Compiled by Esther M. Thieszen

Mennonite Library and Archives
Bethel College
North Newton, Kansas

Names appear exactly as they are in the microfilmed census returns, as best we could decipher them. Entries consist of the person’s name, age, township (or city), page number, and line number. Only Branch, Center, Peabody, Risley, and Wilson townships are included in this index.

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NameAgeTownshipPageLine #
(?), A.11Peabody166
(?), Addie(?)14Peabody165
(?), Ernest17Peabody164
(?), J. H.21Peabody157
(?), Mary7Peabody167
Adams, Borny O.3Wilson935
Adams, F.6Wilson934
Adams, M. E.37Wilson933
Adams,G. D.45Wilson932
Adger, Peter16Risley1019
Ake(?), Helene66Risley1110
Alen, Ellen25Center1723
Alen, Jno30Center1722
Allhuss, I. M.(?)6/12Peabody1633
Allhuss, M. C.7Peabody1631
Allhuss, N. L.36Peabody1629
Allhuss, T. E.2Peabody1632
Allhuss, V. M.9Peabody1630
Allhuss(?), J. H.36Peabody1628
Amborn, E.40Peabody838
Amborn, G. W.15Peabody840
Amborn, J. M.46Peabody837
Amborn, Libbie18Peabody839
Anderson, John38Wilson109
Anderson, Neal18Wilson1010
Anderson, Robbie16Wilson1011
Anderson, Samuel29Center1213
Armstrong, Wm.33Center1210
Arnold, C. J.40Peabody227
Arnold, H. F.47Peabody226
Arnold, J. N.22Peabody228
Arnold, M. A.18Peabody2210
Arnold, M. S.8Peabody2214
Arnold, M. S.(?)16Peabody2211
Arnold, S. A.11Peabody2213
Arnold, Virginia13Peabody2212
Arnold, W. H.20Peabody229
Artebern, A.52Center171
Artebern, Katie4Center173
Artebern, Lidia36Center172
Austin, E.19Branch933
Austin, J.65Branch932
Austin, L.17Branch934
Avis, A.32Center1713
Ayres, E. D.42Branch182
Ayres, G. W.29Branch1216
Bagby, J. D.16Center168
Bagby, J. D.60Center166
Bagby, J. M.58Center720
Bagby, Jno.11Center724
Bagby, Mary58Center167
Bagby, Sidney51Center721
Bagby, Tho.22Center722
Bagby, W.16Center723
Baily, B. F.22Peabody194
Baker, A. E.8Branch188
Baker, A. M.5Branch1810
Baker, B.25Center819
Baker, E. E.37Branch187
Baker, F. M.2Branch1811
Baker, J.28Wilson1027
Baker, Jery3Center511
Baker, L. F.6Branch189
Baker, L. S.24Center726
Baker, Leo 1Center728
Baker, Lourie6Center510
Baker, O. Z.1/12Branch1812
Baker, R. H.27Center725
Baker, R. T.34Center57
Baker, Rebeckah33Center58
Baker, Samuel13Center248
Baker, Sarah2Center512
Baker, Toney7Center59
Baker, W. S.3Center727
Baker, W. T.39Branch186
Baldwin, A. E.22Branch1735
Baldwin, C. S.10Branch132
Baldwin, G. W.21Branch836
Baldwin, H.61Branch130
Baldwin, J. S.34Branch1734
Baldwin, M.19Branch837
Baldwin, M. J.14Branch131
Bales, J. C.24Wilson1012
Bales, L. A.18Wilson1013
Ball, A.26Branch1128
Ball, B. L.28Branch1127
Ball, C. A.24Branch1121
Ball, C. C.17Branch1123
Ball, F. S.14Branch1124
Ball, J.20Branch1122
Ball, J. M. 6Branch1126
Ball, M. E.12Branch1125
Ball, N.53Branch1119
Ball, S. J.51Branch1120
Baltzer, Henry2Risley714
Baltzer, Peter28Risley712
Baltzer, Sarah10/12Risley715
Baltzer, Susan22Rislay713
Balzer, C.1Branch1030
Balzer, D.32Branch633
Balzer, D.3Branch637
Balzer, D.50Branch1624
Balzer, H.5Branch636
Balzer, H.7Branch1028
Balzer, H.6Branch1523
Balzer, J.2Branch638
Balzer, M.3Branch1029
Balzer, M.32Branch634
Balzer, M.39Branch1027
Balzer, M.6Branch635
Balzer, P.32Branch1521
Balzer, P.33Branch1026
Balzer, S.30Branch1522
Banmann, Catherine26Risley1026
Banmann, Catherine2Risley1027
Banmann, Helene31Risley1030
Banmann, Helene4Risley1032
Banmann, Henry32Risley1029
Banmann, Henry10Risley1031
Banmann, Jacob1Risley1028
Banmann, John27Risley1025
Barden, Amos53Wilson227
Barden, Ann53Wilson228
Barden, H. T.21Wilson229
Bardle, A.11Center296
Bardle, Anna4Center298
Bardle, Anney18Center2738
Bardle, Eva15Center2739
Bardle, Henry29Center284
Bardle, Henry20Center2737
Bardle, Henry3Center299
Bardle, Jacob55Center2735
Bardle, Mary51Center2736
Bardle, Sarah8Center297
Bardle, Sarah29Center285
Barkman, Anna9Risley422
Barkman, Anna31Risley421
Barkman, E. 55Peabody67
Barkman, Henry57Peabody66
Barkman, Jacob5Risley424
Barkman, John1Risley426
Barkman, M.14Peabody68
Barkman, Martin7Risley423
Barkman, Perer3Risley425
Barkman, Peter29Risley420
Barrows, A.35Peabody1913
Barrows, Henry42Peabody1912
Barrows, L.11Peabody1914
Barrows, M. R.2Peabody1915
Bartel, Jno18Center1929
Barton, Harvey20Risley721
Basa, A.34Branch840
Basa, A.5Branch94
Basa, L.6Branch93
Basa, M.8Branch92
Basa, M.32Branch91
Basa, S.4/12Branch95
Batelle(?), Victoria6Center233
Bates, Leah35Center26
Bates, R. C.52Center25
Bauble(?), Henry16Center27
Bauslin, J. T.8Peabody2430
Bauslin, L. B.15Peabody2428
Bauslin, M. 46Peabody2424
Bauslin, M. J.44Peabody2425
Bauslin, M. M.10Peabody2429
Bauslin, Thos. L.18Peabody2427
Bauslin, Wm. E.20Peabody2426
Baxter, Alvin7Center133
Baxter, B. H.30Center131
Baxter, C. A.3Center135
Baxter, F.9Center132
Baxter, W. J.5Center134
Baxter, Wm.18Center2533
Baxter(?), E.32Center130
Beach, Arther8Peabody532
Beach, Estella6Peabody533
Beach, H. H.35Peabody530
Beach, M. B.31Peabody531
Beach, Willie4Peabody534
Becker, Abraham33Risley619
Becker, Bernheart2Risley623
Becker, Helen5Risley622
Becker, Sarah7Risley621
Becker, Sarah31Risley620
Beecher, E. B.28Peabody245
Beecher, Libbie27Peabody246
Beecher, Mark(?)6/12Peabody248
Beecher, Saml7Peabody247
Beekly, A. M.26Branch112
Beekly, A. O.2Branch114
Beekly, E. R.3Branch113
Beekly, J. B.29Branch111
Benson, Manford11Peabody1133
Berg, Andrew1Risley332
Berg, Anna22Risley330
Berg, Peter29Risley329
Berg, Peter2Risley331
Betton, C.11Center1027
Betton, C.37Center1024
Betton, F.2Center1031
Betton, H. F.4/12Center1032
Betton, M. J.8Center1028
Betton, P.14Center1025
Betton, R.6Center1029
Betton, R. E.12Center1026
Betton, Richard48Center1023
Betton, W. M.4Center1030
Billing, Allonzo11Center1319
Billing, Alonzo D.48Center1316
Billing, E. M.13Center1318
Billing, L. S.6Center1320
Billing, Mary48Center1317
Billings, Edith10Center523
Billings, Emily35Center521
Billings, Henry6Center524
Billings, K.54Center2537
Billings, Levi 39Center520
Billings, Mary5Center525
Billings, Melvin13Center522
Billings, W. H.60Center2536
Bissey, A(?)8/12Peabody135
Bissey, Burr3Peabody134
Bissey, S. A.28Peabody133
Bissey, W. G.28Peabody132
Bixler, A. J.30Center261
Bixler, Mary20Center262
Bixler, W. E.6/12Center263
Black, Anna25Wilson64
Black, David1Wilson66
Black, Hans32Wilson722
Black, Henry30Wilson63
Black, Lou2Wilson724
Black, M.26Wilson723
Black, Netta2Wilson65
Black, Peter2/12Wilson725
Blackmer, A.39Branch134
Blackmer, A. W.8Branch135
Blackmer, Geo35Branch133
Blackwell, A. D.16Branch1219
Blackwell, C. E.45Branch1217
Blackwell, J. D.9Branch1220
Blackwell, O. J.39Branch1218
Blake, Buren39Peabody209
Blake, D. C.23Center2122
Blake, D. T.55Center2120
Blake, Eugene9Peabody2011
Blake, H. W.20Center2123
Blake, L. D.36Peabody2010
Blake, Mary2Peabody2012
Blake, Sarah63Center2121
Blake, W. R.21Peabody224
Block, Anna21Risley523
Block, Anna21Risley527
Block, David65Risley521
Block, Elizabeth57Risley522
Block, Gertrude18Risley524
Block, Gertrude15Risley528
Block, Helene16Risley525
Block, Henry23Risley526
Boas, Anna13Risley1319
Boas, Anna41Risley1317
Boas, Benjamin41Risley1316
Boas, Henry9Risley1320
Boas, Mary7Risley1321
Boas, Peter11Risley1318
Boas, Sarah3Rislay1323
Boas, Susan5Risley1322
Bond, W. H.6Branch438
Bonslog, Gratz1Peabody2035
Bonslog, J. B.32Peabody2031
Bonslog, J. W.7Peabody2034
Bonslog, Levi10Peabody2033
Bonslog, M. J.28Peabody2032
Botes, E. F.22Center912
Botes, K. R.(?)6/12Center914
Botes, R. C. M.2Center913
Botes, W. G.30Center911
Bottey, A. D.30Center1814
Bottey, D. C.34Center1811
Bottey, Jenava3Center1813
Bottey, M. A.35Center1812
Bottey, R. T.25Center1815
Bottey, Stephen62Center1810
Bottey, T. T.26Center1816
Bouse, M.38Center2713
Bouse, T. W.41Center2712
Bowadskey, R.45Center1011
Bower, B. R.3Center732
Bower, C. O.21Center731
Bower, C. S.6Center2240
Bower, Ella12Center2239
Bower, F. 33Center730
Bower, Lidia33Center2238
Bower, S.2Center2241
Bower, Wm.37Center2237
Brackett, Alice17Peabody2339
Brackett, B. F.60Peabody2338
Braganier, S. A.21Peabody829
Bragannier, C. W.24Peabody828
Brand, Abraham, 8/12Risley222
Brand, Catherine22Risley221
Brand, Jacob28Risley220
Brelsford, Baby1/12Peabody821
Brelsford, Fred4Peabody819
Brelsford, I. W.35Peabody817
Brelsford, J. T.22Peabody818
Brelsford, Maud2Peabody820
Brennard, E. A.22Peabody237
Brennard, Stephen28Peabody236
Brennard, W. J.3/12Peabody238
Brewer, A. L.7Branch513
Brewer, C. E.9Branch512
Brewer, C. V.7Peabody922
Brewer, E. M.8/12Branch516
Brewer, Jas H. C.36Peabody920
Brewer, M. C.31Peabody921
Brewer, Mary35Center258
Brewer, N.35Branch511
Brewer, Nellie2/12Peabody924
Brewer, O.35Branch510
Brewer, R. B.2Branch515
Brewer, S. O.4Branch514
Brewer, W. E.5Peabody923
Brewer, W. W.42Center257
Briggs, Andrew37Peabody216
Briggs, E. J.18Wilson1026
Briggs, Jos.18Wilson1023
Briggs, Katura (?)63Peabody215
Briggs, Susan56Wilson1025
Briggs, Warren66Peabody214
Briggs, Wm. M.21Wilson1022
Brooker, A.16Branch326
Brooker, C.45Branch322
Brooker, C. F.21Branch324
Brooker, E.74Branch318
Brooker, E.3Branch328
Brooker, E.6Branch327
Brooker, E. D.39Branch323
Brooker, R.19Branch325
Broomfield, J. N.27Peabody36
Brown, Bell21Center2925
Brown, C.45Center2915
Brown, Chas.30Risley11
Brown, Frank25Center2928
Brown, G. W.36Peabody1315
Brown, Geo20Center2929
Brown, Helma7Risley14
Brown, Isaac49Center2914
Brown, J.18Center2917
Brown, John22Center2927
Brown, Joseph28Center2930
Brown, Mary E. 33Risley12
Brown, Myra11Risley13
Brown, N.16Center2918
Brown, Samuel27Center2926
Brown, Thomas W.30Center2924
Brown, W.20Center2916
Bruce, A. B.18Branch137
Bruce, John24Branch136
Brumbaugh, C.60Center279
Brumbaugh, H.21Center2711
Brumbaugh, J.25Center2710
Brunk, G. R.3Center2222
Brunk, Henrieti8Center2220
Brunk, Joseph10Center2219
Brunk, M. R.5Center2221
Brunk(?), Susen35Center2218
Brzorth, E. C.55Wilson417
Brzorth, J. W.51Wilson416
Brzorth, Nancy13Wilson418
Buller, A.12Branch1422
Buller, Anna25Risley1034
Buller, Anna2/12Risley1024
Buller, Anna17Risley1018
Buller, Anna2Risley1035
Buller, Elizabeth43Risley1020
Buller, F.36Branch1622
Buller, H.38Branch1420
Buller, H.13Branch1421
Buller, Henry25Risley1022
Buller, Henry27Risley1033
Buller, J.48Branch1440
Buller, J.10Branch1623
Buller, Jacob17Risley513
Buller, M.18Branch162
Buller, P.12Branch163
Buller, P.50Branch1419
Buller, P.10/12Branch1423
Buller, Peter5Risley1021
Buller, S.4Branch164
Buller, S.42Branch161
Buller, Sarah29Risley1023
Bunn, Annie33Wilson223
Bunn, E. (?).7Wilson225
Bunn, Eva A.8Wilson224
Bunn, O. C.37Wilson222
Bunn, Ora C.5Wilson226
Burgert, E.15Wilson96
Burgert, G. E.6/12Peabody65
Burgert, J. E.25Peabody62
Burgert, M. J.18Peabody63
Burgert, Willie10Peabody64
Burkeb, H.47Wilson738
Burkeb, T. P.26Wilson737
Burkholder, Abram14Center156
Burkholder, Ben23Center153
Burkholder, Eva54Center152
Burkholder, Jno20Center154
Burkholder, Sam16Center155
Burkholder, Samuel59Center151
Burrett, C.25Center332
Burrows, E. E.20Peabody2117
Burrows, M.43Peabody2115
Burrows, M. E.38Peabody2116
Burrows, W.19Peabody2118
Burton, Irvine37Wilson924
Burton, J.34Wilson925
Bush, F. C.35Peabody225
Bush, J. A.27Peabody226
Bush, Jay28Peabody228
Bush, Nina8Peabody227
Buss, G. W.29Center1720
Buss, Miles24Center1721
Butler, W. D.45Peabody83
Butterfield, A.22Center99
Butterfield, C.26Center98
Butterfield, E.3Center910
Bzorth, J. J.1Wilson134
Bzorth, S. J.18Wilson133
Bzorth, Wm. E.20Wilson132
Cahill, A.13Branch1726
Cahill, A. C.38Branch1222
Cahill, A. D.18Branch1223
Cahill, A. P.15Branch1224
Cahill, C. J.41Branch1723
Cahill, G.11Branch1728
Cahill, J. T.37Branch1724
Cahill, J. V.34Peabody123
Cahill, L.13Branch1727
Cahill, M.17Branch1725
Cahill, M.4Branch1729
Cahill, S. E.32Peabody124
Cahill, W. R.44Branch1221
Cain, Andrew13Risley1118
Cain, Andrew27Risley1116
Cain, Anna53Risley1039
Cain, Benjamin8Risley118
Cain, Benjamin31Risley1223
Cain, Benjamin48Risley1038
Cain, Bernhart1Risley1123
Cain, Bernhart51Risley1114
Cain, Catherine13Risley111
