Compiled by Esther M. Thieszen

Mennonite Library and Archives
Bethel College
North Newton, Kansas

Names appear exactly as they are in the microfilmed census returns, as best we could decipher them. Entries consist of the person’s name, age, township (or city), page number, and line number. Only Canton, Empire, Groveland, King City, Lonetree, McPherson, Meridian, Mound, Spring Valley, Superior, and Turkey Creek townships are included in this index.

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NameAgeTownshipPageLine #
Abbott, George B.24Meridian424
Abbott, Hansel A.22Meridian422
Abbott, Hulda55Meridian421
Abbott, Lorenzo D.20Meridian423
Abbott, Lyddia A.16Meridian425
Abbott, Thos H.65Meridian420
Alexander, Albert E.4/12McPherson716
Alexander, Alice E.18McPherson712
Alexander, C. P.46McPherson710
Alexander, Emily13McPherson713
Alexander, Grant10McPherson714
Alexander, Margaret47McPherson711
Alexander, Monroe6McPherson715
Allcock, Samuel52King City513
Allcock, Sarah E.39King City514
Allen, Almon60King City523
Allen, Almon3McPherson335
Allen, Amos27King City526
Allen, C. L.24Empire17
Allen, Charles6/12McPherson336
Allen, Charly10McPherson114
Allen, Helen27McPherson333
Allen, John T.2Empire49
Allen, Kasper1Empire18
Allen, Louisa R.54King City524
Allen, M. A.25Empire47
Allen, Maorris(?)5Empire48
Allen, Maud5McPherson334
Allen, Norman13King City525
Allen, Oscar29McPherson332
Allen, T. C.34Empire46
Allen, W. S.26Empire16
Altman, G. W.24Mound37
Altman, John3/12Mound36
Altman, Sam'l26Mound38
Altman, Sarah30Mound35
Altman, William28Mound34
Anderson, A.58McPherson723
Anderson, A. B.31McPherson720
Anderson, Albert6/12Empire529
Anderson, Alice22King City319
Anderson, Amanda22McPherson725
Anderson, Anne S.42McPherson22
Anderson, Charlie3King City320
Anderson, Ellen15Empire820
Anderson, Frank23Empire536
Anderson, Gust36Empire527
Anderson, Henry11Empire77
Anderson, Hiram56Meridian219
Anderson, James54King City532
Anderson, Justin51Meridian219
Anderson, Louisa26Empire528
Anderson, Margaret52McPherson724
Anderson, Oleus45McPherson21
Anderson, Ollie24Empire76
Anderson, Wm. W.19Meridian220
Annis, Lovinia27Spring Valley138
Annis, Wm.27Spring Valley137
Arbuckle, D.30Canton435
Arbuckle, G.8Canton437
Arbuckle, H. A. 4Canton439
Arbuckle, H. A.1Canton441
Arbuckle, S.29Canton436
Arbuckle, S. H.6Canton438
Arbuckle, T. P.2Canton440
Ashman, _3/12Superior616
Ashman, _25Superior614
Ashman, _2Superior615
Ashman, C.25Superior613
Aurell, Ann2McPherson435
Aurell, Carl5McPherson433
Aurell, Chas.42Empire330
Aurell, Christena30McPherson432
Aurell, David10/12McPherson436
Aurell, Johannah50Empire331
Aurell, John34McPherson431
Aurell, Mary4McPherson434
Axtell, Jane28Empire624
Axtell, John G.29Empire623
Axtell, Minnie3Empire625
Axtell, Ollie1Empire626
Baal, Isaac26Empire11
Babbitt, A.46Turkey Creek629
Babbitt, Alos(?) M.28Turkey Creek630
Babbitt, James7Turkey Creek631
Bair, C. E.2Spring Valley323
Bair, Charlotte24Spring Valley322
Bair, Israel28Spring Valley321
Balair, Bernard56Meridian619
Balair, Dezial(?)5Meridian623
Balair, John B.28Meridian224
Balair, Oliver1Meridian225
Balair, Ozilda21Meridian225
Balair, Ozilda7Meridian622
Balair, Sophia47Meridian620
Balair, Steven18Meridian621
Baldwin, A. W.23Groveland135
Baldwin, Clark48Groveland131
Baldwin, Cyrus A.5King City315
Baldwin, G.21Canton126
Baldwin, G. W.41Turkey Creek521
Baldwin, H. M.22Groveland134
Baldwin, I. E.5Turkey Creek524
Baldwin, Ida8Turkey Creek523
Baldwin, M.19Canton127
Baldwin, M. E.11/12Turkey Creek526
Baldwin, Mary30King City314
Baldwin, Matilda28Turkey Creek522
Baldwin, R. L.32King City313
Baldwin, Robert E.3Turkey Creek525
Baldwin, S. D.47Groveland132
Baldwin, W. C.25Groveland133
Balser, Abraham10Superior75
Balser, Anna43Superior77
Balser, Anna17Superior78
Balser, Cathrina8Superior79
Balser, F.23Superior710
Balser, Gerhard6Superior76
Balser, Henry15Superior73
Balser, Jacob13Superior74
Balser, P.47Superior71
Balser, Peter21Superior72
Balser, Sarah22Superior711
Balser, Sarah1Superior712
Balzer, Peter27Meridian128
Balzer, Sarah26Meridian128
Banman, Eva30Meridian110
Banman, Franz63Meridian12
Banman, Franz36Meridian110
Banman, Franz11Meridian111
Banman, John8Meridian111
Barnes, Effie May1Empire421
Barnes, Elizabeth39Empire417
Barnes, Frances15Empire419
Barnes, J. R.28Spring Valley140
Barnes, John20Empire418
Barnes, Patsy Ann9Empire420
Barnes, R. A.46Empire416
Barnes, Rebecca64Spring Valley139
Barnum, R.29Canton117
Barnum, T. M.10/12Canton119
Barnum, W. C.28Canton116
Barnum, W. C.5Canton118
Bartels, _3/12Superior64
Bartels, _25Superior62
Bartels, _1Superior63
Bartels, Herman28Superior61
Barues, Amie6McPherson631
Barues, Eddie T.3McPherson633
Barues, J. Q.39McPherson629
Barues, Mary R.33McPherson630
Barues, May E.5McPherson632
Baty, Alice12Turkey Creek332
Baty, Doranda38Turkey Creek330
Baty, Gorge19Turkey Creek331
Baty, Grant7Turkey Creek333
Baty, Samuel41Turkey Creek329
Bell, Mary33Mound525
Bell, Mary7Mound529
Bell, Sarah8Mound528
Bell, Stephen R.35Mound524
Bell, Viola13Mound526
Bell, Wm. T.11Mound527
Bently, Cov(?(ey10Turkey Creek232
Bently, Nelley13Turkey Creek231
Bently, Sarah32Turkey Creek230
Bentson, Anna28Empire538
Bentson, H. H.32Empire537
Berg, Kelly(?), F.23McPherson628
Berg, Peter40McPherson627
Berg, Peter33McPherson729
Berggren, Adolph38McPherson531
Berggren, Amanda1McPherson534
Berggren, Jenny3McPherson533
Berggren, Louisa27McPherson532
Berkert, George25King City521
Berlin, ?. E.19Groveland29
Berlin, Isaac58Groveland26
Berlin, P. E.60Groveland27
Berlin, S. L.31Groveland28
Birch, E. A.16Groveland88
Birch, James52Groveland86
Birch, L. A.7Groveland810
Birch, M. A.38Groveland87
Birch, P. R.14Groveland89
Bird, Sven(?)9Superior237
Blake, Cynthia37Empire213
Blake, William38Empire212
Bliss, A. B.37McPherson619
Bliss, Carry G.1McPherson623
Bliss, E. L.31McPherson620
Bliss, Eva I.10McPherson621
Bliss, Mary E.8McPherson622
Block, A.44Superior337
Block, Anneta(?)11Superior339
Block, Elibelt25Superior338
Blood, Elizabeth40McPherson816
Blood, Foster A.20McPherson817
Blood, Rosa L.15McPherson818
Bonham, A. E.25Mound332
Bonham, A. E.26Mound219
Bonham, Angerona1/12Mound222
Bonham, Charlie1Mound221
Bonham, Dora3Mound220
Bonham, W. A.27Mound218
Bonney, B. S.35King City528
Bonney, Frank E.1/12King City530
Bonney, Laura B.17King City529
Bornemon, Able47Superior510
Bornemon, Anna11Superior513
Bornemon, August14Superior58
Bornemon, Elibeth16Superior511
Bornemon, Gust5Superior59
Bornemon, J.50Superior57
Bornemon, Lela13Superior512
Bornholdt, Able34Superior639
Bornholdt, Anna10Superior641
Bornholdt, Cathrina14Superior640
Bornholdt, Frank4Superior637
Bornholdt, J.40Superior636
Bornholdt, John2Superior638
Bowker, C. B.27McPherson18
Bowker, Dana19McPherson931
Bowker, Edna25McPherson933
Bowker, Frank C.3McPherson111
Bowker, Harrison50McPherson929
Bowker, Hellen M.47McPherson930
Bowker, Ida M.2McPherson927
Bowker, Newel7McPherson932
Bowker, Rachel A.23McPherson926
Bowker, Willis L.24McPherson925
Bowman, Theodore20Meridian331
Boyee, T. W.48Groveland85
Breeden, Elibeth22Superior717
Breeden, Harvey1Superior716
Breeden, Stella3Superior718
Breeden, T.19Superior719
Breeden, W.27Superior715
Brendman, James25Turkey Creek35
Brendman, L. F.30Turkey Creek34
Brendman, L. W.28Turkey Creek36
Brewer, A. A.29Turkey Creek536
Bright, Isic N.14Superior738
Bright, James W.16Superior737
Bright, John42Superior734
Bright, John S.18Superior736
Bright, Martha A.9Superior735
Bright, Samuel R.12Superior740
Bright, Wiliam P.6Superior739
Brown, Archy25McPherson134
Brown, Elizebith3Turkey Creek623
Brown, Jacob2Turkey Creek620
Brown, Jacob27Turkey Creek618
Brown, John1Turkey Creek621
Brown, Mary27Turkey Creek619
Brown, Mary5Turkey Creek622
Brown, Mrs. (?)60Spring Valley133
Brundou__(?), Christian20Spring Valley220
Brundou__(?), Daniel63Spring Valley218
Brundou__(?), Mary63Spring Valley219
Bryan, Eliza26Empire24
Bryan, George7Empire25
Bryan, Minnie5Empire26
Bryan, Nellie3Empire27
Bryan, T. C.28Empire23
Bryant, Martha .6Mound311
Buckman, A. S.60Groveland7(?)37
Buckman, Frank21Groveland7(?)41
Buckman, H. A.54Groveland7(?)38
Buckman, J. B.22Groveland7(?) 40
Buckman, M. S.24Groveland7(?)39
Burgess, C. M.4Spring Valley410
Burgess, Eady34Spring Valley45
Burgess, H. M.7Spring Valley49
Burgess, I. M.12Spring Valley47
Burgess, J. C.39Spring Valley44
Burgess, J. L.10Spring Valley48
Burgess, Oliver15Spring Valley46
Burkholder, E.58Groveland429
Burkholder, M.60Groveland428
Burkholder, U.48Groveland427
Burkholder, W. H.22Groveland430
Burlingame, J. J.66King City11
Burton, S.39Spring Valley21
Butson, Andrew36McPherson829
Butson, Christina32McPherson830
Butson, Ida S.1McPherson831
Caldwell, Pams(?)26Mound223
Candle, Elen H.21Superior733
Candle, John D.16Superior731
Candle, L.52Superior730
Candle, Melinda52Superior732
Carpenter, Adelbert7King City437
Carpenter, Ann Maria67King City439
Carpenter, Cornelia34King City430
Carpenter, D. D.39King City435
Carpenter, Dewaine4King City431
Carpenter, John H.32King City429
Carpenter, Lillie6/12King City432
Carpenter, Mary30Meridian317
Carpenter, Mary K.3King City438
Carpenter, Otis5Meridian318
Carpenter, Phil S.45Meridian316
Carpenter, Sarah29King City436
Carrier, Darwin24Meridian516
Carroll, Melvina43Meridian22
Carroll, Wesley46Meridian22
Carter, (?)20Canton214
Carter, _29Superior611
Carter, _5Superior612
Carter, E. J.39Superior610
Carter, J. A.40Canton211
Carter, John26Canton212
Carter, M. H.23Canton213
Carter, M. L.39Canton210
Carter, R.19Canton215
Carter, R. 68Canton29
Carter, R. S.67Canton28
Casper, Carrie8Mound214
Casper, Dora5Mound215
Casper, I. P.35Mound211
Casper, Mary E.36Mound212
Casper, Orville11Mound213
Caswell, Emmey J.10Meridian235
Caswell, Fred A.9Meridian236
Caswell, John D.37Meridian234
Caswell, John G.13Meridian235
Caswell, Lillie5Meridian236
Caswell, Netta M.7Meridian236
Caswell, Sarah J.31Meridian234
Caswell, Walter E.4Meridian236
Cawger, H. A.21Groveland82
Cawger, J. C.1Groveland84
Cawger, S. E.2Groveland83
Cawger, Thomas34Groveland81
Charlmud(?), Alfonso27Meridian416
Charlmud(?), Louisana26Meridian417
Chartrand, Anaclet53Meridian436
Chartrand, Augustine17Meridian438
Chartrand, Margaret53Meridian437
Chartrand, Philomen12Meridian439
Christnin, Carry31McPherson536
Christnin, Hannah6McPherson537
Christnin, Jenny4McPherson538
Christnin, Olof32McPherson535
Clark, Aaron22Groveland6(?)16
Clark, Anton19McPherson732
Clark, Axell17McPherson733
Clark, Caroline53Groveland6(?)38
Clark, Charles30Groveland6(?)29
Clark, Fred14McPherson734
Clark, J. A.17Groveland6(?)30
Clark, John57McPherson730
Clark, Mary50McPherson731
Clark, Theodor58Groveland6(?)37
Clausen, John6Superior127
Clausen, John6Superior127
Clausen, Mary27Superior129
Clausen, Mary27Superior129
Clausen, P.28Superior126
Clausen, P.28Superior126
Clausen, Peter3/12Superior128
Clausen, Peter3/12Superior128
Cling, Chas8Meridian65
Cling, Sam'l10Meridian64
Coalman, Easthe M.9/12Lonetree330
Coalman, Elizabeth21Lonetree329
Coalman, Simon28Lonetree328
Cogshal, M.26Empire635
Colby, Bertha10Lonetree731
Colby, Eddie4Lonetree733
Colby, Jennie14Lonetree729
Colby, Joseph J.42Lonetree727
Colby, Madison12Lonetree730
Colby, Mary 8Lonetree732
Colby, Sarah J.32Lonetree728
Cole, Drusilla27Mound310
Cole, Thornton C. J.24Mound39
Colliver, A. M.36Empire311
Colliver, Richard32Empire312
Conley, T. A.2Canton411
Conn, Edward13McPherson323
Conn, George15McPherson322
Conn, Laura19McPherson321
Connely, A.19Canton740
