Compiled by Esther M. Thieszen

Mennonite Library and Archives
Bethel College
North Newton, Kansas

Names appear exactly as they are in the microfilmed census returns, as best we could decipher them. Entries consist of the person’s name, age, township (or city), page number, and line number. There are 5045 people in the 1875 Harvey County census.

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NameAgeTownshipPageLine #
Abbott, A. J.42Newton Twp415
Abbott, Alice6Newton Twp418
Abbott, Clarence3Newton Twp419
Abbott, Geo. O.8Newton Twp417
Abbott, J. E.24Newton Twp610
Abbott, L. L.48Emma324
Abbott, Raymond1Newton Twp420
Abbott, Ruth30Newton Twp416
Abbott, S. J.48Newton Twp69
Adams, A. E.2Alta736
Adams, Alice27Newton Twp87
Adams, Bell2Newton Twp89
Adams, C.31Sedgwick56
Adams, Geo. W.4Alta735
Adams, J. N.54Sedgwick55
Adams, John25Newton1724
Adams, John37Newton Twp86
Adams, M. S.6Alta734
Adams, Mary23Alta733
Adams, Maurice11Sedgwick57
Adams, May5Newton Twp88
Adams, Myrtle7Sedgwick58
Adams, Thos.36Alta732
Adamson, A.28Sedgwick417
Adamson, A. O.18Darlington233
Adamson, C. A.8Darlington237
Adamson, J. E.37Darlington231
Adamson, K.38Darlington232
Adamson, K. A.17Darlington234
Adamson, M. M.6/12Darlington239
Adamson, O. O.15Darlington235
Adamson, R. E.6Darlington238
Adamson, S. O.10Darlington236
Adrian, Anna5Alta424
Adrian, Catharine36Alta420
Adrian, Catharine9Alta423
Adrian, Frank38Alta419
Adrian, Frank13Alta421
Adrian, Jacob11Alta422
Adrian, Maria2Garden622
Adrian, Peter6/12Garden623
Adrian, Peter25Garden619
Adrian, Susana4Garden621
Adrian, Susana21Garden620
Ady, J. W.24Newton193
Ainsworth, B.5Newton1113
Ainsworth, C. A.29Newton1110
Ainsworth, Danl35Newton119
Ainsworth, H.9Newton1111
Ainsworth, T. P.7Newton1112
Akins, H. L.25Macon612
Akins, Lee16Macon614
Akins, S.48Macon611
Akins, W. P.18Macon613
Allen, Alfred50Halstead923
Allen, Hannah E.19Halstead931
Allen, J. H. 17Halstead926
Allen, Mary J.15Halstead927
Allen, Melvina3/12Halstead932
Allen, Nancy E.50Halstead924
Allen, Phoebe C.13Halstead928
Allen, Sarah H.10Halstead929
Allen, Solomon20Halstead925
Allen, Wesley27Halstead935
Allen, William22Halstead930
Allerson, A.3Newton Twp79
Allerson, Ben11/12Newton Twp710
Allerson, J. G.6Newton Twp78
Allerson, L. J.25Newton Twp77
Allerson, R. T.35Newton Twp76
Allsop, M. E.17Macon315
Allsop, M. J.15Macon316
Almond, Clara5Alta116
Almond, L. C.43Alta113
Almond, May B.14Alta115
Almond, S. E.42Alta114
Altman, D. M.36Emma139
Altman, H. 34Emma138
Anderson, A. W.14Lakin632
Anderson, Carrie4Pleasant318
Anderson, Clara25Newton1613
Anderson, Eliza12Lakin633
Anderson, Emma10Lakin634
Anderson, Estelle35Macon428
Anderson, F. H.8/12Newton1614
Anderson, I.2Macon431
Anderson, J. M.33Newton1612
Anderson, J. W.12Pleasant315
Anderson, Jas H.37Macon427
Anderson, M. E.40Emma113
Anderson, Mary45Lakin630
Anderson, Mary40Pleasant313
Anderson, N. A.5Pleasant317
Anderson, Nellie4Lakin635
Anderson, R. F.52Lakin629
Anderson, R. H.17Lakin631
Anderson, T. J.6Pleasant316
Anderson, Tennessee16Newton14
Anderson, Tennessee15Pleasant314
Andrews, H. H.31Darlington19
Angood, (?). A.38Richland313
Angood, F. B.12Richland315
Angood, M. L.1Richland316
Angood, T. R.42Richland312
Angood, W. H.17Richland314
Armour, A. Jane19Lakin119
Armour, J. A.7Lakin124
Armour, James44Lakin116
Armour, Jane44Lakin117
Armour, John21Lakin118
Armour, Joseph14Lakin121
Armour, Margaret5Lakin125
Armour, Robt11Lakin122
Armour, Samuel9Lakin123
Armour, Susan16Lakin120
Armstrong, E. B.6/12Lakin339
Armstrong, E(?)inle14Lakin336
Armstrong, Fany22Lakin334
Armstrong, Harmon16Lakin335
Armstrong, I. K.2(?)Lakin338
Armstrong, Seth R.5Lakin337
Armstrong, W. C.40Lakin333
Arnold, A.29Emma340
Arnold, Abbie2Emma43
Arnold, B. C.31Newton134
Arnold, David41Richland238
Arnold, G. W.32Emma339
Arnold, J. G.23Walton437
Arnold, L. E.3Emma42
Arnold, O. A.24Richland239
Arnold, Orion9Emma41
Arrowsmith, R. H.32Lakin133
Ashbaugh, E. E.26Newton1416
Ashbaugh, F. M.2Newton1418
Ashbaugh, H. C.30Newton1415
Ashbaugh, Hattie4/12Newton1419
Ashbaugh, M. A.4Newton1417
Ashford, Ella28Lakin540
Ashley, E. H.22Darlington516
Ashley, J. M.58Darlington517
Ashworth, Anna65Darlington417
Ashworth, Edmund60Darlington416
Ashworth, S. E.35Darlington418
Ashworth, Sg(?)25Darlington338
Aultman, C.67Newton327
Aultman, Laura21Newton328
Austen, E. G.28Valley11
Bachman, Helena22Garden429
Bachman, Henry7Garden430
Bachman, Jer42Garden428
Bachman, Saml5Garden431
Backus, Clara24Newton1611
Badger, Maggie24Newton1420
Badger, Nelley21Newton1829
Baecker, -FemaleHalstead534
Baecker, -MaleHalstead533
Baecker, -MaleHalstead532
Baecker, -MaleHalstead531
Baecker, -FemaleHalstead530
Baecker, -FemaleHalstead535
Baecker, Andrew20Halstead528
Baecker, Jacob35Halstead529
Baggett, A. S.32Walton1013
Baggett, E. L.2Walton1017
Baggett, J. N.6Walton1016
Baggett, S. C.29Walton1014
Baggett, Sarah8Walton1015
Bailey, H. W.30Richland530
Baker, -10Lakin415
Baker, -3Lakin417
Baker, -2Lakin418
Baker, -8Lakin416
Baker, -30Lakin414
Baker, A.34Newton1040
Baker, A. L.14Valley18
Baker, A. W.45Newton Twp324
Baker, Armine(?)10Valley19
Baker, Benjamin25Lakin413
Baker, C. A.27Newton111
Baker, Ely17Newton1318
Baker, Martha23Newton Twp325
Baker, Martha8Valley110
Baker, Oliver1Newton Twp327
Balchetos, John41Alta311
Balchetos, Mary36Alta312
Ballah, A.9Emma412
Ballah, Cath.42Emma45
Ballah, E. J.13Emma49
Ballah, F.5Emma414
Ballah, H.6Emma413
Ballah, J.16Emma47
Ballah, J. L.15Emma48
Ballah, Jas12Emma410
Ballah, John35Emma415
Ballah, R. 17Emma46
Ballah, S.48Emma44
Ballah, W. H.11Emma411
Ballard, A. W.31Valley129
Ballard, C. W.4Valley131
Ballard, Chas4Garden325
Ballard, Foster8Garden323
Ballard, Ida6/12Garden326
Ballard, Jno.41Garden318
Ballard, Jno.10Garden322
Ballard, Joseph6Garden324
Ballard, P.38Garden319
Ballard, Rosetta15Garden320
Ballard, S. E.15Valley130
Ballard, Sarah12Garden321
Ballon, Alico3Darlington623
Ballon, E. M.32Darlington621
Ballon, M. M.32Darlington622
Banager, J.29Newton Twp532
Banks, D. E.13Newton55
Banks, Lola V.15Newton54
Banks, N. A.7Newton57
Banks, S. D.1Newton58
Banks, Sarah36Newton53
Banks, W. H.10Newton56
Banks, W. H.37Newton52
Bard, Jerry28Halstead37
Barnes, C. W.35Sedgwick536
Barnes, K.18Sedgwick537
Barnhisel, F. C.31Macon113
Barnhisel, L. (?)31Macon114
Bartlbaugh, A. L.35Newton Twp436
Bartlbaugh, E. A.28Newton Twp437
Barton, C. T.26Emma28
Bassett, Addie31Newton92
Bassett, Flora8Newton94
Bassett, Floyd11Newton93
Bassett, Louy4Newton95
Bassett, O. S.35Newton91
Batdorf, Charles18Newton Twp63
Batdorf, Harry7Newton Twp67
Batdorf, Jacob46Newton Twp61
Batdorf, Jennie14Newton Twp65
Batdorf, L.16Newton Twp64
Batdorf, Matilda42Newton Twp62
Batdorf, Salley12Newton Twp66
Beach, (?)22Valley13
Beach, Dwight23Valley12
Bean, W. H.35Emma536
Beans, J. T.13RIchland331
Bear, C. G.23Sedgwick25
Beauchamp, G. W.26Sedgwick327
Beauchamp, M. A.29Sedgwick328
Becker, A.38Newton1324
Becker, A.53Pleasant837
Becker, A. E.4Newton1814
Becker, C. A.5Newton1326
Becker, C. M.27Newton1812
Becker, F. A.2Newton1815
Becker, J. C.7Newton1813
Becker, J. P.1Darlington435
Becker, Jacob39Pleasant836
Becker, Lavona30Newton1325
Becker, Lida10Halstead210
Becker, Mate5Halstead211
Becker, Peter4Darlington434
Becker, Peter A.31Newton1811
Becker, S.27Darlington433
Becker, S.27Darlington432
Beery, H. S.29Walton832
Bell, Aggie6Walton228
Bell, C.31Lake120
Bell, E. A.27Macon25
Bell, G.9Lake125
Bell, H. J.4Macon26
Bell, H. L.1/4Macon28
Bell, Ida5Lake121
Bell, Isabel30Walton226
Bell, J. C.15Lake122
Bell, J. H.11Lake124
Bell, J. J.7Walton618
Bell, J. M.4/12Walton230
Bell, Jas37Walton225
Bell, L. (?)28Macon24
Bell, Mary3Walton229
Bell, N. P.39Lake119
Bell, O.7Lake126
Bell, W. L.2Macon27
Bell, W. P.13Lake123
Bell, Wm.8Walton227
Bennett, H. E.28Newton106
Bennett, J. T.27Halstead640
Benson, Eveleen6Sedgwick513
Benson, F. M.36Sedgwick512
Benson, J. M.45Sedgwick511
Benson, M.34Lakin45
Benthusen, F. A.43Halstead614
Benthusen, G. F.42Halstead613
Benthusen, G. W.19Halstead615
Benthusen, N. C.16Halstead616
Bentley, S. P.36Newton540
Bently, Lotta34Newton61
Berry, Anna7Newton28
Berry, Charles30Newton26
Berry, Johney2Newton29
Berry, L. (?)15Macon430
Berry, L. M.17Macon429
Berry, Lizie27Newton27
Billan, Chas30Emma35
Billan, Eddie3Emma37
Billan, Henry15Emma34
Billan, Kate1Emma38
Billan, M.55Emma32
Billan, Mary24Emma36
Billan, Phil18Emma33
Billan, Phil55Emma31
Billicks, Frank1Newton Twp515
Billicks, Joseph36Newton Twp513
Billicks, M. M.30Newton Twp514
Birdsey, A. P.18Newton718
Birdsey, Aurrilla14Newton719
Bishop, M. M.28Richland529
Black, Archie A.8/12Halstead213
Black, Arthur A.8/12Halstead212
Black, Eddie8Emma129
Black, Frank15Emma126
Black, Jennie10Emma128
Black, Julia13Emma127
Black, M. E.30Halstead29
Black, W. H.30Halstead28
Black, Wm26Macon638
Blades, (?)ann56Valley118
Blades, Albert25Valley116
Blades, Anna3Valley115
Blades, Burton5Valley114
Blades, Clara18Valley119
Blades, Henryetta12Valley121
Blades, J. T.57Valley117
Blades, J. W.32Valley111
Blades, Joann15Valley120
Blades, Lizzie27Valley112
Blades, Orvil7Valley113
Blake, E. B.52Newton1620
Blake, Jas.61Newton1619
Blake, John23Darlington123
Blakely, H.25Walton325
Blakemere, Frank45Newton834
Blakemere, Nancy39Newton835
Blakemere, O. L.19Newton836
Blakesly, E.2Alta214
Blakesly, G. A.1/2Alta215
Blakesly, K. B.6Alta212
Blakesly, M. A.4Alta213
Blakesly, M. E.25Alta211
Blakesly, Wm.30Alta210
Bland, Maggie5Lakin539
Bleakney, R.24Pleasant48
Blear, Alice3/12Emma313
Blear, Frank30Emma39
Blear, Frank4Emma311
Blear, Ida2Emma312
Blear, Rheba30Emma310
Bleeker, E. V.3Walton620
Bleeker, H. L.10Walton617
Bleeker, J. A.37Walton615
Bleeker, L. L.1Walton621
Bleeker, Lilly5Walton619
Bleeker, M. E.28Walton616
Block, -FemaleHalstead1017
Block, -MaleHalstead1019
Block, -FemaleHalstead1023
Block, -FemaleHalstead1022
Block, -MaleHalstead1018
Block, -MaleHalstead1021
Block, Jacob40Halstead1016
Bonham, Anielia15Garden54
Bonham, Baby3/12Garden58
Bonham, C. R.8/12Emma233
Bonham, Charles2Garden57
Bonham, Edwin8Garden55
Bonham, Francis38Garden51
Bonham, Francis4Garden56
Bonham, H. S.4Emma232
Bonham, Harvey17Garden53
Bonham, Jemimah37Garden52
Bonham, L.35Emma227
Bonham, M. J.30Emma228
Bonham, Nancy13Emma229
Bonham, R. J.10Emma230
Bonham, Wm. M.6Emma231
Booth, G. C.57Macon238
Booth, Julia A.12Valley17
Booth, M. (?)15Valley16
Booth, Mary42Valley15
Booth, W. S.52Valley14
Borden, A. M.35Halstead329
Borden, Ella1Halstead338
Borden, Eva4Halstead337
Borden, Katie24Halstead330
Borden, Maud4Halstead332
Borden, Merritt6Halstead331
Borden, Merville1Halstead333
Borden, O. J. M.31Halstead334
Borden, Rhoda6Halstead336
Borden, Sarah26Halstead335
Bowers, A.44Newton526
Bowers, Alvin10Newton531
Bowers, Clarence16Newton529
Bowers, Elizebeth43Newton527
Bowers, Frank18Newton528
Bowers, Lincoln14Newton530
Bowers, Owen6Newton532
Bowman, A. C.16Newton1020
Bowman, A. E.46Newton1017
Bowman, C. E.22Newton1018
Bowman, C. S.35Newton639
Bowman, Clarry34Newton640
Bowman, Ella6/12Newton74
Bowman, Harry3Newton73
Bowman, J. H.49Newton1016
Bowman, L. A.19Newton1019
Bowman, Lizie17Newton75
Bowman, Nina5Newton72
Bowman, Ola7Newton71
Boyd, Gastin31Newton623
Boyd, Lois3Newton626
Boyd, Mable5Newton625
Boyd, S. M.30Newton624
Bradley, Albert6Halstead56
Bradley, Mollie26Halstead55
Bragunier, J.34Newton108
Bragunier, Mauda3Newton1010
Bragunier, S. R.26Newton109
Brandon, A. E.33Newton117
Brandon, I.13Newton118
Brannan, C.12Newton1214
Brannan, Ed T.4Newton1217
Brannan, J. P.10Newton1215
Brannan, Jas.40Newton1211
Brannan, M. A.14Newton1213
Brannan, M. M.38Newton1212
Brannan, M. W.6Newton1216
Brannin, A. L.13Newton Twp119
Brannin, C. L.11Newton Twp120
Brannin, E. C.3Newton Twp123
Brannin, G. E.6/12Newton Ywp124
Brannin, G. W.15Newton Twp118
Brannin, J. C.5Newton Twp122
Brannin, Joshua41Newton Twp115
Brannin, M. C.18Newton Twp117
Brannin, M. J.40Newton Twp116
Brannin, S. E.8Newton Twp121
Brannine, G. W.38Halstead18
Brannine, S. E.36Halstead19
Brazee, A. R.24Richland12
Brazee, C. S.28Richland11
Brazee, Geo11/12Richland13
Brazee, Geo. E.25Richland14
Breck, C. A.3Alta623
Breck, Elizabeth15Alta620
Breck, H. B. R.55Alta618
Breck, Helen12Alta621
Breck, Henry1Alta624
Breck, Josephene10Alta622
Breck, Martha42Alta619
Brenn, Flora18Newton1736
Brenn, Sam30Newton1735
Brewer, A. J.29Halstead810
Brewer, A. J.26Halstead811
Brewer, B. E.8Halstead131
Brewer, Effie J.12Halstead130
Brewer, G. W.35Halstead129
Brewer, Ira E.5Halstead133
Brewer, James63Halstead134
Brewer, Jesse9/12Halstead812
Brewer, Myrtle1Halstead138
Brewer, Nora20Halstead137
Brewer, R.63Halstead135
Brewer, S. D.27Halstead136
Brewer, W. G.7Halstead132
Brigham, Carrie7Walton130
Brigham, J.46Walton129
Brigham, Jas49Walton128
Bronn, Baby2/12Newton Twp730
Bronn, Delia5Newton Twp728
Bronn, Sarah21Newton Twp 727
Bronn, Thomas26Newton Twp726
Bronn, Wm.3Newton Twp729
Brooks, A. C.14Newton Twp331
Brooks, A. G.12Newton Twp332
Brooks, Carrie23Newton83
Brooks, E. C.28Newton82
Brooks, J. C.39Newton Twp328
Brooks, J. E.8Newton Twp334
Brooks, J. M.1Newton Twp336
Brooks, L. L.10Newton Twp333
Brooks, M. C.16Newton Twp330
Brooks, O. P.6Newton Twp335
Brooks, S. J.39Newton Twp329
Brown, -5/12Halstead99
Brown, A.35Walton1115
Brown, Agnes4Walton1116
Brown, Bertha2Walton1117
Brown, C. S.33Halstead223
Brown, Crary, 59Sedgwick638
Brown, Elisabeth38Halstead92
Brown, Emma8Halstead97
Brown, Ephraim14Halstead95
Brown, F. H.41Sedgwick639
Brown, Frank25Halstead59
Brown, J. E.34Walton1114
Brown, L. D.17Sedgwick640
Brown, Lother4Halstead98
Brown, Lucinda18Halstead93
Brown, M. Belle5/12Halstead226
Brown, M. J.33 Macon116
Brown, Mary16Halstead94
Brown, R. H.6Halstead225
Brown, Rdgar43Halstead91
Brown, Reuben26Halstead937
Brown, Sarah30Halstead224
Brown, W. E.16Sedgwick641
Brown, William12Halstead96
Brown, Wm.38Macon115
Bruce, Frank9Newton111
Bruce, H. T.31Newton19
Bruce, Sarah28Newton110
Bruner, Agness32Valley123
Bruner, Albert10/12Newton432
Bruner, Edward4Valley127
Bruner, Ellen6Valley126
Bruner, Harry3Valley128
Bruner, Henry32Newton429
Bruner, Henry3Newton431
Bruner, J. B.42(?)Valley122
Bruner, Mary30Newton430
Bruner, Myra9Valley125
Bruner, Robbert10Valley124
Bryant, John24Darlington129
Budren, Frank18Newton179
Buler, Ward24Walton135
Buller, -33Halstead1037
Buller, -12Halstead1038
Buller, Jacob35Halstead1036
Buller, Lena18Halstead710
Bullmer, A. L.48Newton1827
Bullmer, Henry63Newton1826
Bunker, H. W.33Newton1916
Burgess, E.34Emma220
Burgess, G. G.28Emma219
Burgess, H.2Emma221
Burnell, A. E.35Newton Twp58
Burnell, Carrie12Newton Twp510
Burnell, Laury10Newton Twp511
Burnell, R. M.36Newton Twp59
Burnes, Charles16Newton426
Burrons, J. H.26Lake133
Burrons, L.21Lake134
Burrows, Thomas25Halstead1030
Buse, Chas12Walton612
Buse, Marcus46Walton611
Butler, Chas. R.7Halstead311
Butler, Francis8/12Halstead313
Butler, H. H.9Halstead310
Butler, Mary29Halstead39
Butler, Mary3Halstead312
Butler, S. H.33Halstead38
Butter, A. E.6Walton1018
Butter, N. C.3Walton1019
Butter, Thos65Walton1020
Butter, W. V.17Walton1021
Cadruns, Chas. W.17Lakin310
Cadruns, H. C.11Lakin313
Cadruns, L. F.39Lakin38
Cadruns, L. J.42Lakin39
Cadruns, M. J.15Lakin311
Cadruns, W. G.12Lakin312
Cadwell, A. R.1Lake422
Cadwell, C. H.3Lake419
Cadwell, E.10Lake418
Cadwell, E. C.34Lake417
Cadwell, M. A.32Lake420
Cadwell, M. F.5Lake421
Cady, Chas29Walton1228
Cady, Geo4/12Walton1230
Cady, Lizzy20Walton1229
Cafferty, B. V.3/12Sedgwick1135
Cafferty, L. B.3Sedgwick1134
Cafferty, M. E.33Sedgwick1132
Cafferty, Maud5Sedgwick1133
Cafferty, T. S.33Sedgwick1131
Calander, Geo.35Newton15
Calderhead, Silas15Newton1838
Calderhead, Wm.32Newton1837
Calhown, A. A.4Walton726
Calhown, Mary1Walton727
Calhown, N. C.36Walton723
Calhown, S. E.25Walton724
Calhown, W. E.6Walton725
Calvert, Estes19Darlington112
Calvert, Nancy51Darlington111
Calvert, Thomas54Darlington110
Camp, D.37Lake337
Camp, G. D.12Lake339
Camp, J. M.1Lake41
Camp, N.31Lake338
Camp, N. A.7Lake340
Canely, A. R.31Pleasant126
Canely, C. F.57Pleasant123
Canely, John68Pleasant122
Canely, L. L.16Pleasant125
Canely, M.4Pleasant128
Canely, S. E.31Pleasant127
Canely, S. W.20Pleasant124
Cannon, E. I.7Newton1032
Cannon, G. W.20Newton1029
Cannon, H. B.43Newton1028
Cannon, J. E.19Newton1030
Cannon, R. H.14Newton1031
Carlim(?), Mary6Macon333
