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Andreas, Frieda (van der Smissen), Papers (MS.536)


Description: David B. Ruth family. Back, left to right, Jacob Henry Ruth (1863-1914), David Samuel Ruth (1865-1952), John Edward Ruth (1869-1918), Elizabeth Bertha Ruth (1866-1934). Front, left to right, Lydia D. Ruth (1870-1944), David B. Ruth (1836-1900), Henry Albert Ruth (1875-1946), Maria (Berger) Ruth (1835-1888), Katie A. Ruth (1861-1930), Samuel David Ruth (1873-1930); framed photo
Date: ca. 1882
Location: Summerfield, Illinois
MLA filing: Andreas, Frieda (van der Smissen), Papers (MS.536)
Original size: 58 x 50 cm
Source: Frieda (van der Smissen) Andreas, 1987
Note: box 1

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