Brouwer, Jim Gemberling, Raymond Reimer, Lena Gemberling, Theodore Harder, Mina Mina, Leo Driedger, Anne Penner, Erwin Schrag; seated, Harley J. Stucky (advisor), Annegret Voelcker, Florence Hooge (president), Marianne Neufeld (vice-president), Vera Ingram
Date: 1954
Location: North Newton, Kansas
MLA filing: Bethel College - Organizations - International Relations Club
Original size: 14 x 9.5 cm

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