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Mennonitisches Adressbuch 1936

Scanned from paper copy at the MLA.

The Mennonitisches Adressbuch was compiled by Christian Neff in 1936. It attempted to list every Mennonite family in Germany. It gives the names of adults, sometimes including women's maiden names, and the names of baptized and unbaptized children. It also gives occupations.

The list is organized first by congregation name (in alphabetical order), then by town or locality within each congregation. This means, unfortunately, that there is no alphabetical index of persons' names. In addition, a few congregations apparently did not respond to requests for information and are not included here. The table of contents on p. 230 indicates non-responding congregations. These are: Elbing-Ellerwald, Elbing-Stadt, Ingolstadt, Königsberg, Krefeld, Neuwied.

If you notice any unreadable pages or bad links, please let us know and we can rescan.

Here is a partial transcription (Excel file) of the book. This is a work in progress and is far from complete, so far.

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