Mennonite Library and Archives

It's not entirely clear what this material is. We scanned in from microfilm MF MSS 236 here in the MLA, which seems to be the same as the LDS microfilm 1344434. If anyone can help us describe this better, please contact us.

These scans are also in acc230 and acc232 of our electronic records collection.

The first section is records from Graudenz:
II. Hauptabteilung: Gen. Directorium (General-Ober-Finanz-Krieges- und Domänendirektorium)
    Abt. 9. Westpreussen und Netzedistrikt
       c. Ämtersachen und Ämterverpachtungssachen, 1722-1816
          Nr.77 Graudenz
             vol. 1: Acta betr. ..Grundstücke in Kommerau, Amt Graudenz 1806, 5 Blatt
             vol. 2: Einrichtungsakten Amt Graudenz, Mühlenconsignation 1803/04.

These were apparently at Merseburg when they were filmed. Presumably they are now in the Geheime Staatsarchiv in Berlin.

The second section is a little less clearly described. It was filmed at the Bydgoszcz archives in Poland. On the microfilm boxes, the handwritten notes (by Adalbert Goertz) say "Mennonitenwesen, Landratsamt Schwetz 1869-1906, 104 pages; same, Amt Schwetz 1788-1827. Rep. 145 Nr. 412, 334 pages"