Mennonite Library and Archives
Bethel College, North Newton, KS

Mennonite Immigrants from Prussia to Russia 1803-1804

Scanned and Indexed by:
Glenn Penner


The list in this Excel file is an index of the adult names which appear in the West Prussian immigration documents found in LDS film #1056559. The originals are in the Berlin archives [1]. There are 236 pages of scanned material which contain over 1,000 names. I have constructed an index of the adults mentioned in this document. This index does NOT include adult children who were listed under their parents. There are 292 entries in the list but since some names will appear 2 or 3 times on different pages there are more like 200-250 separate individuals on the list. In some cases the household head is mentioned on subsequent pages (often just by surname) so please look around in order to make sure you have found all of the information available on an immigrant family. Many of these families are included in B. H. Unruh's book, but some are not [2]. There are two possible reasons for this. 1) the family was missed or 2) the family applied for emigration in West Prussia but did not leave for Russia.

[1] Geheimes Staatsarchiv Preussicher Kulturbesitz, Berlin, Germany. II. Hauptabteilung: General-Directorium, Abt. 9 Westpreussen und Netzedistrikt, Materien. Tit. 109, No. 17 1803-1806.

[2] Benjamin H. Unruh, Die niederländisch-niederdeutschen Hintergründe der Mennonitischen Ostwanderung im 16. 18. und 19. Jahrhundert (Karlsruhe, 1955).