Cain, Cornelius22Risley1112
Cain, Cornelius44Risley112
Cain, Cornelius1Risley119
Cain, David10Risley117
Cain, David17Risley1117
Cain, Elsa16Risley114
Cain, Elska27Risley1120
Cain, Eva5Risley1122
Cain, Helene23Risley1113
Cain, Helene17Risley1040
Cain, Henry28Risley1119
Cain, Jacob2Risley1226
Cain, Mary6Risley1121
Cain, Mary49Risley1115
Cain, Sarah44Risley113
Cain, Susan14Risley115
Cain, Susanna29RIsley1224
Cain, Tobias6Risley1225
Cain, Tobias12Risley116
Call, ?2/12Wilson95
Call, E. N.6Wilson93
Call, S.34Wilson92
Call, Willie3Wilson94
Call, Wm. H.37Wilson91
Camp, G. W.39Peabody106
Camp, M. N.30Peabody107
Campbell, E.11Wilson830
Campbell, E. R.19Peabody1031
Campbell, G. W.46Peabody1029
Campbell, H.17Wilson829
Campbell, I.4Branch171
Campbell, I. M.12Branch1538
Campbell, J. F.13Branch1537
Campbell, L.21Wilson828
Campbell, L. A.52Wilson827
Campbell, R. A.39Branch1536
Campbell, R. W.38Branch1535
Campbell, S.6Branch1540
Campbell, S. E.43Peabody1030
Campbell, Stewart59Wilson826
Campbell, T.9Branch1539
Cane, Alice18Center1934
Cane, Alice18Center1933
Cane, Andrew26Center1931
Cane, B.2/12Center2020
Cane, Benj.1Center1936
Cane, C.3Center2019
Cane, Ellen24Center2017
Cane, Henry4Center2018
Cane, Jacob23Center1932
Cane, Lory2Center1935
Cane, Wm.26Center2016
Case, D.39Branch1210
Case, Elex E.36Center1818
Case, F. L.13Branch1213
Case, H. I.6Branch1215
Case, I. B.9Branch1214
Case, M. J.38Branch1211
Case, M. M.26Center1819
Case, P. B.14Branch1212
Case, Rosey3Center1820
Casper, Anney20Center2729
Casper, C.30Center2728
Casper, Frank2Center2731
Casper, Julia5Center2730
Chapman, Alma1Risley820
Chapman, E. H.23Branch333
Chapman, Irwin5Risley819
Chapman, Lydia8Risley818
Chapman, Martha30Risley817
Chapman, O. C.30Risley816
Chenault, A. O.36Peabody2417
Chenault, L. R.27Peabody2418
Chilson, A. R.55Center1715
Chilson, Alex16Center1719
Chilson, Elen19Center1718
Chilson, Hariett50Center1716
Chilson, Miron21Center1717
Chinault, M. H.27Peabody1135
Chinault(?), Walter30Peabody1134
Christ, A. B.15Peabody810
Christ, B. F.17Peabody88
Christ, Chas10Peabody812
Christ, Emma12Peabody811
Christ, F. L.37Peabody87
Christ, H. C.16Peabody89
Christ, Jennie2Peabody814
Christ, John45Peabody86
Christ, Willie7Peabody813
Christian, Robt71Peabody540
Christianson, C.31Wilson540
Christianson, H.22Wilson67
Christianson, P.30Wilson539
Christie, John24Center526
Christie, Robt.25Center939
Christie, Wm.21Center940
Church, J. T.35Peabody318
Church, S. R. L.22Peabody319
Claasen, E.27Branch727
Claasen, J.29Branch726
Claasen, J.7Branch728
Claney, C. C.8Wilson821
Claney, H. M.6Wilson822
Claney, L. P.32Wilson819
Claney, N. J.2Wilson823
Claney, R. A.12Wilson820
Claney, R. S.36Wilson818
Clark, (?) 16Center1019
Clark, Anna52Center1017
Clark, C.9Center1022
Clark, C. A.14Center1020
Clark, E. R.17Center63
Clark, I. A. 38Center62
Clark, Jacob53Center1016
Clark, M. S.7Center65
Clark, M. S.1Center66
Clark, Marg28Center1018
Clark, T. B.9Center64
Clark, W. R.41Center61
Clark, Wm.12Center1021
Clarke, D. C.46Wilson627
Clarke, Rachael41Wilson628
Clasen, Martin13Risley613
Clevert, A.41Peabody419
Clevert, A.17Peabody420
Clevert, Anna13Peabody422
Clevert, G.15Peabody421
Clevert, Henry4Peabody425
Clevert, John6Peabody424
Clevert, John45Peabody418
Clevert, Mary9Peabody423
Cline, D. H.50Wilson831
Cline, E. F.21Wilson310
Cline, Ira16Wilson833
Cline, J. M.36Wilson39
Cline, M.11Wilson834
Cline, M. B.2Wilson311
Cline, M. E.49Wilson832
Coble, A. B.8Center266
Coble, C. D.1/2Center269
Coble, E. S.37Center1412
Coble, G. C.35Center1410
Coble, G. N.4Center268
Coble, Hanah32Center1411
Coble, Mary A.24Center265
Coble, Minie6Center267
Coble, R. C.31Center264
Coble, Tery6Center1413
Cochran, Edwin18Peabody722
Cochran, Ianthe(?)10Wilson41
Cochran, J. R.70Peabody721
Cochran, M. C.31Wilson339
Cochran, W. A.13Wilson340
Cochran, Wm.49Wilson338
Cockroft, Sarah76Peabody34
Coenelius, Mary3Risley316
Cole, E.7Wilson88
Cole, E.8Wilson87
Cole, F.20Wilson83
Cole, L. M.5Wilson89
Cole, M.45Wilson82
Cole, M.12Wilson86
Cole, N.14Wilson85
Cole, R.44Wilson81
Cole, S.17Wilson84
Collin, Jesse36Peabody2135
Collin, M. D. H.33Peabody2136
Collin, Wm. H.9Peabody2137
Colton, Albert12Peabody1614
Colton, C.52Peabody169
Colton, Ch__16Peabody1612
Colton, E. J.18Peabody1611
Colton, Eva14Peabody1613
Colton, M.52Peabody168
Colton, Z___phin(?)21Peabody1610
Comstock, A.42Center271
Comstock, C.24Center272
Comstock, Dick2Peabody118
Comstock, Frank24Peabody119
Comstock, Fred5Peabody117
Comstock, Jsa.57Peabody115
Comstock, L.35Peabody116
Comstock, L.49Peabody111
Comstock, L.2Peabody114
Comstock, L. A.6Peabody113
Comstock, L. B.5Center273
Comstock, Olevann2Center274
Comstock, Ruth36Peabody112
Conklin, Eliza23Peabody823
Conklin, J. W.4Peabody824
Conklin, R. G.26Peabody822
Cook, Charles60Center1622
Cook, Daniel48Center103
Cook, Faney17Center1623
Coon, B.6Wilson128
Coon, C. B.3Wilson130
Coon, Chas6/12Wilson131
Coon, Marg,t25Wilson127
Coon, S. B.5Wilson129
Coon, Soln.36Wilson126
Coop, Abraham5Risley540
Coop, Abraham29Risley538
Coop, Anna4Risley61
Coop, Catherine2/12Risley62
Coop, Cornelia26Risley539
Cooper, G. H.32Peabody1615
Cooper, H. L.26Peabody1616
Cooper, J.26Center88
Cooper, L. N.6Branch1532
Cooper, N. J.28Branch1531
Cooper, W.4Branch1533
Cooper, W.1Branch1534
Cooper, W.35Branch1530
Corbett, J. M.28Center419
Corby, Bronn(?)10Peabody1937
Corby, Grace4/12Peabody1940
Corby, Jenny8Peabody1938
Corby, Lillian5Peabody1939
Corby, M. E.31Peabody1936
Corby, T. S.33Peabody1935
Corkins, Clarence3Branch14
Corkins, Harlan7Branch13
Corkins, L. A.32Branch11
Corkins, S. J.27Branch12
Cornelius, Abraham69Risley320
Cornelius, Catherine7/12Risley317
Cornelius, Jacob27Risley314
Cornelius, Mary31Risley315
Cornelson, Abraham9Risley45
Cornelson, Aganetha2Risley48
Cornelson, Aganetha32Risley44
Cornelson, Gerhard35Risley43
Cornelson, Gerhard7Risley46
Cornelson, Helene5Risley47
Corson, L.53Peabody195
Corson, Sarah52Peabody196
Corson, W. A.19Peabody197
Costello, A. A.32Center82
Costello, E. A.11Center83
Costello, J. H.42Center81
Costello, J. W.10Center84
Costello, L. C.4Center85
Costello, O.1Center86
Cottew, Chas6Peabody526
Cottew, Fred8Peabody525
Cottew, M.28Peabody524
Cottew, W. H.34Peabody523
Cowpe, J.45Branch329
Cowpe, J.12Branch331
Cowpe, M.9Branch332
Cowpe, S. A.45Branch330
Cox, C. A.48Peabody737
Craig, Emaline50Peabody253
Cramer, C. J.27Branch1512
Cramer, E.5Branch1514
Cramer, G. W.30Branch1511
Cramer, J. O.3Branch1515
Cramer, M. A.8Branch1513
Cramer, W. O.7/12Branch1516
Crane, C. E.6Branch614
Crane, D. J.5Branch615
Crane, D. W.29Center128
Crane, E. S.35Branch612
Crane, H. M. S.3Branch616
Crane, M.24Branch613
Cro_s(?), Franklin6Risley87
Cro_s(?), John49Risley85
Cro_s(?), Mary E.3Risley88
Cro_s(?), Virlinda40Risley86
Crozier, Kate40Peabody2511
Crummey, John34Peabody61
Cullens, A. D.11Peabody1114
Cullens, F. M.13Peabody1113
Cullens, Isaac42Peabody1110
Cullens, L. R.7Peabody1115
Cullens, M. A.35Peabody1111
Cullens, R. E.3Peabody1116
Cullens, W. A.15Peabody1112
Cullins, A. N.3Peabody1712
Cullins, Cora3/12Peabody1713
Cullins, J. A.3Peabody1711
Cullins, Jno36Peabody176
Cullins, L.9Peabody179
Cullins, L(?)4Peabody1710
Cullins, M.33Peabody177
Cullins, M. J.10Peabody178
D__ee, Amanda20Wilson118
D__ee, S. S.25Wilson117
Dalkee, Anna6Risley81
Dalkee, Helen3Risley83
Dalkee, Jacob5Risley82
Dallke, Anna38Risley735
Dallke, Catherine10Risley738
Dallke, Cornelius18Risley736
Dallke, Cornelius43Risley734
Dallke, Henry7Risley740
Dallke, John16Risley737
Dallke, Peter8Risley739
Daugh, Larry13Center2934
Davenport, B. D.37Peabody624
Davenport, E. D. E.15Peabody625
Davis, Charles2Center515
Davis, J.2Branch222
Davis, Laura31Center514
Davis, M.34Branch221
Davis, Patsey1Center516
Davis, Tatton(?) T.35Center513
Dawson, H. H.29Peabody1137
Dawson, Maggie1Peabody1139
Dawson, T. P.28Peabody1138
Dean, Alfred26Peabody126
Delaney, Joseph48Peabody223
Dell, A. P.6/12Peabody2327
Dell, Amanda16Peabody2323
Dell, Chas N.6Peabody2325
Dell, D.44Peabody2321
Dell, Geo. Grant8Peabody2324
Dell, George21Risley520
Dell, J.30Peabody2328
Dell, M. J.14Peabody2322
Dell, R. E.6/12Peabody2326
Dice, I.22Branch1323
Dice, J. H.27Branch1322
Dice, W. F.6/12Branch1324
Dickerson, Even4Center1137
Dickerson, Hannah43Center1131
Dickerson, Jno18Center1134
Dickerson, Joseph11Center1135
Dickerson, June6Center1136
Dickerson, L. L.20Center1133
Dickerson, Mary22Center1132
Dickerson, Thomas45Center1130
Dietrich, A(?)37Peabody1237
Dietrich, Carrie1Peabody1239
Dietrich, Chas17Peabody131
Dietrich, Louise(?)6/12Peabody1240
Dietrich, Maggie30Peabody1238
Ditmore, G. W.28Branch134
Ditmore, J.2Branch137
Ditmore, J.28Branch135
Ditmore, M. E.4Branch136
Dobbs, A. B.9Center197
Dobbs, A. L.7Center198
Dobbs, Agnes2Center1911
Dobbs, Catharine31Center196
Dobbs, L.3Center2923
Dobbs, L. D.32Center195
Dobbs, L. J.6Center199
Dobbs, O. T.4Center1910
Dobbs, S.8Center2922
Dobbs, S.35Center2920
Dobbs, W.10Center2921
Dobbs, W. B.40Center2919
Dole, Geo. E.3Wilson533
Dole, John26Wilson531
Dole, M. A.29Wilson532
Donelson, S. M.62Peabody1414
Donovan, J.49Branch38
Donovan, M.42Branch39
Doster, C. R.28Center76
Doster, Charles2Center78
Doster, Frank26Center75
Doster, Lanos4Center77
Doster, M.1/12Center79
Drew, Annie3Wilson638
Drew, C.30Wilson634
Drew, C. W.9Wilson635
Drew, I. J.32Wilson633
Drew, Ida6Wilson637
Drew, Minnie1Wilson639
Drew, Wm.7Wilson636
Dubois, Edwin, T.48Risley815
Dubois, Emery33Risley810
Dubois, Emmerson7/12Risley814
Dubois, Lydia2Risley813
Dubois, Mary L.29Risley811
Dubois, Stephen5Risley812
Duesler, B. L.9Peabody2313
Duesler, E. M.15Peabody2311
Duesler, J. J.40Peabody239
Duesler, S. A.36Peabody2310
Duesler, S. F.1Peabody2314
Duesler, W. E.14Peabody2312
Duffield, B. M.9/12Peabody1934
Duffield, C. M.3Peabody1932
Duffield, G. C.9/12Peabody1933
Duffield, H. A.8Peabody1931
Duffield, S. G.27Peabody1930
Duffield, Wm.32Peabody1929
Dumbell, Mary18Center528
Dunlap, August39Center239
Dunlap, Augusta39Center136
Dunlap, Charles5Center1310
Dunlap, Charles5Center2313
Dunlap, Ellen?Wilson37
Dunlap, Geo?Wilson36
Dunlap, J. H.48Center135
Dunlap, J. H.48Center238
Dunlap, J. W.14Branch319
Dunlap, James22Center137
Dunlap, James22Center2310
Dunlap, Jesse4Wilson38
Dunlap, Mary13Center139
Dunlap, Mary13Center2312
Duree, Daniel60Center735
Duree, J. W.14Center736
Duree, M.34Center733
Duree, M. E.34Center734
Durksen, Anna19Risley725
Durksen, Anna11Risley730
Durksen, Cornelius20Risley724
Durksen, Cornelius51Risley722
Durksen, Gertrude46Risley723
Durksen, Helen7Risley732
Durksen, Henry30Risley84
Durksen, Henry13Risley728
Durksen, Henry12Risley729
Durksen, Isaac9Risley731
Durksen, Jacob49Risley733
Durksen, Mary15Risley727
Durksen, Sarah17Risley726
Duval, Edward9Peabody636
Duval, Frank12Peabody635
Duval, Hanah30Peabody634
Duval, Isaac44Peabody633
Dye, Ann4Wilson230
Dye, Asa9/12Risley824
Dye, Francis8Risley18
Dye, Harvey2Risley823
Dye, Jas M37Risley821
Dye, Jas. Jn.9Risley17
Dye, Joshua40Risley15
Dye, Mary J.26Risley822
Dye, Phebe24Risley16
Dye, Samantha5Risley19
Eaken, Aron B.14Peabody52
Eaken, J. C.28Peabody538
Eaken, J. W.56Peabody438
Eaken, J. W.18Peabody51
Eaken, N. J.23Peabody440
Eaken, S. C.11Peabody53
Eaken, S. C.52Peabody439
Ebhert(?), M.36Center1012
Eby, A. M.31Center112
Eby, C.2/12Center116
Eby, C. L.3Center236
Eby, D. L.33Center233
Eby, E.11Center113
Eby, E. E.7Center636
Eby, E. N.31Center634
Eby, F.5Center114
Eby, J. F.33Center111
Eby, J. S.3Center115
Eby, J. W.4Center235
Eby, M. E.28Center635
Eby, M. L.24Center234
Eby, O. O.3Center637
Edgar, M.19Branch116
Edwards, D.64Center169
Eichelberger, A. T.15Branch312
Eichelberger, E.8Branch313
Eichelberger, F.42Branch310
Eichelberger, M. B.1Branch315
Eichelberger, R.37Branch311
Eichelberger, W. S.5Branch314
Eliott, C. A.18Center1234
Eliott, Ely25Center1233
Eliott, Jane17Center1235
Eliott, Mary50Center1232
Eliott, T. M.30Center1231
Eliott, W. J.15Center1236