Carter, Geo.25Newton1918
Cavanaugh, G. W.15Sedgwick1226
Cavaney, A. V.10/12Newton48
Cavaney, E. M.8Newton45
Cavaney, Louisa31Newton44
Cavaney, M. E.6Newton46
Cavaney, M. S.3Newton47
Cavaney, S. L.33Newton43
Caveny, A. V.4/12Walton919
Caveny, J. L.34Walton914
Caveny, L. A.8Walton916
Caveny, Louisa32Walton915
Caveny, M. A.3Walton918
Caveny, M. E.6Walton917
Cayten, A. B.7Newton1539
Cayten, Rebecca32Newton1537
Cayten, S. M.8Newton1538
Cayten, Wm. H.34Newton1536
Cerrie, Jennie20Newton1430
Chamberlain, J. H.33Sedgwick112
Chamberlin, H.8Sedgwick715
Chamberlin, I.31Sedgwick714
Chamberlin, S.36Newton1535
Chamberlin, S. C.36Pleasant335
Chamberlin, W. B.38Sedgwick713
Chambers, Alonzo23Newton610
Chambers, Amos48Newton68
Chambers, Amos14Newton611
Chambers, B. F.22Macon17
Chambers, Dan5Newton612
Chambers, E. D.51Macon16
Chambers, G. W.15Macon110
Chambers, L. B.13Macon111
Chambers, M. J.20Macon18
Chambers, R. R.51Macon15
Chambers, S. M.10Macon112
Chambers, Susan45Newton69
Chambers, W. E.18Macon19
Chapman, Chas32Garden432
Chapman, Est4Garden434
Chapman, Martha32Garden433
Charlton, I.34Macon615
Charlton, Wm.25Halstead49
Chartrund, Milley22Newton627
Chase, I. A.17Valley135
Chase, Ichabod44Valley132
Chase, L. M.16Valley136
Chase, Lucine M.10Valley137
Chase, M. B.43Valley133
Chase, M. E.24Valley134
Cherry, F. C.25Sedgwick11
Cherry, F. W.7/12Sedgwick13
Cherry, I. M.20Sedgwick12
Chester, A. F.1Lake53
Chester, S. E.21Lake54
Chester, V. J.3Lake55
Chester, W. F.31Lake52
Childs, Agnes9/12Walton938
Childs, Bruce26Walton934
Childs, C.27Pleasant634
Childs, Chas3Walton937
Childs, Edward1Pleasant637
Childs, Harry5Pleasant635
Childs, Ida5Walton936
Childs, Mary28Walton935
Childs, O. L.28Pleasant633
Childs, Wm.3Pleasant636
Christian, Emma26Newton176
Christian, John40Newton1919
Clancy, Mary28Alta640
Clancy, Theo.40Alta639
Clapp, B. F.32Newton1015
Clapp, Geo.51Newton194
Clark, E. H.36Sedgwick1224
Clark, G. E.31Newton721
Clark, Genoa22Newton840
Clark, J. V. D.53Lakin31
Clark, K.55Sedgwick63
Clark, L. M.69Sedgwick62
Clark, Lewis18Newton Twp13
Clark, M.18Sedgwick64
Clark, M. J.33Sedgwick1225
Clark, Wm.25Newton839
Clarkson, J.36Darlington54
Classen, John23Newton1125
Clever, C.22Newton1720
Cline, Eliza26Walton1110
Cline, Ella1Walton1112
Cline, Jno3Walton1111
Cline, Theo.30Walton119
Clingingsmith, B.61Newton1635
Clingingsmith, Nelly11Newton1636
Coach, Elizabeth40Garden531
Coach, James16Garden532
Coach, Laura2Garden534
Coach, Oscar10Garden533
Cole, M. J.34Pleasant74
Cole, S. E.29Alta814
Cole, S. T.26Alta813
Cole, W. H.36Pleasant73
Coleman, Amanda24Halstead433
Coleman, Antoinette2Halstead434
Coleman, R. E.25Halstead432
Collett, T. J.26Lake410
Collier, C.12Alta636
Collier, Chas.4Alta637
Collier, Maud E.5Halstead120
Collins, A. G.18Alta82
Collins, Howell21Alta81
Collins, Ida26Alta739
Collins, Mrs. R. W.53Alta737
Collins, Sanford31Alta738
Collins, Thos.24Alta740
Combs, Annie4Newton Twp618
Combs, Ira2Newton Twp619
Combs, Jab(?)32Newton Twp615
Combs, Molly23Newton Twp616
Combs, Wm.6Newton Twp617
Commons, A.18Emma69
Commons, E.44Emma66
Commons, J. A.31Emma641
Commons, L. M.21Emma68
Commons, May50Emma67
Commons, Orpha17Emma610
Commons, Ruth11Emma611
Commons, U. S. G.13Emma612
Compton, E. M.25Halstead621
Compton, Irvin2Halstead623
Compton, L.25Halstead622
Cone, Edmund11Valley22
Cone, Frank1Valley23
Cone, H. H.40Valley139
Cone, Jared20Valley140
Cone, Lymon45Valley138
Cone, Mary18Valley21
Coneter, C. S.6/12Alta628
Coneter, J. W.27Alta625
Coneter, M. A.3Alta627
Coneter, S. A.20Alta626
Coneter, W. B.25Alta629
Congdon, E. J.9Sedgwick111
Congdon, M. M.13Sedgwick110
Congdon, R. H.40Sedgwick18
Congdon, W. D.23Sedgwick19
Congdon, Wm.45Sedgwick17
Cook, Alice33Emma210
Cook, D. B.31Walton826
Cook, D. P.57Walton831
Cook, Elmo3Walton828
Cook, Emma14Halstead921
Cook, Geo64Garden439
Cook, Grace1Garden427
Cook, Henry9Garden424
Cook, J. J.35Emma29
Cook, Jay18Halstead920
Cook, John7Emma211
Cook, Joseph50Halstead918
Cook, Levi35Garden422
Cook, Lillie7Garden425
Cook, M. H.28Walton827
Cook, Mary46Halstead919
Cook, Melona3Halstead922
Cook, Nettie5Garden426
Cook, R. D.1Walton829
Cook, S.55Walton830
Cook, S. J.Alta11
Cook, Susan33Garden423
Cook, Wm. F.22Alta12
Cookson, C. H.8Darlington618
Cookson, Chas.31Darlington616
Cookson, M. E.5Darlington619
Cookson, M. J.25Darlington617
Cookson, T.7/12Darlington620
Cooper, A. B.35Newton1922
Cooper, C. E.10Sedgwick141
Cooper, Ed3Alta811
Cooper, Elizabeth28Alta810
Cooper, Geo. L.35Halstead87
Cooper, J. L.12Sedgwick140
Cooper, J. T.5/12Alta812
Cooper, Ruth34Halstead88
Cooper, T. J.42Sedgwick139
Coots, Marion31Garden236
Core, A. S.25Newton1939
Corwin, J. B.69Newton815
Coulter, Chas.11Pleasant333
Coulter, S. V.8Pleasant334
Coulter, V. C.46Pleasant332
Coulter, Wm.53Pleasant331
Covalt, B.35Walton66
Covalt, M. A.34Walton67
Covalt, R. F.5Walton, 68
Covalt, Rachel1Walton610
Covalt, S.3Walton69
Covert, Austin31Macon240
Covert, Sarah28Macon241
Cowans, Danl21Sedgwick839
Cowans, Grace15Sedgwick842
Cowans, Harriett14Sedgwick841
Cowans, Henry20Sedgwick840
Cowans, Nancy50Sedgwick837
Cowans, Robert65Sedgwick836
Cowans, Wm.26Sedgwick838
Cowell, Charlott27Garden129
Cowell, Nettie3Garden130
Cowell, Wm.32Garden128
Cox, F. L.24Sedgwick218
Cox, J. M.35Sedgwick217
Crandall, E. L.35Emma531
Crandall, Ellen25Emma532
Crator, J.30Walton12
Crator, M. J.20Walton13
Crator, Violet6/12Walton14
Crawford, A. D.29Newton917
Crawford, B. B.8Newton918
Crawford, C. B.3Sedgwick340
Crawford, C. G.6Newton919
Crawford, H. A.32Richland418
Crawford, J. W.30Newton916
Crawford, L. E.25Sedgwick339
Crawford, N.35Richland419
Crawford, N. M.4Newton920
Crawford, Peter36Newton1935
Crawford, W. D.32Sedgwick338
Creighton, Bill13Newton1411
Creighton, C. L.1Newton1414
Creighton, Frank3Newton1413
Creighton, Ida6Newton1412
Creighton, J. R.39Newton149
Creighton, Sarah33Newton1410
Cretcher, A.7Sedgwick1212
Cretcher, J. C.2Sedgwick811
Cretcher, J. C.38Sedgwick87
Cretcher, L. C.16Sedgwick89
Cretcher, Leah28Sedgwick1211
Cretcher, M.6Sedgwick810
Cretcher, M. J.28Sedgwick88
Cretcher, S. B.28Sedgwick1210
Cretty, Thomas28Newton726
Crew, Albert12Sedgwick426
Crew, America46Sedgwick422
Crew, Clayton10Sedgwick427
Crew, Clifton10Sedgwick428
Crew, Flora7Sedgwick429
Crew, J. H.63Sedgwick421
Crew, Lavina15Sedgwick425
Crew, Louisa26Sedgwick423
Crew, W. F.17Sedgwick424
Crippen, Anna9Alta714
Crippen, Geo.13Alta713
Crippen, Sarah30Alta712
Cross, Deforest26Richland234
Cross, J. W.32Valley24
Cross, Mollie22Valley25
Cross, Wm. T.6/12Valley26
Crow, -1/12Darlington226
Crow, A. J.15Darlington220
Crow, C. C.5Darlington225
Crow, E. O.17Darlington219
Crow, John28Darlington222
Crow, M. E.20Darlington218
Crow, M. H.43Darlington217
Crow, M. J.28Darlington223
Crow, S. B.7Darlington224
Crow, W. H.10Darlington221
Crow, Wm.46Darlington216
Crowe, G. W.26Valley27
Crowe, Lizzie6/12Valley29
Crowe, Louisa27Valley28
Crowfutt, E. P.68Newton62
Crozier, M. E.25Alta217
Crozier, Wm.27Alta216
Crunch, Mary22Garden12
Crunch, Saml3/12Garden13
Crunch, Wm.34Garden11
Crutchfield, A.17Lake233
Crutchfield, E. A.52Macon117
Crutchfield, Frank15Newton1540
Crutchfield, Frankie15Macon119
Crutchfield, Leotie18Macon118
Culbertson, A.35Pleasant424
Culbertson, Allen9Pleasant427
Culbertson, Effie11Pleasant426
Culbertson, Enos3Pleasant429
Culbertson, Lora5Pleasant428
Culbertson, Rosa1Pleasant430
Culbertson, V.33Pleasant425
Culver, E. A.28Darlington51
Culver, E. J.24Darlington52
Culver, Fred5Darlington53
Cummins, Benj.14Newton1239
Cummins, D.12Newton1240
Cummins, E. H.34Newton1238
Cummins, Earl4Newton132
Cummins, Lacey8Newton131
Cummins, Nathan35Newton1237
Cummins, Nettie18Newton135
Cummins, Samuel55Newton136
Cunningham, B.9Walton134
Cunningham, D.35Sedgwick1022
Cunningham, H. A.32Newton1721
Cunningham, J.6/12Sedgwick1025
Cunningham, J. B.31Walton920
Cunningham, Jno8Walton922
Cunningham, L.6Sedgwick1024
Cunningham, Mary4Walton923
Cunningham, Mary36Walton921
Cunningham, S.25Sedgwick1023
Cuthbert, Chas24Garden39
Cuthbert, Chloe5Garden316
Cuthbert, Clarence19Garden311
Cuthbert, Clement22Garden310
Cuthbert, Eliza46Garden38
Cuthbert, Florence15Garden313
Cuthbert, Helen17Garden312
Cuthbert, Lucy10Garden315
Cuthbert, Mary12Garden314
Cuthbert, Sher3Garden317
Cutter, C. S.7Halstead232
Cutter, G. W.41Halstead227
Cutter, M. C.56Newton1526
Cutter, M. E.14Halstead229
Cutter, M. J.33Halstead228
Cutter, S. M.5Halstead233
Cutter, T. C.60Newton1525
Cutter, T. W. M.8Halstead231
Cutter, V. D.3Halstead234
Cutter, Z. F.10Halstead230
Dahlem, H.24Halstead711
Dahlem, Jacob27Newton204
Dahlem, Mary20Newton205
Dahlem, Oscar1Newton206
Dalton, E. E.44Sedgwick122
Dalton, G. W.40Lakin18
Dalton, Helen C.37Lakin19
Dalton, Herbert5Lakin110
Dalton, Maude1Lakin111
Dalton, W. L.27Lakin112
Danner, A. E.7Pleasant114
Danner, Josie33Pleasant112
Danner, S. L.35Pleasant111
Danner, Sam2Pleasant115
Danner, W. S.9Pleasant113
Darrow, A. E.24Walton62
Darrow, Chas5Walton64
Darrow, D. H.28Walton61
Darrow, E.9Walton63
Darrow, Inez1Walton65
David, Elvira35Newton Twp230
David, M. A.1Newton Twp231
David, Miles33Newton Twp229
Davis, (?). J.15Alta233
Davis, A. J.4/12Pleasant46
Davis, Albert14Newton827
Davis, Baby1Newton833
Davis, David27Valley222
Davis, Delila18Alta426
Davis, Delilah52Halstead69
Davis, E. V.15Halstead612
Davis, Eli L.53Halstead68
Davis, Geo.14Newton238
Davis, Geo.12Newton828
Davis, Harry16Newton826
Davis, Ida5Walton233
Davis, J. I.16Halstead611
Davis, J. S.21Halstead610
Davis, J. T.42Newton1717
Davis, James39Alta231
Davis, Jas46Newton823
Davis, Jr., Jas.8Newton830
Davis, Laury18Newton825
Davis, Lizie10Newton829
Davis, M. K.7Alta234
Davis, Mary7/12Alta427
Davis, Mary25Walton232
Davis, Mary A.36Valley211
Davis, Minnie5Newton832
Davis, Nathan2Newton31
Davis, Nellie16Newton237
Davis, Ophy6Newton239
Davis, Orvill6Newton240
Davis, Oscar7Newton831
Davis, R.38Alta232
Davis, R. G.28Pleasant44
Davis, R. J.34Pleasant45
Davis, Ruth A.40Newton235
Davis, S. K.44Valley210
Davis, Sarah41Newton824
Davis, Simeon24Alta425
Davis, W. S.37Walton231
Dawson, Agnes20Emma528
Dawson, Eliz60Emma527
Dawson, Eliza24Walton16
Dawson, F. S.1Newton38
Dawson, Harry3/12Walton18
Dawson, J. H.31Newton36
Dawson, J. K.23Walton15
Dawson, Jas55Emma526
Dawson, Jennie17Emma529
Dawson, L. L.1Walton17
Dawson, M. E.26Newton37
Dawson, T.27Emma530
Day, Christina51Valley217
Day, Hannah15Valley220
Day, Leicester52Valley216
Day, Lester13Valley221
Day, Ploma23Valley218
Day, Wm.21Valley219
Dean, Elvira53Emma27
Decker, Albert9Lakin236
Decker, Arthur21Lakin230
Decker, E. H.17Lakin231
Decker, Frank12Lakin234
Decker, John14Lakin233
Decker, Lincoln14Lakin232
Decker, Mary I.48Lakin229
Decker, S. M.52Lakin228
Decker, Susan7Lakin237
Decker, Wm.10Lakin235
Defenbaugh, E. C.3Walton522
Defenbaugh, E. J.17Walton519
Defenbaugh, E. S.6Walton521
Defenbaugh, J.45Walton516
Defenbaugh, M. A.20Walton518
Defenbaugh, M. V.45Walton517
Defenbaugh, T. B.13Walton520
Demming, M. V.47Richland333
Demming, Summer(?) B.25RIchland332
Deneese, B.12Newton Twp521
Deneese, B.46Newton Twp517
Deneese, C.6Newton Twp523
Deneese, E.38Newton Twp518
Deneese, F.22Newton Twp519
Deneese, John3Newton Twp524
Deneese, N.17Newton Twp520
Deneese, Wm.9Newton Twp522
Deniston, C. E.25Emma516
Deniston, Evey(?)7/12Emma517
Deniston, Frank17Emma53
Deniston, J. J.36Emma515
Deniston, L. H.55Emma51
Deniston, S. K.14Emma54
Deniston, Willie52Emma52
Denning, Jas.20Newton164
Denny, J. W.6Richland517
Denny, M. J.28Richland516
Denny, R. W.30Richland515
Derrin, C.42Sedgwick1018
Derrin, H.9Sedgwick1021
Derrin, W. H.15Sedgwick1020
Derrin. Mary40Sedgwick1019
Dettweiler, -1/12Halstead79
Dettweiler, Abe12Halstead76
Dettweiler, Christian8Halstead78
Dettweiler, Elis.43Halstead72
Dettweiler, Henry10Halstead77
Dettweiler, Jacob43Halstead71
Dettweiler, Jacob16Halstead73
Dettweiler, John14Halstead74
Dettweiler, Mary13Halstead75
Dewitt, F.3Emma328
Dewitt, H. C.30Emma325
Dewitt, L.4Emma327
Dewitt, M. G.25Emma326
Dickensheets, Frank35Newton1233
Dickensheets, Kate23Newton1234
Dickensheets, Viola1/12Newton1235
Dickey, Ella24Newton732
Dickey, J. B.26Newton731
Dinkle, B. F.30Halstead36
Dobyns, Abner13Lakin518
Dobyns, Albert16Lakin517
Dobyns, Benjamin3Lakin520
Dobyns, Henry18Lakin516
Dobyns, John22Lakin515
Dobyns, Mary5Lakin519
Dobyns, Mary39Lakin514
Dobyns, Wm.49Lakin513
Dodd, Ang.10Lake329
Dodd, Chas15Lake326
Dodd, Ella13Lake328
Dodd, Joseph42Lake324
Dodd, S. A.42Lake327
Dodd, Walker19Lake325
Dodge, Eli13Halstead512
Dodge, J. K.55Halstead510
Dodge, M. B.1Halstead514
Dodge, S. M.45Halstead511
Dodge, William W.9Halstead513
Dodson, C. F.32Sedgwick728
Dodson, E. C.2Sedgwick733
Dodson, E. F.30Sedgwick729
Dodson, E. I.5Sedgwick732
Dodson, T. R.7Sedgwick731
Dodson, W. L.10Sedgwick730
Donald, B. G.1Alta731
Donald, J. H.42Alta725
Donald, Jemima32Alta726
Donald, M. A.16Alta727
Donald, M. W.19Alta729
Donald, O. L.14Alta728
Donald, O. L.5Alta730
Dougherty, John27Halstead1040
Drollinger, C.1 1/2Macon513
Drollinger, J. C.28Macon511
Drollinger, Vanchee28Macon512
Druce, Sumner(?)16Darlington328
Drue, C. S.19Walton515
Duncan, F. R.14Darlington317
Duncan, Fred14Newton86
Duncan, H. B.30Darlington316
Duncan, H. B.32Newton85
Duncan, J. E.40Darlington315
Duncan, John E.40Newton84
Duncan, Ruth3Darlington318
Duncan, Ruth3Newton87
Dunden, George24Valley212
Dunden, Hannah24Valley213
Dunden, John3/12Valley215
Dunden, Otis2Valley214
Dunlap, C. H.26Darlington124
Dunlap, E. M.26Darlington125
Dunlap, F. A.1Darlington128
Dunlap, W.8Darlington126
Dunlap, W. T.3Darlington127
Dunn, Isabel40Darlington429
Dunn, John43Darlington428
Dunn, Robert13Darlington430
Dunn, T.12Darlington431
Dupus, A.5Darlington312
Dupus, D.8Darlington311
Dupus, Geo.19Darlington38
Dupus, J.3Darlington313
Dupus, J.15Darlington310
Dupus, Joseph40Darlington36
Dupus, M.38Darlington37
Dupus, M.1Darlington314
Dupus, Wm. 17Darlington39
Dupus, Wm.16Newton Twp68
Dusnan, James18Macon138
Dusnan, John15Macon139
Dusnan, M. J.20Macon137
Dusnan, Thomas13Macon140
Dusnen, Margraet46Macon135
Dusnen, RoseAnn21Macon136
Dusnen, Thomas46Macon134
Dusnes, Margraet5Macon141
Duvall, Rosetta20Garden72
Duvall, William23Garden71
Dyck, Cornelius25Halstead115
Dymand, A.14Sedgwick326
Dymand, E. H.50Sedgwick324
Dymand, O. G.52Sedgwick325
Eabling, C.35Darlington22
Eabling, E.6Darlington24
Eabling, E. M.2Darlington26
Eabling, John36Darlington21
Eabling, M.4Darlington25
Eabling, S. F.8Darlington23
Eberling, H. A.32Newton330
Eberly, H. R.28Newton439
Eberly, W. H. 34Newton438
Eberly, W. H.3Newton51
Ebright, Mattie18Halstead214
Edaus, M.35Newton1734
Edgett, O. B.30Newton1719
Edmunson, Flora33Newton1219
Edmunson, Harvey7Newton1220
Edmunson, Jas.37Newton1218
Edmunson, R.5Newton1221
Edson, A. W.32Sedgwick624
Egy, Albert14Walton820
Egy, Alice19Walton818
Egy, Frank9Walton821
Egy, Jno17Walton819
Egy, Mary5Walton822
Egy, Sarah38Walton817
Egy, Sol48Walton816
Elder, E. B.1Sedgwick234
Elder, G. C.5Sedgwick232
Elder, G. E.4Lake222
Elder, I. M.7Sedgwick231
Elder, Ike38Lake220
Elder, L. B.3Sedgwick233
Elder, Lucy21Lake221
Elder, M. E.2Lake223
Elder, M. J.43Sedgwick228
Elder, Robert39Sedgwick227
Elder, S. M.9Sedgwick230
Ellbertson, A.24Newton1828
Elliott, E. C.33Emma512
Elliott, L. D.38Emma511
Elliott, M. J.13Emma513
Elliott, W. J.12Emma514
Elwell, John8Lakin535
Elwell, Martha42Lakin534
Elwell, P. H.42Lakin533
Elwood, L.1Walton429
Elwood, M. H.23Walton428
Elwood, R. J. 29Walton427
Ely, Daniel56Lake46
Ely, H. 56Lake48
Ely, J. F.20Lake47
Ely, R.18Lake49
Emmeson, J. P.75Newton1921
English, J. E.26Richland532
Ensign, C. M.2Newton185
Ensign, Chas8Newton183
Ensign, Clinton11Newton182
Ensign, Ellswerth14Newton181
Ensign, Frank4Newton184
Ensign, H. A.50Newton1737
Ensign, Jenett30Newton1738
Ensign, Orin20Newton1739
Ensign, Wilber18Newton1740
Ensz, Abraham37Halstead111
Ensz, Cornelius12Halstead113
Ensz, Eliza8Halstead114
Ensz, Lena36Halstead112
Esley, Benj.40Garden41
Esley, Bertha2Garden411
Esley, E.24Garden49
Esley, Eliza37Garden42
Esley, Inez23Garden410
Evans, Ann37Newton Twp712
Evans, B. F.30Newton Twp314
Evans, David9Newton Twp713
Evans, E. F.5/12Newton Twp316
Evans, Ed40Newton Twp711
Evans, Jacob3Newton Twp716
Evans, Lizie6Newton Twp715
Evans, Margerate8Newton Twp714
Evans, Ophelia26Newton Twp315
Evans, Thomas1Newton Twp717