Connely, A.46Canton44
Connely, I.42Canton45
Connely, N.3Canton115
Connely, R.10Canton46
Converse, A. C.7King City627
Converse, C. H.13King City625
Converse, E. B.34King City624
Converse, E. F.11King City626
Converse, H. K.35King City623
Converse, J. M.5King City628
Cookingham, Bryan29King City716
Coons, A. M.3Canton54
Coons, H. J.26Canton334
Coons, H. N.28Canton333
Coons, J. S.1Canton335
Coons, J. W.6Canton53
Coons, M.28Canton52
Coons, P. M.30Canton51
Coons, R. P.9/12Canton55
Cooprider, L. G.42Groveland510
Cooprider, Mary6Groveland513
Cooprider, T. C.8Groveland512
Cooprider, W. B.13Groveland511
Cooprider, Wm.40Groveland59
Corbett, Birshindah5King City25
Corbett, Elizabeth32King City22
Corbett, Gerardus10/12King City26
Corbett, Harry7King City24
Corbett, R. B.36King City21
Corbett, S. W.10King City23
Corneals, Foute25Turkey Creek537
Cornwell, Alice9Lonetree110
Cornwell, Belva13Lonetree18
Cornwell, Eddie6Lonetree111
Cornwell, Elsa17Lonetree17
Cornwell, Hattie9/12Lonetree112
Cornwell, Lucinda41Lonetree16
Cornwell, Lyman11Lonetree19
Cornwell, Sam'l45Lonetree15
Coup, George31Groveland431
Coup, R. E.30Groveland432
Craig, Frank20Meridian218
Cramer, Freddie4Empire833
Cramer, Grant11Empire831
Cramer, J. B.57Empire826
Cramer, Loren20Empire828
Cramer, Nellie16Empire829
Cramer, Sabina50Empire827
Cramer, Willie14Empire830
Craven, Frances E.36Mound324
Craven, Gertrude M.7Mound325
Craven, John H,40Mound323
Craven, Mary E.26Mound322
Craven, Mary E.3Mound327
Craven, T. Q.27Mound321
Craven, Ulysses6Mound326
Crippise, Alonzo4Meridian58
Crippise, Amos1Meridian510
Crippise, Anson5Meridian57
Crippise, George E.2Meridian59
Crippise, John F.28Meridian55
Crippise, Lyddia22Meridian56
Crittenden, Cordelia65Meridian228
Cronsour, Albert11Lonetree49
Cronsour, Chals8Lonetree415
Cronsour, Emma10Lonetree414
Cronsour, Emma76Lonetree48
Cronsour, Geo6Lonetree416
Cronsour, Isaac17Lonetree413
Cronsour, Jacob73Lonetree47
Cronsour, Sarah15Lonetree412
Cronsour, Wm. 44Lonetree411
D__g___, Albert(?)9Superior29
D__g___, Alm___39Superior210
D__g___, Edmon19Superior28
D__g___, Effa5Superior212
D__g___, H. J.39Superior26
D__g___, Jane7Superior211
D__g___, John13Superior27
D__g___, Sarah1Superior213
Dahl, Anna40Spring Valley533
Dahl, Cornelius2Spring Valley537
Dahl, Henry41Spring Valley532
Dahl, Henry12Spring Valley534
Dahl, John4Spring Valley536
Dahl, Peter9Spring Valley535
Dalke, Annetta25Superior325
Dalke, Catherna4Superior323
Dalke, Catherna23Superior322
Dalke, Elen55Superior329
Dalke, Elibeth24Superior330
Dalke, Elibeth3/12Superior324
Dalke, Gerhard11Superior326
Dalke, Henry19Superior328
Dalke, Peter56Superior327
Dalke, Peter27Superior321
Davis, Ethzelda16Speing Valley317
Davis, Lucinda34Spring Valley316
Davis, W. M.36Spring Valley315
Dean, Alice21McPherson820
Dean, Carrie D.8McPherson824
Dean, D. P.32McPherson825
Dean, Eddie P.10McPherson823
Dean, Emma10McPherson414
Dean, George R.4McPherson828
Dean, Hettie A.30McPherson826
Dean, J. R.11/12McPherson419
Dean, J. R.33McPherson412
Dean, James 51McPherson819
Dean, Jennie6McPherson416
Dean, John M.19McPherson821
Dean, Liz. A.29McPherson413
Dean, Margaret M.7McPherson827
Dean, Newton4McPherson417
Dean, Soulinda2McPherson418
Dean, Thomas H.16McPherson822
Dean, Thomas H.8McPherson415
Decker, Andrew18Mound63
Decker, Anna13Mound65
Decker, Benjamin44Mound61
Decker, Catherine35Mound62
Decker, Girard16Mound64
Decker, John4Mound67
Decker, Madeline11Mound66
Delenbauch(?), Magdelon45Groveland322
Dell, Wm35Groveland330
Delphond, Joe23Meridian418
Delphond, Kate21Meridian419
Denny, Easter M.46Meridian626
Dester, Catherine27Mound230
Dester, Catherine2/12Mound233
Dester, Elizabeth2Mound232
Dester, Henry A.30Mound229
Dester, Mary E.5Mound231
Dettweiler, Catherine23Mound32
Dettweiler, John30Mound31
Dettweiler, Ottela1Mound33
Dick, Ana4Superior320
Dick, Ana35Superior319
Dick, Ar__27Superior318
Dirksen, Elisebeth48Meridian139
Dirksen, Elizebeth13Meridian140
Dirksen, Heinrich47Meridian139
Dirksen, Heinrich16Meridian140
Dirksen, Maria?Meridian140
Dirksen, Peter9Meridian140
Dixon, Anna18Empire53
Dixon, George10Empire57
Dixon, Hester16Empire54
Dixon, James12Empire56
Dixon, Jessie6Empire59
Dixon, Maggie4Empire510
Dixon, Martha39Empire52
Dixon, Sallie14Empire55
Dixon, Susie8Empire58
Dixon, T. J.42Empire51
Dixon, Tomsie1Empire511
Dodge, Carrie G.10McPherson520
Dodge, E. A.39McPherson518
Dodge, Liva34McPherson519
Dodge, Myrtle E.8McPherson521
Doile, Samantha24Empire832
Dole, B. F.24Canton41
Dole, J. .60Canton124
Dole, S. I.18Canton125
Dole, W. M.22Canton43
Donley, John16Canton340
Donley, M.40Canton338
Donley, S. C.60Canton339
Doran, Dan'l25Lonetree29
Doran, Mary E.17Lonetree210
Dotty, Filenie17Lonetree439
Dotty, Ida11Lonetree440
Dotty, Lulie48Lonetree438
Dotty, Martin7Lonetree441
Dotty, Sanford50Lonetree437
Doughty, Charles5Empire315
Doughty, Clyde 3Empire316
Doughty, Helen1Empire317
Doughty, Jennie26Empire314
Doughty, W. G.29Empire313
Drake, John W.15King City321
Draper, E. H.30King City340
Draper, Flora E.18King City338
Draper, W. H.26King City337
Drum, Anna Belle9Empire238
Drum, Cornelius39Empire233
Drum, Manilla11Empire237
Drum, Marg.40Empire234
Drum, Martha14Empire235
Drum, Mary11/12Empire239
Drum, Rufus E.13Empire236
Dueck, Augustus6Groveland420
Dueck, F.18Groveland417
Dueck, Fred42Groveland414
Dueck, H.8Groveland419
Dueck, John21Groveland416
Dueck, Louisa16Groveland418
Dueck, Mary43Groveland415
Dunn, Emma21Mound412
Dunn, Frank1Mound414
Dunn, John37Mound411
Dunn, Willie2Mound413
Dunsford, J. M.24Lonetree321
Dusa, Peter34King city615
Eakins, George28Groveland825
Eakins, Hana3Superior620
Eakins, J. A.28Superior617
Eakins, John5Groveland827
Eakins, John S.3/12Superior618
Eakins, Rebeca29Superior619
Eakins, S. C.22Groveland826
Eakins, Sarah1Superior621
Eakins, Willie1Groveland829
Eakins, Wm.3Groveland828
Eastlick, A. S.48Mound126
Eastlick, Catherine40Mound127
Eastlick, Ella I.21Mound128
Eastlick, Fanny18Mound129
Eastlick, Jessie14Mound130
Ediger, Doty2Turkey Creek720
Ediger, Elizebeth15Turkey Creek722
Ediger, Henry22Turkey Creek716
Ediger, Jacob10Turkey Creek719
Ediger, Kate13Turkey Creek723
Ediger, Mary6Turkey Creek724
Ediger, Peter54Turkey Creek715
Ediger, Peter20Turkey Creek718
Ediger, Sarah18Turkey Creek721
Ediger, Sarah46Turkey Creek717
Edigor, Aggreta19Superior36
Edigor, Agustn53Superior35
Edigor, D.53Superior31
Edigor, Henry16Superior34
Edigor, Jacob23Superior32
Edigor, John21Superior33
Edigor, Mary14Superior37
Edmards, G. A.31Mound340
Edmards, James W.31Mound339
Eggmun, (?)31Canton121
Eggmun, C. T.1Canton122
Eggmun, J. J.27Canton120
Elberson, Eliza26Meridian26
Elberson, Thos W.30Meridian26
Elines, Edinon(?)12Superior532
Elines, Emma _.31Superior534
Elines, Harvey37Superior531
Elines, Idia2Superior536
Elines, Lydia(?)15Superior535
Elines, Whitson11Superior533
Elines(?), Amela33Superior217
Elines(?), Cl___13Superior229
Elines(?), Cleon14Superior221
Elines(?), Dora2Superior219
Elines(?), E.42Superior220
Elines(?), Elvina9Superior227
Elines(?), Emiline9Superior228
Elines(?), Freund3/12Superior235
Elines(?), Freund5Superior231
Elines(?), Freund27Superior232
Elines(?), Freund3Superior234
Elines(?), Freund7Superior233
Elines(?), J. Freund27Superior230
Elines(?), L____5Superior222
Elines(?), Luis(?)4Superior218
Elines(?), Margreta11Superior226
Elines(?), Rosans34Superior224
Elines(?), Rosita13Superior225
Elines(?), Thomas9Superior216
Elines(?), Wilnan1Superior223
Ellingson, Alexander8Empire43
Ellingson, Charles .2Empire45
Ellingson, Christa30Empire42
Ellingson, E. A.35Empire41
Ellingson, Ulissus S.6Empire44
Ellis, E. I.5Canton725
Ellis, H. E.2/12Canton727
Ellis, J. M.3Canton726
Ellis, John27Canton722
Ellis, M. ?.7Canton724
Ellis, S. J.31Canton723
Ellison, Eliza Ann61Lonetree425
Elmer(?), John15Superior215
Elmer(?), Raymon45Superior214
Ely, B. L.5/12Groveland529
Ely, E. H.26Groveland526
Ely, Joseph24Groveland525
Ely, M. C.7Groveland527
Ely, R. S.2Groveland528
Enburg, Andrew12McPherson223
Enburg, Christina49McPherson221
Enburg, Jenny9McPherson224
Enburg, John51McPherson220
Enburg, Matilda20McPherson222
Endsley, Albert27Groveland517
English, A. M.33Spring Valley511
English, C. ?.6Spring Valley513
English, I. I.7Spring Valley512
English, S. C.4Spring Valley514
English, Samuel35Spring Valley510
Enke, John C.38King City717
Ens, Anna12Superior414
Ens, Augusta17Superior419
Ens, Hana40Superior418
Ens, Henry2Superior417
Ens, Hermon20Superior415
Ens, Julis10Superior416
Ens, Molotdia6Superior420
Ens(?), C. H.(?)46Superior413
Evans, C. M.4Canton516
Evans, Danl22Lonetree435
Evans, G. A.17Spring Valley110
Evans, G. L.14Spring Valley111
Evans, Geo.23Lonetree123
Evans, I. D.39Canton514
Evans, J. D.6Canton515
Evans, Jane53Spring Valley18
Evans, L. D.21Spring Valley19
Evans, M. D.12Spring Valley112
Evans, Philip58Spring Valley17
Evans, R. F.17Lonetree124
Evans, S.2Canton517
Evans, Stella2Canton518
Eveland, E. A.6Groveland7(?)21
Eveland, Lorenza35Groveland7(?)19
Eveland, M. A.25Groveland7(?)20
Evens, Benj.49Empire88
Evens, Cora Bell4Empire810
Evens, Eli1Empire811
Evens, Helen30Empire89
Evers, Barbara37Meridian320
Evers, Chas58Meridian319
Evers, John W.11Meridian321
Ewert, Charles47Groveland413
Fairchild, A.24Turkey Creek617
Fairchild, I. C.22Turkey Creek54
Farman, Emma27Empire531
Farman, Gust26Empire530
Farnburg, J. E.32Empire518
Faught, Alice M.18Meridian210
Faught, George P.20Meridian29
Faught, James61Meridian28
Faught, Olive V.15Meridian210
Faught, Sarah E.59Meridian28
Feldt, Charles E.1Empire517
Feldt, Emma3Empire516
Feldt, Gust35Empire514
Feldt, Louise37Empire515
Felicknor, Andress30Turkey Creek223
Felicknor, Anna7Turkey Creek226
Felicknor, Frinch1Turkey Creek227
Felicknor, Jacob5Turkey Creek225
Felicknor, Kathline28Turkey Creek224
Fellows, Charles W.7King City128
Fellows, Cynthia32King City127
Fellows, Hiram D.25King City129
Fellows, John U.32King City126
Felth, (Wife)30McPherson736
Felth, P. M.35McPherson735
Felton, Bessie J.2King City638
Felton, Elizabeth E.26King City637
Felton, Joseph B.29King City636
Ferris, Lovenia S.24McPherson141
Ferris, Meldin E.27McPherson140
Finan, Catherine44King City19
Finan, Henry5King City112
Finan, James48King City18
Finan, Katie10King City111
Finan, Thomas16King City110
Finch, Dan33Turkey Creek229
Finch, J. M.28Turkey Creek228
Findley, J. A.25King City72
Finkle, Alice14Lonetree25
Finkle, Arthur23Lonetree226
Finkle, Chals7Lonetree26
Finkle, Earnest1Empire638
Finkle, Jennie24Empire640
Finkle, Joseph49Lonetree21
Finkle, Judgeson16Lonetree24
Finkle, Mary A.45Lonetree22
Finkle, Norman26Empire639
Finkle, Perry18Lonetree23
Finkle, Phebe25Empire637
Finkle, Rosetta5Lonetree27
Finkle, Watson25Empire636
Finsley, A. C.15Spring Valley28
Finsley, A. F.18Spring Valley26
Finsley, C. B.12Spring Valley29
Finsley, E. C.43Spring Valley25
Finsley, F. E.2/12Spring Valley210
Finsley, F. L.17Spring Valley27
Finsley, I. H.47Spring Valley24
Firchbiel, Kate28Turkey Creek18
Firchbiel, Mary9Turkey Creek19
Firchbiel, Sol31Turkey Creek17
Fisk, Chauncy D.26Mound217
Fisk, James58Meridian21
Fisk, Quincy19Meridian21
Fiske, Julia46Meridian21
Fleming, Affee23Turkey Creek73
Fleming, Andrew49Turkey Creek71
Fleming, Elenea50Turkey Creek72
Fleming, Elizeabth14Turkey Creek76
Fleming, Johanna12Turkey Creek77
Fleming, Kathline16Turkey Creek75
Fleming, Peter19Turkey Creek74
Fliknor, John60Turkey Creek818
Flory, Frank3Superior240
Flory, G.28Superior238
Flory, James1Superior239
Flory, Juliun25Superior241
