Bibliography of Personal Accounts in English

of Emigration from Russia to Kansas

Compiled by Kevin Dyck, 31 January 1995

MSF V                Bailes, Kendall

                            "The Mennonites Come to Kansas."

              From American Heritage V. 10, no. 5, Aug. 1959.

325.24709781     Balzer, Harold M.

B219f                  From Prussia to Russia to America.

"A presentation depicting the lives of three generations - Henry Balzer, Peter Balzer and John Balzer - as they migrated from Prussia to Russia to America."

MSF V                Duerksen, Cornelius

                            "Day Book."

              Translated by Anna Duerksen Hayward, 17 p., unpublished.

289.70924           Friesen, Heinrich B.

F917a                  The Autobiography of H.B. Friesen, 1837- 1926.

              Translated by August Schmidt, 1974.

289.7781D          Gaeddert, Albert

#3 Oral Hist. 

Gaeddert and others speaking at the 75th anniversary of Mennonites coming to Kansas, and interviewed by Cornelius Krahn. 1949. 1 1/2 side of sound tape reel.

289.70924           Harder, Johann, 1836- 1930

H217r                  From Annefeld to Kansas in 1874.

              Translated by Evangeline (Harder) Kroeker, 1983.

MS 119 Harms, Henry H., 1862- 1946

1 Box. Documents relating to the 1874 Mennonite migration from Russia and early years in Kansas; together with correspondence from relative in California.

325.24709781     Hiebert, Abraham, 1839-

H531d                 Dieses Buch gehoeret Abraham Hiebert aus Alexanderwohl.

              Text in English, German script and German, 1975?

     Kaufman, P. R.

                 "The Transplanting of 1874"

              pp. 122-168 in his Unser Volk und seine Geschichte (1931).

289.747               Koehn, Viola Unruh, 1927-

K818f                  From Village Life to Kansas Plains.

MS 10                  Krehbiel, Christian, 1832- 1909

5 Boxes of letters autobiography and other papers.

MS 101 Regier, Cornelius C., 1884- 1950

6 Boxes, 1919- 1949. Correspondence, genealogical material, teaching notes, and papers and articles written by Regier including material relating to the Russian Mennonites and the migration of 1874.

922.87                 Reimer, Gustav Eduard

J266r                   Exiled by the Czar.

              Cornelius Jansen and the great Mennonite migration, 1874.

325.781               Schmidt, C. B., 1843- 1921

Sch53deC. B. Schmidt Visits the Kansas Mennonite Settlements in 1877.

              Translation by Harley Stucky of Die deutschen Ansiedlungen in südwest Kansas.

325.24709781     Schmidt, C. B.

Sch53r                 Reminiscences of Kansas Immigration Work.

289.7092             Schmidt, Heinrich A.

Sch542f               From Russia to America, 1874 (Diary).

              Translated by Esther H. Bargen. 9 p.

SA II 118             Schmidt, Jacob

              Unpublished Diary, English, 6 pages.

MS 94                  Suderman, J. M., 1876- 1964

3 Boxes of correspondence, 1924- 1929, and also papers relating to J.M. Suderman's work on the Mennonite Board of Colonization and Mennonite Board of Publications.

325.2470973       Suderman, Leonhard, 1821- 1900

Su22db 1974       From Russia to America: In Search of Freedom.

Translation by Elmer F. Suderman of Eine Deputationsreise von Russland nach Amerika vor vierundzwanzig Jahren.

289.70924           Unruh, Abe J., tr.

Un8tb                  Great Grandfather's diary.

289.778157         Wiebe David V. 1890- 1965

W632t 1974         They Seek a Country: A Survey of Mennonite Migrations.