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Bethel College - Music - Vocal - Choir - 1925, 1930s


Description: Bethel College choir; used in 1934 Graymaroon, p. 40; front row, left to right, John Schroeder, ?, Olga Reimer, Ella Ediger, Anna Andrew, Martha Penner, Luella Smith, Ann Voth, Linda Kaufman, Floyd Roberts, Verna Kaufman, Walter H. Hohmann
2nd row, left to right, Terrence Burns, Elmer Goering, Lucille Hupp, Velma Martens, Vera Warkentine, Gustie Plett, Mildred Krehbiel, Linda Brown, Irvin Schmidt, Arnold Buhler
3rd row, left to right, Earl Unruh, Erwin Goering, Elizabeth Wiebe, ?, ?, ?, Florence Froese, ?, Willard Schmidt, Marvin Dirks
4th rown, left to right, Wilson Rupp, Ted Pankratz, Mildred Hostetler, Hilda Haury, Ruby Nitengale, Bonita Sharp, Helen Buser, Herb Miller, Willard Claassen, ?
back row, left to right, Giles Elmare, David Suderman, Louis Alderton, Sue Unruh, Linda Mueller, John Krehbiel, Peter R. Kaufman, Walt Loewen, Ray Stucky
Date: 1933
Location: North Newton, Kansas
MLA filing: Bethel College - Music - Vocal - Choir - 1925, 1930s
Original size: 24 x 18.5 cm
Source: Rupert Hohmann, 1991
Photographer: Ralph H. Snyder, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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