Folsam, Beck__?44Groveland6(?)4
Foran, Andrew26Mound530
Foran, Anna26Mound622
Foran, Benjamin2Mound532
Foran, Caroline23Mound531
Foran, Catherine54Mound72
Foran, Christian8Mound623
Foran, Christian56Mound71
Foran, Jacob30Mound621
Foran, John25Mound73
Foran, Jr., Christian20Mound74
Foran, Phrania5Mound624
Foran, Susanna10Mound76
Foran, Tobias14Mound75
Forbes, A. W.6Lonetree522
Forbes, C. E.22Lonetree333
Forbes, Cath'31Lonetree319
Forbes, Frank3Lonetree523
Forbes, Gracie5Lonetree334
Forbes, Jennie19Lonetree518
Forbes, Jn. S.25Lonetree332
Forbes, Lee A.31Lonetree318
Forbes, Luie E.14Lonetree519
Forbes, M. M.7Lonetree521
Forbes, Susan36Lonetree517
Forbes, Wm. J.45Lonetree516
Forbes, Wm. S.12Lonetree520
Foster, _essie2Empire230
Foster, Alvinza13Empire227
Foster, Elvina36Empire226
Foster, Eugene7/12Empire231
Foster, Geo. E.38Empire225
Foster, Harry3Empire229
Foster, Leona7Empire228
Foute, Anna1Turkey Creek539
Foute, Corneileus22Turkey Creek538
Fouts, ELizabeth24McPherson310
Fouts, Harry6McPherson311
Fouts, Robert1McPherson312
Fouts, William33McPherson39
Frankling, (?). D.7Canton810
Frankling, C. H.5Canton811
Frankling, H. A.12Canton88
Frankling, H. E.3Canton812
Frankling, John35Canton86
Frankling, M.30Canton87
Frankling, R. S.10Canton89
Frankling, S. J.1Canton813
Frantz, Anna12Turkey Creek428
Frantz, Anna33Turkey Creek422
Frantz, Gerred10Turkey Creek423
Frantz, Gerred38Turkey Creek421
Frantz, Henry6Turkey Creek424
Frantz, Jacob1Turkey Creek426
Frantz, Peter3Turkey Creek425
Frantz, Suzanna14Turkey Creek427
Fraunz, Anna41Meridian112
Fraunz, Anna1Meridian117
Fraunz, Cornelius9Meridian113
Fraunz, Cornelius41Meridian112
Fraunz, Elizebeth3/12Meridian117
Fraunz, Heinrich5Meridian116
Fraunz, Heinrich6/12Meridian114
Fraunz, Jacob33Meridian115
Fraunz, Katrina29Meridian115
Fraunz, Katrina7Meridian116
Fraunz, Maria3Meridian114
Fraunz, Peter4Meridian113
Fresh, M. M.22Spring Valley52
Fresh, N. I.22Spring Valley53
Fresh, Wm.24Spring Valley51
Fresh, Wm. S.5/12Spring Valley54
Frexler, James18Meridian228
Freze, Rubin31Lonetree619
Frior, Elizea28Turkey Creek632
Frior, Emliea25Turkey Creek633
Frior, G. M.4Turkey Creek634
Frizzell, A. L.22Groveland14
Frizzell, James27Groveland13
Frizzell, R. E.4Groveland15
Frizzell, S. E.1Groveland16
Fry, D. M.24Groveland323
Fry, Daniel1Groveland329
Fry, E. M.3Groveland328
Fry, Elizabeth18Groveland324
Fry, Elton9Groveland325
Fry, Joseph7Groveland326
Fry, Matilda5Groveland327
Gallaway, E.75Canton47
Gallaway, Elmea26Canton112
Gallaway, J. J.39Canton111
Gallaway, L.8Canton113
Gallaway, L____4Canton114
Gallop, Anna22Spring Valley214
Gallop, F. (?).4Spring Valley215
Gallop, Genica33Spring Valley213
Gallop, George2Spring Valley216
Gallop, Winifred1Spring Valley217
Gardner, A. J.26King City411
Gardner, Ann60King City410
Gardner, Bernie1King City49
Gardner, Fred3King City48
Gardner, J. A.29King City46
Gardner, Mollie23King City47
Gardner, R. E.23King City412
Gareng, Andrew2/12Mound439
Gareng, Anna39Mound515
Gareng, Catherine34Mound435
Gareng, Catherine11Mound519
Gareng, Christian6Mound521
Gareng, Christian36Mound434
Gareng, Jacob18Mound517
Gareng, Jacob14Mound436
Gareng, Jacob45Mound514
Gareng, John13Mound636
Gareng, John9Mound520
Gareng, Joseph15Mound635
Gareng, Madeline14Mound518
Gareng, Maria17Mound634
Gareng, Maria40Mound633
Gareng, Peter11Mound437
Gareng, Phrania9Mound438
Garing, Anna1Turkey Creek124
Garing, Elizzie16Turkey Creek128
Garing, French9 Turkey Creek130
Garing, Frinch23Turkey Creek123
Garing, Jacob14Turkey Creek127
Garing, John26Turkey Creek122
Garing, Lizzie40Turkey Creek125
Garing, Mary12Turkey Creek129
Garing, Peter21Turkey Creek126
Garring, Andrew7Turkey Creek823
Garring, Jacob41Turkey Creek819
Garring, Joseph18Turkey Creek821
Garring, Kathline10Turkey Creek824
Garring, Kathline36Turkey Creek820
Garring, Mary9Turkey Creek825
Garring, ohn14Turkey Creek822
Garrison, J.50Canton123
Gate, Elida22Empire223
Gate, Guy1Empire224
Gate, Ra(?) F. J.25Empire222
Gatton, Jan23Lonetree115
Gatton, P. M.25Lonetree114
Geer, Allice14Lonetree715
Geer, Asminas24Lonetree712
Geer, Ellin13Lonetree716
Geer, Geo17Lonetree713
Geer, Jonas56Lonetree710
Geer, M. S.54Lonetree711
Geer, W. D.68Superior725
Geer, Wm.17Lonetree714
Gehman, A.25Canton738
Geir, Sarah31Superior236
Georg, J. L.21Canton329
Georg, W. H.28Canton328
Geraghty, Mat27McPherson135
Gettys, J. ?.3Canton321
Gettys, L.37Canton318
Gettys, L. J.26Canton319
Gettys, R. L.5Canton320
Gibbs, Elizabeth22Meridian238
Gibbs, John22Meridian237
Gibbs, Martha6/12Meridian238
Gibson, C. A.1Canton533
Gibson, David27Canton534
Gibson, Jas.28Canton531
Gibson, S. I.27Canton532
Giffin, Hannah55Empire12
Giffin, John24Empire14
Giffin, Newton16Empire15
Giffin, Theodore26Empire13
Gilbert, George23Meridian63
Gilbert, Michael65Meridian61
Gilbert, Sarah60Meridian62
Gillam, F. M.21Canton313
Gillam, J. R.30Canton312
Gillam, Jr. J. R.1/12Canton314
Gipson, Bartell30McPherson727
Gipson, Mary27McPherson728
Girried, Addison2Turkey Creek323
Girried, Ann53Turkey Creek325
Girried, Ann Elizia12Turkey Creek328
Girried, Ausgust14Turkey Creek327
Girried, Frances18Turkey Creek326
Girried, John26Turkey Creek321
Girried, John B.54Turkey Creek324
Girried, Tena22Turkey Creek322
Gleason, Edith4/12McPherson33
Gleason, M. E.29McPherson32
Gleason, Wallace29McPherson31
Graham, Alfred8Groveland523
Graham, Elizebeth44Groveland519
Graham, George50Groveland518
Graham, Hepsie16Groveland521
Graham, Salone12Groveland522
Graham, Wayne22Groveland520
Graham, Winn5Groveland524
Grant, Annie S.37McPherson216
Grant, Charley E.9McPherson217
Grant, Chas19Meridian218
Grant, David H.5McPherson218
Grant, Holly C.2McPherson219
Grant, John P.37McPherson215
Grapel, Anna14Turkey Creek212
Grapel, Friench30Turkey Creek111
Grapel, Frinch50Turkey Creek140
Grapel, Jacob21Turkey Creek21
Grapel, Jacob55Turkey Creek139
Grapel, Jacob(?)4Turkey Creek210
Grapel, John44Turkey Creek27
Grapel, John18Turkey Creek22
Grapel, Kate18Turkey Creek211
Grapel, Kathline20Turkey Creek28
Grapel, Katy17Turkey Creek29
Grapel, Mary9Turkey Creek213
Grapel, Mary9Turkey Creek112
Grapel, Peter35Turkey Creek110
Graves, Belle22Groveland313
Graves, Eli23Groveland38
Graves, J. M.37Groveland312
Graves, L. E.11/12Groveland316
Graves, M. A.10Groveland314
Graves, M. B.3Groveland310
Graves, S. R.4/12Groveland311
Graves, T. F.23Groveland39
Graves, T. H.8Groveland315
Gray, E.34Lonetree224
Greapel, I_eap8Turkey Creek113
Gregg, S. S.28King City113
Gregg. Mary20King City114
Grey, A. N.4Turkey Creek121
Grey, Benjamin31Turkey Creek118
Grey, Elizi_29Turkey Creek119
Grey, John F.6Turkey Creek120
Groves, G. W.27Superior622
Groves, Marrinda40Superior624
Groves, Rebeca20Superior623
Groves, Truman12Superior626
Groves, Wiliahn14Superior625
Gustafson, A. J.34McPherson814
Gustafson, Albert3McPherson740
Gustafson, Amel6/12McPherson741
Gustafson, Augusta9McPherson739
Gustafson, C, J.40McPherson737
Gustafson, Christine37McPherson738
Habbroeks(?), Amanda30Spring Valley56
Habbroeks(?), G. G.3Spring Valley59
Habbroeks(?), J. M.6Spring Valley58
Habbroeks(?), John8Spring Valley57
Habbroeks(?), Wm. H.32Spring Valley55
Haighe, H.25Canton331
Halden, D. A.1Groveland832
Halden, James23Groveland830
Halden, Rosette18Groveland831
Hall, Emma19Meridian27
Hall, Idelia13Meridian27
Hall, John S.34McPherson528
Hall, Lucy E.32McPherson529
Hall, Warren A.8/12McPherson530
Halsted, David28Empire812
Hams, Abraham 16Superior112
Hams, Elvina48Superior115
Hams, Martin64Superior110
Hams, Paul12Superior114
Hams, Thomas18Superior111
Hams, Yoluod(?)14Superior113
Hams(?), Abraham16Superior112
Hams(?), Elvena48Superior115
Hams(?), Martin64Superior110
Hams(?), Paul12Superior114
Hams(?), Thomas18Superior111
Hams(?), Yoluod(?)14Superior113
Hang, William36King City719
Hanger, Clyde2Empire338
Hanger, JOhn29Empire336
Hanger, Mary28Empire337
Hanges, M. J.19Empire526
Hanges, Valentine28Empire525
Hanna, Catharine59Groveland211
Hanna, J. F.20Groveland213
Hanna, John58Groveland210
Hanna, Wm.25Groveland212
Hannah, Emlie11Lonetree614
Hannah, Emma12Lonetree613
Hannah, Ester36Lonetree612
Hannah, Jas T.45Lonetree611
Hannah, Mrtha9Lonetree615
Hannah, Urie3Lonetree617
Hannah, Wade6Lonetree616
Harden, A. H.(?)48Groveland7(?)23
Harden, N. A.56Groveland7(?)22
Harder, Abraham12Superior138
Harder, Abraham12Superior138
Harder, Anna50Superior134
Harder, Anna39Superior429
Harder, Anna12Superior435
Harder, Anna50Superior134
Harder, Augusta14Superior136
Harder, Ausgusta14Superior136
Harder, Elisbeth4Superior438
Harder, Gerhard15Superior431
Harder, Henrick6Superior433
Harder, Jacob22Superior137
Harder, Jacob22Superior137
Harder, Jacob1Superior432
Harder, John7Superior139
Harder, John16Superior430
Harder, John43Superior428
Harder, John7Superior139
Harder, Katarina10Superior436
Harder, Margreta8Superior437
Harder, Maria7Superior434
Harder, Mary16Superior135
Harder, Mary16Superior135
Harrington, Albert1/12King City715
Harrington, Charlie2King City714
Harrington, Ella6King City712
Harrington, Lucinda24King City711
Harrington, Royal31King City710
Harrington, Walter4King City713
Harris, Chas. E.7Empire84
Harris, Hiram5Empire85
Harris, J. C.34Empire81
Harris, John2Empire87
Harris, Mary M.32Empire82
Harris, Robert4Empire86
Harris, Theodocia9Empire83
Harrison, E.50Canton418
Harrison, Florence14Empire219
Harrison, Geo.23Empire218
Harrison, M. H.54Canton417
Harrison, R. L.21Canton419
Harrison, T. E.16Canton421
Harrison, W. D.11Canton422
Harrison, W. H.18Canton420
Hart, Addie M.11Meridian213
Hart, Esther50Meridian212
Hart, Lizzie W.20Meridian213
Hart, Wm. B.23Meridian212
Haun, D. C.32Empire323
Haun, Frank2Empire325
Haun, Sarah J.26Empire324
Hayward, A. A.11Groveland6(?)28
Hayward, A. G.13Groveland6(?)27
Hayward, Polly38Groveland6(?)26
Heckathorn, Emma39Lonetree59
Heckathorn, Hattie4Lonetree514
Heckathorn, John O.17Lonetree510
Heckathorn, Mattie M.8Lonetree512
Heckathorn, O. W.39Lonetree58
Heckathorn, U. E.6Lonetree513
Heckathron, Allen C.15Lonetree511
Hedge, D. H.50Empire429
Heidbracht, Jacob32Turkey Creek725
Heidbracht, Kath27Turkey Creek726
Heidbracht, Ruth7Turkey Creek727
Heintzelman, Wm.32Meridian515
Hempstead, A. C.40Groveland231
Hempstead, B. M.4Groveland234
Hempstead, M. A.16Groveland232
Hempstead, M. J.13Groveland233
Hempstead, N.46Groveland230
Hendesson, ?. M.37Groveland224
Hendesson, ?. W.8Groveland227
Hendesson, C. E.10Groveland226
Hendesson, H. E.33Groveland225
Hendesson, J. E.4Groveland228
Hendesson, L. M.6/12Groveland229
Hendry, Ada6McPherson638
Hendry, Alick T.10McPherson636
Hendry, Harry8McPherson637
Hendry, Hiram A.40McPherson634
Hendry, Julia S.31McPherson635
Heyser, C. E.22Spring Valley413
Heyser, M. E.18Spring Valley414
Heyser, Mrs. S.42Spring Valley412
Heyser, T. S.15Spring Valley415
Hibrush, Cornealis9Turkey Creek67
Hibrush, Corneilis65Turkey Creek625
Hibrush, Derby2Turkey Creek610
Hibrush, Elizebeth12Turkey Creek63
Hibrush, Elizebth35Turkey Creek62
Hibrush, Henry10Turkey Creek66
Hibrush, Jacob7Turkey Creek68
Hibrush, John5Turkey Creek69
Hibrush, John24Turkey Creek626
Hibrush, Kathliene4Turkey Creek64
Hibrush, Kathrine21Turkey Creek627
Hibrush, Peter14Turkey Creek65
Hibrush, Peter63Turkey Creek624
Hibrush, Peter37Turkey Creek61
Hibrush, Peter6/12Turkey Creek628
Higgins, Charles 29King CIty134
Higgins, Lizzie26King City135
Higgins, Mabel1King City136
Higgins, Mary74King City137
Hildrith, Francis E.4McPherson923
Hildrith, George T.8McPherson921
Hildrith, Harry A.6McPherson922
Hildrith, Hata(?), A.28McPherson920