Elliott, Anna9Wilson329
Elliott, Chas.2Wilson330
Elliott, G. L.34Branch617
Elliott, H.32Wilson328
Elliott, H. M.33Branch618
Elliott, L. A.6Branch620
Elliott, L. C.10Branch619
Elliott, M.32Wilson327
Enns, Catherine55Risley616
Enns, Cornelius43Risley615
Enns, H.7/12Branch79
Enns, Helen12Risley617
Enns, J.31Branch74
Enns, J.6Branch76
Enns, M.33Branch75
Enns, M.4Branch77
Enns, M.2Branch78
Enns, Mary17Risley614
Evans, E.25Wilson837
Evans, Lee27Wilson835
Evans, N.58Wilson836
Evarts, F.30Center2025
Evers, A. H.14Peabody56
Evers, C. F.18Peabody55
Evers, D. E.2Peabody510
Evers, E. S. M.7Peabody58
Evers, J. L.10Peabody57
Evers, John40Peabody54
Evers, S. B.4Peabody59
Evert, Anna3Peabody2610
Evert, Effie24Peabody269
Evert, Gehart34Peabody268
Evert, Jno33Center2732
Evert, Johnathan2Peabody2611
Evert, Nettey20Center2733
Evert, Wm.2Center2734
Everts, A. 16Center2013
Everts, Anna44Center209
Everts, Benj.4Center2015
Everts, E.17Center2012
Everts, Henry20Center2010
Everts, Mary8Center2014
Everts, Wm.19Center2011
Everts, Wm.46Center208
Faggs, A.21Center216
Faggs, Hanah10Center218
Faggs, J.3Center2110
Faggs, Jane13Center217
Faggs, Joal25Center214
Faggs, L.1Center2111
Faggs, M.8Center219
Faggs, Milton55Center211
Faggs, P.17Center215
Faggs, Pheba50Center212
Faggs, Plesent27Center213
Faggs, Rebeckah19Center2112
Fanning, Albert7Peabody1429
Fanning, B.37Peabody1424
Fanning, Fred14Peabody1426
Fanning, Louis5Peabody1428
Fanning, M. E.34Peabody1425
Fanning, Nellie10Peabody1427
Fasbinder, John38Peabody216
Fast, E.63Wilson733
Fast, Helen23Wilson735
Fast, John61Wilson732
Fast, Jr., John24Wilson734
Fast, K.26Branch1424
Faught, D.4Branch1620
Faught, E.1Branch1621
Faught, H.25Branch1619
Faught, R. D.30Branch1618
Faust, G.25Wilson937
Faust, John32Wilson936
Fell, Katie2Peabody339
Fell, T. J.31Peabody337
Fell, Walter3Peabody338
Fenter, F. E.1/12Branch1439
Fenter, J.32Branch1433
Fenter, J. B.7Branch1435
Fenter, J. W.5Branch1437
Fenter, M. E.26Branch1434
Fenter, O. M.2Branch1438
Fenter, S. J.6Branch1436
Ferrier, J. W.32Peabody739
Ferrier, L. L.19Peabody740
Fife, R.67Branch217
Fife, R.19Branch219
Fife, T. L.27Branch218
Fife, W.71Branch216
Fillbeck, Spencer21Center179
Finch, Alice15Wilson529
Finch, Flora10Wilson530
Finch, Mary47Wilson527
Finch, Thos49Wilson526
Finch, Wm. M.24Wilson528
Finkle, Debrier25Center1817
Fish, A. T.5Peabody1128
Fish, L. N.1Peabody1130
Fish, M. E.29Peabody1126
Fish, M. E. D.3Peabody1129
Fish, T. J.33Peabody1125
Fish, W. S.7Peabody1127
Fisher, A. L.2Peabody928
Fisher, Brysmier(?)29Peabody925
Fisher, C. E.5Peabody1419
Fisher, C. E.5Wilson1032
Fisher, C. M.4Peabody927
Fisher, E.18Branch183
Fisher, F. A.36Peabody1415
Fisher, F. N.36Wilson1028
Fisher, G. D.3Wilson1033
Fisher, L. J.8Peabody1418
Fisher, L. J.8Wilson1031
Fisher, M. A.22Peabody926
Fisher, S. D.(?)1Peabody1420
Fisher, S. E.12Peabody1416
Fisher, S. E.12Wilson1029
Fisher, W. A.10Peabody1417
Fisher, W. A.10Wilson1030
Fitch, Anne34Peabody1019
Fitch, F. C. F. (?)2Peabody1022
Fitch, Fred W.5Peabody1021
Fitch, G. W.36Peabody1018
Fitch, Geo4/12Peabody1023
Fitch, M. A.30Peabody131
Fitch, W. B.8Peabody1020
Fitch, W. H.19Branch1139
Fitch, Wm. M.27Peabody130
Fix, Philip32Wilson221
Flaming, A.10Wilson622
Flaming, A.6/12Wilson923
Flaming, Ab.8Wilson919
Flaming, C.10/12Wilson626
Flaming, C.32Wilson918
Flaming, C.2Wilson922
Flaming, E.42Wilson621
Flaming, Henry7Wilson624
Flaming, John8Wilson623
Flaming, John36Wilson620
Flaming, John4Wilson921
Flaming, Mariah5Wilson625
Flaming, Peter6Wilson920
Flaming, Peter31Wilson917
Fleming, Aganetha4Risley125
Fleming, Cornelia19Risley122
Fleming, Elizabeth6Risley124
Fleming, H.6/12Branch47
Fleming, H. 2424Branch46
Fleming, Helene7Risley123
Fleming, Henry2Risley126
Fleming, Henry29Risley121
Fleming, J.26Branch45
Fleming, Mary3/12Risley1140
Flemming, Adray(?)55Peabody1218
Flemming, Agnetha20Peabody1224
Flemming, Catharine13Peabody1223
Flemming, Eva(?)16Peabody1222
Flemming, Jno.15Peabody1221
Flemming, M.50Peabody1219
Flemming, Peter17Peabody1220
Flippins, Chas26Risley232
Flippins, Flora6Risley235
Flippins, George7Risley234
Flippins, Mary J.21Risley233
Flowers, C. M.2Wilson69
Flowers, J. A.29Wilson68
Fodgesong, H.37Center1821
Fodgesong, James10Center1825
Fodgesong, Jno2Center1827
Fodgesong, M. J.14Center1824
Fodgesong, Marg.34Center1822
Fodgesong, S. C.15Center1823
Fodgesong, T. H.9Center1826
Forbs, J.28Center2539
Forsyth, C.28Branch184
Fost, Anna20Center2027
Fost, Gerard35Center2035
Fost, Margerett52Center2036
Fost, Mary18Center2028
Fost, Wm.26Center2026
Fost(?), Adam17Center2022
Foth, A.32Peabody412
Foth, Anna8Peabody415
Foth, Chas16Peabody413
Foth, Henry73Peabody417
Foth, Jacob1Peabody416
Foth, Mary13Peabody414
Foth, Peter39Peabody411
Foth, Peter57Peabody2612
Foust, Eva60Center2024
Foust, Wm.58Center2023
Fowler, D. B.1Wilson215
Fowler, E. B.32Wilson213
Fowler, M. E.27Wilson214
Fox, J. W.38Wilson926
Fox, Patsy17(?)Wilson927
Frame, Silas27Peabody437
Frans, Benjamin27Risley74
Fransz, Elizabeth18Risley1010
Fransz, Henry21Risley109
Fransz, Henry24Risley76
Fransz, Jacobene16Risley77
Fransz, Peter68Risley75
Fransz, Peter19Risley78
Franz, David62Risley1036
Franz, H.16Branch169
Franz, Helene58Risley1037
Franz, P.18Branch168
Franz, P.54Branch166
Franz, S.40Branch167
Fraz, B.40Branch1019
Fraz, C.6Branch1022
Fraz, E.27Branch105
Fraz, H.4Branch1023
Fraz, H.2Branch1024
Fraz, H.3Branch107
Fraz, J.31Branch104
Fraz, J.7Branch106
Fraz, J.1/12Branch1025
Fraz, M.32Branch1020
Fraz, M.9Branch1021
Fraz, P.1Branch108
Frazier, C. B.16Center188
Frazier, F. W.47Center184
Frazier, H. A.44Center185
Frazier, T. L.21Center187
Frazier, W. C.24Center186
Freeborn, A. J.20Center2629
Freeborn, D. D.5Center2630
Freeborn, E.4Center2632
Freeborn, Glenn2/12Center2633
Freeborn, H. B.4Center2631
Freeborn, M. G.31Center2628
Freeman, C.2/12Branch37
Freeman, H.47Branch33
Freeman, M.3Branch36
Freeman, N.5Branch35
Freeman, S.36Branch34
Freidland, B.38Peabody2225
Freidland, C. M.46Peabody2224
Freison, Anna19Wilson45
Freison, C.17Wilson46
Freison, Mary15Wilson47
Freison, Peter13Wilson48
Freison, Peter48Wilson42
Freizen, Helen50Risley31
Freizen, Jacob57Risley240
Freizen, Jacob14Risley339
Freizen, Jacob22Risley32
Freizen, John13Risley33
Freizen, Kloos(?)10Risley41
Freizen, Martin52Risley337
Freizen, Martin12Risley340
Freizen, Mary51Risley338
Freizen, Peter6Risley42
Frieson, C.45Wilson43
Friezen, Anna9Risley531
Friezen, Cornelia21Risley52
Friezen, Elizabeth2Risley536
Friezen, Helene4Risley534
Friezen, Isaac41Risley529
Friezen, Isaac6Risley533
Friezen, Jacob6/12Risley535
Friezen, John1Risley53
Friezen, John1Risley1139
Friezen, Mary33Risley530
Friezen, Mary7Risley532
Froute, E.33Center1629
Froute, Mary12Center1630
Froute, Michal38Center1628
Funk, A.16Center2138
Funk, Ana13Center1922
Funk, Anna21Center2137
Funk, Anna17Center1919
Funk, Cath10Center1924
Funk, Catharine17Center221
Funk, Cornelious51Center2136
Funk, E.13Center1923
Funk, E.9Center225
Funk, Even46Center204
Funk, F.18Center206
Funk, Frank65Center203
Funk, Frank5Center1927
Funk, Gerard7Center226
Funk, Hellen16Center222
Funk, Hellen22Center2140
Funk, Henry16Center1920
Funk, Jacob17Center1918
Funk, Jacob14Center1921
Funk, Jacob27Center2139
Funk, Jacob57Center1913
Funk, Jno18Center205
Funk, Jno8Center1925
Funk, John21Center1917
Funk, John12Center224
Funk, M.8Center1926
Funk, Peter23Center1916
Funk, Peter13Center223
Funk, Petter(?)24Center1915
Funk, S.45Center1914
G____(?), J. N.39Peabody2036
Gada, Henry14RIsley133
Gard, Chas3Risley828
Gard, Ellen6/12Risley829
Gard, Francis M.35Risley825
Gard, John L.8Risley827
Gard, Mary25Risley826
Garrett, A.1Peabody333
Garrett, C. C.3Peabody332
Garrett, S. E.26Peabody330
Garrett, S. F.31Peabody329
Garrett, W. A.6Peabody331
Gastrell, C. A.6Branch143
Gastrell, J. W.4Branch144
Gastrell, J. W.37Branch141
Gastrell, M. E.28Branch142
Gaven, Catherine16Center13
Gaven, Frank7Center15
Gaven, H. D.(?)42Center12
Gaven, J. J.17Center14
Gaven, J. O.48Center11
Gearles, Silas23Center1212
Gee, Adelbert22Center2336
Gee, Lyle12Center2337
Gee, M.3Center2435
Gee, M.25Center2433
Gee, Omer28Center2432
Gee, P. W.50Center2334
Gee, Ruth53Center2335
Gee, T.5Center2434
Gentry, Emma46Peabody143
Gentry, Johnathan7(?)Peabody142
Gentry, M. R.8Peabody147
Gentry, S. E.14Peabody145
Gentry, W. W.12(?)Peabody146
Gentry, W(?). A.17Peabody144
Gerbrand, Catherine55Risley631
Gerbrand, Eva25Risley632
Gerbrand, John25Risley633
Gerbrand, John66Risley630
Gerbrand, Mary14Risley634
Getty, Catharine63Peabody1636
Getty, John58Peabody1634
Getty, M. C.18(?)Peabody1637
Getty, Margaret60Peabody1635
Gibson, E.16Center145
Gibson, I.47Center142
Gibson, John20Center144
Gibson, L. J.13Center146
Gibson, M. B.11Center147
Gibson, N.22Center143
Gillaspie, Asberry11Risley912
Gillaspie, Elizabeth8Risley913
Gillaspie, Ellen32Risley911
Gillaspie, Minta2Risley915
Gillaspie, Spicer5Risley914
Gillaspie, Wm.35Risley910
Gillol, Jules30Peabody2413
Gillol, Lawrence5Peabody2415
Gillol, Rosa22Peabody2414
Gingrey, C. J.22Branch138
Gingrey, M.22Branch139
Glass, A.32Branch1239
Glass, E.4Branch131
Glass, I. C.4/12Branch133
Glass, M. H.27Branch1240
Glass, Mary14Peabody85
Glass, R. M.1Branch132
Glenn, E.2Branch1732
Glenn, H.65Branch145
Glenn, M.1/12Branch1733
Glenn, M.23Branch1731
Glenn, W.32Branch1730
Godfrey, A.47Center1336
Godfrey, Amos15Center1338
Godfrey, Baley10Center1339
Godfrey, E.9Center1340
Godfrey, J.47Center1335
Godfrey, Rebeckah7Center141
Goerz, H.14Branch533
Goerz, H.44Branch530
Goerz, J.7Branch534
Goerz, P.16Branch532
Goerz, S.43Branch531
Good, Christopher18Center23
Good, Francis21Center22
Good, Francis57Center140
Good, Lidia16Center24
Good, Nancy21Center21
Good, Noah55Center139
Goodge, Elisabeth8Peabody242
Goodge, John40Peabody2340
Goodge, Susan32Peabody241
Goodge, Wm.3Peabody243
Goodyear, Geo28Center2620
Goodyear, S.24Center2621
Gooney, Peter30Center2622
Goosen, Abraham50Risley427
Goosen, Aganetha10Risley433
Goosen, Detrick22Risley429
Goosen, Eustina49Risley428
Goosen, Helene13Risley432
Goosen, Mary15Risley431
Goosen, Peter20Risley430
Gorden, Elissa47Center620
Gorden, W. W.46Center619
Gordon, A.57Branch730
Gordon, J.22Branch731
Gordon, J.60Branch729
Gordon, M.16Branch733
Gordon, M.18Branch732
Gordon, W.24Branch835
Gorms(?), Anna F.32Risley537
Gortz, A.17Branch1717
Gortz, D.14Branch723
Gortz, D.37Branch721
Gortz, E.51Branch1714
Gortz, F.16Branch1616
Gortz, F.45Branch1614
Gortz, F.14Branch1718
Gortz, H.48Branch722
Gortz, H.31Branch1721
Gortz, H.50Branch1713
Gortz, H.23Branch1722
Gortz, H.12Branch1719
Gortz, H.43Branch1615
Gortz, J.8Branch1720
Gortz, J.24Branch1716
Gortz, P.26Branch1715
Gortz, P.13Branch1617
Goss, Ira2Center1536
Goss, J. F.21Center335
Goss, Jacob57Center333
Goss, Nancy60Center334
Goss, Susen23Center1535
Goss, Wm.27Center1534
Gould, M. G.7Branch610
Gouts, Henry52Wilson61
Gouts, Mariah60Wilson62
Gown, Jas. E.34Peabody2514
Graham, A. H.46Branch1313
Graham, M. W.51Branch1312
Grant, A. R.11Wilson519
Grant, Annie18Wilson518
Grant, M. A.11Center165
Grant, S. S.14Center164
Grant, T. J.21Center162
Grant, T. P.26Center161
Grant, W. J.16Center163
Gratton, A.63Branch1631
Gratton, J. A.16Branch1633
Gratton, M.55Branch1632
Gratton, P.25Branch1636
Gratton, P. H.21Branch1635
Gratton, W. J.14Branch1634
Gray, Annie9Wilson840
Gray, Bertie2Wilson536
Gray, C.20Peabody1523
Gray, Chas2Peabody1524
Gray, Emma25Wilson535
Gray, Mary40Wilson839
Gray, Nelley15Center210
Gray, Sam'l32Wilson534
Gray, W.30Peabody1522
Gray, Wm.48Wilson838
Grayson, C. W.5Peabody735
Grayson, E.8Peabody734
Grayson, H. E.32Peabody732
Grayson, Louisa(?)2Peabody736
Grayson, Sarah35Peabody733
Greece, A.27Center2437
Greggery, Sophia35Peabody1825
Grennell, (?). L.57Peabody151
Grennell, A. H.49Peabody152
Grennell, E. E.23Peabody153
Grennell, E. M.19Peabody154
Grennell, H. L.16Peabody155
Grennell, M. S.11Peabody156
Grey, Geo. W.23Peabody35
Griffith, A. M.7Center218
