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Bethel College - All-School Picture 1920-1949


Description: Bethel College all-school photo, full version (see 2009-0202 for left segment, 2009-0203 for middle segment, and 2009-0204 for right segment); used in Bethel College centennial booklet 1984
Date: 1937
Location: North Newton, Kansas
MLA filing: Bethel College - All-School Picture 1920-1949
Original size: 86 x 19 cm
Photograher: Stevens Studio, Hutchinson, Kansas
Note: filed under III.1.A.35.b item 212; located in blueprint drawer 9; a 2nd copy filed in the same place comes from the Elma Esau papers--it has a list of names for about 2/3 of the people on the photo

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