Hildrith, Ida M.8/12McPherson924
Hildrith, M. S.40McPherson919
Hill, Fred P.1McPherson914
Hill, Jessie L.6McPherson913
Hill, John W.49McPherson910
Hill, Peter27McPherson81
Hill, Robert2McPherson83
Hill, Salestia19McPherson82
Hill, Sarah H.35McPherson911
Hill, Sherman W.11McPherson912
Hilton, C. F.36McPherson115
Hilton, H. J.32McPherson116
Hilton, H. V.6McPherson117
Hilton, Vivian4McPherson118
Hirschler, Adolph12Mound227
Hirschler, Catherine43Mound225
Hirschler, Christian48Mound224
Hirschler, Harmon10Mound228
Hirschler, Jacob19Mound226
Hoble, Delight3McPherson45
Hoble, James A.50McPherson41
Hoble, Jane8McPherson43
Hoble, John5McPherson44
Hoble, M. H.30McPherson42
Hoddle, Anne35McPherson935
Hoddle, Edgar7McPherson936
Hoddle, Henry33McPherson934
Hodge, Charles E.16Empire432
Hodge, Elizabeth19Empire431
Hodge, George2Empire437
Hodge, John R.22Empire438
Hodge, Lee12Empire434
Hodge, Lucy10Empire435
Hodge, Malinda8Empire436
Hodge, Matilda42Empire430
Hodge, Samuel14Empire433
Hoffman, Ada4Meridian442
Hoffman, Catharine1Meridian217
Hoffman, Cora25Meridian441
Hoffman, Elizebeth27Meridian215
Hoffman, Henry R.4Meridian216
Hoffman, Jacob W.5Meridian216
Hoffman, John T.35Meridian440
Hoffman, Minerva2Meridian217
Hoffman, Philip34Meridian215
Hoisington, D. B.57King City139
Hoisington, Hannah52King City140
Hoisington, Nathan20King City141
Holbrook, Adaline54King City721
Holbrook, J. F.13King City723
Holbrook, L. A.14King City722
Holbrook, R. B.56King City720
Holdeman, Anna10Meridian232
Holdeman, Anna26Meridian628
Holdeman, Conrad13Meridian232
Holdeman, Daniel14Meridian232
Holdeman, David49Meridian230
Holdeman, Fanny9/12Meridian630
Holdeman, Frank9/12Meridian233
Holdeman, Helena45Meridian230
Holdeman, John27Meridian627
Holdeman, Jonas7Meridian233
Holdeman, Saloma15Meridian231
Holdeman, Salomon5Meridian629
Holdeman, Samuel17Meridian231
Holdeman, Sarah19Meridian231
Holdeman, Susana9Meridian233
Holderman, A. A.2Spring Valley229
Holderman, A. I.7Spring Valley226
Holderman, B. A.12Spring Valley224
Holderman, B. I.3/12Spring Valley230
Holderman, Catherine34Spring Valley222
Holderman, Emma3Spring Valley228
Holderman, Henretta13Spring Valley223
Holderman, Jacob37Spring Valley221
Holderman, M. E.5Spring Valley227
Holderman, Manda10Spring Valley225
Holmes, Ann70Canton63
Holmes, Eddie7Lonetree626
Holmes, Frank D.15Lonetree623
Holmes, G. B.30Canton64
Holmes, Geo13Lonetree624
Holmes, Hannah38Lonetree622
Holmes, Jas.74Canton62
Holmes, Jefferson43Lonetree621
Holmes, Lillie3Lonetree627
Holmes, M.4Canton66
Holmes, Seno(?)25Canton65
Holmes, Wm.2Canton67
Holmes, Wm.8Lonetree625
Horman, E.1Groveland426
Horman, Gertrude26Groveland425
Horman, John36Groveland424
Horton, Bradley G.23Empire612
Horton, Eddy4Meridian415
Horton, Edwin C.15Empire69
Horton, Emma16Meridian412
Horton, G. S.26Empire611
Horton, George11Meridian414
Horton, Lucy14Meridian413
Horton, Martha42Meridian410
Horton, Mary S.48Empire67
Horton, May18Meridian411
Horton, Sarah C.19Empire68
Horton, Susie10Empire610
Horton, T. A.54Empire66
Horton, Titus56Meridian49
Houston, Effie25Superior88
Houston, H.32Superior87
Houx, Anna7Spring Valley64
Houx, Jacob18Spring Valley61
Houx, John5Spring Valley65
Houx, Mariah10Spring Valley63
Houx, N__netha1Spring Valley66
Houx, Sarah13Spring Valley62
Hubbart, A. E.14Meridian37
Hubbart, E. H.36Meridian35
Hubbart, H. A.33Meridian36
Hubbart, J. C.6Meridian38
Hubbart, J. E.3Meridian39
Huett, F, M.29McPherson112
Huett, Frane24McPherwon113
Hughe, A.25Canton330
Hughett, Mattie L.20Mound114
Hughett, Robert24Mound113
Hughett, Wm. W.1Mound115
Humble, A. P.7Spring Valley41
Humble, B. F.30Spring Valley339
Humble, E. J.26Spring Valley340
Humble, Fredda9/12Spring Valley43
Humble, Wm6Spring Valley42
Hungerford, Berney6Lonetree643
Hungerford, Gardner60Lonetree641
Hungerford, Susan C.41Lonetree642
Hunt, Able A.2Lonetree13
Hunt, Hannah19Lonetree12
Hunt, Perry22Lonetree11
Hurlbert, C.12Canton521
Hurlbert, D. ?.47Canton519
Hurlbert, M.15Canton520
Hurst, Anna B.1/12King City610
Hurst, Benjamin F.19King City63
Hurst, Emilla A.10King City66
Hurst, Gilbert B.2King City69
Hurst, James M.4King City68
Hurst, John C.13King City65
Hurst, Mary41King City62
Hurst, Melinda F.17King City64
Hurst, William44King City61
Hurst, William, L.7King City67
Husted, F. M.30Empire512
Hutchison, Georg25Canton336
Iams, Flora D.10Meridian54
Iams, Nancy35Meridian52
Iams, Oliver A.12Meridian53
Iams, Wm.33Meridian51
Ingram, Nellie14King City322
Irv_s(?), Etta3/12Superior25
Irv_s(?), Francis3Superior24
Irv_s(?), Margret5Superior23
Irv_s(?), Mary24Superior22
Irvin, A. H.27Spring Valley134
Irvin, M. E.23Spring Valley135
Irvin, Stella4Spring Valley136
Irvus(?), B. H.30Superior21
Israel, David27Spring Valley330
Israel, John29Spring Valley329
Jackson, Agnes4McPherson430
Jackson, Amanda31McPherson428
Jackson, Fred32McPherson427
Jackson, Mary7McPherson429
Jewett, Elisabeth21Groveland833
Jewhurst, A. D.40Superior537
Jewhurst, Albert3/12Superior540
Jewhurst, Elibeth41Superior541
Jewhurst, Emily11Superior542
Jewhurst, Walter18Superior538
Jewhurst, William8Superior539
Johnson, B. L.27Canton48
Johnson, Charlotte44Empire333
Johnson, Ida C.14Empire334
Johnson, John11Empire335
Johnson, L.21Canton49
Johnson, S. P.52Empire332
Johnson, W. R.7/12Canton410
Johnston, Catherine62Mound41
Johnston, Charlie15Mound43
Johnston, Giarried3Turkey Creek433
Johnston, James H.30Mound44
Johnston, John18Mound42
Johnston, John W.4Mound46
Johnston, Kate48Turkey Creek430
Johnston, M.54Turkey Creek429
Johnston, Sarah20Turkey Creek432
Johnston, Susan F.21Mound45
Johnston, Wm.15Turkey Creek431
Jones, Amanda16Spring Valley334
Jones, C. H.8Canton83
Jones, C. R.4Canton85
Jones, Charity11Spring Valley335
Jones, Charles4Spring Valley337
Jones, E. Z.39Spring Valley332
Jones, Ellen F.10King City239
Jones, Ezzie30Turkey Creek339
Jones, Fred5Turkey Creek340
Jones, Fred'k12King City238
Jones, G.(?) Wm.3Spring Valley338
Jones, John20Spring Valley333
Jones, L. D.6Canton84
Jones, L. G.9Spring Valley336
Jones, Lidia A.47King City210
Jones, Lizzie M.7King City212
Jones, M.26Canton82
Jones, M. M.28Canton81
Jones, Mary J.11King City211
Jones, Maud5Turkey Creek341
Jones, Rena16King City29
Jones, W. A.44Spring Valley331
Jones, W. H.48Turkey Creek338
Jones, Willie P.14King City237
Jones, Wm. T.28King City28
Joseph, Albert28Groveland7(?)13
Joseph, Anna21Groveland7(?)14
Joseph, Delia5Groveland7(?)16
Joseph, Dell7Groveland7(?)15
Kaegi, Annie10Meridian240
Kaegi, Barbara U.8Meridian240
Kaegi, Cath45Meridian239
Kaegi, Christian13Meridian240
Kaegi, Daniel15Meridian239
Kaegi, David50Meridian239
Kaegi, David21Meridian239
Kaegi, John5Meridian240
Kaegi, Katie10Meridian240
Kaegi, Solomon18Meridian239
Kauffman, Francisca30Mound714
Kauffman, John10Mound716
Kauffman, Madeline12Mound715
Kauffman, Maria6Mound717
Kauffman, Peter37Mound713
Kehoe, ames22Mound338
Kehoe, Mary50Mound416
Kehoe, Thomas28Mound415
Keller, A. T.4Groveland57
Keller, E. A.12Groveland55
Keller, E. O.8Groveland56
Keller, E. W.2Groveland58
Keller, G. W.44Groveland51
Keller, J. L.16Groveland53
Keller, M. C.36Groveland52
Keller, S. H.14Groveland54
Kelley, E. R.8/12Empire329
Kelley, James A.2Empire328
Kelley, John41Empire326
Kelley, S. N.34Empire327
Kellogg, Wm. F.28Spring Valley515
Kelso, Lizzie18Meridian625
Kelso, Robert 24Meridian624
Kelso, Tola(?)5Empire621
Kenepp, D. E.28Groveland221
Kenepp, H. L.2Groveland223
Kenepp, N. E.27Groveland222
Kerokred, Henry6Turkey Creek734
Kerokred, Kathrene29Turkey Creek733
Kerokred, Mary2Turkey Creek735
Kerokred, Peter35Turkey Creek732
Kile, Wm B.26Meridian120
Kile(?), S. N.21Canton620
Kincaid, Eliza E.53King City223
Kincaid, Eliza J.20King City225
Kincaid, John N.22King City224
Kincaid, Sallie B.14King City227
Kincaid, Wm. B.18King City226
Kincaid, Wm. C.49King City222
Kindle, A. G.5Groveland436
Kindle, E. T.6Groveland435
Kindle, Elizabeth38Groveland434
Kindle, H. B.1Groveland438
Kindle, James46Groveland433
Kindle, M. A.3Groveland437
Kirby, Delia A.4/12Meridian224
Kirby, Delina4Meridian222
Kirby, Delphine24Meridian222
Kirby, Triflex(?)26Meridian222
Kirby, Willie3Meridian223
Klevver, Elen6Superior316
Klevver, Elibelt23Superior39
Klevver, Elibeth4Superior317
Klevver, Henrick16Superior312
Klevver, Junior14Superior314
Klevver, Margreta37Superior313
Klevver, Mary18Superior315
Klevver, Peter1Superior310
Klevver, Peter23Superior38
Klevver, Peter30Superior311
Kliekwer(?), Henry23Turkey Creek836
Kliewer, Gearred21Turkey Creek838
Kliewer, Heinrick49Turkey Creek834
Kliewer, John19Turkey Creek837
Kliewer, Kath16Turkey Creek840
Kliewer, Mary18Turkey Creek839
Kliewer, Peter8Turkey Creek841
Kliewer, Susanna37Turkey Creek835
Knapp, Anna R.22Mound427
Knapp, C. H.29Mound426
Knapp, H. C.8/12Mound428
Knopp, A.27Canton718
Knopp, C.26Canton719
Knopp, H.2Canton720
Knopp, R.@/12Canton721
Knudsen, Christ12McPherson721
Koler, P. W.45Canton332
Krouse, Abraham10Spring Valley526
Krouse, Francis14Spring Valley525
Krouse, Halena25Spring Valley523
Krouse, Jacob66Spring Valley522
Krouse, John2Spring Valley521
Krouse, John29Spring Valley519
Krouse, Mary26Spring Valley520
Krouse, Peter17Spring Valley524
Krouse(?), Anna45Spring Valley539
Krouse(?), Henry21Spring Valley540
Krouse(?), Jacob40Spring Valley538
Kurts, Leon13Spring Valley319
Kurts, Otis9Spring Valley320
Kurts, S. F.31Spring Valley318
LaGree, Delvina10Meridian525
LaGree, Fabian42Meridian520
LaGree, Felis7Meridian527
LaGree, Ferdinand3Meridian528
LaGree, John9/12Meridian529
LaGree, Mathias12Meridian526
LaGree, Melvina14Meridian524
LaGree, Thos18Meridian522
LaGree, Victoria36Meridian521
LaGree, Wm.16Meridian523
Laird, Clara7/12Empire712
Laird, Elizabeth7/12Empire711
Laird, George G. 2Empire710
Laird, Phebe A.25Empire79
Laird, S. F.32Empire78
Lane, A. M.33Turkey Creek540
Lane, Mary A.24Turkey Creek541
Lang, Delia30Groveland120
Lang, Dick36Groveland119
Lang, E. W.1Groveland123
Lang, Henry50Groveland6(?)5
Lang, M. W.3Groveland122
Lang, R. R.7Groveland121
Larkins, Hamilton13King City335
Larson, Andrew38King City51
Larson, Betsy39King City52
Larson, Betsy17King City53
Larson, Burket13King City55
Larson, Caroline10/12King City59
Larson, Ela10King City56
Larson, Helena15King City54
Larson, Henry4King City58
Larson, Lewis8King City57
Latton, Andre_50Turkey Creek37
Latton, Anna15Turkey Creek39
Latton, Anna46Turkey Creek38
Latton, Benjamin8Turkey Creek311
Latton, John12Turkey Creek310
Latton, Kath18Turkey Creek313
Latton, Peter21Turkey Creek312
Laver_ne(?), Hiram1McPherson928
Ledbetter, C.8Canton612
Ledbetter, C.2Canton821
Ledbetter, E.29Canton69
Ledbetter, E. G.6Canton613
Ledbetter, I.26Canton818
Ledbetter, J.3Canton820
Ledbetter, John6/12Canton616
Ledbetter, John33Canton68
Ledbetter, L.25Canton819
Ledbetter, M.2Canton615
Ledbetter, M.3/12Canton822
Ledbetter, M. A.4Canton614
Ledbetter, Mary10Canton611
Ledbetter, Wm.13Canton610
Lemley, A. S.14Groveland7(?)26
Lemley, Cornelius3Groveland7(?)29
Lemley, E. M.33Groveland7(?)25
Lemley, George52Groveland7(?)24
Lemley, H. A.7Groveland7(?)28
Lemley, H. E.10Groveland7(?)27
Lemley, Normen1Groveland7(?)30
Lenegar, B. A.25Canton522
Lenegar, C.22Canton523
Lenegar, C. A.8Canton525
Lenegar, E. M.4Canton524
Leonard, Joshua30King City328
Lewis, A. A.45Groveland539
Lewis, August R.2Superior13
Lewis, August R.2Superior13
Lewis, David S.3/12Superior14
Lewis, David S.3/12Superior14
Lewis, Henry14Groveland540
Lewis, J. S.42Superior11
Lewis, J. S.42Superior11
Lewis, Rebeca29 Superior15
Lewis, Rebeca29Superior15
