I.            General Conference 1859-1969

              L.          Committee on Exemptions

                            1.           1917-1918 survey (.5 cu. ft.)

This series contains 1381 forms entitled “Report to the Mennonite General Conference Committee on Exemptions.” Each GC young man who registered for the draft was supposed to fill out and return two copies of the form, which asked, in addition to name, address, and home church, various questions about the man’s draft and camp experience. In a few cases we have both copies of the form a man filled out, but in most cases we only have one copy. These forms could be a very valuable source, not just for Mennonite experiences in World War I, but for demographic data about GC Mennonites at the time. The forms were in no apparent order originally and were alphabetized by last name.

MLA.I.L.1 Committee on Exemptions - 1917-1918 survey

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 1             1                        Correspondence 1917-1918

                2                         A

                3                         B

                4                         C

                5                         D

                6                         E

                7                         F

                8                         G

                9                         H

               10                        J

               11                        K

               12                        L

               13                        M

               14                        N

               15                        O

               16                        P

               17                        Q

               18                        R

 2             19                       Sa-Sch

               20                        Se-Su

               21                        T

               22                        Unruh

               23                        V

               24                        W

               25                        Yoder

               26                        Z