Evert, Anna3Pleasant925
Evert, Effie24Pleasant924
Evert, Gerhart35Pleasant923
Evert, John1Pleasant926
Evert, Katrina70Pleasant922
Eves, Charles10Richland58
Eves, George8Richland59
Eves, H.38Richland56
Eves, J.20Richland57
Eves, Martha12Richland510
Eves, Thomas32Richland55
Ewing, Anne12Halstead124
Ewing, Catherine35Halstead122
Ewing, Dick25Newton1929
Ewing, James4/12Halstead128
Ewing, John14Halstead123
Ewing, Mary9Halstead125
Ewing, Robert7Halstead126
Ewing, Sarah2Halstead127
Ewing, Thomas37Halstead121
Faatz, E. B.38Newton710
Faatz, F. L.39Newton79
Faatz, J.2Newton712
Faatz, Jennie8Newton711
Fairchild, A.54Alta130
Fairchild, C. J.7Alta127
Fairchild, E. C.3/12Alta129
Fairchild, Ella7Alta136
Fairchild, Elnora11Alta134
Fairchild, Ida9Alta135
Fairchild, L. D.19Alta132
Fairchild, L. L.13Alta133
Fairchild, M.29Alta125
Fairchild, M. B.21Alta228
Fairchild, M. J.48Alta131
Fairchild, P. O.25Alta126
Fairchild, R. L.4Alta137
Fairchild, w. B.5Alta128
Farren, C. C.24Newton1725
Farrington, Robt27Newton729
Farrow, Edgar3Lakin54
Farrow, Elisabeth31Lakin52
Farrow, S. F.39Lakin51
Farrow, Willis6Lakin53
Fast, John20Halstead715
Fast, Mary18Halstead16
Feaser, M.28Pleasant59
Fein, C. T.1Lakin612
Fein, Caroline21Lakin611
Fein, Frederck35Lakin610
Fell, George (?)4Lake137
Fell, W. (?)2Lake138
Felter, E.35RIchland25
Fentes, Bertha1Macon532
Fentes, Carrie21Macon529
Fentes, Jacob28Macon528
Fentes, Lawrence2Macon531
Fentes, Minnie4Macon530
Ferguson, Bessie22Sedgwick432
Ferguson, E.47Sedgwick430
Ferguson, E.33Sedgwick431
Ferguson, Ettie16Sedgwick434
Ferguson, F.14Sedgwick435
Ferguson, Jacob7Sedgwick436
Ferguson, Mary21Lakin326
Ferguson, Mattie1Sedgwick437
Ferguson, Susie19Sedgwick433
Fields, Henry46Halstead938
Fields, Mary46Halstead939
Fife, (?). E.11Darlington41
Fife, C. E.6Darlington43
Fife, J. A.2Darlington45
Fife, S. E.9Darlington42
Fife, S. E.3Darlington44
Fife, S. J.32Darlington340
Fife, Thomas38Darlington339
Filbeck, Nancy16Garden15
Filbeck, Spencer25Garden14
Finan, Catherine80Newton Twp12
Finch, G. H.1Macon412
Finch, H. W.30Macon413
Finch, Kattie5Macon410
Finch, L. B.29Macon49
Finch, Lonie3Macon411
Finch, R. J.31Macon48
Finn, C. A.7/12Sedgwick24
Finn, H. W.2Sedgwick23
Finn, M. H.29Sedgwick22
Finn, Wm.26Sedgwick21
Finsley, C.6Pleasant115
Finsley, N. J.33Pleasant114
Finsley, Thomas1Pleasant117
Finsley, W. M.36Pleasant113
Finsley, Wm. 4Pleasant116
Fisher, Alvina44Walton114
Fisher, David27Walton1126
Fisher, Ezra25Walton111
Fisher, George22Sedgwick910
Fisher, John20Sedgwick912
Fisher, Lincoln10Walton117
Fisher, M.14Walton116
Fisher, Mahala7Walton118
Fisher, Mary39Sedgwick911
Fisher, O.18Walton115
Fisher, Peter46Walton113
Fisher, Robt60Walton1127
Fisher, Susan20Walton112
Flory, W. H.37Halstead739
Floyd, Nancy40Sedgwick1113
Floyd, T. S.35Sedgwick1112
Ford, Herman31Valley232
Fort, Almira29Walton1124
Fort, H. T.37Walton1123
Foster, John44Sedgwick127
Foster, L. H.22Sedgwick129
Foster, Lucy M.39Sedgwick128
Foth, A. P.1Pleasant833
Foth, E.8Pleasant832
Foth, P.19Pleasant831
Foth, Peter57Pleasant927
Foth, Stephen33Pleasant830
Fought, Alice19Newton1515
Fox, C.33Newton1834
Fox, Mary30Newton1835
Fox, Nellie20Sedgwick1222
Fox, Sherman3Newton1836
Foy, P. L.38Newton135
Foz, Lewis29Macon334
Frank, Peter31Newton232
Franklin, Benj.!2Valley230
Franklin, Edward14Valley228
Franklin, Erostus21Valley225
Franklin, J. H.43Valley223
Franklin, Jane46Valley224
Franklin, L. E.10Valley231
Franklin, Lizzie19Valley226
Franklin, Samuel16Valley227
Franklin, Suzy13Valley229
Frederick, A. C.26Newton192
Freeman, Baby2/12Newton1628
Freeman, C. M.22Richland67
Freeman, H.47Newton1624
Freeman, M.24Richland536
Freeman, Mary4Newton1627
Freeman, Netta6Newton1626
Freeman, Sarah36Newton1625
Freeman, T.30Richland66
Freeman, W. H. H.30Richland535
Freeman, W. H.35Richland65
Freezen, Jacob26Garden111
Friezen, Cornelias18Garden615
Friezen, Dedrich29Garden614
Friezen, Elizabeth21Garden618
Friezen, Jacob21Garden617
Friezen, John65Garden612
Friezen, Maria55Garden613
Friezen, Nicholas13Garden616
Fry, A.17Pleasant540
Fry, C.50Pleasant539
Fry, C.7Pleasant63
Fry, E.50Pleasant538
Fry, J. C.14Pleasant61
Fry, J. J.12Pleasant62
Fulton, F. J.36Sedgwick635
Fulton, Minnie26Sedgwick636
Funk, A. B.49Richland32
Funk, C. L.38Richland31
Funk, G. L.23Richland33
Funk, L. F.18RIchland34
Furlong, E.2Sedgwick941
Furlong, J. W.35Sedgwick938
Furlong, L.12Sedgwick940
Furlong, M.32Sedgwick939
Furlong, W.1Sedgwick942
Gaier, Horace25Newton1236
Gallagher, Ann6/12Emma431
Gallagher, B.35Emma427
Gallagher, F.6Emma429
Gallagher, John21Emma428
Gallagher, Wm.60Emma426
Gallagher, Wm.2Emma430
Galle, A.21Pleasant535
Galle, John S.27Pleasant534
Galle, M. H.65Pleasant533
Galle, S. P.64Pleasant532
Gallup, E. F.30Darlington330
Gallup, H.3/12Darlington333
Gallup, J. R.24Darlington331
Gallup, M.2Darlington332
Garing, Adolph22Alta79
Garing, Maria15Alta710
Garrison, A.32Newton1521
Garrison, E. E.4Newton1524
Garrison, E. F.5Newton1523
Garrison, N. T.33Newton1522
Gasell, Andrew9Alta84
Gasell, Ann40Alta83
Gearry, H. E.29Newton1315
Gearry, Jas.31Newton1314
Gehring, Anna16Halstead816
Gehring, Cathrine6Halstead820
Gehring, Jacob9Halstead819
Gehring, Louisa12Halstead818
Gehring, Magdel.2Halstead821
Gehring, Mary40Halstead815
Gehring, Peter41Halstead814
Gehring, Peter14Halstead817
Gerist, C. B.37Lake521
Gerist, M. E.27Lake522
Gibbs, Walter17Lake224
Gibson, A. A.8Valley312
Gibson, A. C.16Valley311
Gibson, Addy5Valley313
Gibson, Ann51Valley37
Gibson, Elijah45Valley36
Gibson, G. W.6Pleasant413
Gibson, Hiram21Valley38
Gibson, J. B.2Pleasant415
Gibson, J. D.4Pleasant414
Gibson, John C.13Valley310
Gibson, L. M.30Pleasant411
Gibson, Lemuel15Valley39
Gibson, Lewis39Pleasant410
Gibson, M. I.8Pleasant412
Gibson, T. E.4/12Pleasant416
Gilbert, A. B.30Newton97
Gilbert, Lawson6Newton99
Gilbert, Levina28Newton98
Gilbert, Minnie2Newton910
Giles, Maggie26Halstead315
Giles, Robert28Halstead314
Gillam, R. J.28Newton1710
Gillchrist, George36Newton120
Gillchrist, Levina36Newton121
Gillchrist, Minerva2Newton123
Gillchrist, Otho6Newton122
Gillman, S. C.63Newton820
Glenn, Benj7Walton1214
Glenn, Eliza30Walton1211
Glenn, Hugh10Walton1212
Glenn, Jas4Walton1215
Glenn, Jno2Walton1216
Glenn, L. J.10/12Walton1217
Glenn, Robt35Walton1210
Glenn, Wm.9Walton1213
Glidden, K. A.5/12Pleasant439
Glidden, L.28Pleasant437
Glidden, L.4Pleasant438
Glidden, L. C.26Pleasant436
Glines, E. R.6Walton630
Glines, F. M.8Walton629
Glines, L. B.10Walton628
Glines, S. P.33Walton627
Glines, S. W.37Walton626
Gnigsass, F. S.6/12Darlington336
Gnigsass, N. M.25Darlington335
Gnigsass, O. V.40Darlington334
Godfrey, Ann41Walton55
Godfrey, Chas8Walton510
Godfrey, Ed14Walton56
Godfrey, Jno10Walton59
Godfrey, M.6Walton511
Godfrey, M.44Walton54
Godfrey, R.13Walton57
Godfrey, Wm.12Walton58
Golden, M. A.12Newton440
Goode, S.27Sedgwick313
Goodell, E. H.37Sedgwick72
Goodell, H.38Sedgwick71
Goodell, Nettie6Sedgwick73
Goodson, J. J.39Lakin410
Goodwine, A. F.3Valley34
Goodwine, Albert O.5Valley33
Goodwine, John31Valley31
Goodwine, Mary J.26Valley32
Goodwine, Wessly K.1Valley35
Gorden, Molly26Newton177
Gordinier, A. L.17Richland433
Gordinier, E. A.18Richland429
Gordinier, E. M.4/12Richland430
Gordinier, H. F.31Richland428
Gordinier, John17Richland434
Gordinier, O. M.58Richland432
Gordinier, S. O.58Richland431
Gordon, Martha18Newton1831
Gorgas, Carl17Lake335
Gorgas, E.6/12Lake336
Gorgas, E.35Lake330
Gorgas, Eva1/12Lake332
Gorgas, Jacob80Lake334
Gorgas, John33Lake333
Gorgas, S. J.28Lake331
Gorham, Charley15Newton723
Gorham, Louisa40Newton722
Gould, A. E.6Newton Twp537
Gould, J. R.12Newton Twp535
Gould, Jas.33Newton Twp533
Gould, L. C.3Newton Twp539
Gould, Mary5Newton Twp538
Gould, N. E.34Newton Twp534
Gould, R. H. L.1Newton Twp540
Gould, T. A.8Newton Twp536
Gradle, A. S.38Pleasant632
Gradle, J. A.37Pleasant631
Graham, A. M.6/12Walton216
Graham, Frank5Walton214
Graham, J. S.3Walton215
Graham, Jennie25Walton213
Graham, Samuel22Newton539
Graham, Wm.38Walton212
Grant, Agnes25Macon424
Grant, Carrie4Newton Twp623
Grant, Clara25Newton Twp737
Grant, E. A.27Macon423
Grant, E. A.28Newton Twp621
Grant, G. C.60Newton Twp734
Grant, H. L.2Macon425
Grant, Harvey3Newton Twp613
Grant, I. M.34Newton Twp611
Grant, J. H.22Newton Twp736
Grant, J. M.32Newton1723
Grant, L. M.1/4Macon426
Grant, Mary1Newton Twp624
Grant, Nancy32Newton Twp612
Grant, Netta7Newton Twp622
Grant, O.58Walton412
Grant, Rebecca63Newton Twp735
Grant, T. J.32Newton Twp620
Grath, Francis16Garden725
Grath, Palmer28Garden724
Gray, Ales61Walton31
Gray, Ann17Walton34
Gray, F. T.14Walton35
Gray, Fred10Walton36
Gray, Jane42Walton32
Gray, Sarah20Walton33
Greek, J. W.16Sedgwick229
Greely, J. F.35Walton924
Greely, J. T.2/12Walton926
Greely, W.33Walton925
Green, A. L.27Newton1840
Green, A. P.36Alta630
Green, E. M.40Sedgwick1129
Green, E. R.5Alta632
Green, Emily35Sedgwick1130
Green, Lucinda30Alta631
Green, M. S.7/12Alta633
Greene, Alta May1Valley240
Greene, Carleton9Valley237
Greene, Eliza4Valley239
Greene, Fay6Valley238
Greene, K. B.45Valley233
Greene, K. C.18Valley235
Greene, M. A.14Valley236
Greene, Mary J.42Valley234
Greenfield, C. W.32Lake110
Greenfield, F. E.21Lake111
Gresham, E. J.19Lake414
Gresham, E. W.6/12Lake413
Gresham, J. E.2Lake412
Gresham, W. E.22Lake411
Grey, Alice20Sedgwick627
Grey, Hattie9Sedgwick630
Grey, John11Sedgwick629
Grey, Mabel5Sedgwick631
Grey, O. P.56Sedgwick625
Grey, S. J.45Sedgwick626
Grey, Wm.14Sedgwick628
Grier, Thimas21Newton126
Griffin, B.2Richlandd125
Griffin, Ellen22Richland124
Griffin, G. E.24Richland123
Griffith, A.6Newton Twp430
Griffith, Charly14Newton Twp428
Griffith, H. C. W.18Pleasant622
Griffith, Hannah39Newton Twp427
Griffith, Katie10Newton Twp429
Griffith, T. P.54Newton139
Griffith, Wm.49Newton Twp426
Griggs, G. N.28Richland127
Griggs, Mary48Richland126
Grimes, H. M.1 1/4Macon122
Grimes, Howard33Macon120
Grimes, Lina21Macon121
Grishom, Evy19Valley321
Grishom, J. H.50Valley314
Grishom, J. H.23Valley316
Grishom, John16Valley319
Grishom, Leroy14Valley320
Grishom, Mary23Valley317
Grishom, Oscar4Valley323
Grishom, S. L.47Valley315
Grishom, Susie19Valley318
Grishom, Thomas10Valley322
Griswold, Edy11Newton812
Griswold, Fanney16Newton810
Griswold, Fanney54Newton89
Griswold, Joseph54Newton88
Griswold, Onie13Newton811
Grobet, Anna1Alta78
Grobet, Catherina22Alta77
Grobet, John26Alta76
Grubbs, C. F.6/12Lake59
Grubbs, J.24Lake58
Grubbs, J. W. 28Lake56
Grubbs, R. W.5Lake57
Gynn, C. E.26Darlington68
Gynn, C. S.15Darlington69
Gynn, E. B.48Darlington66
Gynn, John. T.52Darlington65
Gynn, L. T.29Darlington67
Haas, C. B.49Walton114
Haas, D. B.13Walton116
Haas, Geo.11Walton117
Haas, Joseph47Walton733
Haas, L.9Walton118
Haas, M. J.39Walton115
Hackney, A.29Walton631
Hackney, A. G.1Walton634
Hackney, A. M.23Walton29
Hackney, C. C.3/12Walton113
Hackney, E.28Walton632
Hackney, E. C.2Walton112
Hackney, F. E.3Walton210
Hackney, Flora17Walton524
Hackney, H. D.31Walton19
Hackney, J. S.3Walton633
Hackney, J. S.37Walton523
Hackney, J. W.4Walton111
Hackney, N. J.1Walton211
Hackney, S.24Walton28
Hackney, S. E.29Walton110
Hackney, Wm.32Walton525
Hagarty, Geo.26Newton1622
Hahn, August1Lakin628
Hahn, Caroline28Lakin625
Hahn, George40Lakin624
Hahn, George4Lakin627
Hahn, Kate5Lakin626
Hale, Charley N.12Valley338
Hale, Danl B.2Valley340
Hale, Dudly N.13Valley337
Hale, Isabelle!0Valley339
Hale, Kate25Valley335
Hale, Lucy L.15Valley336
Hale, N. D.39Valley334
Hale, Nora8/12Valley41
Hall, J. T.35Newton1722
Hall, Jane39Newton410
Hall, Phebe51Newton1037
Hall, R. W.28Sedgwick220
Hall, T. W.48Newton49
Hamill, D.30Newton1427
Hamill, Robt23Newton1429
Hamill, Rosa67Newton1428
Hamlin, A. J.19Lake239
Hamlin, C.33Darlington410
Hamlin, C. E.9Darlington413
Hamlin, Chas18Lake235
Hamlin, F. A.10Darlington412
Hamlin, F. B.16Lake236
Hamlin, H. M.7Darlington414
Hamlin, H. N.4Darlington415
Hamlin, L. A.53Lake234
Hamlin, M. F.24Lake238
Hamlin, M. J.9Lake31
Hamlin, R. M.54Lake237
Hamlin, S. G.12Darlington411
Hamlin, S. M.30Darlington49
Hamlin, S. M.13Lake240
Haney, A. L.9Valley45
Haney, E. L.11Valley44
Haney, G(?). H.38Valley42
Haney, M. A.29Valley43
Hank, V. W.23Richland338
Hanks, Byron17Lakin317
Hanks, Caroline36Lakin316
Hanks, Elsie2Lakin322
Hanks, Francis2/12Lakin323
Hanks, J. W.42Lakin315
Hanks, Josephine13Lakin319
Hanks, Logan7Lakin321
Hanks, Miriam16Lakin318
Hanks, Paschal9Lakin320
Hanselman, Anna2Valley410
Hanselman, David42Valley46
Hanselman, David C.10Valley48
Hanselman, Lizzie7Valley49
Hanselman, Nancy37Valley47
Haram, Andrew9Pleasant822
Haram, Andrew1Pleasant829
Haram, Andrew33Pleasant825
Haram, Anna26Pleasant826
Haram, C.30Pleasant812
Haram, David6Pleasant823
Haram, J.2Pleasant824
Haram, Jacob5Pleasant828
Haram, John John36Pleasant820
Haram, Maria6Pleasant827
Haram, Maria34Pleasant821
Hardaker, (?)28Macon319
Hardaker, Arthur5Macon322
Hardaker, E. B.7Macon321
Hardaker, Eunice8Macon320
Hardaker, Wm.39Macon318
Hardeman, M.65Alta638
Hardenbook, E. J.6Newton914
Hardenbook, R. J.9/12Newton915
Hardenbook, S. E.16Newton913
Hardenbook, S. J.37Newton912
Hardenbook, Wm.39Newton911
Hardiman, B. E.24Newton1910
Harding, (?) M.7Alta815
Harding, Eva2Alta817
Harding, M. P.30Newton424
Harding, M. S.5Alta816
Harding, Wm.37Newton423
Harlan, J.58Pleasant12
Harlan,L. G.24Pleasant11
Harlen, A.27Newton1715
Harmon, J. N. 2Lake511
Harmon, L. G.25Lake510
Harmon, N. J.23Lake513
Harmon, O.1Lake512
Harms, A.1Pleasant106
Harms, Abram12Pleasant918
Harms, Andrew13Pleasant910
Harms, Anna18Pleasant937
Harms, Anna47Pleasant839
Harms, Anna9Pleasant919
Harms, Anna7Pleasant95
Harms, Anna E.31Pleasant917
Harms, Benj.13Pleasant93
Harms, Effie25Pleasant840
Harms, Effie5Pleasant104
Harms, Effie5Pleasant914
Harms, Gerhart11Pleasant938
Harms, Helen10Halstead916
Harms, Helena35Halstead915
Harms, Helena60Pleasant1034
Harms, Helena35Pleasant936
Harms, Henry40Halstead914
Harms, Henry7Pleasant940
Harms, Henry8Pleasant912
Harms, Isaac H.46Pleasant107
Harms, Isaac P.43Pleasant102
Harms, Jacob3Pleasant91
Harms, John11Pleasant911
Harms, John5Pleasant101
Harms, John10/12Pleasant921
Harms, Katrina31Pleasant103
Harms, Maria6Pleasant913
Harms, Maria6Pleasant920
Harms, Mary5Halstead917
Harms, Orion21Pleasant92
Harms, P.3Pleasant105
Harms, Peter10Pleasant94
Harms, Peter40Pleasant935
Harms, Peter57Pleasant916
Harms, Peter John50Pleasant838
Harms, Sarah43Pleasant99
Harms, Stephen9Pleasant939
Harms, Yarhart53Pleasant915
Harms, Yarhart40Pleasant98
Harney, Pat28Walton27
Harrington, E. B.34Halstead339
Harrington, Ella22Halstead340
Harris, C. M.32Richland533
Harris, Candas20Macon22
Harris, E.36Richland62
Harris, G. W.40Richland61
Harris, M.30Richland534
Harris, R. H.24Macon21
Harris, S. M.14Richland63
Harris, W.8Richland64
Harris, W. H.3/4Macon23
Harrop, James50Darlington526
Harrop, Sam'l18Darlington527
Harrop, Wm.16Darlington528
Hart, C. E.8Halstead117
Hart, E.22Newton1423
Hart, G. Y.17Halstead116
Hart, H. L.2Halstead118
Hart, H. L.33Newton1716
Hart, J. 47Newton1422
Hart, Lilian9/12Halstead119
Hart, Lizie20Newton Twp317
Hart, M. 16Newton1425
Hart, M. J.30Halstead115
Hart, O. Y.45Halstead114
Hart, P.51Newton1421
Hart, S.18Newton1424
Hasherson, David7Garden339
Hasherson, E.32Garden337
Hasherson, L.24Garden338
Hasherson, M.1Garden340
Hatfield, Beny35Newton Twp410
Hatfield, Eliza1Newton Twp413
Hatfield, Hary15Newton Twp414
Hatfield, Sarah34Newton Twp411
Hatfield, Sarah8Newton Twp412
Hatton, C.24Richland310
Hatton, F.22Richland39
Hatton, L.55Richland38
Hatton, S.21Richland311
Haun, C. E.3Sedgwick1015
Haun, E. T.2/12Sedgwick1016
Haun, H. M.5Sedgwick1014
Haun, J. E.20Sedgwick1010
Haun, L. E.13Sedgwick1012
Haun, M. L.7Sedgwick1013
Haun, M. M.54Sedgwick108
Haun, S. J.31Sedgwick109
Haun, W. M.14Sedgwick1011
Haury, Anna26Halstead420
Haury, Danl29Halstead1120
Haury, Edwin1Halstead422
Haury, John58Halstead419
Haury, Richard3Halstead421
Hawks, A. E.1Sedgwick1220
Hawks, G. R.12Sedgwick1215
Hawks, J. F.38Sedgwick1213
Hawks, J. T.(?)3Sedgwick1219
Hawks, M. J.5Sedgwick1218
Hawks, S. A.32Sedgwick1214
Hawks, S. E.(?)7Sedgwick1217
Hawks, W. E.8Sedgwick1216
Hayden, Jennie19Newton720
Hayes, E.23Pleasant312
Hayes, G. G.13Pleasant311
Hayes, S. E.36Pleasant310
Hays, Cora3Lakin37
Hays, I. N.32Lakin33
Hays, M. H.11Lakin35
Hays, Minnie6Lakin36