Lewis, Viola B.9Superior16
Lewis, Viola B.9Superior16
Lewis, Wiliam F.3Superior12
Lewis, Wiliam T.3Superior12
Leybrau, A. W.18Groveland6(?)33
Leybrau, Eliza41Groveland6(?)32
Leybrau, Fred52Groveland6(?)31
Leybrau, John15Groveland6(?)35
Leybrau, Mary17Groveland6(?)34
Leybrau, Richard14Groveland6(?)36
Limberg, Frank25Empire539
Lincoln, A.54Spring Valley118
Lincoln, Ana26Spring Valley114
Lincoln, Catharine50Spring Valley119
Lincoln, George12Spring Valley121
Lincoln, John31Spring Valley113
Lincoln, Joseph8Spring Valley122
Lincoln, Maud3Spring Valley116
Lincoln, Robert6/12Spring Valley117
Lincoln, Sarah7Spring Valley115
Lincoln, Tillitson16Spring Valley120
Lindenberg, Jno36Lonetree424
Lindquist, C. J.45McPherson722
Linke, Ameli19Meridian610
Linke, Augusta16Meridian611
Linke, Fred53Meridian68
Linke, Gotlieb60Meridian66
Linke, Minnie45Meridian69
Linke, Rosina57Meridian67
Lively, Abagail1Meridian535
Lively, Angeline56Meridian530
Lively, Artimies21Meridian534
Lively, Denis24Meridian531
Lively, George30Meridian214
Lively, John36Meridian533
Lively, Mitchell11Meridian532
Lively, Virginia25Meridian214
Livily, A. ?.2Turkey Creek337
Livily, L. E.5Turkey Creek336
Livily, M. H.35Turkey Creek335
Livily, W. L.(?)42Turkey Creek334
Long, G. R.20Groveland6(?)7
Long, J. H.11Groveland6(?)15
Long, M. E.6Groveland6(?)10
Long, N. E.11Groveland6(?)8
Long, W. H.7Groveland6(?)9
Long(?), Eliza46Groveland6(?)6
Loomis, Ed L.24Lonetree75
Loomis, Hedie22Lonetree76
Loomis, Lawrence3Lonetree77
Loomis, Willie1Lonetree78
Lowry, Clarinsa38Lonetree634
Lowry, Emma J.14Lonetree637
Lowry, John17Lonetree635
Lowry, Lanie L.10Lonetree638
Lowry, Mary16Lonetree636
Lowry, S. P.56Lonetree633
Lowry, Sherman8Lonetree639
Maddox, C. R.4Empire21
Maddox, George M.2Empire22
Maddox, M. J.32Empire139
Maddox, Sarah J.22Empire140
Mahan, J. C.31Mound433
Maloney, James11Spring Valley326
Maloney, Martha37Spring Valley325
Maloney, Thomas8Spring Valley327
Maloney, Thos36Spring Valley324
Maloney, Wm.6Spring Valley328
Maltby, Eli S.5McPherson342
Maltby, Geo H.33McPherson338
Maltby, Hiram8McPherson340
Maltby, Lily2/12McPherson343
Maltby, Minnie6McPherson341
Maltby, Sarah E.33McPherson339
Manny, Ammi3Meridian435
Manny, Charlie15Meridian429
Manny, Emile3Meridian434
Manny, Felix13Meridian430
Manny, Francis16Meridian428
Manny, Henry6Meridian433
Manny, John44Meridian426
Manny, Mugerine(?)8Meridian432
Manny, Noah10Meridian431
Manny, Philomane36Meridian427
Marquis, A. J.17Groveland837
Marquis, H. L.20Groveland836
Marquis, J. E.47Groveland834
Marquis, J. H.40Groveland835
Marquis, M. A.12Groveland839
Marquis, M. V.6Groveland840
Marquis, P. D.15Grovelamd838
Martin, _8Superior67
Martin, _31Superior66
Martin, _5Superior69
Martin, _6Superior68
Martin, A. F.35Lonetree132
Martin, B. F.44Superior65
Martin, C. M.24Superior86
Martin, Ellin2Lonetree135
Martin, Fannie28Lonetree133
Martin, R.50Spring Valley22
Martin, Rachel44Spring Valley23
Martin, Willie4Lonetree134
Mathason, Bwtilda(?)25McPherson838
Mathason, Christ30McPherson837
Mathason, Mary2McPherson840
Mathason, William5McPherson839
Mathers, Noah24McPherson918
Mathews, Emma D.8Mound135
Mathews, George20McPherson439
Mathews, John C.16McPherson441
Mathews, Margaret52McPherson438
Mathews, Margaret18McPherson440
Mathews, Robert L.9McPherson442
Mathews, S. P.38Mound131
Mathews, Salome31Mound132
Mathews, Sarah L.12Mound134
Mathews, T. J.23Empire439
Mathews, Thomas J.50McPherson437
Mathews, W. H.15Mound133
Mayo, Chals3Lonetree434
Mayo, Jane25Lonetree432
Mayo, Perley4Lonetree433
McAlister, F. A.28Canton32
McAlister, G.4Canton34
McAlister, J. I.2Canton35
McAlister, M. M. E.8Canton33
McAlister, R. F.37Canton31
McCann, Albert28King City617
McCann, Alberta2King City620
McCann, F. P.24King City618
McCann, Frankie L.8/12King City621
McCann, Nettie4King City619
McCh___(?), George23McPherson69
McCh___(?), Mary18McPherson610
McCh___(?), Mary47McPherson68
McCh___(?), William45McPherson67
McCh___(?), William13McPherson611
McClain, A.8/12Canton27
McClain, A. 24Canton25
McClain, E.2Canton26
McClain, J. M.29Canton24
McClain, S. R.?Canton736
McClane, Eva M.17McPherson48
McClane, Francis E.37McPherson47
McClane, Herby10McPherson49
McClane, Jessie M.7McPherson410
McClane, Jos P.47McPherson46
McClane, Maggy2McPherson411
McClelan, Hetty M.3McPherson239
McClelan, John M.7McPherson238
McClelan, Mamie4/12McPherson240
McClelan, Priscilla24McPherson237
McClelan, S. W.32McPherson236
McClure, Cora7Mound210
McClure, Dexter19Mound28
McClure, Edw____14Mound29
McClure, J. W.50Mound26
McClure, Lavlett20Mound27
McCord, Adeline14McPherson127
McCord, Charles A.22King City537
McCord, Effa May7/12King City539
McCord, Hattie A.20King City538
McCord, Mary16McPherson126
McCord, Stacy40McPherson125
McCord, W. D.42Superior526
McCord, Wm. B.43McPherson124
McCord, Wm. W.10McPherson128
McCray, ?. ?.21Canton133
McCray, A.33Canton132
McCray, C. C. ?.14Canton136
McCray, C. J.30Canton135
McCray, H. C.8/12Canton134
McFarlandt, D.T.34Superior720
McFarlandt, Eldora11Superior723
McFarlandt, L.9Superior721
McFarlandt, Leona(?)3/12Superior724
McFarlandt, R. E.32Superior722
McFerren, Dan'l M.9Meridian327
McFerren, Elizebeth39Meridian326
McFerren, John50Meridian325
McFerren, Philip7Meridian328
McGauren, D.22Empire713
McGauren, Phebe38Empire714
McGill, B. F.27McPherson119
McGill, Edward3McPherson121
McGill, Hellen25McPherson120
McGill, Lee1McPherson122
McGranahan, Geo. B.24Lonetree137
McGregor, Donald34McPherson813
McHenry, D. W.7Canton735
McHenry, M. J.29Canton733
McHenry, N. M.9Canton734
McHenry, Sam29Canton732
McKinisty, Allice L.19Turkey Creek828
McKinisty, F. A.2Turkey Creek829
McKinisty, S. ?.24Turkey Creek827
McNicol, Alexander7Spring Valley131
McNicol, Christine14Spring Valley129
McNicol, Daniel21Spring Valley127
McNicol, James26Spring Valley124
McNicol, John25Spring Valley125
McNicol, M. E.12Spring Valley130
McNicol, Magga4Spring Valley132
McNicol, Mrs. C.45Spring Valley123
McNicol, Wm.23Spring Valley126
McNicol, Zennell18Spring Valley128
McVeigh, Bridget69Lonetree721
McVeigh, Jas29Lonetree723
McVeigh, Joseph P.32Lonetree722
Mead, Cora1Groveland537
Mead, E. L.27Groveland530
Mead, Edson4Groveland536
Mead, Elnor10Groveland534
Mead, Henry14Groveland533
Mead, John8Groveland535
Mead, Mary16Groveland532
Mead, S. Y.24Groveland531
Meek, Elizabeth33Empire72
Meek, Frances M.13Empire73
Meek, Joseph40Empire71
Meek, Rosa Bell5Empire75
Meek, Willie H.11Empire74
Meills, E. M.27Turkey Creek88
Merrill, A. A.18Canton241
Merrill, L. H.24Canton240
Mewfield, Rosanna28Superior123
Middleswart, Jas. D. S.10Lonetree121
Middleswart, Joseph W.23Lonetree119
Middleswart, R. J.44Lonetree118
Middleswart, Thos. M.47Lonetree117
Middleswart, Wm. McKee 13Lonetree120
Miller, F.30Canton430
Miller, J.5Canton432
Miller, L.25Canton431
Miller, Lou E.22McPherson110
Miller, Mary E.47McPherson19
Miller, Roy1Canton434
Miller, W.9Canton433
Milliard, Cerepter19Turkey Creek319
Milliard, Gorge17Turkey Creek320
Milliard, Gorge56Turkey Creek317
Milliard, Mirth53Turkey Creek318
Minear, Allice2Turkey Creek438
Minear, John39Turkey Creek434
Minear, Ket_ear7Turkey Creek436
Minear, Mary30Turkey Creek435
Minear, Willie4Turkey Creek437
Minter, Angeline30Superior528
Minter, J. B.40Superior527
Minter, Josey3/12Superior530
Minter, Sarah6Superior529
Mintun, D. W.59Spring Valley518
Mock, Daniel30Meridian322
Mock, Mike8Meridian324
Mock, Rebecca30Meridian323
Moddrell, G. W.25Canton737
Moffatt, James T.32Mound319
Moffatt, S. L.27Mound320
Moody, C. N.23Canton229
Moon, ____(?)2Sprimg Valley433
Moon, Amaziah(?)4Spring Valley432
Moon, Caroline22Spring Valley425
Moon, Emelia8Spring Valley430
Moon, Henry6Spring Valley431
Moon, John25Lonetree735
Moon, Lewella12Spring Valley428
Moon, Magaret41Spring Valley424
Moon, Miss1Lonetree738
Moon, Miss3Lonetree737
Moon, Mrs23Lonetree736
Moon, N. W.16Spring Valley426
Moon, S. A.14Spring Valley427
Moon, Susanna9Spring Valley429
Moon, T. E.(?)7/12Spring Valley434
Moon, T. W.46Spring Valley423
Moore, George26Groveland7(?)17
Moore, John23Groveland7(?)18
Morgan, ?. J.7Canton326
Morgan, Ebenezer71King City334
Morgan, F. E.19Canton324
Morgan, H. N.10Canton325
Morgan, J. A.5Canton327
Morgan, John D.29King City324
Morgan, L. J.36Canton322
Morgan, M. M.34Canton323
Morrell, G. W.39Canton216
Morrell, Harvy10/12Canton220
Morrell, L. E.4Canton219
Morrell, M. E.38Canton217
Morrell, T. M.6Canton218
Morris, _nn_e(?)39Turkey Creek314
Morris, Alfred39Empire622
Morris, B. F.25Canton512
Morris, C. P.17Canton58
Morris, Eward5Turkey Creek316
Morris, Harry26King City71
Morris, J. B.28Canton513
Morris, J. E.41Canton510
Morris, J. W.14Canton59
Morris, Louisa60Empire620
Morris, M. G.35Canton511
Morris, S. E.19Canton57
Morris, W. W.49Canton56
Morris, Wm. A.26McPherson337
Morse, Emma16Empire129
Morse, Frank18Empire128
Morse, J. B.61Empire125
Morse, J. B.Jn.28Empire127
Morse, Sophia56Empire126
Moss, Leon6Turkey Creek239
Moss, Lina6Turkey Creek238
Moss, Lucy45Turkey Creek237
Moss, Nillie4Turkey Creek240
Mulatt, Fred2Groveland110
Mulatt, Henry42Groveland17
Mulatt, Mary4Groveland19
Mullatt, A. A.39Groveland18
Munger, Avilda31Meridian24
Munger, Chas R34Meridian24
Munger, Myrtina8Meridian25
Munger, Netta5Meridian25
Murdock, Emma L.18King City327
Murdock, H. W.29King City326
Murray, Ann27King City415
Murray, Joseph35King City414
Murray, Madison6/12King City417
Murray, Mattie6/12King City416
Murry, Abby4Meridian543
Murry, Adah3Meridian544
Murry, Alfred12Meridian540
Murry, Celia36Meridian537
Murry, Ella22Meridian518
Murry, Essa6/12Meridian519
Murry, Frank6Meridian542
Murry, Joe10Meridian541
Murry, Lucinda14Meridian539
Murry, Peter37Meridian536
Murry, Salina15Meridian538
Murry, Wm. H.23Meridian517
Myers, Arthur14Meridian614
Myers, Azalia3Meridian618
Myers, Betsy8Meridian616
Myers, Eugene5Meridian617
Myers, George35Meridian612
Myers, Ida13Meridian615
Myers, Sophia45Meridian613
Nancyoc(?), Borlise27Superior54
Nancyoc(?), J. W.31Superior53
Nancyoc(?), Leana3/12Superior55
Neaman, Abram12Turkey Creek741
Neaman, Deiman50Turkey Creek736
Neaman, Frantz43Turkey Creek737
Neaman, Jacob14Turkey Creek740
Neaman, Mary16Turkey Creek739
Neaman, Suzanna18Turkey Creek738
Nebenhuisen, Eliza23Lonetree221
Nebenhuisen, Frank34Lonetree220
Nebenhuisen, Gladis4Lonetree222
Nelson, A. P.40McPherson522
Nelson, Archie8King City424
Nelson, Betsy31King City423
Nelson, C. G.37McPherson836
Nelson, Charly9McPherson525
Nelson, Ephraim3King City426
Nelson, Erwin1King City427
Nelson, G. H.17Turkey Creek315
Nelson, Hannah3McPherson527
Nelson, Mary40McPherson523
Nelson, Mary36McPherson71
Nelson, Oscar5McPherson526
Nelson, Sophia12McPherson524
Nelson, Wm. H.33King City422
Nelson, Zara6King City425
Neuenschwander, Christina12Spring Valley418
Neuenschwander, Edward3Spring Valley422
Neuenschwander, Mary5Spring Valley421
Neuenschwander, P.40Spring Valley416
Neuenschwander, Peter7Spring Valley420
Neuenschwander, Rosanna32Spring Valley417
Neuenschwander, Wm.10Spring Valley419
New, Henry H.34King City330
New, Mary22King City331
New, Mary J.5/12King City332
Newfield, .30Superior121
Newfield, A.56Superior124
Newfield, A.56Superior124
Newfield, Elbertha56Superior125
Newfield, Elbertha56Superior125
Newfield, Elbeta2Superior122
Newfield, Elbeta2Superior122
Newfield, H.30Superior121
Newfield, Rosanna28Superior123
Newland, B. ?. A.26Groveland318
Newland, John34Groveland317
Nichols, Ellen5Meridian513
Nichols, Emma9/12Meridian514
Nichols, Fred25Meridian511