Griffith, Aden43Center54
Griffith, B. A.20Center55
Griffith, B. M.23Center73
Griffith, E.3Center220
Griffith, E. J.5Center219
Griffith, F. 2Center221
Griffith, G.50Center71
Griffith, J.50Center72
Griffith, Jno. S.37Center216
Griffith, Loucy21Center74
Griffith, M. A.9Center56
Griffith, P.1/12Center222
Griffith, S. E.29Center217
Griffith, William44Center53
Grim, Robt19Center101
Grimes, Charles18Center2716
Grimes, E.26Center158
Grimes, E. S.3Center159
Grimes, Earl1Center1510
Grimes, Emma20Wilson523
Grimes, Geny11Center2718
Grimes, Geo15Center2717
Grimes, J. A.24Wilson522
Grimes, John61Wilson520
Grimes, M.52Center2714
Grimes, Mary49Center2715
Grimes, N.15Wilson525
Grimes, Robert18Wilson524
Grimes, Samuel29Center157
Grimes, Sarah55Wilson521
Grimes, Wm.8Center2719
Groat, Sarah53Center1541
Groat(?), E. J.50Center1540
Groning, Abraham9Risley419
Groning, Anna12Risley418
Groning, Barbara30Risley416
Groning, Frank15Risley417
Groning, Frank40Risley415
Grosh(?), Peter28Center2436
Gross, Charles22Center213
Guard, M. A.16Wilson13
Guiwits, Byron27Center28
Guiwits, Eva21Center29
Gunderman, Herman27Risley98
Gunderman, Lucinda20Risley99
H -, (?)?3Peabody128
H -, Mary58Peabody129
Hager, Gustavus28Peabody428
Hager, L.20Peabody429
Hagey, A. B.31Peabody1733
Hagey, A. G.7Peabody1730
Hagey, D. B.2Peabody1732
Hagey, J. A. H.40Peabody1729
Hagey, M. R.6Peabody1731
Hale, Antinett27Risley111
Hale, Effie2Risley115
Hale, Elizabeth1Risley119
Hale, Jas. Jn.29Risley117
Hale, Jas. T.7Risley112
Hale, John1Risley116
Hale, Joseph31Risley110
Hale, Josie5Risley113
Hale, Mary J.25Risley118
Hale, Wm.4Risley114
Hall, (Babe)3/12Peabody1036
Hall, D.(?) C.53Peabody1037
Hall, E.23Peabody1034
Hall, I. (?) E.24Peabody1033
Hall, M.3Peabody1035
Hall, M. E.20Peabody1039
Hall, S. M.48Peabody1038
Hallack, John40Center1113
Hamelton, A. 23Peabody2125
Hamelton, L. A.28Peabody2124
Hamilton, Beckner11Wilson514
Hamilton, C.6Wilson516
Hamilton, Freeborn19Wilson510
Hamilton, H. T.41Wilson441
Hamilton, Horatio14Wilson513
Hamilton, J. C.47Wilson440
Hamilton, J. E.17Wilson511
Hamilton, L. R.9Wilson515
Hamilton, Wm.15Wilson512
Hanam, C. H.33Peabody33
Hanhart, (?)9Peabody1230
Hanhart, Catharune22Peabody1228
Hanhart, Henry21Peabody1227
Hanhart, J.53Peabody1225
Hanhart, Mary12Peabody1229
Hanhart, Mary50Peabody1226
Harder, Abraham9Risley438
Harder, David3Risley51
Harder, Elizabeth12Risley437
Harder, Elizabeth37Risley435
Harder, Henry5Risley440
Harder, Isbrand8Risley439
Harder, John39Risley434
Harder, John15Risley436
Hargett, J. W.24Peabody2416
Harison, Adova13Center121
Harison, Agnes16Center1140
Harison, Alfred7Center123
Harison, Amanda14Center1141
Harison, Emily11Center122
Harison, J.4Center124
Harison, Mary(?)2Center1240
Harison, Samuel38Center1138
Harison, Sousen35Center1139
Harms, Aganetha5Risley67
Harms, Anna18Peabody263
Harms, Anna3/12Risley68
Harms, Catharine31Peabody2537
Harms, Catherine9Risley65
Harms, E.1Peabody2540
Harms, E. P.43Peabody2536
Harms, Effie5Peabody2538
Harms, Gehart12Peabody264
Harms, Henry8Peabody266
Harms, J.5Peabody267
Harms, Jacob37Risley63
Harms, Mary35Risley64
Harms, Mary7Risley66
Harms, P. N.3Peabody2539
Harms, P. P.40Peabody261
Harms, Stephen10Peabody265
Harms, Tena35Peabody262
Harmst, A.17Peabody2637
Harmst, Andrew13Peabody2524
Harmst, Effie4Peabody2528
Harmst, Gahard40Peabody2522
Harmst, Henry7Peabody2526
Harmst, Henry11Peabody2640
Harmst, J.11Peabody2525
Harmst, M.15Peabody2638
Harmst, M.40Peabody2635
Harmst, M.5Peabody2527
Harmst, Peter20Peabody2636
Harmst, Sarah44Peabody2523
Harmst, Wm.13Peabody2639
Harold, C.21Center639
Harold, R.31Center638
Harris, E.3Branch923
Harris, E.31Branch228
Harris, E. E.7Branch922
Harris, E. E.7Peabody718
Harris, Edith5Peabody719
Harris, G.7Branch229
Harris, H. W.49(?)Peabody519
Harris, Harry9Peabody522
Harris, I.31Branch919
Harris, Irene31Peabody715
Harris, J.36Branch918
Harris, J. A.9Branch921
Harris, J. A.9Peabody717
Harris, J. K.10/12Branch924
Harris, J. K.9/12Peabody720
Harris, Jno W.16Peabody521
Harris, Johnathan36Peabody714
Harris, L. L.39Branch227
Harris, M.14Branch920
Harris, M. E.10Peabody716
Harris, Mary58(?)Peabody520
Harrison, Chas.2Wilson77
Harrison, D.37Wilson72
Harrison, Jas.11Wilson74
Harrison, John44Wilson71
Harrison, Mary7Wilson76
Harrison, V.13Wilson73
Harrison, Wm.10Wilson75
Harrms, Adam23Peabody1214
Harrms, Anna20Peabody1216
Harrms, Eliza18Peabody1217
Harrms, Hanah52Peabody1213
Harrms, Jacob13Peabody1215
Harrms, Yahart54Peabody1212
Harter, D.35Center1725
Harter, Henry38Center1724
Harter, Ida4Center1727
Harter, Myron7Center1726
Hatter, A. Z.10/12Peabody529
Hatter, J. W.27Peabody527
Hatter, M. M.24Peabody528
Hawk, Cornelious22Center148
Hawley, M. C.36Peabody336
Hawley, T. J.36Peabody335
Heart, E.7Center319
Heart, John31Center317
Heart, Sarah28Center318
Heart, Wm.3Center320
Heatwould, H. A.1Center2223
Heatwould, M.28Center2217
Heatwould, R. J.27Center2216
Heibert, D.16Branch1332
Heibert, E.23Branch1326
Heibert, E.2Branch1327
Heibert, F.9Branch1334
Heibert, H.52Branch1329
Heibert, H.27Branch1330
Heibert, J.12Branch1333
Heibert, J.19Branch1331
Heibert, P.29Branch1325
Heibert, Peter55Branch1328
Heibert, S.15Branch1336
Heibert, S.13Branch1335
Henn, C.32Wilson619
Henn, J. M.37Wilson618
Henry, Jesse M.2Wilson931
Henry, Patsy M.30Wilson929
Henry, R. M.5Wilson930
Henry, Wm. H. M.33Wilson928
Henson, Anna9Wilson53
Henson, C.34Wilson52
Henson, Cathie3Wilson56
Henson, Harris5Wilson55
Henson, Julia11/12Wilson57
Henson, Mary7Wilson54
Henson, Peter39Wilson51
Herbage, Saml55Peabody1040
Herbert, Arther5Peabody140
Herbert, C. E.8Peabody138
Herbert, C. M.7Peabody139
Herbert, Elisabeth35Peabody137
Hershey, E.1Peabody1413
Hershey, J. D.37Peabody148
Hershey, J. D.4Peabody1411
Hershey, J. R.6Peabody1410
Hershey, M. J.3Peabody1412
Hershey, S. J.26Peabody149
Hill, E.1Branch225
Hill, J.29Branch1813
Hill, Kate40Center129
Hill, M. J.32Branch223
Hill, R.22Branch224
Hillman, H. C.21Center1125
Hillman, J. E.1Center1126
Hillman, Samuel27Center1124
Himbaugh, E.42Branch63
Himbaugh, J.44Branch62
Himbaugh, J. J.17Branch64
Himbaugh, L. M.15Branch65
Hine, Francis26Risley54
Hine, Helene20Risley55
Hine, Helene3/12Risley56
Hobbs, Anne25Peabody2138
Hoblitzell, E. S.10Peabody1120
Hoblitzell, Gale1/12Peabody1122
Hoblitzell, L. C.34Peabody1118
Hoblitzell, Nellie6Peabody1121
Hoblitzell, W. T.41Peabody1117
Hoblitzell,T. M.13Peabody1119
Hoch, S. W.26Center2532
Hodge, E. A.39Center2720
Hodge, G. D.9Center2722
Hodge, H. E.7Center2723
Hodge, R. S.12Center2721
Hoffman, A.38Wilson119
Hoffman, A.5Wilson123
Hoffman, A.3Wilson125
Hoffman, B.7Wilson122
Hoffman, Chas4Wilson124
Hoffman, Geo.10Wilson121
Hoffman, S.40Wilson120
Holcomb E. J.29Branch425
Holcomb, M. J.19Branch426
Holler, A. M.21Peabody2131
Holler, Emma19Peabody2132
Holler, H. S.11Peabody2134
Holler, Jennie29Peabody1232
Holler, L. G.3Peabody1234
Holler, M. B.6Peabody1233
Holler, M. E.4/12Peabody1235
Holler, P. C.55Peabody2129
Holler, S. R.55Peabody2130
Holler, T. P.30Peabody1231
Holler, W. H.15Peabody2133
Holloway, A.39Center2410
Holloway, Ann10Center611
Holloway, C. A.2Center2419
Holloway, C. S.15Center1517
Holloway, Curtz(?)4Center2418
Holloway, Elen37Center2411
Holloway, Frank6Center2417
Holloway, H. F.5/12Center1521
Holloway, Isabelle18Center2412
Holloway, J. E.10Center2415
Holloway, J. K.13Center1518
Holloway, J____?14Center2414
Holloway, James16Center2413
Holloway, M. S.34Center1516
Holloway, Mary3Center612
Holloway, S. C.7Center1519
Holloway, S. S.4Center1520
Holloway, Wm.35Center1515
Holloway, Wm.9Center2416
Homann, A.38Branch1640
Homann, H. M.31Branch151
Hook, Babe1/12Peabody1620
Hook, C. P.5Peabody1619
Hook, M. F.22Peabody1618
Hook, W. F.31Peabody1617
Hooker, Jack16Peabody254
Hoops, Cary (?).14Center839
Hoops, Even43Center837
Hoops, M. A.33Center838
Hoops, Mary7Center738
Hoops, Nettey11Center737
Hoops, Teney(?)7/12Center739
Hoover, (?)27Peabody102
Hoover, (Babe)2/12Peabody105
Hoover, A. M.4Wilson427
Hoover, Esther6Peabody103
Hoover, J. (?).4Peabody104
Hoover, Levi28Wilson425
Hoover, O. M.1Wilson428
Hoover, Sophia24Wilson426
Hoover(?), G. (?).31Peabody101
Hopkins, Clara21Peabody310
Hopkins, E. R.44Peabody39
Hopkins, F. H.65Peabody38
Hornburger, David3Peabody517
Hornburger, Hanah13Peabody513
Hornburger, Henry39Peabody511
Hornburger, Jacob10Peabody514
Hornburger, M.8Peabody515
Hornburger, Mary37Peabody512
Hornburger, Moses6Peabody516
Hornburger, William1Peabody518
Howard, A. S.33Peabody1517
Howard, C. E.37Peabody1518
Howard, Clinton17Peabody1519
Howard, H. M.9/12Peabody1521
Howard, Saml10Peabody1520
Hubbard, A.7Branch913
Hubbard, I. A.11/12Branch915
Hubbard, M.32Branch910
Hubbard, M.34Branch99
Hubbard, M.12Branch911
Hubbard, M. A.3Branch914
Hubbard, M. L.9Branch912
Huddle, S.39Branch129
Hudson, John51Wilson78
Hudson, Lena14Wilson710
Hudson, Mary52Wilson79
Huffman, A. G.66Peabody616
Huffman, P. P.52Peabody617
Huffman, T. M.32Peabody618
Humphries, Chas10Peabody1816
Humphries, H. C.30Peabody1814
Humphries, M. E.7Peabody1817
Humphries, Millie32Peabody1815
Humphries, Millie2/12Peabody1818
Hunt, A.13Center225
Hunt, Colier31Center224
Hunt, E.38Center1427
Hunt, E. D.36Center223
Hunt, Earnest4Peabody121
Hunt, Edward15Peabody117
Hunt, Geo.10Peabody119
Hunt, Henry(?)9Center1430
Hunt, Ida5Center227
Hunt, Lulu G.5/12Peabody122
Hunt, M. A.59Center715
Hunt, M. E.11Center226
Hunt, M. F.43Peabody116
Hunt, M. J.11Center1429
Hunt, Mary F.8Peabody120
Hunt, S.62Center714
Hunt, S. A.26Center1428
Hunt, S. R.46Peabody115
Hunt, S. R.12Peabody118
Hunt, W.7Center1431
Hunter(?), Hanah58Peabody2022
Hutchison, A. D.19Branch16
Hutchison, H. S.26Branch15
Hyland, A. R.35Peabody49
Ingalls, A.20Branch622
Ingalls, C. E.2Branch623
Ingalls, J.36Branch621
Ingalls, S. M.8/12Branch624
Jacobs, Barbara47Center2317
Jacobs, Hank16Center2320
Jacobs, Jacob57Center2316
Jacobs, Jno20Center2318
Jacobs, Lois10Center2323
Jacobs, Mike18Center2319
Jacobs, Peter12Center2322
Jacobs, Tebolt14Center2321
Janson, Agatha20Risley610
Janson, Catherine9/12Risley611
Janson, Peter24Risley69
Janzen, Abraham4/12Risley313
Janzen, Anna9Risley39
Janzen, Catherine30Risley38
Janzen, Catherine7Risley310
Janzen, Francis39Risley37
Janzen, Francis5Risley311
Janzen, Helene3Risley312
Jex, Hanah45Center68
Jex, Stefen49Center67
Johns, Anna23Center2315
Johns, Cornelious32Center2314
Johnson, A.14Branch538
Johnson, E.17Peabody1136
Johnson, Evalina14Peabody2318
Johnson, F.16Branch537
Johnson, H.30Branch97
Johnson, H.45Branch536
Johnson, H.5Branch98
Johnson, J.51Branch535
Johnson, J.33Branch96
Johnson, Jumima57Peabody2316
Johnson, L.9Branch540
Johnson, M.11Center816
Johnson, O.11Peabody2419
Johnson, Peter56Peabody2315
Johnson, Tho(?)15Peabody2317
Johnson, V.12Branch539
Johnson, W. H.6Branch61
Joine(?), Lina(?)13Peabody84
Joiner, J. W.13Branch1140
Jones, Albert10Center132
Jones, Allen10Center236
Jones, C. C.48Peabody159
Jones, Charles14Center131
Jones, Charles14Center235
Jones, H. P.23Peabody1512
Jones, James15Center1239
Jones, John21Center189
Jones, Jos.8Center237
Jones, Joseph8Center133
Jones, Josiah52Center1711
Jones, L. L.21Peabody1513
Jones, Lucinda47Center1238
Jones, M. A.47Peabody1510
Jones, Marcus22Center234
Jones, Marion22Center134
Jones, Mary L.24Peabody1511
Jones, Nellie9Peabody1514
Jones, W. B.57Center1237
Joseph, A. W.21Peabody1131
Joseph, V.22Peabody1132
Judge, C. W.5Peabody435
Judge, E. E.12Peabody433
Judge, L. O.10Peabody434
Judge, Milo44Peabody431
Judge, O. H.2Peabody436
Judge, S. R.38Peabody432
Kalty(?), Maatthew33Peabody2114
Kanrath, A.34Branch1337
Kanrath, H.5Branch1339
Kanrath, M.32Branch1338
Kanrath, P.3Branch1340
Keck, John27Risley36
Kelley, R.24Center1112
Kellison, A. A.18Center519
Kellison, C. A.57Center518
Kellison, Cornilia22Center229
Kellison, Eva4Center231
Kellison, L. W.26Center228
Kellison, Ola2Center232
Kellison, William50Center517
Kellison, Wm.6Center230