Hays, Satia A.33Lakin34
Haywood, E. L.32Newton1940
Head, Jacob25Sedgwick414
Head, M.19Sedgwick415
Heath, Asa1Garden134
Heath, Clara20Garden133
Heath, Danl26Garden132
Heiveley, Alice15Newton Twp627
Heiveley, Frank28Newton Twp626
Henden, D. G.28Lakin113
Hengst, J. K.30Walton833
Hengst, L. M.1Walton835
Hengst, M. A.23Walton834
Herrick, C. A.14Walton929
Herrick, C. D.4Walton933
Herrick, E. 9Walton931
Herrick, Elias6Walton932
Herrick, L.42Walton927
Herrick, M. E.11Walton930
Herrick, R. A.35Walton928
Hicks, Elhanan28Darlington61
Hicks, M. S.24Darlington62
Hicks, O. H.8Darlington63
Hicks, T. I.1Darlington64
Hiedy, C. L.30Macon723
Higgins, A.46Newton115
Higgins, E.24Newton112
Higgins, Eva24Newton113
Higgins, M. M.9/12Newton114
Higly, Mulferd10Macon514
Hildebrand, B. E.33Halstead216
Hildebrand, H. 53Halstead215
Hildebrand, H. F.23Halstead217
Hildebrand, Louisa19Halstead218
Hildreth, Hattie4Newton435
Hildreth, John2Newton436
Hildreth, Mary27Newton434
Hildreth, O. B.30Newton433
Hill, B. F.32Sedgwick41
Hill, Baby4/12Sedgwick312
Hill, D.63Lake230
Hill, Grace3Sedgwick412
Hill, J. A.3Lake529
Hill, J. J.47Sedgwick45
Hill, J. M.6Sedgwick411
Hill, L. D.1Sedgwick44
Hill, L. L.17Sedgwick47
Hill, M.70Lake231
Hill, M. A.11Sedgwick410
Hill, M. B.9/12Lake530
Hill, Mary F.22Sedgwick42
Hill, N. J.43Sedgwick46
Hill, R. E.14Sedgwick49
Hill, R. H.6Lake528
Hill, S. L.1Sedgwick413
Hill, Sarah26Sedgwick310
Hill, T. F.38Sedgwick39
Hill, W. E.39Lake526
Hill, W. M.16Sedgwick48
Hill, Wm.2Sedgwick311
Hill, Wm. E.3Sedgwick43
Hill, Y. E.25Lake527
Hillinbrand, A.33Newton Twp32
Hillinbrand, H. 3Newton Twp35
Hillinbrand, J.8/12Newton Twp36
Hillinbrand, Mary25Newton Twp33
Hillinbrand, W.8Newton Twp34
Hills, A. W.55Lakin327
Hills, Angelia9Lakin332
Hills, Daniel18Lakin329
Hills, Ellenor15Lakin330
Hills, Hannah20Lakin328
Hills, Lydia12Lakin331
Hilt, Katie14Newton921
Hinkle, A. S.10Halstead633
Hinkle, Elisab42Halstead629
Hinkle, F. P.15Halstead632
Hinkle, G. A.20Halstead630
Hinkle, W. C.18Halstead631
Hinkle, W. W.52Halstead628
Hinkson, C.27Halstead740
Hinshaw, A. J.24Halstead934
Hinshaw, N. L.25Halstead933
Hoag, Chester6Garden538
Hoag, Edward34Garden536
Hoag, Edward1Garden539
Hoag, Ellen31Garden537
Hoag, Susan65Garden540
Hobart, C. H.37Sedgwick117
Hobart, Frank11Sedgwick1110
Hobart, M. E.31Sedgwick118
Hobart, Mary7Sedgwick1111
Hobart, W. J.13Sedgwick119
Hodgkiss, M. E.22Emma114
Hoffman, Beulah1Newton414
Hoffman, Etta26Newton412
Hoffman, H. H.37Newton411
Hoffman, W. H.3Newton413
Holdridge, S. L.29Newton1928
Hollenbeck, A. C.88Darlington641
Hollister, G. S.24Sedgwick621
Hollister, Hattie15Sedgwick622
Hollister, J.54Sedgwick619
Hollister, L. E.13Sedgwick623
Hollister, P. A.50Sedgwick620
Holton, C. E.16Emma63
Holton, J. B.12Emma64
Holton, J. M.25Emma61
Holton, Mattie18Emma62
Holton, N. A.56Emma539
Holton, S. B.54Emma540
Homles, G. W.27Newton1917
Horton, E. N.33Walton435
Horton, R.32Walton434
Horton, S. H.1Walton436
House, B. M.48Newton1530
House, P. M.19Newton1532
House, S. O.15Newton1533
House, T. V.22Newton1531
House, V. A.8Newton1534
Howard, Clarence R.5Valley332
Howard, Ellen E.27Valley331
Howard, Fanny3Valley333
Howard, J. E.27Valley330
Howell, G. L.35Valley324
Howell, Laura6Valley326
Howell, Mary24Valley325
Howell, Mary1/12Valley329
Howell, Rosa L.4Valley327
Howell, Susan2Valley328
Hubbard, A. G.31Darlington135
Hubbard, C. A.2Newton924
Hubbard, E. G.26Newton923
Hubbard, H. W.26Newton922
Hudson, A. 48Macon51
Hudson, Alice49Macon52
Hudson, Frank19Macon53
Hudson, Nettie18Macon54
Huff, A. S.7Darlington326
Huff, C.22Lakin21
Huff, Della A.6Lakin23
Huff, G. F.4Darlington327
Huff, Hannah32Darlington324
Huff, Lillie B.4Lakin24
Huff, Mary,26Lakin22
Huff, Mary E.3Lakin25
Huff, R. C.1Lakin26
Huffman, Wm.33Macon34
Hughs, A. J.30Newton1011
Hughs, E. E.3Newton1013
Hughs, Ivey8/12Newton1014
Hughs, M. C.23Newton1012
Hunter, D. A.30Walton414
Hunter, F. C.8/12Walton418
Hunter, Jno9Walton415
Hunter, N. A.47Walton413
Hunter, S. A.5Walton417
Hunter, Wm. E.8Walton416
Hupp, F. S.1/4Macon718
Hupp, G. W.2Macon717
Hupp, Geo.32Macon715
Hupp, Lizzie25Macon716
Hurd, Eugene16Sedgwick1116
Hurd, Jn. J.29Sedgwick15
Hurd, M. J.5Sedgwick16
Hurd, Philena51Sedgwick1115
Hurd, W. H.32Sedgwick14
Hurlburt, W. G.17Newton1312
Hutchings, Alford23Walton1235
Hutchings, Emery8/12Walton1237
Hutchings, Flora18Walton1234
Hutchings, J.57Walton1231
Hutchings, Liza49Walton1232
Hutchings, M. C.22Walton1236
Hutchings, T.21Walton1233
Hutchison, Chas26Walton106
Hutchison, L. M.1Walton108
Hutchison, M. C.19Walton107
Hyde, E.66Darlington524
Hyde, N.69Darlington522
Hyde, N.24Darlington523
Ingburg, Matilda19Newton715
Inghram, E. P.31Newton64
Inghram, G. M.11Newton65
Inghram, I. V.6Newton67
Inghram, Willie9Newton66
Ingrahm, H. H.32Newton63
Inland(?), R. H.25Richland423
Inman, Esther31Halstead416
Inman, Jesse8Halstead417
Inman, William41Halstead415
Irving, M.37Walton838
Irving, W. P.2Walton839
Irving, Wm.38Walton837
Ivers, Nelly27Valley411
Ives, Annie12Walton220
Ives, C. W.41Walton217
Ives, Effie4Walton223
Ives, F. F.17Walton219
Ives, Geo.7Walton221
Ives, Ida6Walton222
Ives, Lillie11/12Walton224
Ives, Philena38Walton218
Jackman, C. L.42Macon711
Jackman, G. B.14Macon713
Jackman, J. G.17Macon712
Jackman, L. L.7Macon714
Jackman, W. K.23Macon710
Jacobs, F. (?).33Macon61
Jacobs, Jane26Macon62
Jacobs, Norman2Macon63
Jacoby, Anna7Garden221
Jacoby, Ca(?)26Garden220
Jacoby, Thos.29Garden219
Jacoby, Wm.3Garden222
James, Dela10Halstead1013
James, Freddy4Halstead1015
James, Henry37Halstead1011
James, Henry7Halstead1014
James, Jane30Halstead1012
Jameson, Eliza3Lakin138
Jameson, James63Lakin16
Jameson, Jessie6Lakin137
Jameson, Jonnie58Lakin17
Jameson, Margaret31Lakin135
Jameson, Marian1/12Lakin139
Jameson, Susie8Lakin136
Jameson, Thos31Lakin134
Jantz, --Halstead537
Jantz, John-Halstead536
Jenkins, A. D.34Newton620
Jenkins, Blanch10Newton621
Jenkins, G. N.38Newton619
Jenkins, Merrtt3Newton622
Jenney, E. W.27Pleasant536
Jenney, Sarah19Pleasant537
Jernigan, A. L.47Newton Twp439
Jernigan, D. A.27Darlington612
Jernigan, G. H.18Newton Twp440
Jernigan, L. B.45Newton Twp438
Jernigan, L. M.1Darlington614
Jernigan, M.69Darlington615
Jernigan, M.16Newton Twp51
Jernigan, M. E.24Darlington613
Jernigan, Nola13Newton Twp52
Jernigan, S. F.11Newton Twp53
Jerrard, I.44Newton16
Johnson, Andrew42Newton1816
Johnson, Anna18Newton1527
Johnson, B. C.58Walton51
Johnson, B. M.43Newton199
Johnson, C.32Newton Twp630
Johnson, David27Walton433
Johnson, E. J.54Pleasant1012
Johnson, E. J.5Pleasant628
Johnson, E. S.54Walton52
Johnson, Emma1Newton Twp632
Johnson, Gale11/12Pleasant629
Johnson, H. H.1Walton422
Johnson, Helen29Newton Twp631
Johnson, J. C.29Walton419
Johnson, J. M.24Walton431
Johnson, J. W.33Pleasant623
Johnson, John2/12Newton Twp633
Johnson, Mary34Walton420
Johnson, Olive9Pleasant627
Johnson, Orion, 9Pleasant626
Johnson, R. E.15Walton53
Johnson, S. J.21Walton432
Johnson, S. L.39Pleasant624
Johnson, S. P.5Walton421
Johnson, Sophia20Newton1833
Johnson, Sophia19Newton1137
Johnson, U. S. G.10Pleasant625
Johnson, W. E.26Walton430
Johnston, A. F.4Pleasant42
Johnston, A(?). A.32Alta51
Johnston, C. F.1Pleasant43
Johnston, J. A.33Alta440
Johnston, J. C.8Pleasant340
Johnston, L. M.33Pleasant339
Johnston, M. D. 1/2Alta55
Johnston, N. C.2Alta54
Johnston, O. (?)5Alta53
Johnston, W. E.8Alta52
Johnston, W. L.6Pleasant41
Johnston, W. O.38Pleasant338
Jones, (?)44Macon42
Jones, Alice18Newton1932
Jones, B. E.50Macon41
Jones, C. W.7Macon47
Jones, E. E.5Walton1130
Jones, G. C.32Newton522
Jones, H. S.29Walton1129
Jones, Harry E.4Walton1131
Jones, I. G.27Valley419
Jones, J. B. 18Macon44
Jones, J. R.29Macon43
Jones, J. W.38Valley413
Jones, L. H.16Macon45
Jones, Lois20Walton39
Jones, M. C.1Walton1132
Jones, M. E.12Macon46
Jones, Maggie25Valley414
Jones, Mary7Valley416
Jones, Nelly29Newton523
Jones, R. C.28Sedgwick133
Jones, R. E.26Valley412
Jones, R. E.3Valley415
Jones, Richard33Valley418
Jones, Sophia53Valley417
Jones, Wm.25Sedgwick38
Jones, Wm.29Walton1128
Kanavel, A. B.7/12Sedgwick107
Kanavel, E. J.5Sedgwick106
Kanavel, G. W.31Sedgwick104
Kanavel, M. A.27Sedgwick105
Kaufman, A.35Newton1331
Kaufman, Anna16Garden718
Kaufman, Eliza12Newton1333
Kaufman, Emma10Newton1334
Kaufman, Franie45Garden717
Kaufman, Frank8Newton1335
Kaufman, Geo.17Newton1332
Kaufman, Hetta6Newton1336
Kaufman, J. G.45Newton1330
Kaufman, John44Garden716
Kaufman, Joseph4Garden720
Kaufman, Mary2Newton1338
Kaufman, Peter10Garden719
Kaufman, Sarah4Newton1337
Kearry, Mike22Newton162
Keed, Alexander26Sedgwick27
Keener, G. H.29Lake130
Keener, J. N.6/12Lake131
Keener, M. A.27Lake132
Kehn, Anna13Garden631
Kehn, Caroline10Garden632
Kehn, David26Garden629
Kehn, Henry6Garden633
Kehn, Maria37Garden630
Keller, C. E.4Sedgwick517
Keller, E. T.2Sedgwick833
Keller, John28Sedgwick514
Keller, M. S.26Sedgwick830
Keller, Marietta6Sedgwick516
Keller, N. E.32Sedgwick515
Keller, O. J.5Sedgwick832
Keller, R. W.26Sedgwick829
Keller, S. J.7Sedgwick831
Kelley, Chas7Emma634
Kelley, Dick6Emma635
Kelley, E.14Emma631
Kelley, J. D.29Newton1437
Kelley, J. H.18Emma630
Kelley, J. S.20Emma629
Kelley, Jas45Emma627
Kelley, M. A.9Emma633
Kelley, M. A.43Emma628
Kelley, Wm.12Emma632
Kellis, A. E.9/12Newton1329
Kellis, E. B.23Newton1328
Kellis, Henry26Newton1327
Kellis, John1Newton Twp435
Kellis, John49Newton Twp432
Kellis, M.3Newton Twp434
Kellis, R.45Newton Twp433
Kellogg, A. L.16Richland54
Kellogg, B. M.8Richland422
Kellogg, E. A.24Richland421
Kellogg, E. E.31Richland52
Kellogg, E. W.27Richland420
Kellogg, F. W.60Richland440
Kellogg, H. R.25Richland53
Kellogg, R. A.57Richland51
Kelly, A.35Sedgwick1221
Kelly, C. E.6Pleasant110
Kelly, D. H.12Pleasant17
Kelly, E. D.8Pleasant19
Kelly, E. J.10Pleasant18
Kelly, H. W.38Pleasant13
Kelly, J. W.14Pleasant15
Kelly, M. C.37Pleasant14
Kelly, M. C.2Pleasant112
Kelly, S. A.4Pleasant111
Kelly, W. N.13Pleasant16
Kemper, C4Sedgwick937
Kemper, C. S.46Sedgwick936
Kemper, D. H.47Sedgwick935
Kempten, John31Newton32
Kempten, Sarah25Newton33
Kempton, Herbert1Newton35
Kempton, Oscar5Newton34
Kennedy, A.45Newton929
Kennedy, A. N.16Newton933
Kennedy, C. M.9Newton936
Kennedy, H. F.19Newton932
Kennedy, J. A.1Newton938
Kennedy, J. A.42Newton930
Kennedy, O. W.12Newton935
Kennedy, R. C.6Newton937
Kennedy, W. M.20Newton931
Kennedy, W. N.14Newton934
Keough, C.9Sedgwick612
Keough, Frank19Sedgwick68
Keough, Harry52Sedgwick65
Keough, Jane13Sedgwick610
Keough, Maggie15Sedgwick69
Keough, T.51Sedgwick66
Keough, Thos.23Sedgwick67
Keough, Wm.11Sedgwick611
Keown, A.42Richland214
Keown, C. M.8Richland217
Keown, D. A.40Richland215
Keown, H. I.6Richland218
Keown, H. W.4Richland219
Keown, J. V.1Richland220
Keown, W. L.15Richland216
Kerns, Allen34Garden327
Kerns, Anna30Garden328
Kerns, Chas3/12Garden333
Kerns, Emma2Garden332
Kerns, Everitt2Garden331
Kerns, Francis8Garden329
Kerns, Wm.5Garden330
Kershner, Cath32Garden214
Kershner, Hiram43Garden213
Kershner, Jno.3Garden218
Kershner, Mary15Garden215
Kershner, Susan9Garden217
Kershner, Wm.11Garden216
Kersting, Anna58Macon216
Kersting, C.31Macon218
Kersting, Frank28Macon217
Kersting, Henry55Macon215
Kersting, Henry2Macon220
Kersting, Lizzie5Macon219
Kestinga, Chas.35Darlington424
Kestinga, E.25Darlington425
Kestinga, J.4Darlington426
Kestinga, Seiggie2Darlington427
Kettle, Carrie25Pleasant119
Kettle, Henry30Pleasant118
Kettle, L. H.5Pleasant120
Kettle, M. L.2Pleasant121
Kilburn, E.66Sedgwick1117
Killam, Lena7Newton143
Killam, Luree13Newton141
Killam, M. E.4Newton144
Killam, N. C.37Newton1340
Killam, N. E.10Newton142
Killam, P. M.35Newton1339
Kilpatrick, A. 26Pleasant216
Kilpatrick, E.2/12Pleasant219
Kilpatrick, H.28Pleasant215
Kilpatrick, M. J.1Pleasant218
Kilpatrick, R. A.3Pleasant217
Kincade, A. E.31Emma120
Kincade, J. M.33Emma119
Kincade, Lee7Emma121
Kincade, Milton7/12Emma123
Kincade, Ralph4Emma122
Kingerey, C. J.9Newton Twp42
Kingerey, C. M.15Newton Twp339
Kingerey, J. W.7Newton Twp43
Kingerey, Mary4Newton Twp44
Kingerey, Patients36Newton Twp338
Kingerey, R. A.12Newton Twp41
Kingerey, S. M.13Newton Twp340
Kingerey, T.11/12Newton Twp45
Kingerey, Woodson42Newton Twp337
Kirk, Agnes8Halstead727
Kirk, George3Halstead729
Kirk, George34Halstead723
Kirk, James10Halstead726
Kirk, Jane5Halstead728
Kirk, Jane31Halstead724
Kirk, Maggie2/12Halstead730
Kirk, William12Halstead725
Kirkpatrick, T. H.36Walton614
Kirlin, Cyrus53Macon415
Kirlin, Frank13Macon418
Kirlin, Loura18Macon417
Kirlin, Minnie6Macon419
Kirlin, W. J.40Macon416
Kisting, Frank25Newton163
Klaasen, Abram11Pleasant1021
Klaasen, Agnetha43Pleasant1014
Klaasen, Agnetha13Pleasant1020
Klaasen, Anna20Pleasant1016
Klaasen, Elisabeth10Pleasant1022
Klaasen, Eva22Pleasant1015
Klaasen, Helena18Pleasant1017
Klaasen, Jacob6Pleasant1024
Klaasen, John15Pleasant1018
Klaasen, John K. 54Pleasant1013
Klaasen, Kate2Pleasant1026
Klaasen, Marg't8Pleasant1023
Klaasen, Maria14Pleasant1019
Klaasen, Sarah4Pleasant1025
Kleberger, Ed3Newton Twp240
Kleberger, Edward31Newton Twp236
Kleberger, Geo.5Newton Twp239
Kleberger, Hattie7Newton Twp238
Kleberger, Jessee1Newton Twp31
Kleberger, Laura25Newton Twp237
Klevert, Andrew36Pleasant1027
Klevert, Anna14Pleasant85
Klevert, Jacob12Pleasant86
Klevert, John15Pleasant84
Klevert, Peter50Pleasant83
Kliewer, (?)8Alta416
Kliewer, Anna6Alta417
Kliewer, Elizabeth6Alta418
Kliewer, Henry13Alta415
Kliewer, John15Alta414
Kliewer, John43Alta412
Kliewer, Maria45Alta413
Klingingsmith, Ed16Newton536
Klingingsmith, H. 18Newton537
Knaud, Eugene25Newton1033
Knaud, Ida1/12Newton1036
Knaud, Julia24Newton1034
Knaud, N. M.3Newton1035
Knight, Addie9Garden516
Knight, Albert3Garden518
Knight, Alfred11Garden515
Knight, Amos43Garden513
Knight, C. A.6Alta437
Knight, C. S.32Alta435
Knight, Caroline34Garden514
Knight, Ed L.1Alta438
Knight, Laura8Alta436
Knight, Ralph5Garden517
Knight, S. Dow32Alta434
Knight, W. J.26Alta439
Knott, A. R.42Emma115
Knott, D. M.10/12Emma118
Knott, Etta4Emma117
Knott, F. A.17Emma19
Knott, F. S.46Emma16
Knott, Ida19Emma18
Knott, Martha46Emma17
Knott, Mary77Emma112
Knott, Q. A.16Emma110
Knott, R. C.78Emma111
Knott, Sue31Emma116
Knowlton, D. B.48Darlington529
Knowlton, I. T.24Darlington531
Knowlton, J. E.46Darlington530
Knowlton, M. A.24Darlington532
Knox, J. L.25Lakin114
Kobler, A.10Richland19
Kobler, I. M.12Richland18
Kobler, James E.38Richland15
Kobler, L. C.6Richland113
Kobler, L. W.13Richland17
Kobler, M.6Richland112
Kobler, Margrett34Richland16
Kobler, N. W.9Richland110
Kobler, O.8Richland111
Koehn, -2Halstead1117
Koehn, -40Halstead1113
Koehn, -14Halstead1114
Koehn, -12Halstead1115
Koehn, -8Halstead1116
Koehn, August45Halstead1112
Koons, M. J.33Newton208
Krager, Anna39Alta230
Krager, H.48Alta229
Kramer, D. E.31Lake519
Kramer, M. O.18Lake520
Krausa, Amanda3Alta520
Krausa, Anna4/12Alta521
Krausa, Anna26Alta519
Krausa, Cornelius23Alta518
Krehbiel, Anna12Garden64
Krehbiel, Emma5Garden65
Krehbiel, Peter2Garden66
Krehbiel, Susana34Garden63
Krehbiel, Valentine33Garden62
Kuehny, -5/12Halstead428
Kuehny, Anna7Halstead425
Kuehny, Elisa3Halstead427
Kuehny, I.37Halstead423
Kuehny, Magdaline29Halstead424
Kuehny, Mary5Halstead426
Kurtz, Fred H.14Halstead113
Kurtz, Geo. L.17Halstead112
Kurtz, Lewis48Halstead110
Kurtz, Mary A.40Halstead111
Lacy, Amanda J.7Valley432
Lacy, Cintha11Valley430
Lacy, Eri(?)1/12Valley435
Lacy, Frank3Valley434
Lacy, George5Valley433
Lacy, J. A.9Valley431
Lacy, J. A.39Valley427
Lacy, Kate35Valley428
Lacy, Waltar13Valley429
Lakin, Geo1Sedgwick116
Lakin, J.27Sedgwick114
Lakin, Jn. H.34Sedgwick113
Lakin, Wm.7Sedgwick115
Lanahan, Thomas25Newton161
Lane, Aaron7Newton1120
Lane, Aaron49Newton1115
Lane, H. W.13Newton1119
Lane, Katie21Newton1117
Lane, Lisle18Newton1118
Lane, S. W.38Newton1116
Lane, U. W.2Newton1121
Lane, W. K.32Newton1122
Laneard, A. M.26Newton1728
Laneard, S. B.5Newton1729
Laneard, W. B.28Newton1727
Langan, H. L.27Newton191
Langley, A.26Sedgwick116
Lapham, Ella6Newton1518
Lapham, Jennie26Newton1517
Lapham, Lee28Newton1516
Lapham, Mary2Newton1519
Lappin, D. T.2Richland116
Lappin, E.6/12Richland117
Lappin, Hannah24Richland115
Lappin, M.30Richland114
Laramie, Pat24Newton425
Laroy, M. A.38Macon32
Laroy, Mary A.3Macon33
Laroy, Saml40Macon31
Larsen,(?) John38Lakin613
Lawson, John16Valley735
