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Ulrich Dueck West Prussian genealogy charts

The collection consists of 454 genealogical charts, with a few additional related documents. These are all photocopies. The photocopies were apparently made by Hermann Schirmacher (b. 1967) of Leopoldshöhe, Germany. Schirmacher transferred them to the MLA in mid-2001. The location of the originals is unknown. The charts have also been microfilmed by the Kansas Historical Society.

There did not seem to be any order to the sheets, so I numbered sequentially as I found them in the box in which they were received. This may preserve some type of obscure ordering among the sheets. Sheet 103 was wrapped around sheets 104-112. Sheets 132-144 are not charts but biographical articles, etc. Sheets 145-188 were grouped together. Sheets 145-160 were a group labeled "Isaak Toews (Martin Toews)". Sheets 155-156 were grouped together. Sheets 157-158 were grouped together. Sheets 161-173 were grouped together. Sheets 162-163 were grouped together. Sheets 161-173 were labeled "Anna Stoeß I oo Cornelius Andres/II oo Toews". Sheets 176-177 were grouped together. Sheets 211-216 were grouped together. Sheets 189-255 were grouped together. Sheets 226-249 were grouped together. Sheets 268-278 were grouped together. Sheet 279 was wrapped around sheets 280-306. Sheets 362-363 were grouped together.

Heinz Ulrich Dueck, born in Gunthen, Kreis Rosenberg, West Prussia on 2 Sept 1917, died in Gr. Himstedt near Hildesheim, West Germany in 2002. Parents: Emil Dueck, born 24 Aug 1881 in Tiege, bei Tiegenhof, West Prussia, died 19 Aug 1969 in Gr. Himstedt; Emil Dueck married on 23 Apr 1910 in Berlin (Dom) Maria Rutetzki, Catholic. Both joined the Lutheran church. She was born in Pollnitz, Kreis Schlochau, West Prussia and died on 18 Dec 1965 in Sultz near Freiburg, West Germany. Heinz Ulrich leased and operated a plant seed farm (Saatgutbetrieb) after WWII at Gr. Himstedt. He graduated from Realgymnasium in Riesenburg, West Prussia ca. 1935. He married Gisela Helene Elise Rohrback (Lutheran) on 28 Aug 1950 at Gr. Himstedt. His family information is published in Deutsches Geschlechterbuch, vol. 126, p. 92-125, Starke-Verlag, Limburg, 1961. Although being Lutheran, he was interested in his Mennonite heritage. (note by Adalbert Goertz)

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