Kelly, C. T.23Peabody334
Kelso, A. F.18Center1525
Kelso, B. S.8Center1529
Kelso, C. C.1Center1533
Kelso, C. M.43Center1522
Kelso, D. D.6Center1530
Kelso, J. A.20Center1524
Kelso, Jane43Center1523
Kelso, L. D.3Center1532
Kelso, M. A.14Center1527
Kelso, S. A.16Center1526
Kelso, W. A.5Center1531
Kelso, Wm.10Center1528
Kent, A. B. R.2Peabody1832
Kent, A. R.1Peabody1833
Kent, Fanny(?)32Peabody1831
Kent, Richard39Peabody1830
Kettle, D. C.36Peabody201
Kettle, E. G.5Peabody205
Kettle, E. M.12Peabody203
Kettle, H. F.9Peabody204
Kettle, M. L.32Peabody202
Kilmer,D. W.32Center2224
Kimler, A.L.2Branch1112
Kimler, F. M.7Branch1110
Kimler, I. E.13Branch119
Kimler, J.38Branch117
Kimler, M. J.5Branch1111
Kimler, M. L.31Branch118
Kin, Henry17Risley35
Kinerly, John30Peabody2016
King, E. A.41Wilson740
King, Jasper46Wilson739
Knapp, J. A. S.23Center1712
Knapp, Jos65Center1714
Knepper, Claud4Peabody315
Knepper, D. D.1/12Peabody317
Knepper, D. W.30Peabody313
Knepper, Harry2Peabody316
Knepper, L. L.25Peabody314
Knox, A.9Branch126
Knox, A.15Branch123
Knox, A. C.5Branch127
Knox, D. B.47Branch121
Knox, E.14Branch68
Knox, I.2Branch69
Knox, J.46Branch67
Knox, L.24Branch611
Knox, M. E.47Branch122
Knox, N.50Branch66
Knox, N.13Branch124
Knox, W.12Branch125
Kollor, Jacob39Peabody1236
Kraft, Angaline49Center242
Kraft, Angeline16Center244
Kraft, Charles6Center247
Kraft, Hanah19Center243
Kraft, Hariett11Center246
Kraft, Jno51Center241
Kraft, Lisa14Center245
Kramer, A. A.36Peabody1526
Kramer, S. S.50Peabody1525
Kuhn, C.31Branch427
Kuhn, D.16Branch41
Kuhn, H.5/12Branch429
Kuhn, H.2Branch433
Kuhn, H.58Branch339
Kuhn, H.52Branch340
Kuhn, J.30Branch430
Kuhn, J.25Branch431
Kuhn, J.5Branch432
Kuhn, S.13Branch42
Kuhn, W.21Branch428
Kyle, H. G.15Center2311
Kylo, H. G.15Center138
L____, A. N.7Peabody1812
L____, E. C.18Peabody1810
L____, E. R.40Peabody188
L____, M. J.37Peabody189
L____, R. M.16Peabody1811
Lackey, A. H.45Peabody2037
Lackey, H.45Peabody2038
Lackey, H. W.10Peabody214
Lackey, J. A.26Peabody2039
Lackey, L.H.24Peabody2040
Lackey, M. B.12Peabody213
Lackey, Mary R.16Peabody212
Lackey, R. H.18Peabody211
Lackey, Wm.22Peabody215
Lahman, I. W.33Peabody48
Landorman, C. S.35Peabody2337
Langford, A. E.31Branch1525
Langford, M. F.9Branch1526
Langford, O. M.38Branch1524
Langstaff, E.46Peabody1715
Langstaff, Geo18Peabody1716
Langstaff, H. M.5Peabody1718
Langstaff, John48Peabody1714
Langstaff, W. F.10Peabody1717
Lanier, A.3Branch1519
Lanier, E.11/12Branch1520
Lanier, E.25Branch1518
Lanier, H. A.28Branch1517
Lavance, A.57Center251
Lavance, Jno12Center254
Lavance, Pathenia39Center252
Lavance, Ripsey15Center253
Lavance, Viola6Center255
Lawrence, J. N.30Branch59
Lawrence, M. B.36Branch58
Lawson, Caroline22Peabody1032
Leachman, Coriee3Center938
Leachman, H. N.12Center934
Leachman, J.6Center937
Leachman, J. H.14Center933
Leachman, Jno.37Center931
Leachman, M. E.10Center935
Leachman, S. J.33Center932
Leachman, W. S.8Center936
Leavery, Peter36Risley916
Lehr, Wm.27Center2613
Lehrmann, D.10Branch419
Lehrmann, D.46Branch415
Lehrmann, H.50Branch416
Lehrmann, H.16Branch417
Lehrmann, H.14Branch418
Leneord, Jno28Center1729
Lett, Charley2Center613
Lett, Mary27Center610
Lett, William28Center69
Linn, C. D.14Center1439
Linn, J.13Center1440
Linn, J.36Center1437
Linn, S. J.35Center1438
Linten, Abigail45Peabody610
Linten, George53Peabody69
Linten, S. M.5Peabody611
Litstaf, B.16Center1930
Litton, Mary30Peabody1917
Litton, R.37Peabody1916
Livingood, (Babe)10/12Peabody935
Livingood, A. M.22Peabody930
Livingood, G. A. E.4Peabody931
Livingood, G. N.28Peabody929
Livingood, Mary2Peabody932
Livingood, Walter22Peabody933
Locklin, Charles9Center2430
Locklin, Hanah28Center2428
Locklin, Hattie11Center2429
Locklin, Ralph26Center536
Locklin, Relph7Center2431
Locklin, S. C.40Center2427
Longfellow, E. E.18Peabody1533
Longfellow, F. M.22Peabody1532
Longfellow, G. N.3Peabody1538
Longfellow, J. M.45Peabody1530
Longfellow, J. M.10Peabody1535
Longfellow, L. M.4Peabody1537
Longfellow, M.38Peabody1531
Longfellow, M.15Peabody1534
Longfellow, M. J.6Peabody1536
Loroman, A.?Wilson430
Loroman, A.?Wilson424
Loroman, C.25Wilson414
Loroman, J.?Wilson432
Loroman, J.?Wilson434
Loroman, J.?Wilson433
Loroman, J.(?)?Wilson431
Loroman, Jacob?Wilson429
Loroman, Peter5/12Wilson415
Loroman, Peter24Wilson413
Loucks, A. C.5Branch1612
Loucks, Isabella18Peabody918
Loucks, J. E.42Peabody917
Loucks, M.7/12Branch1613
Loucks, M. E.24Branch1611
Loucks, P. B.28Branch1610
Loucks, P. O.53Peabody916
Loucks, William1Peabody919
Loud, S. E.23Wilson1024
Louther, A. S.33Peabody1334
Louther, Albert6/12Peabody141
Louther, Effie1Peabody1340
Louther, Fann4Peabody1339
Louther, Fred8Peabody1336
Louther, M. A.28Peabody1335
Louther, Martin6Peabody1338
Louther, Sallie8Peabody1337
Lucus, David35Center35
Lucus, Hanah30Center36
Lucus, John13Center37
Lucus, Louisa(?)3Center310
Lucus, Lourie(?)8Center39
Lucus, Samuel10Center38
Lucus, Wm.25Center311
Lynch, A.4Branch1117
Lynch, C.33Branch1113
Lynch, J.4Branch1116
Lynch, K.35Branch1114
Lynch, N.2Branch1118
Lynch, N.6Branch1115
Mahood, E.55Branch423
Mahood, E.11Branch424
Mahood, G.62Branch422
Mahurter, Mary24Center104
Mahurter, Sarah22Center105
Makell, Vicor5Branch140
Malcomb, E.28Branch823
Malcomb, E. C.2Branch825
Malcomb, E. M.3/12Branch826
Malcomb, S.22Branch824
Manning, C. E.8/12Peabody2128
Manning, M.32Peabody2127
Manning, Wm.29Peabody2126
Margrath, E.37Peabody92
Margrath, J. F.42Peabody91
Marion, Hanah26Center2421
Marion, Lourine32Center2420
Marion, Nelley6Center2423
Marion, Nettey8Center2422
Markes, Wm.33Center1912
Marsh, A. D.25Center1433
Marsh, Alice23Peabody832
Marsh, E.28Center1432
Marsh, J. H.31Peabody831
Marsh, M.2Center1436
Marsh, N.6Center1435
Marsh, W.8Center1434
Martin, B. F.25Center106
Martin, D. J.16Center1228
Martin, D. P.50Center1225
Martin, E.56Branch1225
Martin, E. D.3Peabody127
Martin, H. J.32Peabody128
Martin, H. S.11Center1229
Martin, Hannah49Center1226
Martin, M.51Branch1226
Martin, M. J.20Center1230
Martin, Mary P.8Peabody129
Martin, W.28Center1227
Martin, Wm.39Peabody126
Mast(?), Adele86Peabody1836
Mathiot, Eliza17Peabody2412
Mathiot, Fred50Peabody2410
Mathiot, Rosa(?)54Peabody2411
Maxwell, E. W.25Peabody340
Maxwell, M. J.25Peabody41
Maxwell, Willie C.3Peabody42
Mayhigh, (?)9Peabody1333
Mayhigh, E.14Peabody1330
Mayhigh, Francis11Peabody1331
Mayhigh, J. A.46Peabody1326
Mayhigh, J. C.18Peabody1328
Mayhigh, Lucy16Peabody1329
Mayhigh, V. H.37Peabody1327
Mayhigh, Walter8Peabody1332
McAlister, J. H.41Center340
McAllister, C.7Center45
McAllister, C. C.14Center42
McAllister, L. C.4Center46
McAllister, M. E.33Center41
McAllister, R. J.1Center47
McAllister, T. B.10Center44
McAllister, W. H.12Center43
McCallister, Jno27Center2426
McCallister, Loisa69Center2425
McCallister, Tennens(?)69Center2424
McCamon, Alis9Center1328
McCamon, Charles25Center1323
McCamon, Ema4Center1331
McCamon, Ester16Center1325
McCamon, G. O.6Center1329
McCamon, Geo56Center1321
McCamon, Hariett50Center1322
McCamon, Ida11Center1327
McCamon, Jacob3Center1330
McCamon, John14Center1326
McCamon, Wm.20Center1324
McClary, A. B.39Center1033
McClary, Dora15Center1036
McClary, E.38Center1034
McClary, F.5Center1039
McClary, Irene17Center1035
McClary, J.10Center1037
McClary, Jno17Center1038
McClary, Jno.27Center2525
McClary, Katey1Center2527
McClary, L. A.22Center2526
McClary, Wm.3Center1040
McClure, B.23Branch32
McClure, H. A.20Branch335
McClure, J. F.45Branch334
McClure, N. M.14Branch338
McClure, V. E.19Branch336
McClure, W. S.16Branch337
McCoy, J.46Center626
McCoy, J.21Center628
McCoy, L.18Center629
McCoy, Louisa10Center632
McCoy, M.15Center630
McCoy, R. M.42Center627
McCoy, S.12Center631
McCoy, W. H.7Center633
McDonald, R. H.30Center316
McGuin, C. H.13Branch437
McGuin, H. J.15Branch436
McGuin, J.21Branch435
McGuin, M. E.53Branch434
McKaig, W. J.26Branch128
McKean, L. J.22Branch1238
McKean, W. J.20Branch1237
Mclane, Anna20Center527
McMillen, H, C.35Peabody252
McMillen, J. P.27Center729
McPhiling, J.27Branch1820
Mehl, J. C.28Center2623
Mellbie(?), Mary25Center2619
Meritt, Bill1Peabody1829
Meritt, P. P.26Peabody1827
Meritt, R. M.22Peabody1828
Mickleberry, A. L.10Peabody2228
Mickleberry, A. M.36Peabody2227
Mickleberry, Flora6Peabody2230
Mickleberry, G. S.34Peabody2226
Mickleberry, M. E.8Peabody2229
Mickleberry, R. E.4Peabody2231
Miller, A.21Wilson940
Miller, A.20Wilson101
Miller, Bell8Center426
Miller, C. C.9Branch174
Miller, C. C.7Branch175
Miller, E.24Wilson939
Miller, Franke18Center422
Miller, G.14Wilson102
Miller, G. D.44Branch172
Miller, Geo.13Center425
Miller, Jane48Center420
Miller, L.59Wilson938
Miller, Luce14Center424
Miller, M. A.32Branch173
Miller, M. M.4Branch176
Miller, Magie16Center423
Miller, Rachael12Wilson103
MIller, James21Center421
Millineaux, Mary57Center52
Millineaux, Wm.57Center51
Millis, A. M.18Peabody1736
Millis, D.55Peabody1734
Millis, M. E.29Peabody1737
Millis, Ruth54Peabody1735
Miner, C.7/12Branch214
Miner, C.5Branch23
Miner, C.6Peabody77
Miner, E. J.38Peabody71
Miner, F.8Branch212
Miner, G. R.37Branch21
Miner, H.32Branch210
Miner, H. D.26Peabody79
Miner, I.13Peabody75
Miner, J.4Branch213
Miner, L.8Peabody76
Miner, M.70Branch215
Miner, M.28Branch211
Miner, Martha74Peabody78
Miner, P.15Peabody74
Miner, R.7Branch22
Miner, S. L.33Peabody72
Miner, T. G.17Peabody73
Mitchall, Susan23Peabody125
Mitchell, Maggie17Peabody632
Mohr, C.44Wilson98
Mohr, C.22Wilson910
Mohr, Conrad16Wilson914
Mohr, David2Wilson911
Mohr, Fred'k45Wilson97
Mohr, H.12Wilson915
Mohr, Jacob14Wilson912
Mohr, John19Wilson913
Mohr, Maria17Wilson916
Mohr, Philip23Wilson99
Molahan, Adam50Center178
Molahan, CHarles64Center174
Molahan, Elizabeth64Center175
Molahan, M. A.23Center177
Molahan M. J.25Center176
Mollahan, Cyrus32Center1128
Mollahan, R.26Center1129
Monahon, E.28Center622
Monahon, E.8Center623
Monahon, Geo.7Center624
Monahon, Owen32Center621
Monahon, Wm.5Center625
Monger, Joal55Center716
Mooney, J. H.25Center828
Mooney, L.4Center831
Mooney, M.34Center830
Mooney, Mary63Center829
Moor, Henry12Risley319
Moor, John18Risley612
Moore, E. R.32Peabody221
Moore, Henry1Peabody224
Moore, Lewis3Peabody223
Moore, N.24Peabody222
Morrell, T.15Center836
Morris, Betty42Peabody627
Morris, James6Peabody629
Morris, W. E.50Peabody626
Morris, Will9Peabody628
Morrison, M. A.30Peabody1927
Morrison, Nettie13Peabody1928
Morrison, Robt45Peabody1926
Mortmequa(?), Henry30Center1315
Moulton, A. L.34Center181
Moulton, E.56Center312
Moulton, G.6Center314
Moulton, Geo.28Center313
Moulton, Magie4Center315
Moulton, Magin4/12Center183
Moulton, N. R. J.18Center182
Moutton, A. J.4Center2340
Moutton, A. R.1Center2341
Moutton, E. S.19Center2339
Moutton, Wm. S.33Center2338
Munger, A.39Branch1138
Munger, E.64Branch1137
Munger, Elijah60Center2518
Munger, Katey49Center2519
Munger, Willey3Center2520
Murphy, Emy25Center1512
Murphy, Jno32Center1511
Murphy, M. A.3Center1513
Murphy, W. J.1/12Center1514
Musick, J. M.32Center93
Musick, M.22Center94
Musick, S.3Center96
Musick, W.6Center95
Myres, Charles6Center431
Myres, Edgar15Center429
Myres, Guilbert2Center433
Myres, H. A.31Center97
Myres, Mary32Center428
Myres, Millie4Center432
Myres, Wm.13Center430
Myres, Wm.43Center427
Nalin, James34Branch1819
Nangiegol(?), E.20Center1928
Natsaranns, Barbara27Risley1138
Natsaranns, Henry28Risley1137
Neal, Carrie2Peabody1027
Neal, E. J.27Peabody1025
Neal, Edward7Peabody1026
Neal, G. W.34Peabody1024
Neal, H. C.16Center1611
Neal, Jno5Center1614
Neal, L.10Center1612
Neal, M.41Center1610
Neal, Milton 9/12Center1616
Neal, T. P.48Peabody539
Neal, Thos3Center1615
Neal, V. R.24Peabody1028
Neal, Wm.6Center1613
Nell, E. B.37Branch916
Nell, S.65Branch917
Nellson, J. B.32Center614
Nelson, A. E. M.37Peabody191
Nelson, F. A.9Peabody192
Nelson, Minnie4Peabody193
Nelson, R. O.41Peabody1840
Neway, A. G.29Center917
Neway, E.3Center920
Neway, Ira4Center919