Lawson, Lottie18Valley733
Lawson, Matilda11Valley737
Layman, Blain2/12Garden212
Layman, Jno.33Garden29
Layman, Kesiah26Garden210
Layman, Levi6Garden211
Leach, A. S.21Sedgwick821
Leach, Arnold1Sedgwick828
Leach, D.28Sedgwick824
Leach, Effie4Sedgwick826
Leach, Flora2Sedgwick827
Leach, Herbert4Sedgwick823
Leach, Matilda25Sedgwick822
Leach, Sarah25Sedgwick825
Leavey, B. L.7/12Lakin212
Leavey, Charlotte25Lakin29
Leavey, H. H.28Lakin28
Leavey, H. I.7Lakin210
Leavey, L. A.5Lakin211
Lebegre, Armond36Newton138
Lebegree, A.36Emma416
Lebrick, M.9/12Garden336
Lebrick, Mary24Garden335
Lebrick, Saml31Garden334
Lecbrick, Wm12Garden37
Lehman, Annie1Halstead15
Lehman, Elise27Halstead12
Lehman, G.9/12Newton147
Lehman, Jacob25Halstead17
Lehman, John35Halstead11
Lehman, L.27Newton146
Lehman, Mary8Halstead13
Lehman, S.27Newton145
Lehman, Willie6Halstead14
Leighton, E. R.14Walton237
Leighton, Ed49Walton235
Leighton, M.6Walton239
Leighton, S. E.46Walton236
Leighton, S. L.12Walton238
Leisy, Jacob60Halstead1034
Leisy, Mary53Halstead1035
Lemon, D.23Walton514
Lemon, Emily5Pleasant519
Lemon, H. M.48Walton513
Lemon, Lottie10/12Pleasant521
Lemon, M. B.65Walton512
Lemon, Mary24Pleasant518
Lemon, S. A.20Newton107
Lemon, W.33Pleasant517
Lemon, Wm.3Pleasant520
Len, A. J.46Newton Twp16
Len, Adda9Newton Twp110
Len, Carrie1/12Newton Twp114
Len, Ellsworth12Newton Twp18
Len, Emerson2Newton Twp113
Len, Etta10Newton Twp19
Len, Grant8Newton Twp111
Len, Howard6Newton Twp112
Len, S. J.32Newton Twp17
Leng, J. W.37Newton1126
Leng, Leona5Newton1129
Leng, Luella9Newton1128
Leng, Mary32Newton1127
Leonard, Eddie 4Valley426
Leonard, H. M.24Valley425
Leonard, S. D.34Valley424
Lester, J. L.24Lakin115
Lewis, A. J.25Macon13
Lewis, Ann14Walton49
Lewis, C. A.18Macon14
Lewis, C. H.10Walton410
Lewis, Carrie20Newton78
Lewis, Eugene2Walton411
Lewis, G. C.61Macon11
Lewis, Henry40Walton47
Lewis, Isabella51Newton77
Lewis, L. H.61Macon12
Lewis, Louise34Walton48
Lewis, Reading53Newton76
Libbey, E. P.30Richland439
Libbey, J. B.32Richland435
Libbey, L. A.27Richland436
Libbey, L. B.6Richland437
Libbey, W. E.3Richland438
Libby, C. W.1Sedgwick722
Libby, Caroline40Sedgwick717
Libby, Carrie3Sedgwick721
Libby, Charles49Sedgwick716
Lidue, A.51Walton123
Lineaweaver, A.19Richland41
Lineaweaver, E.43Richland340
Lineaweaver, I.14Richland42
Lineaweaver, O. P.45RIchland339
Lineback, (?)31Alta314
Lineback, H. B.3Alta316
Lineback, Hallie31Alta315
Lineback, O. M.1Alta317
Lionigston, Fred25Walton836
Littlefield, Clara17Newton714
Littlefield, Robt27Newton713
Litton, J. V.27Walton1125
Liveley, Joseph36Newton310
Lively, Amelia5Newton317
Lively, Anna34Newton311
Lively, Anna6Newton316
Lively, C.9Newton314
Lively, F. 7Newton315
Lively, J.12Newton312
Lively, Joseph10Newton313
Lively, Matilda10/12Newton318
Livergood, A.16Sedgwick1128
Lohrentz, Jr., P.30Garden16
Long, Almira28Macon516
Long, C. C.2Macon518
Long, C. E.20Halstead620
Long, Carry14Valley439
Long, Carry10Valley51
Long, Charles2Valley53
Long, H. A.22Halstead619
Long, Hariett E.12Valley440
Long, Hester47Halstead618
Long, J. S.50Halstead617
Long, Jno39Macon515
Long, Lora8Valley52
Long, R. C.8Macon517
Long, Rosa18Valley438
Long, Susan43Valley437
Long, Welington43Valley436
Lord, A. G.4Alta617
Lord, A. G. 5Alta616
Lord, N.29Alta614
Lord, S. C.27Alta615
Lorentz, Abram7Garden19
Lorentz, Cath35Garden17
Lorentz, Eliz24Garden125
Lorentz, Eliz2Garden126
Lorentz, Eliz5Garden110
Lorentz, Eliz56Garden113
Lorentz, H.26Garden124
Lorentz, Helena6/12Garden127
Lorentz, Jacob22Garden114
Lorentz, John18Garden115
Lorentz, Justina11Garden18
Lorentz, Maria15Garden116
Lorentz, Peter63Garden112
Love, Kate13Newton175
Love, Maria41Newton173
Love, R. C.62Newton172
Love, Wm. C.17Newton174
Luhn, Peter45Newton1915
Lundy, Lee35Newton1623
Lusk, A. M.5Newton1226
Lusk, J. H.40Newton1222
Lusk, J. W.8Newton1225
Lusk, Mary30Newton1223
Lusk, V. B.10Newton1224
Lydick, A.28Walton424
Lydick, M. S.5Walton425
Lydick, M. W.2Walton426
Lydick, Wm.35Walton423
Lynch, Mary28Newton1618
Lynch, R. B.34Newton1617
Lynde, A.55Lakin11
Lynde, C. 24Lakin14
Lynde, Laura18Lakin15
Lynde, Sarah A.44Lakin12
Lynde, William A.26Lakin13
Lyon, A. B.26Emma330
Lyon, C. F.12Valley423
Lyon, C. M.39Valley421
Lyon, E.7Emma332
Lyon, R. D.9Emma331
Lyon, S. A.45Valley420
Lyon, S. C.34Emma329
Lyon, Sarah3Emma333
Lyon, W. A.18Valley422
Lyons, Joseph48Newton137
Lyons, Malvina54Newton138
Mace, C.9Lakin424
Mace, C. S.39Lakin419
Mace, Ellen12Lakin423
Mace, Grant6Lakin425
Mace, James15Lakin422
Mace, Margaret36Lakin420
Mace, Sonorah1Lakin427
Mace, Squire16Lakin421
Mace, Tecumseh3Lakin426
Magaw, L. C.1Lakin131
Magaw, L. M.32Lakin127
Magaw, M. L.30Lakin128
Magaw, S. L.6Lakin130
Magaw, W. J.8Lakin129
Magill, Adaline2/12Lakin44
Magill, Isabell3Lakin43
Magill, J. M.28Lakin41
Magill, M. J.24Lakin42
Maginley, C. R.27Pleasant639
Maginley, E(?)7/12Pleasant72
Maginley, T.3Pleasant71
Maginley, W. A.31Pleasant638
Maginley, W. H.5Pleasant640
Malick, Jennie B.13Lakin57
Malick, Roscoe C.8Lakin58
Malick, Rush C.2Lakin59
Malick, S. L.37Lakin55
Malick, S. M.37Lakin56
Malling, Chas29Halstead813
Manual, A. I.27Pleasant109
Manual, L. M.27Pleasant1010
Manual, R. G.1Pleasant1011
Marion, George28Pleasant630
Marks, (?). M.2Darlington640
Marks, Edward33Darlington637
Marks, M.25Darlington638
Marks, U. V.8Darlington639
Markwell, A.43Newton Twp221
Markwell, A.16Newton Twp223
Markwell, A. B.11Newton Twp225
Markwell, E.7Newton Twp226
Markwell, Elizie25Newton Twp217
Markwell, Idie3Newton Twp219
Markwell, J. A.5Newton Twp227
Markwell, J. H.39Newton Twp216
Markwell, J. W.4Newton Twp218
Markwell, J. W.67Newton Twp214
Markwell, L. B.1Newton Twp220
Markwell, Lavina40Newton Twp222
Markwell, P. W.2Newton Twp228
Markwell, S. E.14Newton Twp224
Markwell, Sarah64Newton Twp215
Marsh, Ambrose2Sedgwick727
Marsh, Isabell10Sedgwick726
Marsh, Jesse51Sedgwick724
Marsh, Mary30Sedgwick725
Marsh, S. T.27Newton1938
Marshall, Cornelia9Newton Twp722
Marshall, Delbert4Newton Twp724
Marshall, Ellen32Newton Twp719
Marshall, Frank6Newton Twp723
Marshall, Fredy3Newton Twp725
Marshall, Geo.12Newton Twp721
Marshall, Henry14Newton Twp720
Marshall, Robt40Newton Twp718
Martin, A.27Macon64
Martin, A. E.13Richland328
Martin, B. A.7RIchland325
Martin, B. A.6Walton77
Martin, C. R.4Walton78
Martin, E. J.8Walton76
Martin, E. N.18Richland321
Martin, f. O.17Walton73
Martin, F. H.52Richland317
Martin, H. F.2Walton79
Martin, H. R.14Richland322
Martin, J. G.10Walton75
Martin, J. T.66Walton135
Martin, M. L. L.10Richland323
Martin, M. L.1RIchland327
Martin, Mary17Newton96
Martin, Minny4Richland326
Martin, P.34Richland318
Martin, Rosetta11Richland324
Martin, S.25Richland319
Martin, Sallie25Walton136
Martin, Sarah36Walton72
Martin, W. R.15Walton74
Martin, Wistly21Richland320
Martin, Wm. E.41Walton71
Marvis(?), A. L.8Alta431
Marvis(?), Charlette28Alta429
Marvis(?), H. (?)11Alta430
Marvis(?), Jacob32Alta428
Marvis(?), Mabel1Alta433
Marvis(?), Ruth6Alta432
Masters, A.8Pleasant525
Masters, A.6Pleasant528
Masters, Baby1/12Pleasant531
Masters, E.4Pleasant529
Masters, E.30Pleasant527
Masters, I.2Pleasant530
Masters, J. T.32Pleasant526
Masters, M. J.34Pleasant523
Masters, W. H.37Pleasant522
Masters, W. P.12Pleasant524
Mathens, M. A.33Walton636
Mathens, Neely1Walton637
Mathens, Wm.42Walton635
Mathenson, J. 19Newton Twp73
Mathenson, Julina56Newton Twp71
Mathenson, Julina24Newton Twp72
Mathesson, J.69Newton Twp640
Mathews, A.58Valley522
Mathews, A. G.27Valley524
Mathews, Agness15Valley528
Mathews, C. T.23Newton1529
Mathews, Charles23Newton1718
Mathews, Harvey20Valley525
Mathews, J. H.23Valley527
Mathews, Jane57Valley523
Mathews, M. J.18Valley526
Mathies, Delrro6Lakin435
Mathies, Don18Lakin430
Mathies, Frank17Lakin431
Mathies, H.45Lakin428
Mathies, Harry9Lakin434
Mathies, Ida11Lakin433
Mathies, Sophia43Lakin429
Mathies, Wray14Lakin432
Mathis, Carrie6Sedgwick224
Mathis, Flora1Sedgwick226
Mathis, Gussie5Sedgwick225
Mathis, H. J.24Sedgwick223
Mathis, I. A.30Sedgwick222
Mattison, A.33Alta723
Mattison, Elmina29Alta724
Mattock, -2/12Lake310
Mattock, C. E.21Lake15
Mattock, J. C.18Lake16
Mattock, J. R.48Lake14
Mattock, Lena6Lake39
Mattock, M. J.28Lake38
Mattock, T. J.29Lake37
Maude, Henry21Newton1732
Maxwell, 27Newton Twp54
Maxwell, Baby1/12Newton Twp57
Maxwell, Dave27Newton196
Maxwell, J. A.23Newton195
Maxwell, Jessee26Newton Twp55
Maxwell, Lola3Newton Twp56
May, A. W.25Pleasant65
May, I. E.1Pleasant67
May, R. A.25Pleasant66
Mayberry, A. J.29Darlington629
Mayberry, Emma21Darlington630
Mayberry, H. H.1Darlington633
Mayberry, L. 5Darlington631
Mayberry, Lucy4Darlington632
Mayess, Carl4Newton229
Mayess, Dolley10Newton226
Mayess, E. B.30Newton225
Mayess, Harvey9/12Newton230
Mayess, Henry36Newton224
Mayess, Lilley6Newton228
Mayess, Minnie8Newton227
Mayfield, A.23Pleasant319
Mayfield, D. M.2/12Newton13
Mayfield, Danl2/12Pleasant321
Mayfield, L.17Pleasant320
Mayfield, Lucy17Newton12
Mayfield, T. A.26Newton11
Mc Ewy, P.30Alta313
McAdams, A. A.25Halstead834
McAdams, H. H.29Halstead832
McAdams, J. C.7Halstead835
McAdams, M. A.4Halstead836
McAdams, M. R.23Halstead833
McAfee, Carry5Newton1230
McAfee, David3Newton1231
McAfee, Edy8Newton1229
McAfee, Geo.39Newton1227
McAfee, Mary1Newton1232
McAfee, Susan35Newton1228
McArthur, Ch.38Macon36
McArthur, G. D.6Macon37
McArthur, John40Macon35
McArthur, Lilly1/4Macon39
McAtee, B. H.11Valley533
McAtee, E. A.38Valley530
McAtee, J. D.29Valley531
McAtee, J. E.15Valley532
McAtee, J. L.39Valley529
McAtee, M. D.1/12Valley534
McBurney, Alex33Halstead410
McBurney, C. H.3/12Halstead412
McBurney, Ellen27Halstead411
McCart, J. T.13Lake433
McCart, P.41Lake432
McClafflin, John23Newton Twp14
McClinlook, Carrie14Newton116
McCollum, F. G.30Macon421
McCollum, Jarvis11Macon422
McCollum, Jm J.32Macon420
McCombs, Mary17Newton1830
McConnell, William26Garden61
McCorkle, E. J.26Richland29
McCorkle, Frank28Richland28
McCorkle, H.20Richland210
McCorkle, J.52Richland26
McCorkle, John5Richland213
McCorkle, Joseph12Richland211
McCorkle, Julia48Richland27
McCorkle, Sarah10Richland212
McCormick, A.15Newton1810
McCormick, H.51Newton187
McCormick, L.23Newton189
McCormick, Mahala30Newton188
McCormick, Wm.53Newton186
McDaniel, L. M.2Pleasant119
McDaniel, M. M.26Pleasant116
McDaniel, O. R.27Pleasant117
McDaniel, U. E.6Pleasant118
McDaniel, W. G.4/12Pleasant1110
McDannel, A. L.8/12Newton Twp23
McDannel, Amanda31Newton Twp135
McDannel, Anson34Newton Twp134
McDannel, C. C.7Newton Twp140
McDannel, C. W.3Newton Twp22
McDannel, E. J.10Newton Twp138
McDannel, E. W.5Newton Twp21
McDannel, F. M.14Newton Twp136
McDannel, I. M.9Newton Twp139
McDannel, M. C.12Newton Twp137
McDonald, -3/12Halstead320
McDonald, -3/12Halstead321
McDonald, A. P.32Walton92
McDonald, C. H.7Halstead318
McDonald, E. T.5Walton93
McDonald, J. E.47Walton91
McDonald, Lizzie3Walton94
McDonald, R. H.31Halstead316
McDonald, S. J.30Halstead317
McDonald, T. C.5Halstead319
McEowen, C.35Sedgwick735
McEowen, Effie7Sedgwick737
McEowen, John3Sedgwick738
McEowen, John40Sedgwick734
McEowen, M. E.19Sedgwick736
McEowen, R. R.1Sedgwick739
McFarland, Annie8Halstead26
McFarland, Ellen17Halstead23
McFarland, Jane39Halstead22
McFarland, Maggie14Halstead24
McFarland, Thos.46Halstead21
McFarland, Thos.4Halstead27
McFarland, Willie10Halstead25
McGeachy, P.28Lake219
McGeiney, Pat30Newton Twp625
McGill, D.41Garden231
McGill, Etta9Garden233
McGill, Mary35Garden232
McGill, V.8Garden234
McGlincha, F(?)54Macon331
McIntire, A. B.3Lakin226
McIntire, B. M. C.2/12Lakin227
McIntire, F. D.30Lakin222
McIntire, J. M.6Lakin224
McIntire, M. C.26Lakin223
McIntire, Wm. F.4Lakin225
McKenzy, L.22Lake232
McKisson, B.3/12Walton810
McKisson, G.6Walton88
McKisson, Harry3Walton89
McKisson, Sarah33Walton87
McKisson, W.33Walton86
McLain, A. H.8Pleasant24
McLain, A. H.42Pleasant138
McLain, A. I.1Pleasant27
McLain, A. O.13Pleasant22
McLain, C. R.18Pleasant140
McLain, E. S.11Pleasant23
McLain, Ella A.16Pleasant21
McLain, L. E.6Pleasant25
McLain, Mat.4Pleasant26
McLain, S. A.42Pleasant139
McMahan, D. W.23Pleasant49
McMahon, B. N.22Walton1040
McMahon, Chas2Walton1038
McMahon, Emma33Walton1034
McMahon, J. M.4Walton1037
McMahon, Jas10Walton1035
McMahon, P.45Walton1033
McMahon, R. M.65Walton1039
McMahon, Wm.7Walton1036
McMurry, A.27Lake114
McMurry, E.55Lake113
McMurry, Jas55Lake112
McNutt, Emma13Garden230
McNutt, Eunice52Garden229
McNutt, J.54Garden228
McQown, Ellen36Walton127
McQuiddy, A. E.27Newton Twp732
McQuiddy, B. F.21Newton615
McQuiddy, E.55Newton616
McQuiddy, Geo.6Newton Twp733
McQuiddy, H. C.34Newton Twp731
McQuiddy, Jessee23Newton617
McQuiddy, M. A.18Newton618
McQuown, W. H.26Walton126
Means, J. B.34Newton1936
Meginn, Alex6Walton533
Meginn, Fred2Walton535
Meginn, Geo5/12Walton537
Meginn, H. J.46Walton538
Meginn, Jane1Walton536
Meginn, M.28Walton532
Meginn, Saml35Walton531
Meginn, W. J.4Walton534
Mencer, Rachel30Newton Twp614
Mennerich, Amelia6Valley514
Mennerich, Henry33Valley512
Mennerich, Jane2Valley515
Mennerich, Mary24Valley513
Merrill, A. M.5Sedgwick321
Merrill, A. N.17Sedgwick1036
Merrill, B. A.30Sedgwick319
Merrill, C. M.15Sedgwick1037
Merrill, D. R.25Newton1711
Merrill, E. C.11Sedgwick1038
Merrill, J. L.1Sedgwick323
Merrill, L. M.3Sedgwick322
Merrill, M. A.30Sedgwick320
Merrill, Nancy55Sedgwick1035
Merris, E. A.10Walton715
Merris, Elmer12Walton714
Merris, Joseph54Walton713
Merris, S. E.5Walton716
Mettler, C.65Pleasant47
Miller, Albert25Halstead518
Miller, Allen59Halstead515
Miller, Almarinda49Halstead516
Miller, Harriett35Newton928
Miller, J. H.41Halstead624
Miller, Katie16Halstead626
Miller, Mary40Halstead625
Miller, O. M.14Halstead627
Miller, Ollie12Darlington325
Miller, Stephen21Halstead517
Mills, H. C.45Newton716
Mills, J. H.38Newton203
Mills, James37Garden535
Mills, L. A.38Newton717
Milne, (?). B.19Darlington48
Milne, Geo.47Darlington46
Milne, J. W.1Sedgwick535
Milne, James28Sedgwick531
Milne, M. F.3Sedgwick534
Milne, S. J.44Darlington47
Milne, Sarah28Sedgwick532
Milne, W. H.4Sedgwick533
Minkee, Fritz28Newton1615
Minor, James7Macon523
Mitchell, A. L.35Sedgwick235
Mitchell, Alice2Sedgwick238
Mitchell, C. J.14Sedgwick214
Mitchell, E. F.5Sedgwick237
Mitchell, Eliza14Pleasant434
Mitchell, J. B.36Sedgwick212
Mitchell, J. F.6Sedgwick215
Mitchell, L. A.24Sedgwick236
Mitchell, M. J.37Sedgwick213
Mitchell, Maggie16Pleasant433
Mitchell, Martha20Pleasant432
Mitchell, Matilda10Pleasant435
Mitchell, R.56Sedgwick1017
Mitchell, S. F.4Sedgwick216
Mitchell, Wm.51Pleasant431
Molsen, Chas1Walton813
Molsen, Jno28Walton814
Molsen, Kate22Walton815
Molsen, Maggie29Walton812
Molsen, N.30Walton811
Monroe, E. M.31Halstead638
Monroe, Z. W.34Halstead637
Montgomery, C. A.5Newton740
Montgomery, D. F.35Newton738
Montgomery, S. C.30Newton739
Montgomery, W. E.3Newton81
Mood, John30Newton1930
Moon, Albert20Newton178
Moore, (?). E.33Emma125
Moore, A. P.3Emma130
Moore, B. A.31Valley521
Moore, B. E.3Valley518
Moore, F. N.42Emma124
Moore, Harry21Newton1733
Moore, J. A.37Valley520
Moore, J. A.31Valley516
Moore, John C.32Newton533
Moore, Josephine1Valley519
Moore, Mary M.28Valley517
Moore, Minnie21Newton1731
Moore, W. S.27Newton1730
Morgan, A. E.17Sedgwick1034
Morgan, Chas B.35Halstead523
Morgan, Chuck2Sedgwick86
Morgan, Clara21Pleasant620
Morgan, Elbert16Sedgwick83
Morgan, Emily25Halstead524
Morgan, Frank3Halstead525
Morgan, H. C.4Sedgwick85
Morgan, H. P.22Sedgwick1033
Morgan, I. L.6Sedgwick84
Morgan, J. C.28Pleasant619
Morgan, M.54Sedgwick1032
Morgan, M> C.25Sedgwick82
Morgan, P. M.31Sedgwick81
Morgan, Robert2Pleasant621
Morris, Dallis28Sedgwick740
Morris, John14Newton Twp326
Morrison, Charles6Valley56
Morrison, D. P.30Pleasant417
Morrison, Edward5Valley57
Morrison, H. E.10/12Pleasant419
Morrison, J. H.29Valley54
Morrison, Kate28Valley55
Morrison, M.37Pleasant418
Morrison, Rose1Valley58
Morrison, T. G.40Darlington337
Morrow, C.48Valley535
Morrow, Elisabeth48Valley536
Morrow, Louanna18Valley537
Morrow, Sallie8Valley538
Mort, C. E.5Lakin621
Mort, Della8Lakin620
Mort, E. W.2/12Lakin623
Mort, Elisabeth32Lakin619
Mort, J.32Lakin618
Mort, Ottis2Lakin622
Mortimer, C.8Macon68
Mortimer, C.26Macon66
Mortimer, E. 11Macon67
Mortimer, Walter2Macon610
Mortimer, Wm.6Macon69
Mortimer, Wm.35Macon65
Moses, Anna10Sedgwick33