Nichols, Lucy25Meridian512
Nickles, Abram6/12Turkey Creek510
Nickles, Jacob7Turkey Creek58
Nickles, John5Turkey Creek59
Nickles, Kath36Turkey Creek56
Nickles, Peter14Turkey Creek57
Nickles, Peter40Turkey Creek55
Nickwin, Merritt48Mound733
Niehus, Edward6Meridian138
Niehus, Eldo4Meridian138
Niehus, Fredricke27Meridian138
Niehus, Wm.28Meridian137
Norman, Adelia13Meridian23
Norman, Mary13Meridian23
Norris, Charlotte19King City311
Norris, D. W.24King City310
Nort (?), Theodor37Groveland538
O.Halloron, Thos.35Empire29
Oakes, Addia5Lonetree128
Oakes, Amesica43Lonetree62
Oakes, Chals C.6/12Lonetree69
Oakes, Geo42Lonetree61
Oakes, Geo W.10Lonetree66
Oakes, Henry E.16Lonetree63
Oakes, J. L.13Lonetree65
Oakes, Jacob5Lonetree68
Oakes, L. M.1Lonetree130
Oakes, M. T.8Lonetree67
Oakes, R. A.22Lonetree127
Oakes, Thos29Lonetree126
Oakes, W. A.14Lonetree64
Oakes, Wm.3Lonetree129
Oaks, William16King City433
OConnor, Ann M.48Mound334
OConnor, Bridget8Mound337
OConnor, John49Mound333
OConnor, Katie14Mound335
OConnor, Mary13Mound336
Odell, Elenata12King City121
Odell, Ella15King City120
Odell, Elthea20King City119
Odell, Melissa55King City118
Odell, R.52King City117
Ogden, A.30Canton221
Ogden, A.10Canton223
Ogden, A. E.31Canton222
Ogden, E.7Canton225
Ogden, E. A.3Canton227
Ogden, John8Canton224
Ogden, M. M.11/12Canton228
Ogden, S. T.5Canton226
OGelvin, George26King City640
OGelvin, Rachel19King City641
O,Halloron, M.76Empire28
Oldfield, A.30Canton73
Oldfield, Amos48Canton713
Oldfield, David34Canton72
Oldfield, E.50Canton714
Oldfield, E. C.1Canton712
Oldfield, E. D.10(?)Canton717
Oldfield, H. B.6Canton74
Oldfield, Hattie20Canton711
Oldfield, J. A.19Canton715
Oldfield, Mary3Canton75
Oldfield, W. D.16Canton716
Oldfield, Wes27Canton710
Olivant, Anna15King City78
Olivant, Eliza12King City79
Olivant, George22King City76
Olivant, Harry18King City77
Olivant, Henry42King City74
Olivant, Sarah A.40King City75
ONeil, William27King City511
Otis, ?. S.42Canton137
Otis, J. E.15Canton140
Otis, M. E.35Canton138
Otis, M. H.4/12Canton23
Otis, S. E.12Canton141
Otis, Sarah75Canton337
Otis, T. ?.5Canton21
Otis, Ursula17Canton139
Otis, W. W.3Canton22
Pack, Allie2Mound124
Pack, Anna3Mound119
Pack, Elsie4Mound123
Pack, Jas. P.28Mound116
Pack, Ora1Mound120
Pack, Rosa5Mound118
Pack, S. J.21Mound122
Pack, Wana22Mound117
Pack, William P.30Mound121
Palmer, A. F.29Spring Valley11
Palmer, Ellen13Spring Valley14
Palmer, Lina39Spring Valley13
Palmer, Nels10Spring Valley15
Palmer, R.38Spring Valley12
Palmer, Richard8Spring Valley16
Parish, S. W.24Meridian220
Park, Amanda22McPherson718
Park, Sarah1McPherson719
Park, Silas28McPherson717
Parker, S. W.25McPherson420
Parry, Caroline10Empire33
Parry, II Thos. J.7Empire34
Parry, John3Empire36
Parry, Julia T.35Empire32
Parry, Robert5Empire35
Parry, Thos.38Empire31
Parsons, Charles6/12Turkey Creek616
Parsons, Gorge30Turkey Creek611
Parsons, Lucinda28Turkey Creek612
Parsons, Luetta3Turkey Creek615
Parsons, Minnea7Turkey Creek614
Parsons, William9Turkey Creek613
Paton, Alice M.30Empire62
Paton, Janett C.6Empire64
Paton, Margaret62Empire428
Paton, Margaret3Empire65
Paton, William33Empire61
Paton, William, Jr.8Empire63
Patterson, James19Meridian137
Patton, Emiley37Lonetree630
Patton, Jno Wm.10/12Lonetree631
Patton, Matthias L.35Lonetree629
Paul, Betsy5Superior524
Paul, Henry5Superior515
Paul, L. A.57Superior518
Paul, Leion7Superior522
Paul, Mary16Superior520
Paul, P. D.29Superior514
Paul, Rosa27Superior517
Paul, Sinthy51Superior519
Paul, Sunthy(?)2Superior525
Paul, Truman2Superior516
Paul, W. A.32Superior521
Paul, Wnis(?)33Superior523
Paxton, Glen6/12Empire634
Paxton, Guy6/12Empire633
Paxton, Iamba26Empire632
Paxton, J.31Empire631
Payne, Mrs. Elizabeth57King City73
Peever, C. L.60Groveland21
Peever, Charlotte32Groveland22
Peever, Ezra30Groveland23
Peever, Isaiah24Groveland24
Peever, S. D.5Groveland25
Perine, C. W.36Empire120
Perine, Carrie7Empire123
Perine, Effie9Empire122
Perine, Sarah 31Empire121
Perine, Willie C.4Empire124
Petterson, Brite39McPherson515
Petterson, George1McPherson517
Petterson, Loisce3McPherson516
Pettibone, Jennie10McPherson314
Pettibone, Mabel10/12McPherson315
Pettibone, S. H.26McPherson313
Philbrick, Clement32Mound112
Phillip, James M.3Superior82
Phillip, John W.3/12Superior83
Phillip, M.27Superior81
Phillip, Mary E.21Superior84
Phillippi, A. M.29Canton632
Phillippi, A. R.7Canton635
Phillippi, B. T.31Canton631
Phillippi, E.10Canton633
Phillippi, E. H.3Canton637
Phillippi, Edith6/12Canton638
Phillippi, N. M.5Canton636
Phillippi, T. R.9Canton634
Pickering, S. K.46Empire220
Pilgrim, Ameilia6Turkey Creek714
Pilgrim, Ameilia48Turkey Creek79
Pilgrim, Corline15Turkey Creek711
Pilgrim, Elizebeth11Turkey Creek713
Pilgrim, John13Turkey Creek712
Pilgrim, Phillip52Turkey Creek78
Pilgrim, Robert18Turkey Creek710
Pinkinton, A. P.16Turkey Creek441
Pinkinton, Harriet48Turkey Creek440
Pinkinton, Johanna14Turkey Creek51
Pinkinton, Roda11Turkey Creek52
Pinkinton, Sarah8Turkey Creek53
Pitt, Ernest8McPherson328
Pitt, Georgia6McPherson329
Pitt, Molly A.37McPherson325
Pitt, Nelly A.4McPherson330
Pitt, Pauline10McPherson327
Pitt, Roger15McPherson326
Pitt, Wm. D.50McPherson324
Platt, C. C.10McPherson626
Ponton, _____24Meridian221
Ponton, Angeline15Meridian221
Porter, Edman3/12Superior131
Porter, Edman3/12Superior131
Porter, J. M.34Superior130
Porter, J. W.34Superior130
Porter, Leisebeth7Superior133
Porter, Leisebeth7Superior133
Porter, S___27Superior132
Porter, S__n(?)27Superior132
Post, Amos M.3/12McPherson77
Post, Andrew55McPherson78
Post, Anne C.4McPherson75
Post, Charles5McPherson74
Post, Clara24McPherson73
Post, George A.2McPherson76
Post, John26McPherson72
Post, Rachel66McPherson79
Pound, E. C.26Canton129
Pound, E. M.5Canton130
Pound, L. C.31Canton128
Pound, W. ?.5/12Canton131
Powel, E. H.28Empire112
Powel, Ella B.6Empire111
Powel, K. T.39Empire19
Powel, Louisa33Empire110
Powers, A.24Canton618
Powers, O.2Canton619
Powers, R. L.24Canton617
Quiett, A. L.28Meridian211
Quiett, Sarah S.20Meridian211
R__er, J.22Superior714
R__er, J. G.55Superior713
Ramage, A. L.3Groveland118
Ramage, E. I.31Groveland116
Ramage, F. M.39Groveland115
Ramage, I. F.13Groveland117
Raner, Paterson24McPherson331
Rapp, E. A.25Groveland127
Rapp, H. E.14Groveland129
Rapp, M. B.18Groveland125
Rapp, M. B.11Groveland128
Rapp, Mary33Groveland126
Rapp, P. E.21Groveland130
Rariden, M. D.36Groveland514
Rariden, N. E.24Groveland515
Rariden, Nora1Groveland516
Rathbam, B. D.32Groveland811
Ratstouf, ____7Superior333
Ratstouf, Elen50Superior334
Ratstouf, P.60Superior331
Ratstouf, Peter15Superior332
Reasoner, F. N.40Spring Valley411
Redfern, Carrie 3Groveland6(?)24
Redfern, Dell9Groveland6(?)21
Redfern, F. S.41Groveland6(?)17
Redfern, Francis1Groveland6(?)25
Redfern, J. ?.13Groveland6(?)19
Redfern, Mary7Groveland6(?)22
Redfern, Matilda38Groveland6(?)18
Redfern, R. M.6Groveland6(?)23
Redfern, Wm.14Groveland6(?)20
Reese, Mrs. Sarah48Turkey Creek826
Reeves, John55Empire221
Reff, Rosina60King City718
Reichert, Barney36King City233
Reichert, Eliza J.34King City234
Reichert, Emanuel7King City235
Reichert, Katie3King City236
Remer, Chester K(?)32Meridian226
Remer, Ella8Meridian227
Remer, Esther A.29Meridian226
Remer, Hiram 5Meridian227
Rendleman, Dennis16McPherson540
Rendleman, George39McPherson539
Renner, Anna9Superior427
Renner, Cathina18Superior424
Renner, David16Superior422
Renner, Elibeth12Superior425
Renner, Gustruda11Superior426
Renner, P.44Superior421
Renner, Sarah49Superior423
Rezzer, James55Mound429
Rezzer, Mary17Mound431
Rezzer, Shepperd22Mound318
Rezzer, Susie24Mound430
Rhien, Genette40Meridian42
Rhien, Herbert6Meridian46
Rhien, Marry16Meridian43
Rhien, Minnie8Meridian45
Rhien, Oscar9/12Meridian48
Rhien, Otto14Meridian44
Rhien, Robbert4Meridian47
Rhien, Wm.57Meridian41
Rice, Ellen18Spring Valley212
Rice, P. T.38Spring Valley211
Richardson, Jas H.44Lonetree725
Richert, Aganatha4Meridian133
Richert, David2/12Meridian133
Richert, einrich44Meridian129
Richert, Heinrich19Meridian130
Richert, Helena16Meridian131
Richert, Helena28Meridian129
Richert, Jacob8Meridian132
Richert, Katrina11Meridian132
Richert, Maria15Meridian131
Richert, Peter3Meridian133
Richert, Sara18Meridian130
Richert, Susana13Meridian132
Richey, Clarence Ray4Empire426
Richey, Floy Bell2Empire427
Richey, John31Empire424
Richey, Lou(?)25Empire425
Rickel, E. J.28Canton316
Rickel, H, M.29Canton315
Rickel, T. W.1Canton317
Rife(?), J.29Superior51
Rinblade, Charles H.6McPherson423
Rinblade, Harriet E.2McPherson426
Rinblade, Mary A.4McPherson425
Rinblade, Oscar R.5McPherson424
Rinblade, Rachel30McPherson422
Rinblade, Swain C.30McPherson421
Roberts, L. H.36King City630
Roberts, Mary A.18King City631
Robertson, Cecelia2Empire617
Robertson, George4Empire616
Robertson, James33Empire613
Robertson, Jane29Empire614
Robertson, Willie11Empire615
Robeson, David27King City115
Robinson, Anna L.5Mound49
Robinson, C. A.24Mound47
Robinson, Minnie F.3Mound410
Robinson, Sarah E.27Mound48
Rudolph, Elizabeth67McPherson17
Rupp, Christian21Mound234
Rupp, Christian1Mound111
Rupp, David19Mound237
Rupp, Jacob35Mound18
Rupp, John63Mound235
Rupp, Katie34Mound19
Rupp, Lidia3Mound110
Rupp, Lizzie23Mound238
Rupp, Mary17Mound239
Rupp, Mary59Mound236
Russel, J. W.24Empire415
Russell, Frank16Groveland6(?)3
Russell, G. T.42Groveland6(?)1
Russell, Sophia28Groveland6(?)2
Rutluff, Affee50Turkey Creek512
Rutluff, Affer19Turkey Creek518
Rutluff, Benjamin19Turkey Creek514
Rutluff, Hanna13Turkey Creek519
Rutluff, Henry15Turkey Creek515
Rutluff, Jacob10Turkey Creek516
Rutluff, Kathrine9Turkey Creek520
Rutluff, Mary22Turkey Creek517
Rutluff, Peter21Turkey Creek513
Rutluff, Peter45Turkey Creek511
Ryan, Francis8Meridian340
Ryan, George 1Meridian340
Ryan, John B.37Meridian338
Ryan, Margaret34Meridian338
Ryan, Martha J.10Meridian340
Ryan, Mary K.13Meridian339
Ryan, Wm. T.12Meridian340
Ryno, A. 1Canton629
Ryno, A. B.26Canton623
Ryno, Aaron70Canton621
Ryno, C.26Canton626
Ryno, C. K.68Canton622
Ryno, F.5Canton627
Ryno, Georg31Canton625
Ryno, M.3Canton628
Ryno, N.4/12Canton630
Ryno, Vic(?)28Canton624
S_____, ?3/12Lonetree343
S_____, ?. G.7Lonetree341
S_____, ?. Lincon 4Lonetree342
S_____, Annie B.14Lonetree338
S_____, Lorettie34Lonetree337
S_____, Manervie J.11Lonetree339
S_____, W. L.9Lonetree340
S_____, Wm.34Lonetree336
S_ams, Harriet23Empire131
S_ams, Milton28Empire130
Sabling, C. A.23McPherson511
Sabling, Christena48McPherson510
Sabling, Ida19McPherson512
Sabling, J. P.50McPherson59
Sabling, John12McPherson514
Sabling, Pete17McPherson513
Samar, A. C.49McPherson228
Samar, Elanor45McPherson229
Samar, Ida C.15McPherson231
Samar, Jenny B.2McPherson235
Samar, Orley8McPherson234
Samar, Siras10McPherson233
Samar, W. R.17McPherson230
Samar, Zerrelda12McPherson232
Sample, John43King City317
Sample, Maria41King City318
Sanden, (Babe)9 daysMcPherson27
Sanden, Arust2McPherson26
Sanden, E. M.29McPherson24
Sanden, Hilmer4McPherson25
Sanden, P. J.35McPherson23
Schermerhorn, Carrie R.13Meridian136
Schermerhorn, Chas7Meridian135
Schermerhorn, Fanny M.3Meridian136
Schermerhorn, Ida V.15Meridian136
Schermerhorn, Jno P.10Meridian135
Schermerhorn, L. J.41Meridian134
Schermerhorn, Marietta32Meridian134
Schermerhorn, Philip30Meridian33
Schlatter, C.32Superior56
Schlatter, J.30Superior52
Schmidt, Anna20Spring Valley613
Schmidt, Helina28Spring Valley612
Schmidt, Henry16Spring Valley615
Schmidt, Jacob60Spring Valley610
Schmidt, John14Spring Valley616