Neway, Lois28Center918
Neway, Rosey5/12Center921
Newland, J.24Branch185
Nicholls, Amey10Center2134
Nicholls, Eliz.45Center2125
Nicholls, Eliza5Center2129
Nicholls, Gerard20Center2126
Nicholls, Gerard14Center2133
Nicholls, Henry1Center2130
Nicholls, Jno.17Center2127
Nicholls, Jno.45Center2124
Nicholls, Mary4Center2135
Nicholls, Mary42Center2132
Nicholls, Wm.20Center2128
Nicholls, Wm.41Center2131
Nicle, Earhard42Risley635
Nicle, Earhard7Risley638
Nicle, Helen5Risley640
Nicle, John9Risley637
Nicle, Mary6Risley639
Nicle, Peter2Risley71
Nicle, Rosan41Risley636
Nicodemus, A.35Branch711
Nicodemus, C. W.3Branch712
Nicodemus, J.39Branch710
Nicodemus, W. E.1Branch713
Noce, A. R.10Center325
Noce, Anthoney40Center321
Noce, C.3Center328
Noce, C.30Center322
Noce, C. M.12Center324
Noce, G.5Center327
Noce, Isabella6/12Center329
Noce, M.6Center326
Noce, Wm.14Center323
Norell, John35Peabody37
Norris, Betty3Peabody1728
Norris, G. B.8Peabody1727
Norris, H. 19Peabody1725
Norris, H. H.13Peabody1726
Norris, L. A.48Peabody1723
Norris, M. Y.15Peabody1724
Norris, W. H.59Peabody1722
Nye, C. V.7Peabody136
Nye, F. E.13Peabody134
Nye, M. B.36Peabody133
Nye, M. W.7Peabody135
Nye, W. C.41Peabody132
OBryand, H.2Center712
OBryand, H.17Center711
OBryand, M. O.6/12Center713
OBryand, Thos30Center710
Ogdon, E. L.4Peabody1014
Ogdon, I. A.47Peabody108
Ogdon, L. A.35Peabody109
Ogdon, L. E.13Peabody1010
Ogdon, P. A.7Peabody1012
Ogdon, P. J.1Peabody1015
Ogdon, P. S.10Peabody1011
Ogdon, W. W.5Peabody1013
Olsen, B.31Wilson435
Olsen, Christena26Wilson59
Olsen, Hans24Wilson439
Olsen, John27Wilson58
Olsen, M.33Wilson436
Olsen, Ness4Wilson438
Olsen, Tena1Wilson437
Orr, John32Peabody2319
Orr, L. O.31Peabody2320
Osborne, E. 28Peabody218
Osborne, F. R.4Peabody219
Osborne, John62Peabody244
Osborne, S. A.2Peabody220
Osborne, Thos30Peabody217
Overholser, E.16Wilson138
Overholser, E.31Wilson136
Overholser, Geo. W.42Wilson135
Overholser, J. F.18Wilson137
Overholser, Laura11Wilson140
Overholser, M.4Wilson141
Overholser, Squire(?)13Wilson139
Owens, Emma19Peabody833
Palmer, A.2Peabody1839
Palmer, A. M.5Peabody1923
Palmer, A. W.10Branch233
Palmer, Bertie8Peabody1324
Palmer, D.34Peabody1919
Palmer, D. B.6Peabody1922
Palmer, E.36Peabody1322
Palmer, E.25Peabody1323
Palmer, E. A.42Branch230
Palmer, E. C.1Peabody1925
Palmer, Edward5Peabody1325
Palmer, Etta8Risley1218
Palmer, F. E.10Peabody1920
Palmer, Francis2Risley1221
Palmer, G. T.8Peabody1921
Palmer, H. N.22Branch232
Palmer, Ida E.3/12Risley1222
Palmer, J.44Peabody1837
Palmer, J. W.3Peabody1924
Palmer, Jennie6Risley1219
Palmer, Lewis10RIsley1217
Palmer, Mary J.26Risley1216
Palmer, Nancy29Peabody1838
Palmer, O. A.11/12Branch627
Palmer, P. C.9Branch234
Palmer, S.39Peabody1918
Palmer, S. C.33Risley1215
Palmer, S. J.24Branch626
Palmer, W. F.24Branch625
Palmer, William4Risley1220
Pancrath, Abraham11Risley325
Pancrath, Aganetha7Risley327
Pancrath, Andrew9Risley326
Pancrath, Andrew46Risley321
Pancrath, Catherine17Risley323
Pancrath, Catherine43Risley322
Pancrath, Margarette5Risley328
Pancrath, Mary15Risley324
Pancratz, Anna46Risley107
Pancratz, Catherine7Risley1230
Pancratz, Eustene2Risley1232
Pancratz, Helene4Rieley1231
Pancratz, Helene36Risley1228
Pancratz, Jacob46Risley106
Pancratz, John30RIsley1227
Pancratz, John9RIsley1229
Paner, Anna10Risley1210
Paner, Catherine4Risley1212
Paner, Elizabeth6Risley1211
Paner, Helene36Risley128
Paner, Helene13Risley129
Paner, Margaretta2Risley1213
Paner, Peter37Risley127
Paner, Peter3/12Risley1214
Pankratz, C.24Branch839
Pankratz, Henry25Branch838
Parker, A. E.28Center539
Parker, D. A.7Center540
Parker, F. M.4/12Peabody910
Parker, Geo. S.30Center538
Parker, J. R.45Peabody95
Parker, M. D.5Peabody99
Parker, S. W.25Peabody96
Parker, Willie8Peabody97
Parker, Wilson8Peabody98
Parkton, C. H.35Peabody125
Parlman, E. 15Branch1816
Parlman, J. H.40Branch1814
Parlman, M.3Branch1818
Parlman, M.13Branch1817
Parlman, S. E.26Branch1815
Pashenn, Robt23Peabody1826
Pattan, A. A.28Branch139
Pattan, J. L.31Branch138
Pattan, O. A.6Branch1310
Patterson, J. G.65Peabody2512
Patterson, J. H. (?)24Peabody94
Patterson, J. J. (?)25Peabody93
Patterson, Jas R.46Peabody2335
Patterson, L. C.35Peabody2336
Patterson, S. E.41Peabody2513
Patton, M. M.3Branch1311
Pavey, Anna10Center535
Peabody, Robt.18Peabody2436
Pease, M.27Wilson220
Pells, E.25Branch1528
Pells, W.25Branch1527
Pells, W.4Branch1529
Pember, Geo.24Center256
Penington, A. J.32Center125
Penington, Emily30Center126
Penland, E.37Center833
Penland, F.35Center832
Penland, G. M.5Center834
Penland, M. M.3Center835
Perkey, E. J.38Center31
Perkey, M.6Center34
Perkey, NNora7Center33
Perkey, Sarah15Center32
Perry, Chas7Peabody113
Perry, Clarance5Peabody114
Perry, D. D.32Peabody18
Perry, M. A.34Peabody19
Pery, A. J.30Center2438
Pery, C. J.24Center238
Pery, G. E.7Center2912
Pery, Jno. A.27Center237
Pery, L. E.35Center2910
Pery, L. G.9/12Center239
Pery, M.25Center2439
Pery, N. A.30Center2911
Pery, W.(?)5Center2913
Petene, A. C.32Center2932
Petene, F. H.7Center2933
Petene, Jane(?)33Center2931
Phenicie, Adrain G.1Risley225
Phenicie, Elizabeth Jn5/12Risley226
Phenicie, Emma E.20Risley224
Phenicie, John W.30Risley223
Phillips, C. A.6Center1737
Phillips, J. J.27Center1735
Phillips, M. E.23Center1736
Phillips, O.3Center1738
Phillips, W.1Center1739
Pierce, A. E.39Peabody2216
Pierce, Ben7Peabody2221
Pierce, C. A.42Peabody2215
Pierce, Evlen5Peabody2222
Pierce, Fred2Peabody2223
Pierce, G. W.14Peabody2218
Pierce, M___(?)12Peabody2219
Pierce, R. A.16Peabody2217
Pierce, Willie9Peabody2220
Pike, B. F.37Peabody834
Pike, James13Peabody836
Pike, Mary36Peabody835
Pinkney, B.50Peabody231
Pinkney, B. F.21Peabody233
Pinkney, C. C.20Peabody234
Pinkney, Laura48Peabody232
Pinkney, W. H.15Peabody235
Piper, A.18Wilson728
Piper, Chas.48Wilson726
Piper, Henry12Wilson731
Piper, John16Wilson729
Piper, Mary14Wilson730
Piper, Theresa48Wilson727
Poland, Michal30Center2331
Porter, C.55Branch178
Porter, E. A.55Branch177
Porter, M. A.19Branch179
Porter, M. C.15Branch1710
Potter, Blanch3Center2531
Potter, Dwight5Center2530
Potter, Geo.15Center102
Potter, M. E.33Center2529
Potter, Tho. M.35Center2528
Powell, David35Center259
Powers, A. H.14Center2210
Powers, A. L.8Center2213
Powers, Aaron16Center229
Powers, F. R.10Center2212
Powers, G. W.40Center227
Powers, H. W.38Center228
Powers, James3Center2215
Powers, M. L.5Center2214
Powers, O. R.12Center2211
Pratt, Cornelia22Center1119
Pratt, F. P.2Center1121
Pratt, Loren4Center1120
Pratt, V. S.30Center1118
Prescott, C. A.16Peabody621
Prescott, E. A.45Peabody620
Prescott, F. H.6Peabody622
Prescott, W. H.44Peabody619
Price, C. B.17Center1637
Price, Charles15Center1638
Price, Moses46Center1635
Price, Sarah46Center1636
Price, Wm.12Center1639
Purkey, Angeline15Center2538
Putnam, Ida20Peabody233
Putnam, Lovina61Peabody231
Putnam S. H.52Peabody229
Putnam, W. F.21Peabody232
Putnam Z. H.51Peabody230
Quertiny, Wm.25Center149
Quich, Charle11Peabody1423
Quich, Elisabeth48Peabody1422
Quich, Saml37Peabody1421
Radgett, (?)1Peabody1627
Radgett, G. W.2Peabody1626
Radgett, H. S.9Peabody1623
Radgett, J. C.33Peabody1621
Radgett, J. M.5Peabody1625
Radgett, M. A.27Peabody1622
Radgett, M. E.7Peabody1624
Rambo, Chas4Peabody711
Rambo, S. J.25Peabody710
Ramsey, A.34Center922
Ramsey, Alis 29Center924
Ramsey, Mary33Center923
Rathbone, Chas.27Peabody2422
Rathbone, E.60Peabody2420
Rathbone, M. A.59Peabody2421
Rathbone, M. M.23Peabody2423
Ratzlaf, H.25Branch1637
Ratzlaf, H.6/12Branch1639
Ratzlaf, M.23Branch1638
Raynn, A. 53Peabody623
Rea, B.33Branch1234
Rea, E. 13Branch1236
Rea, J.31Branch1235
Reason, Agrippi9Center2232
Reason, C.12Center2231
Reason, C.46Center2226
Reason, Fred3Center2234
Reason, Hellen23Center2227
Reason, Henry15Center2230
Reason, Hurtrude10Center2229
Reason, Jno5Center2233
Reason, Rudolph54Center2225
Reason, Rudolph20Center2228
Rechart, A.26Branch1417
Rechart, C.16Branch1414
Rechart, H.5Branch1415
Rechart, H.45Branch1411
Rechart, H.22Branch1412
Rechart, J.18Branch1413
Rechart, P.24Branch1416
Rechart, P.2Branch1418
Rechart, P.50Branch1410
Rechert, H.22Branch165
Reder, D.42Branch714
Reder, F. M.14Branch717
Reder, J. M.9Branch720
Reder, L. C.11Branch719
Reder, M. J.34Branch715
Reder, S. R.13Branch718
Reder, T.18Branch716
Redinger, Abram22Center2235
Redinger, Eva20Center2236
Reed, A.9Center415
Reed, A. J.5Center417
Reed, Aaron64Center1114
Reed, Abigale41Center49
Reed, Alice4Center532
Reed, Andrew51Center48
Reed, C.26Center537
Reed, E. J.33Center435
Reed, E. M.15Center1117
Reed, Geo. W.21Center412
Reed, Georgey2Center533
Reed, J. C.58Center1115
Reed, J. F.4/12Center1127
Reed, J. H.19Center413
Reed, J. N.2Center418
Reed, J. P.14Center436
Reed, James28Center1116
Reed, Joseph62Center1123
Reed, M. A.32Center411
Reed, M. E.9Center438
Reed, M. J.35Center434
Reed, Mary5Center531
Reed, N. M.35Center410
Reed, R. G.7Center416
Reed, S. A.7Center439
Reed, S. B.26Center530
Reed, S. E.25Peabody816
Reed, S. L.25Peabody815
Reed, S. S.36Center127
Reed, Sl_____?6Center1122
Reed, Thomas10/12Center534
Reed, Thomas W.28Center529
Reed, W. F.12Center414
Reed, W. N.13Center437
Remble(Rempel), Jno45Center2029
Remer, A. T.25Wilson517
Rempel, Jacob18Center2032
Rempel, Jno21Center2031
Rempel, L.45Center2030
Rempel, Mary15Center2033
Rempel, Peter13Center2034
Retzlaff, David23Risley628
Retzlaff, David44Risley624
Retzlaff, Francis14Risley626
Retzlaff, Helen53Risley625
Retzlaff, John21Risley629
Retzlaff, Wilhelm8Risley627
Revenburgh, Grant24Peabody221
Revenburgh, H.22Peabody222
Revenburgh, Harlem, 55Peabody2139
Revenburgh, Mary61Peabody2140
Rhines, A. M.(?)17Peabody724
Rhines, J. R.37Peabody723
Rho, Wm18Center915
Rhodes, Alfred34Risley830
Rhodes, Lincoln8Risley833
Rhodes, Lucinda28Risley831
Rhodes, Magie2Risley837
Rhodes, Mary7Risley834
Rhodes, Robert6Risley835
Rhodes, Willie5Risley836
Rhodes, Wm. H.10Risley832
Rice, A. J.67Center113
Rice, H. J.26Center114
Rice, J. H.77Center112
Richardson, A. A.3Center2637
Richardson, A. B.1Center2639
Richardson, Albert60Center330
Richardson, Anna23Wilson105
Richardson, C. A.5Center2636
Richardson, E. M.1Center2638
Richardson, Lou54Center331
Richardson, Maggie2Wilson106
Richardson, P(?). F.34Center2634
Richardson, S. E.27Wilson104
Richardson, S. J.34Center2635
Richert, Aganetta28Risley23
Richert, Cornelius6Risley24
Richert, Cornelius28Risley22
Richert, Henry3Risley26
Richert, Jacob4Risley25
Richmond, A.3Wilson240
Richmond, F. N.1Branch1132
Richmond, H.33Wilson237
Richmond, H. E.4Branch1131
Richmond, John7Wilson239
Richmond, L. E.35Wilson236
Richmond, M. A.9Wilson238
Richmond, M. O.24Branch1130
Richmond, T. W.36Branch1129
Riemer, Abraham41Risley216
Riemer, Anna55Risley217
Riemer, Elizabeth20Risley218
Riemer, Susanah15Risley219
Risley, Alonzo17Risley127
Risley, Ella2Risley123
Risley, Francis13Risley128
Risley, Jacob1/12Risley133
Risley, John5Risley132
Risley, John M.49Risley125
Risley, Joshua18Risley122
Risley, Malinda35Risley126
Risley, Martha A.5/12Risley124
Risley, N. S. W.40Risley120
Risley, Sarah J.23Risley121
Risley, Thomas9Risley130
Risley, Victoria11Risley129
Risley, Wm. D.7Risley131
Roberts, B.70Peabody2432
Roberts, C. N.2Center1418
Roberts, C. R.59Center91
Roberts, D. J.25Peabody2434
Roberts, E.59Peabody2433
Roberts, G. R.3Center1417
Roberts, Henry29Center1414
Roberts, J. O.70Branch231
Roberts, M.59Center92
Roberts, M. C.24Center1415
Roberts, Mary4/14(?)Center1015
Roberts, O. J.19Peabody2435
Roberts, S. J.27Center1014
Roberts, W. H.29Center1013
Roberts. L. A.5Center1416
Robertson, R.23Branch220
Robinson, C.67Peabody163
Rogers, A.60Center2523
Rogers, Cornelia60Center2524
Rogers, Dalas29Center2516
Rogers, E. 20Center2535
Rogers, J. N.31Center2534
Rogers, Liby16Center2517
Rogers, Linia(?)1Center2540
Rosenberger, Danl38Peabody185
Rosenberger, H.6Peabody1740
Rosenberger, J. H.32Peabody1738
Rosenberger, Jno3Peabody182