Moses, Charles40Sedgwick31
Moses, Cora1Sedgwick36
Moses, G. W.3Sedgwick35
Moses, Kella5Sedgwick34
Moses, N. A.26Sedgwick32
Mothershed, A. J.23Emma616
Mothershed, A. R.28Emma615
Mothershed, B.71Emma620
Mothershed, B. A.7Emma623
Mothershed, C. B.4Emma625
Mothershed, F. E.4Emma617
Mothershed, G. A.6Emma624
Mothershed, H. R.1Emma626
Mothershed, H. W.38Emma622
Mothershed, J. S.34Emma621
Mothershed, L.2Emma618
Mothershed, S.1/12Emma619
Moulds, Robert26Sedgwick416
Mullen, Frank30Newton Twp15
Mullen, Joseph30Newton Twp11
Mulvaney, R.28Newton325
Mulvaney, V.20Newton326
Munch, Alfred24Garden712
Munch, Caroline20Garden713
Munch, Frank27Garden79
Munch, Louie27Garden710
Munch, Verne3Garden711
Munger, E. C.40Emma21
Munger, F. E.9Emma23
Munger, H. C.5Emma25
Munger, H. F.8Emma24
Munger, M. E.7/12Emma26
Munger, S. G.34Emma22
Munt, Emma27Halstead414
Munt, F. A.39Halstead413
Murphy, A. H.14Lake217
Murphy, Andrew1/12Valley511
Murphy, John34Lakin27
Murphy, Mattie25Lake216
Murphy, Patric28Valley59
Murphy, Samantha23Valley510
Murphy, W. I42Lake215
Murphy, W. N.11Lake218
Musselman, Jane72Alta112
Nailor, Carrie10Newton417
Nailor, Ernst1Newton421
Nailor, Frank8Newton418
Nailor, Hannah32Newton416
Nailor, Henry34Newton415
Nailor, Nellie5Newton419
Nailor, Rosie3Newton420
Neal, C. J.13Newton103
Neal, Catherine42Newton940
Neal, E. F.8Newton105
Neal, F. P.20Newton102
Neal, J. E.56Newton939
Neal, N. A.11Newton104
Neal, T. E.21Newton101
Nebergall, C.1Walton1222
Nebergall, Eliz29Walton1219
Nebergall, Gay5Walton1220
Nebergall, L.3Walton1221
Nebergall, S.29Walton1218
Neifeld, Abraham11Alta535
Neifeld, D.13Alta534
Neifeld, D.36Alta532
Neifeld, Elizabeth1Alta538
Neifeld, Elizabeth34Alta533
Neifeld, Gerard9Alta536
Neifeld, John7Alta537
Nelson, Hannah20Newton1621
Nelson, L.22Newton1426
Newhall, A. P.34Newton634
Newhall, C. A.8Newton637
Newhall, C. H.12Newton636
Newhall, D. A.17Newton635
Newhall, R. T.1Newton638
Newhall, S. A.42Newton633
Nichols, A. E.32Sedgwick524
Nichols, Ada4Sedgwick529
Nichols, C. C.32Sedgwick523
Nichols, E. R.7Sedgwick528
Nichols, L. L.11Sedgwick526
Nichols, M. A.1Sedgwick530
Nichols, S. J.9Sedgwick527
Nichols, W. E.13Sedgwick525
Nickel, Andrew17Pleasant89
Nickel, Anna23Pleasant1029
Nickel, Anna7Pleasant1031
Nickel, Catharine1Pleasant1033
Nickel, E. Peter45Pleasant87
Nickel, Effie14Pleasant811
Nickel, Gerhart5Pleasant1032
Nickel, H. P.35Pleasant1028
Nickel, Henry19Pleasant108
Nickel, Jas33Garden412
Nickel, Jno.1Garden416
Nickel, John10Pleasant810
Nickel, Maria40Pleasant88
Nickel, Maria9Pleasant1030
Nickel, Mary5Garden414
Nickel, Mattie3Garden415
Nickel, Nancy24Garden413
Nightsen, C. J1Darlington215
Nightsen, S. N.23Darlington214
Nightsen, W. M.27Darlington213
Nikkel, A.21Alta22
Nikkel, Gerard4Alta28
Nikkel, Gertrude3Alta29
Nikkel, Gertrude42Alta21
Nikkel, Henry64Alta140
Nikkel, Henry18Alta23
Nikkel, Herman14Alta25
Nikkel, Jacob9Alta26
Nikkel, John17Alta24
Nikkel, Martin7Alta27
Niles, A. E.49Sedgwick134
Niles, C. W.18Sedgwick135
Niles, G. H. E.13Sedgwick137
Niles, L. L.8Sedgwick138
Niles, M. E.15Sedgwick136
Nirton, W. B.38Macon724
Noble, F. S.26Emma238
Noble, J. W.28Emma537
Noble, L.30Emma237
Noble, Myron4Emma239
Noble, Stiles3Emma240
Noble, W. E.23Emma538
Noland, R. L.20Newton1039
Noland, W. A.29Newton1038
Nolder, Arthur6Newton23
Nolder, Clara10Newton22
Nolder, Cora8Macon339
Nolder, Geo.36Newton140
Nolder, J. P.2/3Macon340
Nolder, J. W.17Macon338
Nolder, John53Macon335
Nolder, Laura47Macon336
Nolder, Madisen3Newton25
Nolder, Mary35Newton21
Nolder, Maude1/12Newton24
Nolder, W. C.23Macon337
Nonekin, Christiana17Newton Twp431
Noonan, Julia9/12Newton333
Noonan, Pat25Newton331
Noonan, Susan23Newton332
Norquest, P.31Emma131
Norton, A. M.6Newton221
Norton, G. R.9/12Newton223
Norton, Gertie4Newton222
Norton, J. E.11Newton219
Norton, Jas.45Newton217
Norton, M. A.27Newton218
Norton, M. E.8Newton220
Norton, W. B.31Newton202
Numan, J. R.56Alta711
O Brian, Charles2Garden628
O Brian, Lucy7Garden626
O Brian, Nellie5Garden627
O Brian, Patrick50Garden624
O Brian, Sopha30Garden625
O'Connon, Danl33Walton1138
Ohm, William22Halstead435
Oldham, Inez9Walton133
Oldham, L. M.5Walton134
Oldham, S. E.32Walton132
Oldham, T. R.40Walton131
Oliver, Frank7Alta719
Oliver, Fred13Alta717
Oliver, Fred1Newton518
Oliver, Hargie4/12Alta722
Oliver, Holis3Alta721
Oliver, Rose31Alta716
Oliver, Sam39Alta715
Oliver, Theadore5Alta720
Oliver, Wm.10Alta718
Ollevant, H. 43Newton1713
Olliver, T. A.25Newton198
Olson, Andrew42Halstead519
Olson, Andrew15Halstead521
Olson, Caroline11Halstead522
Olson, Cathrine37Halstead520
Oneal, A. A.62Walton123
Oneal, Ann10Walton125
Oneal, Emma33Walton122
Oneal, Hugh1Walton129
Oneal, Jno8Walton126
Oneal, Mary11Walton124
Oneal, Pat40Walton121
Oneal, Pat3Walton128
Oneal, Thos6Walton127
Ort, E. E.18Macon236
Ort, Isabelle41Macon235
Ort, M. A.15Macon237
Ort, Wm.48Macon234
Osborn, E.22Newton133
Ounly, M.28Walton25
Ounly, M. A.54Walton26
Owen, C. H.28Pleasant222
Owen, L. B.34Pleasant220
Owen, Minna25Pleasant221
Owens, Ada23Newton323
Owens, J. A.1/12Newton324
Owens, Jas.28Newton322
Paden, C. J.34Valley614
Paden, J. H.10Valley615
Paden, Jennie6Valley617
Paden, Lea4Valley618
Paden, Louann2Valley619
Paden, Mollie16Valley613
Paden, Richard S.9Valley616
Paden, S. H.57Valley612
Page, Ella M.11Valley69
Page, G. W.40Valley67
Page, Jed.11/12Valley611
Page, Johnie G.4Valley610
Page, Lenora38Valley68
Palmer, A. C.2Lake51
Palmer, A. W.13Lake435
Palmer, Abigail32Halstead66
Palmer, C. E.4Lake440
Palmer, Danl38Halstead65
Palmer, E. J.11Lake437
Palmer, F. L.29Lake436
Palmer, H. C.40Lake434
Palmer, Isaac11Halstead67
Palmer, J. A.9Lake438
Palmer, V. M.6Lake439
Parish, Ed26Garden437
Parish, Mary25Garden438
Parker, A. V.26Richland512
Parker, B.1/12Lake19
Parker, C. F.19Newton1633
Parker, Charlie2Richland225
Parker, E. L.32Richland511
Parker, Eddie5Richland227
Parker, Emma1Richland228
Parker, J. E.5Richland513
Parker, J. M.26Lake17
Parker, James10Valley622
Parker, James C.40Valley620
Parker, Joel33Richland223
Parker, John6Valley624
Parker, Johnie6Richland226
Parker, M. (?).31Richland224
Parker, M. E.20Lake18
Parker, M. F.8/12Richland514
Parker, Mary8Valley623
Parker, Mary38Valley621
Parker, Sarah3Valley625
Parker, Thos25Lake115
Parkhurst, A. W.32Walton45
Parkhurst, S.20Walton46
Parks, A. O.21Lakin215
Parks, B. P.50Richland235
Parks, C. L.14Lakin217
Parks, C. R.6Lakin220
Parks, E.50Richland236
Parks, Elliot8Lakin219
Parks, J. D.17Lakin216
Parks, M. E.11Lakin218
Parks, O. C.7/12Lakin221
Parks, R. W.47Lakin213
Parks, S. F.44Lakin214
Parks, Walter13Richland237
Parmele, B. C.17Darlington323
Parmele, C. P.59Darlington319
Parmele, J. B.25Darlington321
Parmele, M. A.52Darlington320
Parmele, S. V.20Darlington322
Parnham, C.39Lake321
Parnham, L. D.7Lake322
Parnham, M. A.34Lake323
Parris, E. B.4Alta822
Parris, E. S.37Alta818
Parris, Emma34Alta819
Parris, F. E.14Alta820
Parris, S. S.10Alta821
Parrot, P. M.37Alta635
Parrot, Peter47Alta634
Parrott, D. J.26Walton910
Parrott, E.26Walton911
Parrott, M. M.1Walton913
Parrott, W. B.4Walton912
Parsons, A. T.16Alta119
Parsons, C.13Alta121
Parsons, C.14Alta120
Parsons, E. M.9Alta122
Parsons, L. E.4Alta124
Parsons, L. M.6Alta123
Parsons, M. K.43Alta118
Parsons, S. W.48Alta117
Partridge, A. J.28Macon519
Patrick, Alice15Sedgwick915
Patrick, David50Sedgwick913
Patrick, Deliah46Sedgwick914
Patrick, Wm.4Sedgwick916
Patton, Anna6Pleasant326
Patton, Ella7Pleasant325
Patton, L. J.30Pleasant323
Patton, Leila7/12Pleasant328
Patton, Mat26Pleasant324
Patton, Willie3Pleasant327
Paul, David54Valley64
Paul, Julia58Valley65
Paul, Syrus20Valley66
Peak, Agnes26Walton133
Peak, Alonzo26Walton132
Peck, Allah46Walton539
Penner, H.26Pleasant739
Penner, John30Pleasant738
Penner, R.1/12Pleasant740
Penney, Alonzo15Newton123
Penney, Carrie3Newton Twp321
Penney, E.22Newton Twp319
Penney, Edy8Newton124
Penney, Eveline52Newton1139
Penney, Frank23Newton1140
Penney, Geo.20Newton121
Penney, Hiram53Newton1138
Penney, James30Newton Twp318
Penney, Kellas18Newton122
Penney, M. M.9/12Newton Twp322
Penney, Willie6Newton Twp320
Penty, Chas6Walton528
Penty, David34Walton526
Penty, Geo4Walton529
Penty, Kate33Walton527
Penty, T.81Walton530
Percels, Ben27Newton728
Perkins, E. A.30Newton Twp38
Perkins, E. C.6Newton Twp310
Perkins, J. M.2Newton Twp312
Perkins, John30Newton Twp232
Perkins, L. E.8Newton Twp39
Perkins, L. M.7Newton Twp234
Perkins, M. J.4Newton Twp311
Perkins, M. J.25Newton Twp233
Perkins, M. L.2Newton Twp235
Perkins, S.35Newton Twp37
Perkins, S. J.11/12Newton Twp313
Perrine, C. E.5Darlington636
Perrine, Chas.33Darlington130
Perrine, E. M.26Darlington635
Perrine, J. E.36Darlington634
Perry, J. C.32Newton1920
Peterson, Almond26Newton319
Peterson, C. S.24Newton320
Peterson, P. A.7/12Newton321
Petit, A. H.30Walton313
Petit, E. M.2Walton315
Petit, H.37Walton312
Petit, J. H.6Walton314
Petre, Ang(?)25Garden435
Petterson, Christena60Macon324
Petterson, J. W.24Macon325
Petterson, John W.20Macon326
Petterson, Thomas60Macon323
Pever, Jos. H.28Alta85
Pever, Rosa2Alta87
Pever, Sarah25Alta86
Philbeck, Amos27Garden417
Philbrook, F. M.13Sedgwick420
Philbrook, G. W.44Sedgwick418
Philbrook, H. E.39Sedgwick419
Phillips, A. A.6Valley62
Phillips, E. E.4Valley63
Phillips, J. B.8Valley61
Phillips, Lizzie30Valley540
Phillips, Wm. F.30Valley539
Phinney, A. R.6Newton Twp638
Phinney, H. C.14Newton Twp636
Phinney, J. H.43Newton Twp634
Phinney, M. E.35Newton Twp635
Phinney, M. F.9Newton Twp637
Phinney, Robt8/12Newton Twp639
Piatt, A.26Walton44
Pierce, A. C.21Halstead1039
Piersbach, A.4Sedgwick934
Piersbach, D.9Sedgwick933
Piersbach, J.13Sedgwick931
Piersbach, M.49Sedgwick928
Piersbach, S.42Sedgwick929
Piersbach, S.15Sedgwick930
Piersbach, W.11Sedgwick932
 Piland, A. H.33Walton11
Pilant, C. L.44Pleasant224
Pilant, Caleb11Pleasant228
Pilant, Chas.13Pleasant227
Pilant, Ida H.9Pleasant229
Pilant, John23Pleasant225
Pilant, S.14Pleasant226
Pilant, S. P.50Pleasant223
Pinkerton, Davis (?)8Alta65
Pinkerton, Grant12Alta64
Pinkerton, Johnathan47Alta61
Pinkerton, M.45Alta62
Pinkerton, Thos.14Alta63
Poet, Michael46Sedgwick28
Poet, S. J.39Sedgwick29
Polier, Robt14Newton Twp516
Pope, A. L.7Macon510
Pope, J. B.14Macon57
Pope, M. J12Macon58
Pope, S. E.42Macon56
Pope, W. W. 10Macon59
Pope, W. W.47Macon55
Popkins, J. W.17Halstead43
Popkins, Jas A.58Halstead41
Popkins, Nancy46Halstead42
Popkins, W. N.24Halstead44
Porter, Iosiah40Richland23
Porter, John34Richland24
Powell, A.27Pleasant232
Powell, D.68Pleasant230
Powell, Mary31Pleasant233
Powell, S.32Pleasant231
Powers, W. K.35Newton521
Pratt, J.26Newton1934
Pratt, Saml.29Newton1933
Price, A. C.6Lake34
Price, Catherine42Newton520
Price, H. F.3/12Lake36
Price, J. R.26Lake32
Price, J. W.4Lake35
Price, M. A.27Lake33
Price, M. L.20Newton519
Pride, Ashbury24Garden227
Pride, Cath53Garden225
Pride, Jer.26Garden223
Pride, Saml34Garden224
Pride, Sanford11Garden226
Proctor, C. J.1Lake13
Proctor, Hannah30Lake12
Proctor, John35Lake11
Prouty, (?). E.28Macon525
Prouty, Alice3Macon722
Prouty, Amos59Macon520
Prouty, B.21Emma335
Prouty, B. A.1Emma15
Prouty, Bertha2Emma336
Prouty, C.29Macon720
Prouty, E.10Emma225
Prouty, E. M.7Macon526
Prouty, Edna7Macon721
Prouty, F. A.28Emma11
Prouty, Grace2Macon527
Prouty, H. W.38Emma132
Prouty, Ida C.28Emma12
Prouty, Jno M.30Macon524
Prouty, Kate36Emma223
Prouty, L. A.22Emma334
Prouty, L. A.17Macon522
Prouty, M. D.16Emma224
Prouty, M. L.57Macon521
Prouty, O. L.7Emma13
Prouty, R. P.4Emma14
Prouty, S. H.35Emma222
Prouty, W. H.36Macon719
Pruett, Thmas28Sedgwick1227
Pruitt, A.25Garden131
Pullen, Alice20Emma338
Pullen, C.22Emma337
Puterbaugh, A. M.8Darlington626
Puterbaugh, D. D.25Newton1912
Puterbaugh, John33Darlington624
Puterbaugh, O. V.29Darlington625
Puterbaugh, W. D.6Darlington627
Quinn, John24Sedgwick510
R?igge, H. A.26Newton1923
Raffel, E. E.3Lake525
Raffel, J. A.25Lake524
Raffel, J. H.27Lake523
Ragan, Ida D.5Sedgwick120
Ragan, John7Sedgwick119
Ragan, M.24Sedgwick118
Ragan, M.26Sedgwick117
Ragan, Maud2Sedgwick121
Ragsdall, (?)19Newton1310
Ragsdall, Hulda6Newton630
Ragsdall, J. M.29Newton628
Ragsdall, L. W.2Newton1311
Ragsdall, S. P.24Newton629
Ragsdall, T.1Newton632
Ragsdall ,T. D.25Newton139
Ragsdall, W. A.4Newton631
Ramsey, Bertha3Halstead222
Ramsey, D. W.28Halstead219
Ramsey, Huldah21Halstead220
Ramsey, M. E.5Halstead221
Ramsey, S. J.31Valley626
Randall, A. E.28Pleasant421
Randall, H. M.1Pleasant423
Randall, J. A.31Newton725
Randall, J. L.29Pleasant420
Randall, M. C.8Pleasant422
Ransom, Fanny4Walton98
Ransom, Lucy6Walton97
Ransom, M. J.24Walton96
Ransom, Martha2Walton99
Ransom, R. B.28Walton95
Rapley, B.1Newton Twp531
Rapley, E. B.33Newton Twp525
Rapley, E. J.27Newton Twp526
Rapley, Ed5Newton Twp530
Rapley, Ida8Newton Twp529
Rapley, J. 13Newton Twp527
Rapley, Wm.10Newton Twp528
Rasure, David30Newton1924
Rasure, Edy13Newton1926
Rasure, F. P.26Newton1927
Rasure, Ida26Newton1925
Ratzlaff, Abraham24Alta42
Ratzlaff, Anna40Alta319
Ratzlaff, Anna5Alta530
Ratzlaff, Anna19Alta339
Ratzlaff, Anna16Alta320
Ratzlaff, Ben35Alta324
Ratzlaff, C.7Alta332
Ratzlaff, Catharine15Alta41
Ratzlaff, Catharine8Alta322
Ratzlaff, Catharine28Alta331
Ratzlaff, Catharine5Alta327
Ratzlaff, David28Alta338
Ratzlaff, Geiard19Alta525
Ratzlaff, Helen3Alta328
Ratzlaff, Helen35Alta325
Ratzlaff, Helena46Alta523
Ratzlaff, Helena21Alta43
Ratzlaff, Henry15Alta526
Ratzlaff, Henry18Alta340
Ratzlaff, Isaac3Alta528
Ratzlaff, Jacob44Alta411
Ratzlaff, John4Alta323
Ratzlaff, Johny33Alta330
Ratzlaff, Jr., 20Alta524
Ratzlaff, Maria3Alta334
Ratzlaff, Maria60Alta337
Ratzlaff, Maria10Alta326
Ratzlaff, Maria1/2Alta531
Ratzlaff, Mary1Alta44
Ratzlaff, Peter41Alta318
Ratzlaff, Peter63Alta336
Ratzlaff, Peter11Alta527
Ratzlaff, Peter1Alta329
Ratzlaff, Peter5Alta333
Ratzlaff, Peter13Alta321
Ratzlaff, Sarah1Alta335
Ratzlaff, Sarah9Alta529
Ratzlaff, Sr., Jacob48Alta522
Ratzlauf, -36Halstead117
Ratzlauf, -9Halstead119
Ratzlauf, -4Halstead1110
Ratzlauf, -2Halstead1111
Ratzlauf, -13Halstead118
Ratzlauf, B.38Halstead116
Ray, Fannie9Macon231
Ray, G. A.40Macon227
Ray, M. J.(?)19Macon228
Ray, Mary14Macon230
Ray, Thomas16Macon229
Ray, Wm4Macon232
Raymond, Alfred4/12Alta75
Raymond, Alfred28Alta71
Raymond, E. J.3Alta74
Raymond, S. J.23Alta72
Raymond, W. F.5Alta73
Razier, Abraham32Alta67
Razier, Anna14Alta611
Razier, Cornelius8Alta613
Razier, Franz22Alta68
Razier, Jacob18Alta610
Razier, Maria20Alta69
Razier, Peter12Alta612
Rea, P. W.60Pleasant322
Rebstock, James8Macon131
Rebstock, L. (?)5Macon132
Rebstock, M. C.30Macon130
Rebstock, Saml35Macon129
Redman, C. B.33Emma613
Redman, M. C.26Emma614
Redman, V. W.23Emma65
Reed, Charlie4Sedgwick1127
Reed, Henry30Sedgwick1125
Reed, Maggie22Sedgwick1126
Reese, John34Newton1528
Reese, John34Newton1914
Reeves, Amy31Macon534
Reeves, D.54Macon76
Reeves, David1/4Macon537
Reeves, M. A.17Macon78
Reeves, M. L.4Macon536
Reeves, Mirtie8Macon535
Reeves, R. L.31Macon533
Reeves, Sarah55Macon77
Regier, Anna18Alta540
Regier, John24Alta539
Reiley, Harriett20Newton1114
Reiner, A. S.17Newton Twp213
Reiner, Charles J.46Newton Twp211
Reiner, Julia41Newton1832
Reiner, Julia42Newton Twp212
Remer, Adam4Walton84
Remer, C.2Walton85
Remer, C.29Walton82
Remer, Chas6Walton83
Remer, J. M.37Walton81
Renicker, Charles4/12Garden512
Renicker, Elizabeth33Garden510
Renicker, Samuel33Garden59
Renicker, William9Garden511
Resser(?), Susey24Newton Twp323
Reyer, Annie38Darlington28
Reyer, August47Darlington27
Reyer, Geo.8Darlington210
Reyer, Katie17Darlington29
Reyer, Seiggie8/12Darlington212
Reyer, Wm.5Darlington211
Reynolds, (?). E.1 8/12Alta517
Reynolds, A. F.9Alta514
Reynolds, C. M. F.6Alta515
Reynolds, Chas.44Alta511
Reynolds, Elizabeth38Alta512
Reynolds, John32Emma636
Reynolds, M. A.20Alta513
Reynolds, R. E.3Alta516
Rhodes, Mary36Newton838
Rhodes, W. H.44Emma525
Rhodes, Wm.38Newton837
Rich, A. H.32Richland329
RIch, L.30RIchland330
Richards, G. M.36Sedgwick59
Richards, H. N.29Pleasant514
Richards, M. A.7Pleasant515
Richards, Oscar5Pleasant516
Richards, P.29Pleasant513
Richardson, A. G.45Richland35
Richardson, E. J.29Richland36
Richardson, Geo. W.25Darlington329
RIchardson, J.44Richland37
Ricton, Thomas33Richland240
Ridingar, A.60Pleasant213
Ridingar, E. 58Pleasant214