Schmidt, Mary60Spring Valley611
Schmidt, Peter18Spring Valley614
Schnearx, French6Turkey Creek117
Schnearx, Kath9Turkey Creek116
Schnearx, Katherine33Turkey Creek114
Schnearx, Mary12Turkey Creek115
Schneider, Anna14Meridian312
Schneider, Frank10/12Meridian337
Schneider, George40Meridian310
Schneider, George 11Meridian313
Schneider, Jas B.38Lonetree228
Schneider, Leah6Meridian315
Schneider, Louisa4Meridian335
Schneider, Lovina47Meridian330
Schneider, Malind2Meridian336
Schneider, Margaret 7Meridian334
Schneider, Mary9Meridian333
Schneider, Nancy J.48Meridian311
Schneider, Persilla C.8Meridian314
Schneider, Philip48Meridian329
Schneider, Sarah12Meridian332
Schrag, Andrew12Mound721
Schrag, Anna4Mound522
Schrag, Anna4Mound723
Schrag, Anna15Mound59
Schrag, Anna18Mound732
Schrag, Anna34Mound719
Schrag, Anna20Mound725
Schrag, Anna6Mound729
Schrag, Caroline5Mound512
Schrag, Catherine40Mound57
Schrag, Catherine10Mound511
Schrag, Catherine24Mound728
Schrag, Christian26Mound724
Schrag, David33Mound727
Schrag, Jacob45Mound56
Schrag, John30Mound618
Schrag, John14Mound720
Schrag, John2Mound730
Schrag, Joseph5Mound620
Schrag, Joseph37Mound718
Schrag, Maria21Mound516
Schrag, Maria12Mound510
Schrag, Peter24Mound731
Schrag, Phrainia6Mound722
Schrag, Phrania23Mound619
Schrag, Phrania18Mound58
Schrag, Phrania8/12Mound726
Schrag, Regina3Mound513
Schröder, Abraham7Spring Valley637
Schröder, David9Spring Valley636
Schröder, Elizabeth7Spring Valley627
Schröder, Elizabeth2Spring Valley639
Schröder, Henry50Spring Valley630
Schröder, Henry22Spring Valley632
Schröder, Henry18Spring Valley623
Schröder, Jacob5Spring Valley628
Schröder, Jacob18Spring Valley634
Schröder, John54Spring Valley620
Schröder, John11Spring Valley626
Schröder, John20Spring Valley633
Schröder, Justine3Spring Valley629
Schröder, Mary20Spring Valley622
Schröder, Mary42Spring Valley621
Schröder, Peter, 13Spring Valley635
Schröder, Sarah5Spring Valley638
Schröder, Sarah42Spring Valley631
Schröder, Sarah17Spring Valley624
Schröder, Susanna13Spring Valley625
Schuly(?), A.48Canton230
Schulz, (?)12Canton235
Schulz, Agnes21Canton232
Schulz, Alex17Canton233
Schulz, Hugo14Canton234
Schulz, L.59Canton231
Scofield, Helen19Empire815
Scofield, Horton45Empire813
Scofield, Lucy M.43Empire814
Scofield, William10Empire816
Scott, Chals6Lonetree422
Scott, Charles24Mound125
Scott, Hiram27Mound216
Scott, John H.17Superior85
Scott, Joseph42Lonetree418
Scott, Lillie E.9Lonetree421
Scott, S. M.14Lonetree420
Scott, Virginia38Lonetree419
Se___tt, Ele___40Superior628
Se___tt, George3Superior629
Se___tt, J. ?.37Superior627
Seamans, (?)1Superior43
Seamans, Abraham15Superior46
Seamans, Agatha5Superior412
Seamans, Agatha22Superior410
Seamans, Anna21Superior42
Seamans, David12Superior47
Seamans, Elbertha48Superior49
Seamans, Elibeth19Superior411
Seamans, Henry1Superior48
Seamans, Jacob52Superior44
Seamans, Jacob36Superior41
Seamans, John17Superior45
Seitz, A. W.4Lonetree141
Seitz, J. L.28Lonetree139
Seitz, M. A.24Lonetree140
Selberg, Oscar10McPherson639
Selberg, Otta7McPherson640
Shaffer, A.49Canton14
Shaffer, A. A.15Canton18
Shaffer, C. A.17Canton17
Shaffer, R. L.20Canton16
Shaffer, S. M.50Canton15
Shaper, S. E.31 ?Groveland215
Sharp, Adam36King City516
Sharp, Frankie4King City519
Sharp, Henry5King City518
Sharp, Isabella26King City517
Sharp, William4/12King City520
Shaw, A. A.5Canton530
Shaw, C. D.7Canton529
Shaw, D. M.9Canton528
Shaw, Eli32Canton526
Shaw, T. D.30Canton527
Shaw, Wm.36Canton71
Shean, Adam9McPherson99
Shean, Catherena20McPherson94
Shean, Christina22McPherson93
Shean, Christina44McPherson92
Shean, George14McPherson97
Shean, George45McPherson91
Shean, Larry12McPherson98
Shean, Sarah16McPherson96
Shean, Sathia18McPherson95
Shelly, Adaline59McPherson37
Shelly, Alcinda1/12Mound140
Shelly, Ambrose64McPherson36
Shelly, Geo28McPherson38
Shelly, Laura1Mound139
Shelly, Mary C.26Mound137
Shelly, Truman35McPherson815
Shelly, Warren6Mound138
Shelly, William41Mound136
Shepard, G. A.41King City612
Shepard, Orpah31King City613
Showalter, A. C.24Mound312
Showalter, A. J.20Mound313
Showalter, Amos28Mound21
Showalter, Charlie1Mound25
Showalter, Clarinda17Mound423
Showalter, Elizabeth26Mound22
Showalter, Etta14Mound425
Showalter, Henry56Mound417
Showalter, Ina9/12Mound424
Showalter, James F.2Mound17
Showalter, John22Mound422
Showalter, Joshua C.19Mound421
Showalter, Lidia F.5Mound16
Showalter, Melvina48Mound12
Showalter, Minnie3Mound24
Showalter, Nelly F.1Mound314
Showalter, Perry L.25Mound420
Showalter, Ruth54Mound418
Showalter, Sarah5Mound23
Showalter, Sarah M.9Mound15
Showalter, Temperance30Mound419
Showalter, Virginia C.17Mound13
Showalter, W. T.15Mound14
Showalter, William52Mound11
Shweer, C.24Superior635
Simpsom, M. P.37McPherson136
Simpson, Corydon F.5McPherson138
Simpson, John C.2McPherson139
Simpson, Margaret34McPherson137
Sinclair, Agnes4Spring Valley37
Sinclair, Charles10Spring Valley34
Sinclair, Elizabeth6Spring Valley36
Sinclair, Elizabeth40Spring Valley32
Sinclair, George C.6King City15
Sinclair, J. E.28King City13
Sinclair, Lucy2King City16
Sinclair, M. A.8Spring Valley35
Sinclair, Rosina26King City14
Sinclair, Thomas12Spring Valley33
Sinclair, Wm.34Spring Valley31
Sinclair, Wm.1Spring Valley38
Sitts, Adam23Groveland7(?)11
Sitts, Daniel64Groveland7(?)8
Sitts, Fred3Groveland7(?)6
Sitts, George6Groveland7(?)5
Sitts, H. E.18Groveland7(?)2
Sitts, Ida14Groveland7(?)12
Sitts, James31Groveland7(?)3
Sitts, John28Groveland7(?)1
Sitts, Polly53Groveland7(?)9
Sitts, Willie8Groveland7(?)4
Sitts, Wm.21Groveland7(?)10
Sitts, Wylie(?)12Groveland7(?)7
Sloop, Jacob35Meridian34
Slosson, H. L.24McPherson123
Small, Cornelia20King City535
Small, John26King City534
Smallread, Caroline10McPherson53
Smallread, Daniel36McPherson51
Smallread, Edward1McPherson58
Smallread, Elizabeth7McPherson55
Smallread, George2McPherson57
Smallread, Lewis4McPherson56
Smallread, Mary8McPherson54
Smallread, Rachel31McPherson52
Smeltzer, C. E.7Spring Valley311
Smeltzer, Elizabeth35Spring Valley310
Smeltzer, I. M.4Spring Valley313
Smeltzer, M. R.34Spring Valley39
Smeltzer, P. H.8/12Spring Valley314
Smeltzer, S. T.6Speing Valley312
Smidt (?), Jacob25Spring Valley617
Smidt, Helene23Spring Valley618
Smidt, Jacob1Spring Valley619
Smith, A. G.30King CIty123
Smith, A. M.33Turkey Creek234
Smith, A. W.36?Groveland6(?)11
Smith, Abram12Turkey Creek529
Smith, Agnes26Turkey Creek31
Smith, Anna16Empire134
Smith, Anna21Meridian124
Smith, Anna35Turkey Creek528
Smith, B. E.50McPherson316
Smith, Charles27Turkey Creek236
Smith, Chas. .45Empire132
Smith, David30Meridian124
Smith, Elizeabth6Turkey Creek534
Smith, Emily14Empire135
Smith, F. S.5Groveland6(?)13
Smith, Geo. W.23McPherson318
Smith, Gusey1Turkey Creek33
Smith, Hannah44Empire133
Smith, Harvey40Turkey Creek235
Smith, Henry27Empire422
Smith, Henry1Turkey Creek530
Smith, Henry36Turkey Creek527
Smith, Isabella54Empire210
Smith, John6Empire136
Smith, John E.14McPherson319
Smith, John K.26McPherson726
Smith, L. V.2Groveland6(?)14
Smith, Leana16Turkey Creek531
Smith, Levi B.14Empire211
Smith, Mary3Turkey Creek535
Smith, Mary E.35King City124
Smith, Mary J.26Empire423
Smith, Matilda30Turkey Creek32
Smith, Merit B.10McPherson320
Smith, Mrs. E.75Turkey Creek233
Smith, Mrs. E.75Turkey Creek439
Smith, P. V.39Groveland6(?)12
Smith, Sarah10Turkey Creek533
Smith, Sarah E.37McPherson317
Smith, Susannah15Turkey Creek532
Smith, William3Empire137
Smith, Winnifred6/12Empire138
Snow, A. E.4Groveland341
Snow, G. H.1Groveland41
Snow, J. F.7Groveland340
Snow, J. G.50Groveland336
Snow, T. A.41Groveland337
Sockwell, C. M.39Empire834
Sockwell, Catharine38Empire835
Sockwell, Charles C.14Empire838
Sockwell, Ellie E.16Empire837
Sockwell, Maria9Empire839
Sockwell, Mary M.18Empire836
Sockwell, Oliver C.2Empire840
Sparling, Anna9Turkey Creek416
Sparling, Anna30Turkey Creek415
Sparling, Corneala7Turkey Creek417
Sparling, Henry5Turkey Creek418
Sparling, Lena1Turkey Creek420
Sparling, Peter4Turkey Creek419
Sparling, Peter34Turkey Creek414
Spece, B.28Lonetree232
Spece, Edger7Lonetree234
Spece, Mattie3Lonetree236
Spece, Milton5Lonetree235
Spece, Sarah25Lonetree233
Spencer, A. A.16Groveland138
Spencer, C. A.16Groveland139
Spencer, C. O.65?Groveland136
Spencer, Eliza Ann13Lonetree426
Spencer, S. J.11Groveland140
Spencer, Sarah54Groveland137
Stabler, Anna R.28Empire411
Stabler, Carrie6Empire412
Stabler, J. E.30Empire410
Stabler, Lidia May4Empire413
Stabler, Willie C.1Empire414
Stebbens, Alpha7Spring Valley437
Stebbens, E. E.5Spring Valley438
Stebbens, F. H.1/12Spring Valley440
Stebbens, F. H.3Spring Valley439
Stebbens, J. M.35Spring Valley435
Stebbens, Mary28Spring Valley436
Steele, Alpheus31King City633
Steele, Luvaria35King City634
Stevens, Sol. O.32Meridian229
Stever, Emma1Lonetree73
Stever, J. L.23Lonetree71
Stever, Mary E.23Lonetree72
Stewart, Carl8King City36
Stewart, Charlie6King City37
Stewart, Dora14King City34
Stewart, Elbert3King City38
Stewart, Jeff19King City33
Stewart, Perry43King City31
Stewart, Simeon12King City35
Stewart, Sopha E.42King City32
Stokey, Anna11Turkey Creek221
Stokey, B_(?)19Turkey Creek219
Stokey, Benjamin22Turkey Creek217
Stokey, Christian10Turkey Creek16
Stokey, French14Turkey Creek220
Stokey, French20Turkey Creek138
Stokey, Frinch10Turkey Creek135
Stokey, Jacob20Turkey Creek218
Stokey, Jacob4Turkey Creek133
Stokey, Jacob51Turkey Creek131
Stokey, John55Turkey Creek214
Stokey, Joseph16Turkey Creek13
Stokey, Joseph19Turkey Creek132
Stokey, Kate20Turkey Creek14
Stokey, Lizzie8Turkey Creek136
Stokey, Mary48Turkey Creek215
Stokey, Mary8Turkey Creek222
Stokey, Mary15Turkey Creek134
Stokey, Mary42Turkey Creek12
Stokey, Peter48Turkey Creek11
Stokey, Peter13Turkey Creek15
Stokey, Peter26Turkey Creek216
Stokey, Sillis22Turkey Creek137
Stookey, Allice15Lonetree37
Stookey, Belle4Lonetree311
Stookey, Clara9Lonetree39
Stookey, Emma45Lonetree314
Stookey, Ethan A.39Lonetree35
Stookey, Ida7Lonetree310
Stookey, Jacob47Lonetree313
Stookey, Jane13Lonetree38
Stookey, Mahala35Lonetree36
Stookey, Melvin22Lonetree315
Stookey, Rinda12Lonetree316
Stout, Arthur5Empire320
Stout, E. T.27Empire318
Stout, Florence1Empire322
Stout, Jessie3Empire321
Stout, Martha23Empire319
Stowe, C. V.4Groveland7(?)36
Stowe, Charles10Groveland7(?)33
Stowe, E. J.35Groveland7(?)31
Stowe, Frank8Groveland7(?)34
Stowe, Fred6Groveland7(?)35
Stowe, M.28Groveland7(?)32
Strahan, Eliza9Lonetree216
Strahan, Geo13Lonetree214
Strahan, Martha35Lonetree213
Strahan, Mary E.7Lonetree217
Strahan, Nancy J.5Lonetree218
Strahan, Thos36Lonetree212
Strahan, Wm.11Lonetree215
Strauss, Anna6Mound55
Strauss, Anna34Mound52
Strauss, Frederick60Mound523
Strauss, Jacob36Mound51
Strauss, Maria14Mound53
Strauss, Phrania11Mound54
Striblin, George38Canton19
Striblin, L.34Canton110
Stromquist, O.23Empire513
Strum, A.38McPherson28
Strum, Charlotte34McPherson29
Strum, Frank10McPherson211
Strum, John14McPherson210
Strum, Matilda7McPherson212
Strum, Mela18 da.McPherson214
Strum, Oscar5McPherson213
Strunsom, C. G.33McPherson225
Strunsom, Hannah33McPherson226
Strunsom, Matilda2McPherson227
Stuki, Andrew6Mound537
Stuki, Anna3Mound538
Stuki, Anna7Mound632
Stuki, Anna62Mound626
Stuki, Benjamin31Mound629
Stuki, Benjamin13Mound614
Stuki, Catherine20Mound610
Stuki, Catherine56Mound69
Stuki, Catherine1Mound539
Stuki, Christian11Mound536
Stuki, Christian63Mound625
Stuki, Elizabeth23Mound617
Stuki, Elizabeth18Mound628
Stuki, Jacob28Mound627