Rosenberger, Leroy2Peabody183
Rosenberger, M. E.22Peabody1739
Rosenberger, M. E.9Peabody187
Rosenberger, Nancy37Peabody186
Rosenberger, Saml5Peabody181
Rosenberger, Victoria11/12Peabody184
Ross, E. G.10Center1423
Ross, G. E.1Center1426
Ross, J. H.44Center1419
Ross, M. G.8Center1424
Ross, M. J.3Center1425
Ross, N. E.19Center1421
Ross, N. W.41Center1420
Ross, W. E.17Center1422
Rouse, C. M.55Center2610
Rouse, F.50Center2611
Rouse, Fred22Center2612
Row, Alice5Risley94
Row, Cisera9Risley92
Row, David2/12Risley96
Row, David T.36Risley839
Row, George13Risley91
Row, John7Risley93
Row, Martha2Risley95
Row, Sarah23Risley840
Rowland, B. D.8Branch119
Rowland, B. E.34Branch117
Rowland, D. D.6Branch120
Rowland, J. E.10Branch118
Rowland, P. O.1Branch122
Rowland, S. W.35Branch116
Rowland, T. O.3Branch121
Rudolph, Anna5/12Center1621
Rudolph, Jacob34Center1617
Rudolph, Jno7Center1619
Rudolph, Mary5Center1620
Rudolph, Rsey(?)20Center1618
Rugg, A. B.7Peabody2110
Rugg, A. H.56Peabody217
Rugg, C. J.28Peabody219
Rugg, D. E.1Peabody2113
Rugg, D. S.3Peabody2112
Rugg, E. M.30Peabody218
Rugg, H. E.5Peabody2111
Rupe, Adam35Center1828
Rupe, E. E.13Center1830
Rupe, E. J.5Center1833
Rupe, F. A.30Center1829
Rupe, H. F.1Center1834
Rupe, M. A.11Center1831
Rupe, S. M.8Center1832
Rush(?), D. M.55Peabody1527
Russell, M.18Wilson325
Russell, Wm. D.26Wilson324
Sallee, C. A.4Peabody47
Sallee, E. E.8Peabody45
Sallee, V. C.26Peabody44
Sallee, W. G.7Peabody46
Sallee, W. V.32Peabody43
Salsberry, A. B.29Peabody630
Salsberry, H, M.30Peabody631
Sawlette(?), C. M.23Peabody225
Saybold, C. J.27Peabody82
Saybold, L. L.52Peabody81
Sayles, D. B.31Peabody327
Sayles, H. E.2Peabody328
Sayles, I. A.30Peabody326
Schlopy, Carie1 1/2Center138
Schlopy, Frank26Center136
Schlopy, Laura18Center137
Schmitz(?), Andrew47Center1937
Schroden, P.35Branch81
Schroeden, H.30Branch82
Seaman, D.6Peabody2439
Seaman, Jesse3/12Peabody210
Seaman, L.4Peabody2440
Seaman, L.1Peabody251
Seaman, M. A.36Peabody28
Seaman, P. D.30Peabody2437
Seaman, Robina (?)24Peabody29
Seaman, Sarah25Peabody2438
Searles, J. D.61Peabody1016
Searles, W. C.57Peabody1017
Seed, Annie3Wilson235
Seed, E. 32Wilson232
Seed, Thos.30Wilson231
Seed, Wm.7Wilson234
Seed, Wm.56Wilson233
Shank, Andrew57Peabody2017
Shank, Catharine28Peabody2024
Shank, Elizza21Peabody2020
Shank, John32Peabody2023
Shank, Mary27Peabody2019
Shank, Sarah64Peabody2018
SHank, Joseph19Peabody2021
Shanklin, Emy4Center1734
Shanklin, F__ley18Center1732
Shanklin, Jno40Center1730
Shanklin, Nancy35Center1731
Shanklin, Wm.16Center1733
Shannon, L. E.19Peabody934
Shater, Anna40Peabody2624
Shater, Anna18Peabody2625
Shater, Effie9Peabody2627
Shater, J.4Peabody2629
Shater, Jacob15Peabody2626
Shater, M. 6Peabody2628
Sheldon, E.6Center2513
Sheldon, E. E.5Center2514
Sheldon, Henry J.26Center2510
Sheldon, M. E.28Center2511
Sheldon, V. S.1Center2515
Sheldon, W. L.8Center2512
Shellenbarger, Aaron41Risley57
Shellenbarger, Anna7Risley59
Shellenbarger, Anna28Risley58
Shellenbarger, Catherine3/12Risley511
Shellenbarger, Mary3Risley510
Shepherd, D. B.36Peabody612
Shepherd, Merim1Peabody615
Shepherd, Mirtie12Peabody614
Shepherd, Sarah31Peabody613
Sherling, Gerheard32Risley1233
Sherling, Helene30Risley1234
Sherman, Nathan(?) 24Peabody249
Sherron, J. M.30Center2617
Sherron, Wm.5Center2618
Shew, M.65Peabody1835
Shew(?), Anson72Peabody1834
Shipley, A.57Center825
Shipley, A.23Center249
Shipley, C. A.3Center823
Shipley, J. M.4/12Center824
Shipley, Louis30Center820
Shipley, M.21Wilson632
Shipley, M. A.28Center821
Shipley, R. A.14Center827
Shipley, S.59Center826
Shipley, S.8Center822
Shipley, S.59Wilson630
Shipley, Stephen59Wilson629
Shipley, Sylas26Wilson631
Shomber, Henry26Peabody1515
Shomber, Mary19Peabody1516
Shooke, E.1Center1627
Shooke, Frank30Center1624
Shooke, J.5Center1626
Shooke, Lorich28Center1625
Shorely, B. E.10Branch239
Shorely, C. R.7Branch240
Shorely, E. F.12Branch238
Shorely, F. M.15Branch237
Shorely, J.42Branch235
Shorely, L. A.4Branch31
Shorely, N. M.44Branch236
Shrater, Petre30Peabody2623
Shreve, B. E.25Center275
Shreve, C. E.55Center276
Shreve, S.16Center278
Shreve, Samuel22Center277
Shroden, B.10Branch83
Shroden, C.4Branch84
Shuker, Henry36Wilson537
Shuker, S. E.19Wilson538
Shunk, Alen38Center1728
Silsbee, A. P.4Peabody731
Silsbee, Herbert10Peabody730
Silsbee, M. F.34Peabody729
Skebenski, A.10/12Wilson412
Skebenski, A.6Wilson410
Skebenski, A.24Wilson49
Skebenski, D.3Wilson411
Skebenski, David26Wilson44
Skidmore, Francis6Center1710
Slaymaker, Calvin11Peabody2236
Slaymaker, Clarence9Peabody2237
Slaymaker, Hartley(?)5Peabody2238
Slaymaker, M. M.36Peabody2233
Slaymaker, R. M.37Peabody2232
Slaymaker, Robt.13Peabody2235
Slaymaker, Thos.15Peabody2234
Smelser, Jane15Center1337
Smiley, M28Peabody830
Smith, (?)37Peabody137
Smith, (Babe)1/12Peabody32
Smith, A.15Branch929
Smith, A.20Branch154
Smith, A.20Branch52
Smith, A.58Branch925
Smith, A.8Peabody2534
Smith, Abraham13Risley211
Smith, Abraham 7Risley931
Smith, Andrew33Peabody2615
Smith, Andrew3Peabody2520
Smith, Andrew60Peabody2532
Smith, Anna4Peabody2519
Smith, Anna3Peabody2621
Smith, Anna11Risley139
Smith, Annie15Wilson28
Smith, Arther2Peabody1313
Smith, B.3Branch57
Smith, B. A.8Center127
Smith, C.7Branch819
Smith, C.32Branch89
Smith, C.1Branch103
Smith, C. H.41Wilson26
Smith, C. M.6Peabody2619
Smith, Catharine45Peabody2631
Smith, Catharine58Peabody2521
Smith, Chester27Peabody158
Smith, Clare(?)24Peabody1314
Smith, Clement5Peabody1312
Smith, Columbus7Peabody239
Smith, Cornelius1Risley932
Smith, Cornelius35Risley928
Smith, D.1/12Branch822
Smith, D.12Branch930
Smith, D.23Branch51
Smith, D. S.3Center129
Smith, David12Center201
Smith, David19Peabody2617
Smith, David21Risley210
Smith, E.3Branch821
Smith, E.2/12Branch1018
Smith, E.5Branch159
Smith, E.39Branch1426
Smith, E.55Branch926
Smith, E.2Branch1017
Smith, E.80Branch936
Smith, E.32Peabody427
Smith, E. A.35Center125
Smith, Elisabeth9Peabody2618
Smith, Elisabeth58Peabody2531
Smith, Emma2Peabody2622
Smith, Emma13Wilson29
Smith, Eva34Risley929
Smith, G.53Branch439
Smith, Geo. B.38Peabody136
Smith, H.49Branch810
Smith, H.5Branch1016
Smith, H.11Branch158
Smith, H.8Branch1014
Smith, H.59Branch86
Smith, H.38Branch811
Smith, H.3/12Branch1011
Smith, H.16Branch813
Smith, H.24Branch1010
Smith, H.17Branch812
Smith, H.33Branch1012
Smith, H.13Branch815
Smith, H.4Branch1432
Smith, H.8Branch101
Smith, H.14Branch55
Smith, H.69Branch935
Smith, H.11Branch939
Smith, H.35Branch938
Smith, H.16Branch1428
Smith, H.40Wilson27
Smith, H. R.1Branch110
Smith, Harriet30Peabody238
Smith, Helen5Risley21
Smith, Henry28Center1939
Smith, Henry35Peabody426
Smith, Henry40Peabody2630
Smith, Henry7Peabody2533
Smith, Henry13Risley930
Smith, J.18Branch1427
Smith, J.9Branch940
Smith, J.9Branch818
Smith, J.15Branch54
Smith, J.36Branch937
Smith, J.2Branch1510
Smith, J.26Branch109
Smith, J.43Branch1425
Smith, J.51Branch85
Smith, J.21Branch927
Smith, J.14Branch814
Smith, J.20Branch87
Smith, J.15Peabody2634
Smith, J.5Peabody2620
Smith, J. D. W.46Center124
Smith, J. T.37Peabody237
Smith, Jacob8Center202
Smith, Jacob36Risley136
Smith, Jacob S.13Risley138
Smith, John50Center2614
Smith, John22Peabody738
Smith, John26Risley29
Smith, John8Wilson210
Smith, John33Risley131
Smith, Johnathan34Peabody2613
Smith, Joseph29Branch17
Smith, L. E.42Peabody2014
Smith, M.12Branch1429
Smith, M.18Branch155
Smith, M.3Branch820
Smith, M.47Branch440
Smith, M.30Branch1013
Smith, M.7Branch1015
Smith, M.18Branch53
Smith, M.25Peabody2614
Smith, M. B.31Branch18
Smith, M. E.5Peabody240
Smith, M. E.19Peabody2015
Smith, Mary25Center2615
Smith, Mary56Risley28
Smith, N.6Branch102
Smith, N. L.2Branch19
Smith, Nellie6/12Wilson212
Smith, P.7Branch56
Smith, P.9Branch1430
Smith, P.10Branch816
Smith, P.19Branch928
Smith, P.16Branch88
Smith, P.50Branch152
Smith, P.14Branch157
Smith, P. N.9Peabody2517
Smith, Peter21Peabody2633
Smith, Peter28Risley213
Smith, Peter40Peabody2529
Smith, Peter46Risley27
Smith, Peter36Peabody2515
Smith, Peter1Risley215
Smith, Peter7Peabody2518
Smith, R. A.3Peabody31
Smith, S.6Branch1431
Smith, S.45Branch153
Smith, S.16Branch156
Smith, S.10Branch817
Smith, S.11Branch931
Smith, S. E.6Center128
Smith, Sarah32Risley132
Smith, Susan33Peabody2616
Smith, Susan32Risley137
Smith, Susan8Risley140
Smith, Susan60Peabody2632
Smith, Tena38Peabody2530
Smith, Tena42Peabody2516
Smith, Tho22Center2616
Smith, Tobiath18Center1940
Smith, W. A.10Center126
Smith, W. H. H.23Peabody1430
Smith, Wesley75Peabody2013
Smith, Willie6Wilson211
Smithe, Catharine48Center1938
Sonree, Bert33Center1211
Soronson(?), Mary58Wilson108
Southwick, A. E.3Peabody1823
Southwick, A. E.34Peabody1819
Southwick, C. E.3Peabody1822
Southwick, Geo. H.8Peabody1821
Southwick, Jane(?)73Peabody1824
Southwick, W. D.10Peabody1820
Sowers, Adison6Center194
Sowers, Charles38Center191
Sowers, Emy28Center192
Sowers, Jerry8Center193
Sowes, Ellen26Peabody1438
Sowes, Nellie5Peabody1440
Sowes, W(?).10Peabody1439
Sowes(?), W.36Peabody1437
Spaugh, (?)1/12Center818
Spaugh, A.14Center814
Spaugh, A.18Center812
Spaugh, Allen16Center813
Spaugh, C.11Center815
Spaugh, Cary20Center811
Spaugh, E.41Center89
Spaugh, M.24Center810
Spaugh, R.5Center817
Sprague, J.6Center119
Sprague, J. S.4Center1110
Sprague, Nora1Center1111
Sprague(?), G. C.38Center117
Sprague(?), Sousen25Center118
Staples, Chas14Risley89
Starkweather, A. D.45Center2332
Starkweather, E. 6Center617
Starkweather, Hattie30Center2333
Starkweather, Jno.38Center615
Starkweather, M. F.28Center616
Starkweather, W. H.3Center618
Stealy, Amos30Peabody234
Stealy, Catharine25Peabody235
Stealy, John2/12Peabody236
Stensley, A.12Center2118
Stensley, C.20Center2115
Stensley, Eva21Center2114
Stensley, Hanah37Center2113
Stensley, J.7Center2119
Stensley, J.16Center2116
Stensley, Thos.14Center2117
Stephens, Hattie6Peabody112
Stephens, Henry24Peabody127
Stephens, Howard8Peabody111
Stephens, R.18Center1214
Stephens, Ralph10Peabody110
Sterling, (?)15Peabody161
Sterling, Eddie5Peabody162
Sterling, M. J.37Peabody1540
Sterling, W. A.41Peabody1539
Steward, F.38Branch1712
Steward, S. 34Branch1711
Stewart, A. P.40Center116
Stewart, C. E.4Peabody213
Stewart, F.36Center117
Stewart, H. G.3Center123
Stewart, J.14Center120
Stewart, Jane(?)9Center122
Stewart, Jas40Peabody211
Stewart, M. J.17Center119
Stewart, M. F.34Peabody212
Stewart, Ma___?11Center121
Stewart, Robert18Center118
Stone, D. G.2Center339
Stone, J. P.31Branch827
Stone, M. A.25Center337
Stone, M. H.27Center336
Stone, S. A.4Center338
Stoode, J. E.12Wilson23
Stoode, John44Wilson21
Stoode, John6Wilson24
Stoode, M. J.3Wilson25
Stoode, Nancy22Wilson22
Stranghen, A. B.4Peabody1911
Stranghen, H. E.12Peabody1910
Stranghen, J. S.40Peabody198
Stranghen, R. A.41Peabody199
Stufflebeam, F.2Wilson322
Stufflebeam, J.5/12Wilson323
Stufflebeam, L.24Wilson321
Stufflebeam, M. O.30Wilson320
Sullenger, J.7Center109
Sullenger, Jno.35Center108
Summerfield, H.4Branch72
Summerfield, H.28Branch639
Summerfield, H.24Branch640
Summerfield, J.3Branch71
Summerfield, J.1Branch73
Summers, J. W.54Wilson824
Summers, S.54Wilson825
Sweet, A. S.56Peabody1431
Sweet, E. M. 11Peabody1435
Sweet, E. Y.6Peabody1436
Sweet, M. A.15Peabody1433
Sweet, N. E.13Peabody1434
Sweet. S. C.42Peabody1432
Switzer, J. J.30Branch734
Tamiett, F.49Center231
Tamiett, Madam E.36Center232
Terney, (Babe)2/12Peabody2030
Terney, Cal30Peabody2026
Terney, Feliz38Peabody2025
Terney, Julia8Peabody2029
Terney, Thos.10Peabody2028
Terney, Wm.12Peabody2027
Tery, Elen30Center1333
Tery, J.31Center1332
Tery, John10Center1334
Tharp, B. (?).33Peabody1317
Tharp, Cora M.6Peabody1320
Tharp, Ellis4Peabody1321
Tharp, J. W.24Peabody1316
Tharp, L.7Peabody1319
Tharp, P(?).B.17Peabody1318
Thiesen, A. M.31Branch725
Thiesen, C.46Branch1737
Thiesen, D.7Branch181
Thiesen, H.15Branch1738
Thiesen, H.12Branch1739
Thiesen, J.31Branch724
Thiesen, J.9Branch1740