Ridinger, D.54Richland410
Ridinger, D. E.13Richland417
Ridinger, G.32Richland412
Ridinger, H. B.18Richland416
Ridinger, L.19Richland414
Ridinger, P.49Richland411
Ridinger, S. E.18Richland415
Ridinger, W. H.23Richland413
Riebley, C. S.28Sedgwick539
Riebley, H. E.10Sedgwick541
Riebley, Harry36Sedgwick538
Riebley, O. E.13Sedgwick540
Ried, Emma20Newton737
Ried, John26Newton730
Rief, Jno27Walton234
Rimert, D. P.55Macon414
Rinacker, C.65Halstead440
Rinacker, Saml75Halstead439
Rinecker, Danl30Garden44
Rinecker, Elizth37Garden46
Rinecker, Jno.44Garden45
Rinecker, Kate66Garden43
Rinecker, Mary12Garden48
Rinecker, Wm.17Garden47
Ripperdan, C. (?)8Macon439
Ripperdan, G. E.10Macon438
Ripperdan, H. K.45Macon436
Ripperdan, M. J.35Macon437
Roach, Nenton27Walton613
Robberts, Rhuban16Valley725
Robberts, Samantha18Valley724
Roberts, B.10Richland427
Roberts, E. J.49Richland424
Roberts, Ida16Richland425
Roberts, J. T.27Newton516
Roberts, L.13Richland426
Roberts, L. J.25Newton517
Robertson, A. J.40Emma212
Robertson, Isaac6Emma217
Robertson, L.12Emma215
Robertson, Mary27Emma213
Robertson, R.10Emma216
Robertson, Sarah4Emma218
Robertson, Susan14Emma214
Robinson, E. G.2Newton Twp210
Robinson, Estella5Newton Twp29
Robinson, I. F.15Newton Twp26
Robinson, L. E.11Newton Twp27
Robinson, P. L.50Newton Twp24
Robinson, R. J.28Sedgwick1027
Robinson, Susan41Newton Twp25
Robinson, W. C.40Sedgwick1026
Robinson, W. H.8Newton Twp28
Robson, Robt26Garden235
Rofinot, Maggie18Newton236
Rofser, A. E.11Darlington610
Rofser, M. T.8Darlington611
Rogers, Barnett38Valley627
Rogers, C. M.31Lake225
Rogers, Clara28Lake226
Rogers, Mary A.13Valley630
Rogers, Rhoda A.6Valley633
Rogers, Rosa R.8Valley632
Rogers, Sarah A.1Valley634
Rogers, Sary J.38Valley628
Rogers, W. S. G.77Valley631
Rogers, Wm. A.15Valley629
Rogers, Y. M.5Lake227
Rome, E. C.22Emma236
Ronozbush, B. H. (?)35Macon133
Rood, C. L.6Darlington515
Rood, C. L.32Darlington512
Rood, G. L.8Darlington514
Rood, H. C.26Darlington513
Roof, Anna32Newton510
Roof, Valentine32Newton59
Ropp, Alice4Lakin68
Ropp, Chas.8Lakin66
Ropp, Elisabeth10Lakin65
Ropp, Eliza2/12Lakin69
Ropp, Elmer6Lakin67
Ropp, Emma14Lakin63
Ropp, Jacob52Lakin61
Ropp, Lillie11Lakin64
Ropp, M. A.36Lakin62
Rounds, Florence23Sedgwick633
Rounds, L. E.1Sedgwick634
Rounds, Oscar27Sedgwick632
Rowlands, Daniel6Valley638
Rowlands, Isaac7Valley637
Rowlands, Jane30Valley71
Rowlands, Jane9Valley72
Rowlands, John5Valley74
Rowlands, John M. 39Valley635
Rowlands, John R.4Valley639
Rowlands, Mary31Valley636
Rowlands, Richard7Valley73
Rowlands, Richard33Valley640
Roy, Andy26Newton136
Roy, Maggie21Newton137
Rude, Robert21Sedgwick1114
Rudkins, Jno27Walton21
Rudolph, R.26Newton1712
Rue, Ada18Sedgwick1122
Rue, Edgar14Sedgwick1123
Rue, John23Sedgwick1121
Rue, Lewis6Sedgwick1124
Rue, R. J.47Sedgwick1120
Rue, Richard52Sedgwick1119
Runton, E. A.10Newton514
Runton, J. E.12Newton513
Runton, Jas46Newton511
Runton, M. A.7Newton515
Runton, Sarah36Newton512
Russell, A.58Newton925
Russell, Alice24Walton1023
Russell, C.3/12Walton1026
Russell, E.2Walton1025
Russell, J. T.30Walton1022
Russell, Jno4Walton1024
Russell, Nelley25Newton1436
Russell, S. M.50Newton926
Russell, W. A.27Newton927
Ruth, A. J.9/12Halstead636
Ruth, Abraham1Halstead35
Ruth, Anna4Halstead720
Ruth, Anna E.27Halstead32
Ruth, C. A.21Halstead635
Ruth, Clara10Halstead721
Ruth, Daniel34Halstead31
Ruth, E. A.32Halstead718
Ruth, Edward8Halstead719
Ruth, Eilza2Halstead34
Ruth, Elisabeth57Halstead62
Ruth, H. B.25Halstead61
Ruth, H. B.26Newton207
Ruth, J. E.26Halstead634
Ruth, J. W.38Halstead717
Ruth, Lizzie20Halstead64
Ruth, Otto P.5Halstead33
Ruth, Susan30Halstead63
Ryan, H. G.6Halstead238
Ryan, J. C.2Halstead239
Ryan, J. T.8Halstead237
Ryan, James35Halstead235
Ryan, M. M.27Halstead236
Ryan, W. W.5/12Halstead240
Rymert, D. P.35Newton1714
Ryun, E. F.8Pleasant53
Ryun, G. E.4Pleasant55
Ryun, L. B.6Pleasant54
Ryun, M. 29Pleasant 52
Ryun, Saml39Pleasant51
Ryun, W. W.3/12Pleasant56
Saltzman, A. J.32Lake531
Sand, Ann14Walton321
Sand, Chas3Walton324
Sand, Jas18Walton318
Sand, Jno12Walton322
Sand, Jno49Walton316
Sand, Mary41Walton317
Sand, R. F.9Walton323
Sand, Robt15Walton320
Sand, Wm.17Walton319
Sanders, Jno28Walton43
Santiff, A.38Newton1616
Satterly, B. F.31Newton1130
Satterly, M. A.27Newton1131
Satterly, N. E.6Newton1132
Saunders, E. E.39Sedgwick439
Saunders, G. A.14Sedgwick440
Saunders, L. J.38Sedgwick438
Sayler, C. G.43Newton1320
Sayler, D. E.2Newton1323
Sayler, Eva G.11Newton1322
Sayler, Ida16Newton1321
Sayler, S.46Newton1319
Saylor, E. M.26Lake128
Saylor, J.29Lake127
Schaefer, C. G. W.6Sedgwick316
Schaefer, Charles32Sedgwick314
Schaefer, I. J. 2Sedgwick318
Schaefer, M. M.31Sedgwick315
Schaefer, R. A.4Sedgwick317
Schafer, Alace5Newton1135
Schafer, C.30Newton1134
Schafer, C. L.30Newton1133
Schafer, Katie2/12Newton1136
Schattergood, S. H.21Sedgwick37
Schley, E.5Newton152
Schley, H. C.40Newton1438
Schley, L. E.7Newton151
Schley, Lottie1Newton154
Schley, Mary3Newton153
Schley, R.35Newton1439
Schley, W. F.45Newton1440
Schmidt, Anna17Alta49
Schmidt, Eva21Halstead716
Schmidt, Felisa18Newton1520
Schmidt, Jacob20Alta48
Schmidt, Peter22Alta47
Schmit, A.7Pleasant724
Schmit, A.1Pleasant721
Schmit, A.32Pleasant714
Schmit, A.3Pleasant731
Schmit, A.4Pleasant720
Schmit, A.5Pleasant730
Schmit, Andrew29Pleasant1035
Schmit, Andrew8Pleasant1037
Schmit, Anna18Pleasant930
Schmit, C.58Pleasant732
Schmit, C.6Pleasant718
Schmit, D.10Pleasant716
Schmit, E.10Pleasant717
Schmit, Elisabeth57Pleasant97
Schmit, H.42Pleasant727
Schmit, Helena34Pleasant1036
Schmit, Henry7Pleasant1038
Schmit, Henry A.58Pleasant96
Schmit, J.34Pleasant712
Schmit, J.5Pleasant719
Schmit, Jacob16Pleasant931
Schmit, Jacob42Pleasant722
Schmit, M.5Pleasant725
Schmit, M.25Pleasant713
Schmit, Maria1Pleasant1039
Schmit, N.9Pleasant728
Schmit, P.7Pleasant729
Schmit, P.6Pleasant835
Schmit, Peter19Pleasant834
Schmit, Peter L.36Pleasant726
Schmit, S.36Pleasant723
Schmit, S.32Pleasant715
Schmutt, D. W.24Halstead1118
Schmutz, C.18Halstead527
Schmutz, Christ.26Halstead540
Schonover, -2/12Halstead48
Schonover, J.30Halstead45
Schonover, Lena4Halstead47
Schonover, Lou25Halstead46
Schonover, Sarah63Halstead86
Schonten, A. A.16Sedgwick615
Schonten, G. P.42Sedgwick613
Schonten, M. E.41Sedgwick614
Schonten, W. H.14Sedgwick616
Schrader, A.19Pleasant818
Schrader, Abram12Pleasant819
Schrader, Anna57Pleasant814
Schrader, Anna17Pleasant82
Schrader, Anna42Pleasant929
Schrader, C.22Pleasant817
Schrader, David23Pleasant815
Schrader, David58Pleasant813
Schrader, H.47Pleasant734
Schrader, Henry18Pleasant816
Schrader, Henry11Pleasant737
Schrader, Henry56Pleasant81
Schrader, Jacob16Pleasant735
Schrader, John4Pleasant934
Schrader, John60Pleasant733
Schrader, John14Pleasant736
Schrader, Marie6Pleasant933
Schrader, Peter30Pleasant928
Schriver, Alice17Richland521
Schriver, B. V.10Richland525
Schriver, C. W.15Richland522
Schriver, Charlie3Richland528
Schriver, H, B.13Richland523
Schriver, H. K.5Richland527
Schriver, M.48Richland519
Schriver, M. A.19Richland520
Schriver, M. E.7Richland526
Schriver, M. M.12Richland524
Schriver(?), J. L.48Richland518
Schroader, A.34Alta219
Schroader, A.5Alta221
Schroader, David38Alta218
Schroader, E.1/2Alta223
Schroader, Lena7Alta220
Schroader, N.3Alta222
Schults, Henry3Newton1640
Schults, Jacob6Newton1639
Schults, Jacob32Newton1637
Schults, Lizie28Newton1638
Schultz, S. R.17Darlington520
Schultz, Sherman10Darlington521
Schulz, Aganatha9Alta410
Schulz, Eva46Alta46
Schulz, Henry39Alta45
Scott, C. I.3Newton Twp425
Scott, H. M.38Newton Twp422
Scott, Isiah50Newton Twp421
Scott, M. E.6Newton Twp424
Scott, W. L.12Newton Twp423
Searl, Arthur9Lake43
Searl, E.7Lake44
Searl, Frank27Lake42
Searl, Lucy29Lake45
Seaton, A. M.31Darlington56
Seaton, Albert19Sedgwick125
Seaton, C.4Darlington510
Seaton, E. D.5Darlington59
Seaton, E. D.4Sedgwick123
Seaton, Geo. W.33Darlington55
Seaton, H.8Darlington57
Seaton, J. D.1Darlington511
Seaton, J. D.71Sedgwick124
Seaton, James H.35Sedgwick1137
Seaton, T.7Darlington58
Seepes, M. B.23Lakin538
Seepes, Samuel65Lakin536
Seepes, Wm.38Lakin537
Seiber, Annie19Newton18
Seiber, August28Newton17
Seizeiman, Bertha1Newton116
Seizeiman, Georgia5Newton115
Seizeiman, Louise32Newton112
Seizeiman, Mary29Newton113
Seizeiman, Willie7Newton114
Seybold, E.30Pleasant58
Seynn, H.1Darlington133
Seynn, Joseph21Darlington134
Seynn, N. E.21Darlington132
Seynn, Samuel30Darlington131
Shacklett, A. R.33Lake140
Shacklett, B. D.39Lake139
Shacklett, F. E.3Lake22
Shacklett, Julist13Lake21
Shacklett, W. H.6Lake23
Shaeffer, M. J.40Halstead52
Shaffer, S. D.18Halstead53
Shaner, F. E.25Emma436
Shaner, M.4Emma437
Shaner, Maud4/12Emma438
Shaner, W. J.31Emma435
Sharp, Ada9Garden32
Sharp, Agnes7Garden33
Sharp, Mary14Garden240
Sharp, Robt15Garden239
Sharp, Saml17Garden238
Sharp, Sarah40Garden237
Sharp, Wm.12Garden31
Sharpe, E. S.28Valley78
Sharpe, Ella25Valley79
Sharpe, Harry1Valley710
Shaw, H. N.28Emma59
Shaw, T. A.23Emma510
Sheaffer, J. A.41Halstead51
Sheaffer, Wm. S.9Halstead54
Shearer, Henry S.13Lakin617
Shearer, Ruth23Lakin615
Shearer, Wm. J.32Lakin614
Sheets, E. F.25Newton1937
Shefler, Andrew23Newton39
Shelton, Jas1Walton1227
Shelton, Jno3Walton1226
Shelton, Josh5Walton1225
Shelton, Pat37Walton1223
Shelton, Rosa27Walton1224
Shepherd, C.8Emma424
Shepherd, J. J.28Newton Twp512
Shepherd, Jas31Emma417
Shepherd, N.10Emma423
Shepherd, Reb30Emma418
Shepherd, S. E.6Emma425
Shere, Nelson30Newton329
Sherman, D. B.1Sedgwick77
Sherman, M. J.21Sedgwick75
Sherman, N. J.2Sedgwick76
Sherman, O. M.26Sedgwick74
Shewalter, Baby2/12Newton Twp49
Shewalter, H. W.2Newton Twp48
Shewalter, S.21Newton Twp47
Shewalter, S. T.28Newton Twp46
Shields, Alex36Newton334
Shields, Alex9Newton338
Shields, Angie5Newton339
Shields, C.11Newton336
Shields, E.10Newton337
Shields, Ina1Newton42
Shields, John3Newton340
Shields, Maggie34Newton335
Shields, Mary2Newton41
Shive, D.2Lake516
Shive, G. M.29Lake514
Shive, J. W.33Lake228
Shive, L. M.4Lake518
Shive, L. M.6Lake515
Shive, M. J.22Lake229
Shive, S.24Lake517
Shivey, Robt20Newton727
Showalter, Annie M.6Halstead83
Showalter, Carrie3Halstead84
Showalter, F. J.2/12Halstead85
Showalter, John25Halstead81
Showalter, Mary27Halstead82
Shriver, G.9Newton167
Shriver, Ira4Newton169
Shriver, Joseph20Newton1610
Shriver, Mary27Newton166
Shriver, Thomas31Newton165
Shriver, Wm.7Newton168
Shultz, Hannah4/12Newton171
Shuster, A.41Newton534
Shuster, A.39Macon626
Shuster, Agnes5Macon631
Shuster, Charlie3/4Macon634
Shuster, Ellen14Macon628
Shuster, G. R.3Macon632
Shuster, Mary33Macon627
Shuster, Maud9Macon629
Shuster, N. E.33Newton535
Shuster, Pjella(?)2Macon633
Shuster, Wm7Macon630
Sier, Maggie31Emma235
Sier, W. S.31Emma234
Simpson, A. L.4Macon434
Simpson, J.30Pleasant337
Simpson, J. H.1Macon435
Simpson, J. T.28Macon432
Simpson, LeAn28Macon433
Siscoe, Carrie10Walton337
Siscoe, Hildah8Walton338
Siscoe, J. M.38Walton333
Siscoe, M. J.35Walton334
Siscoe, Marton15Walton335
Siscoe, Oliver4/12Walton340
Siscoe, Vincent3Walton339
Siscoe, Wm.12Walton336
Skiner, E. J.5Macon641
Skiner, G. W.28Macon639
Skiner, L. V.28Macon640
Skinner, Lilly12Halstead57
Skinner, Nathaniel64Halstead58
Slattery, John29Newton1726
Slaughter, James19Newton1931
Slaymaker, E. W.17Walton138
Slaymaker, J. E.13Walton140
Slaymaker, Jno.44Walton136
Slaymaker, L. H.15Walton139
Slaymaker, M. A.39Walton137
Slone, H.26Garden23
Slone, Jno32Garden22
Slone, Omer1Garden24
Small, Hugh35Darlington525
Smi(?), Christian25Lakin436
Smiley, Martin30Walton939
Smilth, G. C.5Sedgwick335
Smith, A. A.10Sedgwick333
Smith, A. C.18Sedgwick93
Smith, A. D.6Darlington138
Smith, A. E.19Sedgwick210
Smith, A. J.2Macon128
Smith, A. M.4Halstead109
Smith, A. P28Macon538
Smith, Annie14Sedgwick95
Smith, B. F.30Sedgwick1028
Smith, C.33Darlington137
Smith, C.2Sedgwick1030
Smith, C.11Sedgwick332
Smith, C.26Sedgwick814
Smith, C. A.8Halstead108
Smith, C. E.3Darlington139
Smith, C. P.1Sedgwick337
Smith, C. R.3Sedgwick336
Smith, Cathrine55Halstead911
Smith, Charley21Emma226
Smith, Christ51(?)Macon221
Smith, D. A.11Halstead106
Smith, D. W.21Newton1839
Smith, Della12Sedgwick96
Smith, E. M.16Halstead104
Smith, E. S.38Richland336
Smith, Ella27Pleasant29
Smith, Elmira8Sedgwick97
Smith, Fannie6Macon226
Smith, Frank2Sedgwick99
Smith, G. C.6Walton103
Smith G. H.28Pleasant28
Smith, G. H.1Pleasant212
Smith, G. I.6Sedgwick98
Smith, G. O.33Darlington136
Smith, H. C.30Newton Twp125
Smith, H. T.36Halstead102
Smith, Henry50Halstead910
Smith, I. A.1 1/2Macon540
Smith, J. A.10Halstead107
Smith, J. C.15Macon125
Smith, J. D.6Pleasant210
Smith, J. E.13Sedgwick522
Smith, J. R.16Sedgwick94
Smith, J. W.47Macon123
Smith, Jams33Newton813
Smith Jno.26Garden436
Smith, John15Halstead913
Smith, John9Macon223
Smith, John W.37Halstead101
Smith, Judson29Walton101
Smith, Julia33Newton814
Smith, L. A.1Newton Twp127
Smith, L. B.7Macon127
Smith, L. G.2Halstead1010
Smith, L. M.6/12Sedgwick211
Smith, Leana8Macon224
Smith, Lizie23Newton Twp126
Smith, Lucy22Sedgwick1029
Smith, M. A.26Macon539
Smith, M. B.69RIchland335
Smith, M. E.37Sedgwick92
Smith, Margaret30Macon222
Smith, Mary44Macon124
Smith, Mary7Macon225
Smith, Mary E.17Lakin616
Smith, N. E.21Walton102
Smith, N. J.14Halstead105
Smith, Nellie9/12Sedgwick1031
Smith, P. L. C.17Halstead103
Smith, Peter20Halstead912
Smith, R.78Richland334
Smith, R. L.7Sedgwick334
Smith, R. M.38Sedgwick329
Smith, R. S.35Newton1123
Smith, Robert3Pleasant211
Smith, S. E.1Darlington140
Smith, S. E.33Sedgwick330
Smith, T. R.35Richland337
Smith, Theodore11Macon126
Smith, Viola4Walton104
Smith, W. B.36Richland222
Smith, W. B.9/12Walton105
Smith, W. H.15Sedgwick331
Smith, W. H.41Sedgwick91
Smith, W. V.30Darlington628
Sneezy, A. 32Emma520
Sneezy, Carrie7Emma522
Sneezy, Louis8Emma521
Sneezy, N. H.45Emma519
Sneezy, R.3Emma524
Sneezy, S.5Emma523
Snider, Mary17Newton231
Sooby, Amanda20Pleasant38
Sooby, F. W.3/12Pleasant39
Sooby, Henry29Pleasant329
Sooby, M. F.17Pleasant330
Sooby, Thomas37Pleasant37
Sow, David27Halstead437
Sow, Eliza H.64Halstead436
Sow, S. E.7Halstead438
Sowards, Adaline26Macon636
Sowards, Jno34Macon635
Sowards, Sadie26Macon637
Spangler, A.4/12Emma434
Spangler, M. C.22Emma433
Spangler, U.25Emma432
Spaulding, Peter50Walton1113
Spore, (?). S.34Macon313
Spore, C. D.1Macon75
Spore, C. S.2Macon312
Spore, E. A.36Macon314
Spore, F. F.4Macon74
Spore, J. A.29Macon310
Spore, M. A.27Macon311
Spore, Sarah35Macon72
Spore, Susan5Macon317
Spore, Wm.35Macon71
Spore, Y. L.6Macon73
Stahanke, Wm.35Newton1313
Stalnaker, E.8Darlington120
Stalnaker, E. O.4Darlington121
Stalnaker, P. H.27Darlington119
Stalnaker, T.32Darlington118
Stalnaker, V.1Darlington122
Stambaugh, C. A.44Lake427
Stambaugh, E. J.13Lake429
Stambaugh, Fred8Lake425
Stambaugh, Geo18Lake424
Stambaugh, J.15Lake428
Stambaugh, J. A.11Lake430
Stambaugh, J. H.6Lake426
Stambaugh, Jacob40Lake423
Stambaugh, R. R.3Lake431
Stanley, Ann50Walton109
Stanley, C.17Walton1010
Stanley, Chas12Walton1011
Stanley, M.13Walton1012
Stanton, D. B.57Valley75
Stanton, Ella4Valley77
Stanton, Wm.6Valley76
Stantz, Geo2Emma640
Stantz, Lay (?)5Emma639
Stantz, Mary22Emma638
Stantz, V.25Emma637
Stebbens, F. M.26Newton822
Stebbens, H. M.31Newton821
Steele, J. L.24Newton1434
Steele, L. E.29Newton1433
Steele, Mattie8/12Newton1435
Stephens, C.1Macon625
Stephens, D.21Macon622
Stephens, D.18Macon618
Stephens, E. M.2Macon624
Stephens, J. P.50Macon616
Stephens, M.6Macon621
Stephens, M.23Macon623
Stephens, S.7Macon620
Stephens, S.14Macon619
Stephens, W. H.20Macon617
Stephenson, D.55Sedgwick26
Stephenson, Homer29Macon79
Sterner, Fanny13Sedgwick719
Sterner, Geo.18Sedgwick718
Sterner, M.11Sedgwick720
Stevenson, A. F.19Richland132
Stevenson, A. W.23Halstead418
Stevenson, A. W.7Richland136
Stevenson, C. O.2Richland139
Stevenson, E. E.11Richland135
Stevenson, G. P.17Richland133
Stevenson, H. A.5Richland138
Stevenson, H. J.47Richland129
Stevenson, H. M.23Richland130
Stevenson, M. L.12Richland134
Stevenson, M. W.7Richland137
Stevenson, R. H.52Richland128
Stevenson, T. (?).21Richland131
Stevenson, W. J.22Halstead89
Stewart, (?). A.12Macon213
Stewart, Elisabeth52Macon210
Stewart, F.36Newton Twp629
Stewart, James66Macon29
Stewart, M. (?)15Macon212
Stewart, M. A.19Macon211