Stuki, Jacob25Mound616
Stuki, John17Mound612
Stuki, John36Mound533
Stuki, Johnathan13Mound535
Stuki, Joseph60Mound68
Stuki, Jr., Joseph15Mound613
Stuki, Maria19Mound631
Stuki, Peter9Mound615
Stuki, Phrania33Mound534
Stuki, Rosana27Mound630
Stuki, Tobias19Mound611
Summers, B. A.6Canton39
Summers, F.33Canton36
Summers, M. M.30Canton37
Summers, M. S.2Canton311
Summers, N. F.8Canton38
Summers, W. S.4Canton310
Summerville, Betsy Jane27Empire533
Summerville, David R.7Empire534
Summerville, G. M.39Empire532
Summerville, Lulu5Empire535
Sutter, Chals A.9/12Lonetree534
Sutter, Felix29Lonetree532
Sutter, Flora16Lonetree533
Sutton, Clay D.3Empire824
Sutton, Elizabeth26Empire822
Sutton, John B.7Empire823
Sutton, John G.30Empire821
Sutton, Mary E.1Empire825
Swafford, Andie5McPherson618
Swafford, Clara B.14McPherson615
Swafford, Mary A.49McPherson613
Swafford, Minnie A.12McPherson616
Swafford, Myrtle7McPherson617
Swafford, William M.50McPherson612
Swafford, William W.17McPherson614
Swanders, (?)36Lonetree238
Swanders, Alfred6Lonetree244
Swanders, Alonzo13Lonetree241
Swanders, Elizabeth35Lonetree239
Swanders, Ellie15Lonetree240
Swanders, Emma9Lonetree243
Swanders, Maggie11Lonetree242
Swanders, May3Lonetree245
Swanson, A.45Canton814
Swanson, C. H.16Canton816
Swanson, S. J.20Canton815
Swarts, Frinch9Turkey Creek25
Swarts, John31Turkey Creek23
Swarts, Kathline30Turkey Creek24
Swarts, Mary6Turkey Creek26
Swinehart, B. H.17Groveland12
Swinehart, E.58Groveland11
Tan___?, J.26Groveland142
Taylor, A. A.28Groveland217
Taylor, E. P.30Empire719
Taylor, Eddie11Groveland218
Taylor, Freddie2Empire721
Taylor, J. T.38Groveland216
Taylor, M. D.7Groveland219
Taylor, Mary E.27Empire720
Taylor, S. E.5Groveland220
Tchlatter, Abram19Groveland332
Tchlatter, Christian58Groveland331
Tchlatter, Elizabeth23Groveland49
Tchlatter, G. W.4Groveland410
Tchlatter, Henry25Groveland319
Tchlatter, J. K.31Groveland48
Tchlatter, K.2/12Groveland412
Tchlatter, Lena21Groveland320
Tchlatter, Mary15Groveland334
Tchlatter, Moses11Groveland333
Tchlatter, Sarah9Groveland335
Tchlatter, U. T.2Groveland411
Tchlatter, Wm.2/12Groveland321
Teckton, Anna1Empire524
Teckton, Charles14Empire521
Teckton, Clara37Empire520
Teckton, Clop3Empire523
Teckton, Hilda10Empire522
Teckton, John46Empire519
Teirson, Mary57Superior336
Thomas, John23King City419
Thomas, May19King City420
Thompson, Benj.24Empire540
Thornburg, B. T.26Canton239
Thornburg, Beattrice6/12Canton238
Thornburg, J. H.28Canton236
Thornburg, T. H.21Canton237
Tierson, A.67Superior335
Tilton, Almira15McPherson87
Tilton, Charles W.17McPherson86
Tilton, Charles W.49McPherson84
Tilton, Frank9McPherson810
Tilton, George13McPherson88
Tilton, Margaret A.11McPherson89
Tilton, Sarah E.48McPherson85
Tower, Ada M.29McPherson812
Tower, Alva32McPherson811
Tredbar, Julias78Groveland214
Tucket (?), (?).35Canton817
Tulin, John A.22McPherson834
Tulin, Louise19McPherson835
Tulin, Sophia52McPherson833
Tulin, Swen51McPherson832
Tumes, Cath C.27Lonetree719
Tumes, Saml29Lonetree718
Turch_ce, Abraham2Superior119
Turch_ce, Anna25Superior120
Turch_ce, H.28Superior116
Turch_ce, Henry2Superior118
Turch_ce, Jacob3Superior117
Turchi__e, Aberham, 2Superior119
Turchi__e, Anna25Superior120
Turchi__e, H.28Superior116
Turchi__e, Henry2Superior118
Turchi__e, Jacob3Superior117
Turner, Wm.53Canton61
Unreek, Andrew12Turkey Creek410
Unreek, Anna7Turkey Creek412
Unreek, D.37Turkey Creek47
Unreek, D.16Turkey Creek49
Unreek, Jacob1Turkey Creek413
Unreek, Sarah 14Turkey Creek411
Unreek, Sarah38Turkey Creek48
Unruh, Anna20Meridian126
Unruh, Anna12Spring Valley529
Unruh, Anna33Spring Valley528
Unruh, David18Meridian127
Unruh, David35Spring Valley527
Unruh, Delun_(?)9Spring Valley530
Unruh, Katrina10Meridian127
Unruh, Peter53Meridian125
Unruh, Peter22Meridian126
Unruh, Sarah48Meridian125
Unruh, Sarah2Spring Valley531
Vanep, Albrt32Empire627
Vanep, Effie33Empire628
Vanep, Jessie R.3Empire630
Vanep, Martha Belle10Empire629
Voss, Charles14Groveland34
Voss, Charles58Groveland31
Voss, Fredrick20Groveland33
Voss, Henry4Groveland35
Voss, L___18Groveland37
Voss, Linna10Groveland36
Voss, Mary44Groveland32
Voth, ___ Anna54Spring Valley67
Voth, Anna17Spring Valley69
Voth, Elizabeth21Spring Valley68
Wa__h, James W.45McPherson915
Wa__h, Rody A.30McPherson916
Wa__h, Zeldo7McPherson917
Walden, L. A.14Turkey Creek44
Walden, L. E.8Turkey Creek46
Walden, M. H.22Turkey Creek41
Walden, N. E.12Turkey Creek45
Walden, N. J.26Turkey Creek42
Walden, S. E.16Turkey Creek43
Waldorf, Phebe20Meridian32
Waldorf, Wm. C.29Meridian31
Wallace, A. G.37Mound328
Wallace, Eathle5Lonetree325
Wallace, I. J.3Mound331
Wallace, Jn31Lonetree323
Wallace, Lizzie3Lonetree326
Wallace, Maggie31Lonetree324
Wallace, N. A.29Mound329
Wallace, V. C.11Mound330
Wane, Chals13Lonetree33
Wane, Johnathan52Lonetree31
Wane, Wm. H.20Lonetree32
Warkentin, Elinear10Turkey Creek84
Warkentin, Elinear50Turkey Creek86
Warkentin, Elinear46Turkey Creek82
Warkentin, Eliziabth18Turkey Creek87
Warkentin, Jacob1Turkey Creek731
Warkentin, John27Turkey Creek728
Warkentin, John50Turkey Creek85
Warkentin, John2Turkey Creek730
Warkentin, Mary27Turkey Creek729
Warkentin, Peter55Turkey Creek81
Warkentin, Peter21Turkey Creek83
Warren, Joel24Lonetree230
Watson, Allen11Groveland124
Way, E.7/12Canton641
Way, E. H.23Canton639
Way, M.22Canton640
Weaver, Clara8Spring Valley235
Weaver, Elizabeth42Spring Valley232
Weaver, Emma14Spring Valley234
Weaver, Harvey3Spring Valley237
Weaver, Isaac44Spring Valley231
Weaver, M. E.1/12Spring Valley238
Weaver, Samuel19Spring Valley233
Weaver, Sidney5Spring Valley236
Webeter, Charles W.7McPherson131
Webeter, Elizabeth26McPherson130
Webeter, F. B.30McPherson129
Webeter, Morris C.2McPherson133
Webeter, Perry S.5McPherson132
Weddell, D. C.27King City131
Weddell, Diana25King City132
Wedel, Andrew15Turkey Creek813
Wedel, Benj47Meridian13
Wedel, Benj5Meridian19
Wedel, Elizebeth41Meridian14
Wedel, Elizebeth15Meridian16
Wedel, Franz17Meridian15
Wedel, Jacob13Mound711
Wedel, Jacob18Turkey Creek812
Wedel, Jacob51Turkey Creek89
Wedel, John44Mound77
Wedel, John24Turkey Creek811
Wedel, Joseph7Turkey Creek814
Wedel, Jr., John18Mound79
Wedel, Kathliene48Turkey Creek810
Wedel, Marea20Turkey Creek817
Wedel, Maria10Meridian17
Wedel, Maria8Mound712
Wedel, Maria40Mound78
Wedel, Mary7Turkey Creek816
Wedel, Peter16Mound710
Wedel, Peter4Turkey Creek815
Wedel, Sarah8Meridian18
Weiblan, Courad(?)24Meridian119
Weiblan, Ersalina16Meridian119
Weiblan, John54Meridian118
Weiblan, Mary A.37Meridian118
Wemple, Clarence10King City231
Wemple, Emma P.21King City230
Wemple, Jacob44King City229
Wen_t, Christian60Superior17
Wenger, Absolam28Meridian121
Wenger, David24Meridian121
Wenger, John25Meridian120
Went, (?)29Superior19
Went, (?)8Superior18
Went, _____8Superior18
Went, _____29Superior19
Went(?), Christian60Superior17
West, Amey L.30McPherson63
West, Byron24McPherson61
West, Charles C.32McPherson62
West, Cornelia39King City42
West, Homer3McPherson66
West, Isabella16King City43
West, Martin7McPherson64
West, Mary5McPherson65
West, Susan3King City44
West, William40King City41
Wheeler, A.24Canton728
Wheeler, A. V.(?)66Canton429
Wheeler, Eff_ (?)10/12Canton428
Wheeler, F.2Canton427
Wheeler, George28Canton423
Wheeler, J.4Canton426
Wheeler, M.5Canton425
Wheeler, M.26Canton424
Wheeler, N. E.24Canton729
Wheeler, Reva2Canton731
Wheeler, W.4Canton730
White, L. J. J.19Canton13
White, Marilla46Canton12
White, S.58Canton11
Whitney, Blanche4Empire718
Whitney, Ella27Empire716
Whitney, H. L.30Empire715
Whitney, Irene6Empire717
Whitright, A.28Canton739
Wickersham, E. A.45McPherson625
Wickersham, T. D.50McPherson624
Wickwire, M.48Mound440
Wiegand, F.35Superior630
Wiegand, John E.4Superior632
Wiegand, Lissie B.2Superior634
Wiegand, Nancy27Superior633
Wiegand, William5Superior631
Wiles, Ellen28Empire619
Wiles, T. F.38Empire618
Wilker, John29Groveland, 141
William, Edie62Empire817
William, Lidia54Empire818
William, Lidia M.30Empire819
Williams, Betty53Empire114
Williams, Emma15Empire117
Williams, Eneka(?)13Empire118
Williams, Ewd R.1Lonetree430
Williams, Frank25Empire115
Williams, G. R.23Groveland43
Williams, George10Empire119
Williams, Henry52Empire214
Williams, Henry G.11Empire217
Williams, Julie C.26Lonetree429
Williams, M. F.18Groveland338
Williams, M. J.18Empire216
Williams, Milt30Lonetree428
Williams, N. M.41Empire215
Williams, Robt55Empire113
Williams, S. A.15Groveland339
Williams, S. E.23Empire116
Wilson, A. L.5Canton537
Wilson, A. S.56Groveland812
Wilson, Abrah'm19Lonetree55
Wilson, C. L.7Groveland822
Wilson, C. W.25Groveland814
Wilson, Cath'49Lonetree52
Wilson, Dickson59Lonetree51
Wilson, E.13Groveland817
Wilson, E. L.18Groveland818
Wilson, E. L.5Groveland823
Wilson, Emma50Groveland813
Wilson, F.1Groveland824
Wilson, Flora8Empire39
Wilson, Harriet28Empire38
Wilson, Isaac38Canton535
Wilson, J. ?.76Canton539
Wilson, J. K.33Empire37
Wilson, J. R.11Groveland819
Wilson, Jas. H.23Lonetree54
Wilson, John H.26Lonetree53
Wilson, L. W.27Groveland820
Wilson, Liddie12Lonetree56
Wilson, M. E.22Groveland821
Wilson, M. H.29Canton536
Wilson, Richard21Groveland816
Wilson, Robert2Empire310
Wilson, S. J.1Canton538
Wilson, S. W.18Groveland815
Wilson, Wm. E.45Canton540
Winklsy, R.28Canton42
Witter, A. A.34Meridian122
Witter, Amanda32Meridian122
Witter, Florence E.10Meridian123
Witter, Geo W26Meridian10
Witter, Inez20Meridian11
Witter, Jessie5Meridian123
Witter, Mary L. W.8Meridian123
Wittorff, Ana C.2Superior728
Wittorff, Hans25Superior729
Wittorff, John29Superior726
Wittorff, Nervey(?) Jane25Superior727
Wolf, Inez5Canton78
Wolf, J. W.21(?)Canton76
Wolf, S. E.29Canton77
Wolf, T. L.3Canton79
Wolfe, Elizabeth52Spring Valley517
Wolfe, Joel54Spring Valley516
Wood, C. F.5Canton415
Wood, E.22Canton412
Wood, G.26Canton413
Wood, W. E.3Canton416
Wood, W. L.7Canton414
Worley, H. I.25Mound432
Wortley, Eliza27Groveland422
Wortley, Thomas30Groveland421
Wortley, Wm.4Groveland423
Wright, Albert O.5Lonetree529
Wright, Amandah32McPherson12
Wright, Carrie3McPherson15
Wright, Cecelia16Mound316
Wright, Charles E.5Turkey Creek640
Wright, Charles O. 8/12Mound317
Wright, Chas H.8McPherson13
Wright, Clifford1Turkey Creek833
Wright, D. A.26Mound315
Wright, Eddie6McPherson14
Wright, Elizebth35Turkey Creek636
Wright, Etta10/12Turkey Creek641
Wright, Fany30Turkey Creek831
Wright, Georgie5/12McPherson16
Wright, H. B.37Lonetree525
Wright, H. J. S.2Lonetree530
Wright, John R.12Turkey Creek639
Wright, M.6Lonetree528
Wright, Mary E.13Turkey Creek638
Wright, Pearly3Turkey Creek832
Wright, S. C.30Turkey Creek830
Wright, W. H.43Turkey Creek635
Wright, W. R.38Lonetree526
Wright, Wm.10Lonetree527
Wright, Wm. H.15Turkey Creek637
Wright. John R.33McPherson11
Wyman, Albert15Lonetree44
Wyman, Dan'l29Lonetree42
Wyman, David32Lonetree41
Wyman, Ew'd E.26Lonetree43
Wyman, M. A.73Lonetree45
Yale, Dora Anne10McPherson35
Yale, L. B.27McPherson34
Yates, Alta9King City217
Yates, Edward3King City220
Yates, Elizabeth35King CIty215
Yates, Lizzie5King City219
Yates, Nina7King City218
Yates, Rosa14King City216
Yates, T. B.36King City214
Zang, Chals39Lonetree536
Zang, David6Lonetree540
Zang, Franeiseo7Lonetree539
Zang, Marth5Lonetree541
Zang, Sarah30Lonetree537
Zang, Sarah Ann8Lonetree538
Zimmerman, C. M.8Groveland113
Zimmerman, John31Groveland111
Zimmerman, M. A.31Groveland112
Zimmerman, R. S.6Groveland114
Zink, A.25Groveland45
Zink, E. T.7Groveland46
Zink, H. C.31Groveland44
Zink, J. C.2/12Groveland47