Thiesen, J.42Branch1736
Thoburn, B. Blanche3Peabody2510
Thoburn, E. M. C.38Peabody256
Thoburn, John7Peabody258
Thoburn, Joseph8Peabody257
Thoburn, T. C.45Peabody255
Thoburn, Thos.5Peabody259
Thomas, J. A.20Branch115
Thompson, E.33Branch1134
Thompson, J. A.35Branch1133
Thompson, J. E.6/12Branch1136
Thompson, S. A.2Branch1135
Tidyman, F.25Wilson107
Tra(?), W. H.30Peabody639
Traylor, John H.44Center925
Traylor, Polina17Center927
Traylor, S. J.11Center928
Traylor, S. J.38Center926
Traylor, V. A.3Center930
Traylor, W. S.7Center929
Trenmer(?), E. B.38Center2724
Trenner, Alice7/12Center2727
Trenner, G. A.3Center2726
Trenner(?), M. E.25Center2725
Trideen, C. H.4Peabody208
Trideen, T. M.13Peabody207
Trideen, W. L.15Peabody206
Trimbie, B.30Center1835
Trimbie, Detta3Center1837
Trimbie, James1Center1838
Trimbie, S.28Center1836
Trimble, (?)1Center1224
Trimble, Anna1Center1220
Trimble, Ch___?3Center1223
Trimble, D.22Center1217
Trimble, Elwa7Center1222
Trimble, J. R.45Center1215
Trimble, Jo.9Center1221
Trimble, John14Center1219
Trimble, M. F.40Center1216
Trimble, Mary12Center1218
Tubbs, C.17Wilson612
Tubbs, Fanny12Wilson614
Tubbs, I. M.14Wilson613
Tubbs, Lillian2Wilson617
Tubbs, M. C.40Wilson611
Tubbs, N. A.7Wilson616
Tubbs, S. B.45Wilson610
Tubbs, V. R.9Wilson615
Tucker, H. J.33Branch126
Tucker, Henry63Branch123
Tucker, L. S.21Branch127
Tucker, M. A.23Branch125
Tucker, W. S.18Branch124
Unrich, Benjamin25Risley716
Unrich, Eva22Risley717
Unrich, Henry27Risley79
Unrich, Henry4/12Risley718
Unrich, Wilhelm, 1/12Risley711
Unrue, Andrew8Risley1133
Unrue, Benjamin3/12Risley1129
Unrue, Benjamin6Risley1134
Unrue, David34Risley1130
Unrue, David56Risley1124
Unrue, Eva6Risley1127
Unrue, Eva1Risley1136
Unrue, Helene4Risley1135
Unrue, Helene56Risley1125
Unrue, Mary11Risley1132
Unrue, Peter3/12Risley1128
Unrue, Susan28Risley1131
Unrue, Susan12Risley1126
Unruh, A.10Branch113
Unruh, A.48Branch1040
Unruh, C.16Branch521
Unruh, D.17Branch112
Unruh, D.11Branch523
Unruh, D.5Branch1036
Unruh, E.13Branch522
Unruh, E.21Branch830
Unruh, E.16Branch833
Unruh, E.6Branch525
Unruh, H.18Branch520
Unruh, H.26Branch834
Unruh, H.10Branch114
Unruh, H.44Branch1039
Unruh, H.6/12Branch1038
Unruh, H.63Branch828
Unruh, H.46Branch518
Unruh, H.59Branch829
Unruh, H.9Branch1034
Unruh, H.31Branch1032
Unruh, H.25Peabody1211
Unruh, J.3Branch1037
Unruh, J.9Branch524
Unruh, J.36Branch1031
Unruh, J.12Branch1033
Unruh, J.36Branch517
Unruh, M.20Branch519
Unruh, M.6Branch115
Unruh, P.19Branch111
Unruh, P.7Branch1035
Unruh, S.18Branch832
Unruh, S.20Branch831
Unruh, Susan19Peabody1210
Unurah, Ben50Center2740
Unurah, Eva29Center281
Unurah, Eva2/12Center283
Unurah, Sarah6Center282
Van Tuyl, J.37Branch628
Vandenburgh, C. P.27Peabody727
Vandenburgh, D.58Peabody726
Vandenburgh, G. P.63Peabody725
Vandenburgh, M.22Peabody728
Vanloump(?), A.11Center115
VanScoik, A.28Wilson11
VanScoik, A.18Wilson12
Vantrees, Babe1/12Peabody27
Vantrees, C. W.34Peabody21
Vantrees, Chas P.2Peabody26
Vantrees, E. R.25Peabody22
Vantrees, G. G.4Peabody25
Vantrees, Theadore7Peabody23
Vantrees, W. S.5Peabody24
Vantuyl, J. F.2Branch631
Vantuyl, P.26Branch629
Vantuyl, R. J.4Branch630
Vantuyl, W. E.3/12Branch632
Vaughen, L. E.35Peabody2120
Vaughen, L. P.41Peabody2119
Vaughen, P. T.5Peabody2122
Vaughen, R.3Peabody2123
Vaughen, S. B.7Peabody2121
Virling, August18Center215
Virling, Charles37Center211
Virling, Geo.7Center214
Virling, Isabella37Center212
Voth, A.49Branch1315
Voth, C.20Branch421
Voth, C.16Branch740
Voth, C.56Branch736
Voth, Cornelius2Risley940
Voth, D.25Branch738
Voth, David42Risley933
Voth, E.6Branch413
Voth, H.5Branch414
Voth, H.16Branch1316
Voth, H.9Branch1321
Voth, H.14Branch1319
Voth, H.8Branch412
Voth, H.26Branch737
Voth, H.11Branch529
Voth, Helen10Risley938
Voth, Henry16Risley72
Voth, Henry14Risley936
Voth, J.12Branch411
Voth, J.22Branch420
Voth, J.15Branch1317
Voth, J.14Branch528
Voth, J.8Branch1318
Voth, J.40Branch526
Voth, J.48Branch1314
Voth, Jacob7Risley939
Voth, John52Branch48
Voth, Julia15Risley73
Voth, K.48Branch49
Voth, M.11Branch1320
Voth, Mary38Risley934
Voth, Mary16Risley935
Voth, P.60Branch735
Voth, S.23Branch527
Voth, S.15Branch410
Voth, S.19Branch739
Voth, Sarah12Risley937
Wadle, J.12Center2021
Waldorf, I. C.6Branch1627
Waldorf, M. A.5Branch1628
Waldorf, M. I. M.3/12Branch1630
Waldorf, M. L.25Branch1626
Waldorf, M. L.3Branch1629
Waldorf, S.36Branch1625
Waley, J. T.26Center2521
Wandle, E.22Center1538
Wandle, Jno35Center1537
Ward, P. F.20Branch226
Wareham, A. R.28Branch1228
Wareham, C.58Branch1231
Wareham, C. E.67Branch1230
Wareham, C. H.29Branch1227
Wareham, E. L.18Branch1233
Wareham, J. W.19Branch1232
Wareham, M. E.1Branch1229
Warfield, J. B.32Risley719
Warfield, Sarah32Risley720
Waring, Jas16Peabody1124
Waring, W. W.51Peabody1123
Warketeen, M.25Branch44
Warketeen, P.26Branch43
Warren, Eddie10Peabody312
Warren, Katie M.13Peabody311
Warte, E. R.9Center19
Warte, H.37Center17
Warte, J. H.9Center111
Warte, M. A.13Center18
Warte, S. A.39Center16
Warte, S. B.7Center110
Watson, C.41Wilson32
Watson, F. W.9Wilson35
Watson, John85Wilson326
Watson, L. J.17Wilson33
Watson, M. A.14Wilson34
Watson, Robt48Wilson31
Weaver, A. F.15Wilson422
Weaver, F. B.7Wilson423
Weaver, N. J.28Wilson420
Weaver, W. A.40Wilson419
Weaver, Wm.13Wilson421
Webb, Frank41Wilson216
Webb, Helen35Wilson217
Webb, Minnie15Wilson218
Webb, Nellie13Wilson219
Webber, A. M.3Center2329
Webber, C.32Center2325
Webber, Eva1Center2330
Webber, F.5Center2328
Webber, Jno8Center2326
Webber, L.6Center2327
Weber, Jacob L.34Center2324
Webster, A. (?).35Peabody121
Webster, A. G.7Peabody124
Webster, Allis M.5Risley229
Webster, Isaac M.1/12Risley231
Webster, L. M.10Peabody122
Webster, L. T.36Peabody1140
Webster, Mary J.26Risley228
Webster, R. G.7Peabody123
Webster, Randolph25Risley227
Webster, Wilbert2Risley230
Wedel, Anna13Risley924
Wedel, Anna64Risley1311
Wedel, Cornelius39Risley135
Wedel, Cornelius4RIsley139
Wedel, Cornelius38Risley921
Wedel, Cornelius15Risley923
Wedel, Elizabeth26Risley1313
Wedel, Eva29Risley1312
Wedel, Eva29Risley922
Wedel, Henry10Risley1315
Wedel, Henry3Risley927
Wedel, Jacob7Risley926
Wedel, Mary1Risley1310
Wedel, Peter10Risley925
Wedel, Peter9Risley137
Wedel, Susan37Risley136
Wedel, Susan6Risley138
Wedel, Susanna24Risley1314
Wedle, Eva12Center207
Wedle, Jacob(?)16Risley108
Weekly, M. W.75Peabody2240
Weekly, W. ?.40Peabody2239
Weeks, Albert1Peabody17
Weeks, Alice6Peabody15
Weeks, H. E.25Peabody2431
Weeks, Hattie10Peabody13
Weeks, James8Peabody14
Weeks, Joseph34Peabody11
Weeks, Mary32Peabody12
Weeks, Saml5Peabody16
Weepe, Abram17Center2038
Weepe, E. J.14Center2039
Weepe, Marerett(?)32Center2037
Weepe, Nicholass12Center2040
Wegerer, B.25Wilson720
Wegerer, Frank33Wilson717
Wegerer, J.35Wilson736
Wegerer, M.25Wilson719
Wegerer, M. C.1Wilson721
Wegerer, Martin23Risley97
Wegerer, S.23Wilson718
Wegonas (?), F.20Peabody637
Weidline, Alice G.8Peabody322
Weidline, H. S.32Peabody321
Weidline, J. P.4Peabody324
Weidline, Mabel2Peabody325
Weidline, T.33Peabody320
Weidline, Wilbert6Peabody323
Welsh, J. E.4Wilson116
Welsh, J. L.9Wilson114
Welsh, Jane39Wilson112
Welsh, John S.47Wilson111
Welsh, R. E.7Wilson115
Welsh, S. J.13Wilson113
Wend(?), J.?Center1539
Wertz, C. W.3Peabody537
Wertz, M. E.25Peabody536
Wertz, Matt30Peabody535
Westbrook, Albert20Wilson1017
Westbrook, Delia23Wilson1016
Westbrook, E.46Wilson1015
Westbrook, J. W.49Wilson1014
Westbrook, Jennie15Wilson1020
Westbrook, Jos17Wilson1019
Westbrook, Lina19Wilson1018
Westbrook, W. 14Peabody1813
Westbrook, Wm.12Wilson1021
Westerhouse, E. H.42Branch25
Westerhouse, E. L.70Branch29
Westerhouse, J.6Branch26
Westerhouse, J. H.38Branch24
Westerhouse, M. A.5Branch27
Westerhouse, S. C.2Branch28
Whaley, S. A.23Center2522
Wheeler, A. A.34Peabody712
Wheeler, C. O.10Wilson334
Wheeler, C. S.6Wilson336
Wheeler, F. L.21Wilson333
Wheeler, H. R.40Wilson332
Wheeler, L. H.8Wilson335
Wheeler, L. P.45Wilson331
Wheeler, R. M.85Wilson337
Wheeler, V. M.26Peabody713
Whipple, A.22Wilson813
Whipple, Addie16Wilson814
Whipple, C. M.45Wilson811
Whipple, Chas.9Wilson817
Whipple, E.12Wilson815
Whipple, Mary23Wilson812
Whipple, N. A.49Wilson810
Whipple, R.10Wilson816
White, A.21Peabody1719
White, C. E.4Peabody1720
White, F. G.5/12Peabody915
White, F. J.26Peabody911
White, G.30Peabody913
White, M. J.25Peabody912
White, R. A.25Peabody914
White, Z. B.1Peabody1721
Whitney, Arvilla22Risley237
Whitney, C. P.25Center107
Whitney, Chas. E.30Risley917
Whitney, Clara1Risley919
Whitney, J. W.26Risley236
Whitney, Julia6/12Risley920
Whitney, L. A.1Risley238
Whitney, M. E.3/12Risley239
Whitney, Sarah25Risley918
Wiebe, Anna2Risley104
Wiebe, Catherine16Risley516
Wiebe, Eustena41Risley515
Wiebe, Henry4Risley103
Wiebe, Jacob39Risley514
Wiebe, Jacob4Risley517
Wiebe, John3Risley518
Wiebe, Peter5/12Risley105
Wiebe, Peter27Risley101
Wiebe, Sarah27Risley102
Wigglesworth, (Babe)1/12Peabody940
Wigglesworth, A. E.13Peabody938
Wigglesworth, Bessie6Peabody939
Wigglesworth, E. T.39Peabody936
Wigglesworth, M. A.27Peabody937
Wilber, (?)9Peabody172
Wilber, (?). L.16Peabody1640
Wilber, Alfred4Peabody173
Wilber, E.9/12Peabody175
Wilber, E. W.30Peabody1638
Wilber, H.6Peabody174
Wilber, M. L.26Peabody1639
Wilber, P. E.11Peabody171
Wiley, O. W.30Peabody640
Will, M.6Center2626
Will, N.30Center2625
Will, N.4Center2627
Will, Peter35Center2624
Williams, -2/12Wilson110
Williams, C. B.8Wilson16
Williams, E. M.4Wilson18
Williams, J. W.32Center87
Williams, J. W.34Wilson14
Williams, M. A.6Wilson17
Williams, Mary32Wilson15
Williams, W. T.24Peabody430
Williams, Wm. A.2Wilaon19
Wincan, E.48Center1632
Wincan, J.19Center1633
Wincan, Jacob50Center1631
Wincan, Thos11Center1634
Wineberger (?), Henry34Peabody410
Wingert, E.35Branch147
Wingert, H.41Branch146
Wingert, J. F.8Branch149
Wingert, M. A.13Branch148
Winkley, C. W.5Wilson319
Winkley, E.28Wilson315
Winkley, J. F.10Wilson317
Winkley, J. H.8Wilson318
Winkley, M.46Wilson313
Winkley, M.31Wilson314
Winkley, R.15Wilson316
Winkley, Thos.55Wilson312
Wise, Mary16Peabody638
Wittmor(?), H. ?.63Center1010
Wohlgemuth, Abraham9Risley412
Wohlgemuth, Cornelius8Risley318
Wohlgemuth, Elizabeth18Risley34
Wohlgemuth, Francis10Risley512
Wohlgemuth, Gerhard28Risley333
Wohlgemuth, Gerhard5Risley335
Wohlgemuth, Helene29Risley410
Wohlgemuth, Helene3/12Risley414
Wohlgemuth, John6Risley618
Wohlgemuth, Justina28Risley334
Wohlgemuth, Mary4Risley336
Wohlgemuth, Mary7Risley413
Wohlgemuth, Peter9Risley411
Wohlgemuth, Peter31Risley49
Wohlgemuth, Wilhelm16Risley519
Wood, H. E.31Branch128
Wood, S. F.24Branch129
Woodward, Alva66Risley134
Woodward, George7Risley1238
Woodward, James2Risley1240
Woodward, Luman19Risley135
Woodward, Moses34Risley1235
Woodward, Nannie8Risley1237
Woodward, Polly28Risley1236
Woodward, Sherman5Risley1239
Woolheater, E. H.16Peabody827
Woolheater, J. E.18Peabody826
Woolheater, R. L.48Peabody825
Wreem, E. M.30Center718
Wreem, Hanah55Center719
Wreem, Wm.36Center717
Wren, Dan'l27Wilson711
Wren, Erie5Wilson714
Wren, Lilly3Wilson715
Wren, Lucy20Wilson712
Wren, Walter7Wilson713
Wren, Wm.6/12Wilson716
Wrett, M. J.21Center916
Yans, Mary75Risley1111
Yate, Aganetha8Risley212
Yates, Eliza17Peabody138
Yates, Elizabeth5Risley1016
Yates, Elizabeth10Risley134
Yates, Ettie10Peabody1310
Yates, Eva2Risley1017
Yates, Henry14Risley1013
Yates, Henry40Risley1011
Yates, Hollie13Peabody139
Yates, Peter8Risley1014
Yates, Robt19Peabody1311
Yates, Sarah38Risley1012
Yates, Sarah5Risley1015
York, Benj26Peabody1528
York, Thos26Peabody1529
Young, C. B.12Peabody2334
Young, D. A.5Peabody2333
Young, D. C.9Peabody2331
Young, E. A.32Peabody2330
Young, E. J.30Center1312
Young, H. W.4Center1314
Young, Hattie E.12Center1313
Young, J. M.36Center1311
Young, W. C.37Peabody2329
Young, W. T.7Peabody2332
Zuhars, H. B.5Branch321
Zuhars, M. E.31Branch317
Zuhars, T. B.8Branch320
Zuhars, W. G.39Branch316