Stewart, R. C.10Macon214
Stewart, Saml.34Newton Twp628
Stiles, C.39Sedgwick126
Stiles, Geo.14Sedgwick128
Stiles, James3Sedgwick132
Stiles, Leander9Sedgwick130
Stiles, Oscar11Sedgwick129
Stiles, Sarah34Sedgwick127
Stiles, Vidella6Sedgwick131
Stimmel, A. W.6Richland45
Stimmel, John2/12Richland49
Stimmel, L. E.28Richland44
Stimmel, L. E.2Richland48
Stimmel, M.2Richland47
Stimmel, M. D.30Richland43
Stimmel, W. H.4Richland46
Stone, A. G.31Sedgwick1118
Stone, Clarence8Walton329
Stone, D. M.4Walton332
Stone, Emily12Walton328
Stone, J. H.34Walton326
Stone, Juliett31Walton327
Stone, L. M.5Walton331
Stone, N. S.6Walton330
Stratton, A. R.3Walton1031
Stratton, C.33Walton1028
Stratton, D. A.1Walton1032
Stratton, G. D.33Walton1027
Stratton, N.7Walton1029
Stratton, S.5Walton1030
Strawn, B.23Richland221
Strobel, S.33Darlington436
Stroubles, John29Newton427
Stroubles, Loisa25Newton428
Stu(?), Henry45Darlington240
Stuck, Baby3/12Newton Twp85
Stuck, Charles12Newton Twp740
Stuck, Edy6Newton Twp82
Stuck, Emma34Newton Twp739
Stuck, Hattie9Newton Twp81
Stuck, L.44Newton Twp738
Stuck, Lilly4Newton Twp83
Stuck, Maggie2Newton Twp84
Studley, A. L.5Newton818
Studley, B. E.27Newton816
Studley, H. J.2Newton819
Studley, M. E.28Newton817
Suddarth, A.33Garden34
Suddarth, Ida2Garden36
Suddarth, M.26Garden35
Summons, Mary15Newton538
Sumners, John8Emma421
Sumners, L. J.10Emma420
Sumners, M. A.13Emma419
Sumners, May5Emma422
Swan, D.22Richland140
Swan, John40Lakin126
Swan, Kate26Richland21
Swanson, Anna17Newton1317
Swanson, Hilda22Newton156
Swanson, Hilda23Newton1316
Swanson, Lena18Newton155
Sweesy, E. E.14Halstead1027
Sweesy, Elden4Halstead1033
Sweesy, Elma31Halstead1032
Sweesy, G. W.37Halstead1024
Sweesy, J. L.17Halstead1026
Sweesy, J. W.33Halstead1031
Sweesy, L. D. B.8Halstead1028
Sweesy, Leoti3Halstead1029
Sweesy, N. E. 35Halstead1025
Swett, Alonfo51Sedgwick1223
Taft, C. E.40Walton131
Tarbet, Addison6Lakin528
Tarbet, Arthur18Lakin524
Tarbet, Douglass10Lakin527
Tarbet, Elisabeth16Lakin523
Tarbet, Ellen19Lakin531
Tarbet, H. H.27Lakin530
Tarbet, Margaret47Lakin522
Tarbet, Milton14Lakin525
Tarbet, Nellie12Lakin526
Tarbet, Rolf50Lakin521
Tarbet, S. B.4Lakin529
Tarbet, Samuel1Lakin532
Tatman, Matilda32Newton524
Tatman, Theodore15Newton525
Taylor, A. H.25Sedgwick820
Taylor, E.5Lake320
Taylor, E.38Lake317
Taylor, F.40Lake312
Taylor, H.14Lake318
Taylor, H.3Lake315
Taylor, J. E.6/12Lake316
Taylor, Mary12Lake319
Taylor, N.7Lake314
Taylor, R.9Lake313
Taylor, Thomas73Halstead940
Tellman, J.15Newton Twp74
Tellman, J.13Newton Twp75
Temlinson, Wm.63Newton209
Temple, Flora10Valley721
Temple, J. L>43Valley717
Temple, James12Valley720
Temple, Josie18Valley719
Temple, Monte(?)8Valley722
Temple, Nancy39Valley718
Thayer, A. D.25Newton210
Thayer, Adellee1Newton212
Thayer, E. S.22Newton211
Thayer, Ella23Newton213
Thomas, C. A.8/12Richland122
Thomas, C. M.27Richland119
Thomas, Catharian33Garden74
Thomas, Chester6Garden76
Thomas, David5Garden77
Thomas, Evan2Garden78
Thomas, G(?). C.2Richland121
Thomas, James33Garden73
Thomas, James7Garden75
Thomas, R. J.21RIchland120
Thompson, A. H.11Halstead733
Thompson, A. J.32Halstead732
Thompson, B.40Lakin510
Thompson, C.35Sedgwick111
Thompson, C. E.11Lakin512
Thompson, D. W.37Halstead731
Thompson, D. W.6Halstead736
Thompson, E. A.26Sedgwick835
Thompson, E. M.14Sedgwick113
Thompson, G. M.17Sedgwick112
Thompson, H. E.31Lakin511
Thompson, H. L.13Halstead734
Thompson, H. M.28Sedgwick834
Thompson, J. G.1/12Halstead738
Thompson, J. K.9Halstead735
Thompson, J. S.4Sedgwick115
Thompson, Minnie2Halstead737
Thompson, N.34Pleasant64
Thompson, S. A.10Sedgwick114
Thomson, Euphema34Valley715
Thomson, G. B.21Lake311
Thomson, Geo. A.37Valley714
Thomson, L. U.(?)6Valley716
Thorn, James41Valley711
Thorn, Lizzie38Valley712
Thorn, Nannie2/12Valley713
Thornhill, Jas27Halstead936
Thornton, Phoebe78Halstead840
Thurston, David5Garden140
Thurston, David53Garden135
Thurston, Eliz18Garden137
Thurston, Ella15Garden139
Thurston, Ella17Garden138
Thurston, Ella17Newton724
Thurston, Francis24Garden21
Thurston, Sarah50Garden136
Thuston, E.18Newton148
Timno, August4Darlington421
Timno, Emma3Darlington422
Timno, Mike35Darlington419
Timno, R.19Darlington420
Timno, Wm.1/12Darlington423
Todd, R. M.24Halstead722
Topping, A. E.12Sedgwick124
Topping, B.6Sedgwick126
Topping, C. M.8Sedgwick125
Topping, E. G.45Sedgwick121
Topping, E. L.18Sedgwick123
Topping, R. M.41Sedgwick122
Toren, Adren60Garden714
Toren, Barbaria50Garden715
Tracy, C. A.33Lakin46
Tracy, C. P.1Lakin49
Tracy, E. M.33Lakin47
Tracy, H. W.6Lakin48
Trask, H.33Emma518
Trent, Ellen37Newton125
Trent, Idella16Newton127
Trent, Jeff12Newton128
Trent, Stanly37Newton124
Trotter, Wm.40Newton437
Tucker, E. E.4Sedgwick710
Tucker, F. M.3/12Sedgwick712
Tucker, J. S.34Sedgwick78
Tucker, M. C.25Sedgwick79
Tucker, R. H.2Sedgwick711
Turner, A.36Pleasant336
Turner, C. R.46Pleasant31
Turner, E. L.36Pleasant32
Turner, Ellen14Pleasant34
Turner, Nelson7Pleasant35
Turner, Sarah16Pleasant33
Turner, W. P.27Pleasant1040
Turner, Willie3Pleasant36
Turner(?), A.24Richland531
Turpin, A.20Sedgwick817
Turpin, B.22Sedgwick816
Turpin, B. J.50Sedgwick812
Turpin, E.53Sedgwick813
Turpin, G.14Sedgwick819
Turpin, R.16Sedgwick818
Turpin, S. 24Sedgwick815
Tuttle, A. J.51Newton Twp129
Tuttle, E. V.19Newton Twp130
Tuttle, Gilford47Newton Twp128
Tuttle, L. R.8Newton Twp132
Tuttle, M. E.4Newton Twp133
Tuttle, N. S.13Newton Twp131
Tyler, E. C.12Walton739
Tyler, E. S.47Walton737
Tyler, H. E.4Walton740
Tyler, M. N.41Walton738
Unhrue, Benjamin6Garden637
Unhrue, David33Garden634
Unhrue, Henry5Garden638
Unhrue, Lena3Garden639
Unhrue, Louisa8Garden636
Unhrue, Maria31Garden635
Unruh, -25Lakin412
Unruh, A17Newton1821
Unruh, Abe12Newton1822
Unruh, Benjamin7Garden69
Unruh, Bernhard2Garden611
Unruh, David53Newton1817
Unruh, David23Newton1819
Unruh, Eva8Newton1824
Unruh, Helena13Newton1823
Unruh, Helena47Newton1818
Unruh, Henry4Garden610
Unruh, Henry21Newton1820
Unruh, Mary28Garden68
Unruh, Mary6Newton1825
Unruh, Tobias35Garden67
Unruh, Tobias33Lakin411
Utt, F. M.6Walton24
Utt, Reuben33Walton22
Utt, Sarah22Walton23
Van Horn, A. E.25Sedgwick918
Van Horn, C. C.5Sedgwick921
Van Horn, E. A.1Sedgwick924
Van Horn, Isaac63Sedgwick925
Van Horn, J. C.3Sedgwick923
Van Horn, J. R.4Sedgwick922
Van Horn, M. C.(?)7Sedgwick920
Van Horn, N. C.21Sedgwick927
Van Horn, Ruth63Sedgwick926
Van Horn, T. B.36Sedgwick917
Van Horn, Wm.8Sedgwick919
Vanbalkenburg, D.6Walton729
Vanbalkenburg, Jno36Walton728
Vanbalkenburg, S.3Walton730
Vanderwarker, Carrie15Darlington115
Vanderwarker, E. A.49Darlington114
Vanderwarker, H. A.13Darlington116
Vanderwarker, Henry53Darlington113
Vanderwarker, M.8Darlington117
Vandever, A. A.35Walton718
Vandever, E. M.7Walton721
Vandever, J. H.37Walton717
Vandever, M. C.15Walton719
Vandever, M. D.9Walton720
Vandever, W.2Walton722
Vandoszen, Eddie8Emma136
Vandoszen, Frank17Emma135
Vandoszen, Helen31Emma134
Vandoszen, L. C.5Emma137
Vandoszen, L. W.46Emma133
Vanley, Charles6Pleasant616
Vanley, Florence4Pleasant617
Vanley, Gracie4Pleasant612
Vanley, H. I.7Pleasant610
Vanley, H. W.31Pleasant614
Vanley, J. I.31Pleasant68
Vanley, Lawrence1Pleasant613
Vanley, Mary25Pleasant69
Vanley, Nellie1/12Pleasant618
Vanley, Sarah26Pleasant615
Vanley, Walter6Pleasant611
Vantyle, Clara2Garden420
Vantyle, Isabel22Garden419
Vantyle, Lillie3/12Garden421
Vantyle, Otto28Garden418
Vickerey, B. L.10Newton1510
Vickerey, Barton2Newton1514
Vickerey, C. M.9Newton1511
Vickerey, Dora7Newton1512
Vickerey, Georgia5Newton1513
Vickerey, O. A.13Newton159
Vickerey, S.31Newton158
Vickerey, Wm.41Newton157
Viernear, John32Newton117
Viernear, Lewy6Newton119
Viernear, Margerate28Newton118
Vowter, A. T.29Sedgwick723
Waggoner, Anna15Garden525
Waggoner, Charles21Garden519
Waggoner, Elizabeth42Garden521
Waggoner, Emma17Garden524
Waggoner, Frank5Garden528
Waggoner, Joseph45Garden520
Waggoner, Julia13Garden526
Waggoner, Lenora9Garden527
Waggoner, Lucy11Garden530
Waggoner, Mary23Garden522
Waggoner, ohn19Garden523
Waggoner, Rena2Garden529
Wagner, Thomas35Macon233
Wait, A. P.5Alta226
Wait, E. R.36Alta224
Wait, M. A.31Alta225
Wait, M. R.11Alta227
Wakeman, Alvinah56Halstead839
Wakeman, S. I.23Halstead838
Walden, C. W.42Walton37
Walden, Eliza35Walton38
Walden, Etton13Walton310
Walden, I, M.6Walton311
Waldt, Anna5Garden122
Waldt, Cath3/12Garden123
Waldt, Eliz34Garden118
Waldt, Eliz7Garden121
Waldt, Jno33Garden117
Waldt, Jno6Garden119
Waldt, Peter1Garden120
Walford, Jesse21Valley723
Walker, A.40Alta235
Walker, Clara3Alta32
Walker, E. (?).16Alta238
Walker, H. H.33Walton124
Walker, Henry25Newton1913
Walker, J. C.49Halstead429
Walker, Jr. A.10Alta240
Walker, K. S.25Walton125
Walker, Luther1/2Alta33
Walker, M. L.13Alta239
Walker, Nora B.16Halstead431
Walker, S.38Alta236
Walker, Sarah A.47Halstead430
Walker, Thonkill6Alta31
Walker, W. H.18Alta237
Wallace, D. H.22Newton201
Wallace, E.38Walton1134
Wallace, H.25Sedgwick102
Wallace, J. B.14Walton1135
Wallace, J. S.46Walton1133
Wallace, J. T.28Sedgwick101
Wallace, J. W.8/12Sedgwick103
Wallace, Julia E.3Walton1137
Wallace, R. M.12Walton1136
Walten, Wm.27Newton422
Walton, Charity19Newton614
Walton, J. A.23Pleasant57
Walton, Robt30Newton613
Wamsley, Clifford3/12Halstead831
Wamsley, Harry4Halstead829
Wamsley, L. T.24Halstead828
Wamsley, R. M. 2Halstead830
Wamsley, S. T.28Halstead827
Wand, Kate19Walton42
Wand, R. J.43Walton41
Wangh, Sarah29Sedgwick618
Wangh, Van S.29Sedgwick617
Ward, C.45Newton1022
Ward, Charley14Newton1025
Ward, Francis17Newton1024
Ward, Katie13Newton1026
Ward, Louisa10Newton1027
Ward, M. E.64Sedgwick61
Ward, Wm.22Newton1023
Ward, Wm.44Newton1021
Warhurst, A. D.22Darlington32
Warhurst, B.8/12Darlington35
Warhurst, J.32Darlington31
Warhurst, J. A.2Darlington34
Warhurst, S. E.4Darlington33
Warkentin, B.27Halstead526
Warner, W. A.33Newton1911
Wayne, Elila36Walton138
Wayne, Henry43Walton137
Wayne, Perry4Walton1310
Wayne, Wm.17Walton139
Webster, G.46Emma140
Weeks, E.50Sedgwick518
Weitzel, Ernst27Newton214
Weitzel, Mary2/12Newton216
Weitzel, Mary18Newton215
Welch, Frances7Pleasant136
Welch, John14Pleasant134
Welch, Josie18Pleasant132
Welch, Leresa4Pleasant137
Welch, Mary36Pleasant130
Welch, Mat20Pleasant131
Welch, Nellie16Pleasant133
Welch, W. J.46Pleasant129
Welch, Wm.13Pleasant135
Wellman, A. J.28Sedgwick219
Wenban, A. M. 28Halstead823
Wenban, C. L.1Halstead826
Wenban, F. N.8Halstead824
Wenban, H. S.31Halstead822
Wenban, J. A.6Halstead825
Werner, E.50Walton731
Werner, F. E.53Walton732
Werner, Wm. H.22Newton1634
Werthing, Jno23Lake415
Werthing, Theo21Lake416
West, H. F.54Halstead1119
Westerfield, 14Alta16
Westerfield, A. D.39Alta13
Westerfield, E. J.36Alta14
Westerfield, Edith 1Alta110
Westerfield, H. L.4/12Alta111
Westerfield, I. A. 4Alta19
Westerfield, J. A.12Alta17
Westerfield, Lucy J. 8Alta18
Westerfield, M. A.16Alta15
Westhafer, Barbara43Darlington12
Westhafer, E. B.9Darlington16
Westhafer, F. A.19Darlington14
Westhafer, Jacob3/12Darlington18
Westhafer, Jacob46Darlington11
Westhafer, Jane6Darlington17
Westhafer, John20Darlington13
Westhafer, W. H.17Darlington15
White, Emma42Halstead323
White, H. M.23Sedgwick520
White, H. S.27Sedgwick519
White, Hattie12Halstead328
White, Ida17Halstead326
White, Joseph18Halstead325
White, Rosa15Halstead327
White, S. E.7/12Sedgwick521
White, S. H.21Halstead324
White, William48Halstead322
Whitmore, C. (?).28Valley730
Whitney, F. H.33Sedgwick52
Whitney, I. A.8Sedgwick53
Whitney, O. J.6Sedgwick54
Whitney, W. W.35Sedgwick51
Whittiker, B. F.36Newton129
Whittiker, Cora9Newton131
Whittiker, Fredy7Newton132
Whittiker, Louisa5Newton133
Whittiker, Mary33Newton130
Whittiker, Mary3Newton134
Wibley, L. R.28Sedgwick221
Wickham, F. E.28Walton735
Wickham, Jesse1Walton736
Wickham, N. D.34Walton734
Wicks, Chanan28Darlington437
Wicks, F. I.(?)1Darlington440
Wicks, M. S.24Darlington438
Wicks, O. H.8Darlington439
Wiebe, Henry1/12Halstead714
Wiebe, Mary21Halstead713
Wiebe, Peter35Halstead712
Wiebee, Jacob25Newton1124
Wilber, A.5Richland231
Wilber, A. A.25Richland230
Wilber, Dell16Newton1432
Wilber, E.3Richland232
Wilber, J.1/12Richland233
Wilber, J. A.32Richland229
Wilber, J. B.29Newton1431
Wilcox, A. L.2Newton736
Wilcox, B. H.43Pleasant511
Wilcox, Cynthia25Newton734
Wilcox, D. A.15Pleasant512
Wilcox, H. J.6/12Newton735
Wilcox, J.49Pleasant510
Wilcox, S. D.24Newton733
Wilkenson, A.22Richland118
Wilkins, Allen34Walton1118
Wilkins, J. J.10/12Walton1122
Wilkins, Leroy2Walton1121
Wilkins, Louisa26Walton1119
Wilkins, Wallace3Walton1120
William, John25Newton197
Williams, (?)2Emma57
Williams, A . S.23Darlington72
Williams, C. C.33Walton710
Williams, Eunice28Walton711
Williams, G. F.48Emma55
Williams, Harry4/12Emma58
Williams, Jas53Halstead837
Williams, L. R.39Halstead539
Williams, N. J.33Emma56
Williams, S. D.27Darlington71
Williams, Wm.7Walton712
Williams, Wm. E.31Halstead538
Williamson, A.54Emma314
Williamson, A.24Emma323
Williamson, Claude5Lake118
Williamson, H. 25Lake136
Williamson, Isabella18Emma317
Williamson, J. W.35Lake116
Williamson, Jennett11Emma320
Williamson, John20Emma316
Williamson, M. A.59Lake135
Williamson, Mary50Emma315
Williamson, Minnie4Emma322
Williamson, Robt.7Emma321
Williamson, S. J.13Emma319
Williamson, Sarah26Lake117
Williamson, Wm.15Emma318
Willox, William29Richland22
Willurd, A. R.42Macon239
Wilson, Anna3Valley729
Wilson, C. C.32Halstead639
Wilson, Caroline26Valley727
Wilson, Henry23Valley728
Wilson, John35Alta823
Wilson, John L.29Valley726
Wimp, Anna3/12Lake29
Wimp, C.5Lake214
Wimp, E.15Lake26
Wimp, J.16Lake210
Wimp, J. A.38Lake24
Wimp, J. E.34Lake25
Wimp, J(?)13Lake211
Wimp, R.7Lake213
Wimp, R.12Lake27
Wimp, S.3Lake28
Wimp, W. T.9Lake212
Wing, A. H.2Emma535
Wing, B. H.50Walton825
Wing, E. A.25Emma534
Wing, P. N.25Emma533
Wing, Sarah23Walton824
Wing, W. W.26Walton823
Winn, S.43Darlington519
Winn, T.36Darlington518
Winnans, B. G.11Darlington539
Winnans, C. H.15Darlington537
Winnans, G. C.13Darlington538
Winnans, I. E.6Darlington541
Winnans, I. T.23Darlington535
Winnans, I. W.19Darlington536
Winnans, Ira47Darlington533
Winnans, L. M.8Darlington540
Winnans, M. E.42Darlington534
Winters, Wm.24Sedgwick637
Wolf, Jenntta5Newton Twp811
Wolf, Lizie3Newton Twp812
Wolf, Maggie1Newton Twp813
Wolf, Sarah23Newton Twp810
Wood, (?). H.15Pleasant77
Wood, Clar.6/12Garden28
Wood, I. L.10Pleasant79
Wood, J.38Pleasant75
Wood, Jacob34Garden25
Wood, Jno.4Garden27
Wood, Julia26Garden26
Wood, M. E.5Pleasant710
Wood, M. N.12Pleasant78
Wood, M. R.32Pleasant76
Wood, W. F.2Pleasant711
Woodruff, Arthor12Valley738
Woodruff, H. H.48Valley731
Woodruff, Herman5Valley739
Woodruff, Kath.3Valley740
Woodruff Lamar16Valley734
Woodruff, Layton14Valley736
Woodruff, Louisa42Valley732
Woodward, David35Garden721
Woodward, Elmer21Garden722
Woodward, S. A.38Lake129
Wright, Agnes42Lakin325
Wright, Alice J.16Lakin637
Wright, Fredy7Newton129
Wright, Geo.36Newton125
Wright, H. H.25Alta34
Wright, H. O.8Newton128
Wright, I.9Darlington229
Wright, J. B.53Lakin636
Wright, J. C.33Darlington227
Wright, J. G.11Newton127
Wright, John29Sedgwick239
Wright, Jr. Harry3/12Alta36
Wright, L. R.53Lakin324
Wright, M. E.31Newton126
Wright, Mabel I.6Lakin638
Wright, Maggie4Newton1210
Wright, O.4Darlington230
Wright, Rada25Alta35
Wright, S. E.26Darlington228
Wrighting, A.20Walton121
Wrighting, C. H.18Walton122
Wrighting, Jas.22Walton119
Wrighting, M. A.52Walton120
Wyker, C.42Pleasant235
Wyker, Charley7Pleasant238
Wyker, G. C.16Pleasant236
Wyker, Henry48Pleasant234
Wyker, Irwin1Pleasant239
Wyker, M.14Pleasant237
Yangher, Alpha1Walton625
Yangher, L. E.6Walton624
Yangher, L. J.26Walton623
Yangher, W. H.29Walton622
Yarnold, Cath.64Alta89
Yarnold, Joseph66Alta88
Yeomand, C. H.26Lakin132
Yocum, Gee23Newton1632
Yocum, I.65Newton1629
Yocum, Jane64Newton1630
Yocum, Lizie25Newton1631
Yontz, Effie9Pleasant932
Young, Cordela26Alta57
Young, E. Anor(?) 28Macon328
Young, Emma14Alta310
Young, G. M.7Macon330
Young, H. N.38Macon327
Young, Leann(?)3Alta510
Young, M. E.8Macon329
Young, S. A.8Alta58
Young, Sarah34Alta38
Young, Sr.Zolomon38Alta37
Young, Theadora5Alta59
Young, Wm.16Alta39
Young, Zol. P.28Alta56
Zeilka, A.25Alta138
Zeilka, Lena20Alta139
Zuercher, Frank37Newton233
Zuercher, Julius20Newton234